Monday, July 9, 2018

Here's the QAnon explainer you've been waiting for. Behold: the conspiracy theory eating the right-wing internet.

SCOOP: "Pregnant women in immigration detention under the Trump administration say they have been denied medical care, shackled around the stomach, and abused."

Ivanka Trump’s Chinese-Made Products Conveniently Spared From Dad’s Tariffs

Patagonia will close up shop this Election Day, and it’s urging other companies to do the same.

Bank of England has told the country's banks to be on a "war footing" and prepare for cyber attacks against the British financial system, with a view to be able to withstand or recover systems quickly in the event of an attack

#BREAKING: Ex-White House ethics chief files complaint demanding probe into Jim Jordan sex abuse coverup claims

The Russian state ordered the use of a nerve agent on U.K. soil.

Michael Cohen’s new lawyer

Clarence Thomas’ wife defends Rep. Jim Jordan — says sex abuse allegations emerged because ‘he threatens the elite’

New: Some Mar-a-Lago members appear to have been invited to tour Air Force One, blurring lines between Trump’s White House and businesses

Another Trump campaign chair pled guilty to sex trafficking.

Boris Johnson resigns as UK foreign secretary as Cabinet crisis over Brexit continues

BREAKING: Reports there will be a challenge to British PM's leadership

Uh, a contract? Can we see a copy?

Cheese makers that rely on foreign sales are suffering as China and Mexico raise tariffs on U.S. mozzarella and provolone. BelGioioso Cheese, a Wisconsin family biz, has seen sales to Mexico drop since officials there implemented tariffs of up to 15%.

"The simple reality is that Russia has committed an attack on British soil which has seen the death of a British citizen" -- UK Defense Secretary Gavin Williamson

Here's a thread on a HUGE implication for the Mueller-Rosenstein investigation that's gone under the radar. This week, the Senate will take up Brian Benczkowski’s suspicious nomination to head the criminal division at the Department of Justice.