Saturday, January 5, 2019

House Democrats should make it their top priority to obtain Trump's tax returns and release them to the public, Americans for Tax Fairness argues in a new report obtained by NBC News, calling it "a legitimate exercise of Congress's oversight authority."

NBC reporting the Pentagon Chief of Staff has resigned. This within 24 hours of Trump claiming he can call national emergency and direct DOD to build a wall.

JUST IN: Pentagon Chief of Staff has resigned. "After two years in the Pentagon, I've decided the time is right to return to the private sector. It has been an honor to serve again alongside the men and women of the Department of Defense," said Rear Adm Kevin Sweeney, USN (Ret.)

The courts run out of cash next Friday. Here’s what happens then

Congressman proposes eliminating Electoral College, preventing presidents from pardoning themselves

If Trump thinks migrants in the U.S. illegally are dangerous, why has he hired so many of them?

America has no president

Trump simultaneously claims most furloughed federal employees are democrats AND that those employees support his wall, over being paid.

Prosecutors are trained to recognize CONSCIOUSNESS OF GUILT. Curious what an example of that looks like? Read the @realDonaldTrump below

"The Government Shutdown Is “Life And Death” For Low-Wage Subcontractors Who Likely Won’t Be Repaid For Lost Time"

Sunday will mark 2 years since @JohnBrennan, @Comey, Clapper, & Rogers briefed @realDonaldTrump on Russian interference w/ 2016 election. What's Trump done in 2 years to protect us from this threat?@amac & I recently said "not much"

'The existential threat of our time': Pelosi elevates climate change on Day One

Trump is the #1 expert on eveything... …according to Donald Trump

Wait. So the new justice democrat poster girl for fairness, human rights & equality for all..voted exactly like a Republican man?

The Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople signs a decree of independence for the Orthodox Church of Ukraine

McConnell complained to allies about how unreliable the president was as a negotiating partner,

Since we're making such a big deal about Paul Whelan, the man arrested in Russia, who was visited by the US Ambassador, can we please call attention to Serkan Golge? He is a US citizen who is a NASA scientist and is being held in Turkey.

Trump saying the USSR "was right" to invade Afghanistan isn't just ignorant, it's dangerous. It's the new revisionist Kremlin line to justify Putin's own invasions. My new column:

Trump: Shutdown has 'higher purpose than next week's pay'

People who served alongside Whelan said he was learning Russian and traveled to Moscow and St. Petersburg on vacation during the same deployment in which the Marine Corps accused him of attempted larceny.

Senate will not consider House Democratic bills to end shutdown: Republican McConnell

Sen. David Perdue: Mitt Romney makes the same mistake that cost him the White House

Individual 1 still demanding $5 billion ransom note for medieval border wall.

Congress isnt feeling the pressure for a fast deal to end the shutdown yet

How bout you drag Elaine Chao before congress and take a deep dive into McConnell motives... Transportation sec whose daddy's shipping Co. busted for cocaine is a good place to start.

“Trump has tasked Pence, Kushner and Nielsen with meeting with House and Senate leadership staff to continue trying to hash out a deal to end the partial government shutdown.”

"Complete chaos." Witnesses say a fight led to a fatal late-night shooting at a bowling alley that left three men dead.

Russia’s Foreign Ministry said the FBI arrested a Russian citizen in the Northern Mariana Islands, a Pacific territory overseen by the U.S., then took him to Florida.

How Russia’s voter suppression operation echoed Trump campaign tactics

NEW: Exclusive: US military plans to scale back its role in Somalia and curtail airstrikes against al-Shabab insurgents, two senior US officials tell @NBCNews, latest signal of US troop cuts worldwide

Why the world should be paying attention to Putin’s plans for Belarus

Would you rather watch this cute cat video or a #GOP Member of Congress talking about Hillary's emails? That's why the GOP effort to regulate free speech on social media is so stupid. Twitter, Facebook & Google are not discriminating against GOP lawmakers, but the public is.

A mainstream journalist opposed a mosque’s expansion. Is such activism appropriate?

Fearing for his life, New York Knicks' center Enes Kanter won't travel with the team to London next month.

Elizabeth Warren in Iowa: "Pretty much all of my adult career has been spent around one central question, and that is: What's happening to working families in America? Why has America's middle class been hollowed out?"

Anderson Cooper picked apart Donald Trump's claim that federal workers are totally fine without being paid during the government shutdown.

Opinion: The GOP refuses to govern. So why not step aside?

Question: "If the President asked you to resign, would you do it?" Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell: "No."

BREAKING: Police: 3 dead, 4 injured in shooting at California bowling alley.

What in the intergalactic fuck...

If Democrats are serious about #ImpeachTheMF, start with Trump's involvement in Jeffrey Epstein's pedophile ring and rape of a 13-year-old:

NATO: SOCMED "made up of multitude of trust-based networks, provides fertile ground for the dissemination of propaganda and disinformation, and the manipulation of our perceptions and beliefs... IT HAS BECOME AN ESSENTIAL TOOL FOR WARFIGHTING used by both states" & terror groups.

Russia says it is not willing to exchange detained ex-U.S. marine

The tragedy of Fahad Albutairi and Loujain al-Hathloul

Jeff Flake: "At some point here soon Republicans are going to have to decide whether or not they want to be tethered to the President politically."

Not Out To Lunch: Businesses That Rely On Federal Workers Suffer The Shutdown

"This is even radical revisionist history for Russia... the only place you can find it is with Putin's party... You have to ask the question: Where else could Trump have gotten that information from but for the Kremlin itself?"

The Republican Senate already voted (100 to 0) in late December to keep the government open without any money for the wall. The Constitution allows them to override a presidential veto. They could reopen the government immediately just by voting for a bill they already voted for.

Russia and China are using Scotland as a back door to influence British policy and destabilise the Union, a foreign affairs expert has claimed

Reintroduced this bill with @RonWyden today. My guess? Americans still want to know what the President is hiding in his tax returns

In 2019, the Trump administration is trying to undo the progress of the Civil Rights Act of 1964????? If true, I will do everything in my power to stop this, including introducing a Congressional Review Act resolution to overturn it

Many Americans woke up on Jan 1 to find that their Rx drug prices had increased. When people can’t afford their medication, they ration what they have, which can have devastating consequences. We must pass my bills to lower costs & allow Medicare to negotiate drug prices.

Nancy Pelosi will introduce a universal background check bill on the anniversary of the Gabby Giffords shooting

And remember in the USA not only the DNC was hacked but GOP as well. Only a part of the DNC material was published, mixed with fakes. Just like now in Germany.

Here's how China plans to grade its 1.3 billion people, based on how good or bad a citizen they've been

The presentence investigation report for Paul Manafort has been filed w court in Alexandria, Va., but it remains under seal. Manafort will have a chance to file legal objections. The report will help Judge Ellis determine a punishment for Manafort who's to be sentenced Feb 8.

I asked the @USTreasury about challenges to its sanctions relief for the PUTIN-allied oligarch OLEG DERIPASKA. Treasury referred me to a spokesman who handles sanctions. His email said he was “currently out of the office on furlough."

"I do not make this request lightly — closing the national parks will disrupt many lives. But leaving them open without the staffing and resources they need imperils the health and safety of visitors”

URGENT: Please call McConnell’s offices immediately and demand a vote on the bills to reopen the government

Mitch McConnell, Senate majority leader and master legislative tactician, has retreated to the sidelines in the shutdown fight

Must see. Katie Johnson. Here she recounts her first encounter with Trump when she was 13. Her description matches his known idiosyncrasies and germophobia:

The new @HouseDemocrats majority won’t limit its response to mass shootings to thoughts and prayers. We'll listen to gun violence survivors, not gun company lobbyists.#HR1 will release the grip of wealthy special interests on Congress & make Congress work for the people.

New hope for popular gun safety laws as NRA loses political clout

Shooting with multiple victims reported at Torrance bowling alley

Let’s ask the psychiatrists, Mr. President. But let’s start with yours.

BREAKING: Police say there are "multiple victims" in a shooting at a California bowling alley.

It's now the second longest government shutdown in American history

GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy attacks Democrats for foul language Then This Happens... Reporter: “The president, not to long ago, referred to a woman as ‘horseface.' Who within your caucus called him out?”

"We should not be punishing people for something that is no longer illegal," Gov. Inslee said.

Democrats paint stark contrast with outgoing Republicans

I spent 18 years working with Erik Prince - sometimes very closely - I know the company he kept, many of the plots he pursued -The Emeratis and Israelis were at the center with the Saudis, Chinese and some Russians nearby - not to mention other American and Western hanger oners

NEW: DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen is about to go under the microscope. House Homeland Security Chair Bennie Thompson tells her in a letter this evening she is “long overdue” for an oversight hearing, having appeared just once when the panel was under GOP control.

Trump has revealed himself beyond a doubt. He is a Russian asset. #PutinsPuppet. His #Afganistan talking points reveal treason. Our NEW Flagship Billboard in Palm Beach says it all. Help us keep it flying!

NEW: Trump referred to shutdown as "strike" in profanity-laced meeting with Democratic leaders.

National Parks Are Overflowing With Poop Thanks to the Government Shutdown

"I don’t mean to be an alarmist but...POTUS is echoing directly the line of the Kremlin on a whole bunch of things.... this is something U.S. Intel officials have to understand: why is the Pres. saying what hes saying?"

Speaker Nancy Pelosi: "We’re not doing a wall. Does anybody have any doubt about that? We are not doing a wall. So that’s that."

Congress is reviewing the Trump admin's decision to lift sanctions on companies owned by Oleg Deripaska, the influential Russian oligarch with close ties to Putin, Democrats tell NYT. The reviews could fuel a congressional effort to block the decision.

Shutdown spares federal park rangers at site in Trump hotel

Fmr. CIA Director John Brennan: I'm hoping Republicans realize President Trump is unfit for office.

Americans deserve to know: the government funding package passed by the House yesterday is the *exact same* plan passed by the @SenateGOP just weeks ago. And yet, now, they refuse to vote on it.

Trump swore so frequently during today’s immigration meeting that he ended up apologizing to Pelosi. He griped about impeachment. And he called the shutdown a “strike,” drawing puzzlement in the room.

Trump claimed without evidence on Friday that past presidents have privately confided to him that they regret not building a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border

During the shutdown, the USDA office administering SNAP has sent home 95% of its employees without pay. "People in this country will go hungry," said Rep. Rosa DeLauro. "It's simple. They go hungry ... We're not talking about people who are dogging it."

Billboard Near Mar-a-Lago Likens Republicans to Soviets - NBC 6 South Florida

800,000 federal workers won’t be getting paid tomorrow - including a quarter-million U.S Military Veterans - but this guy will get a $10,000 taxpayer funded raise ... so much winning!

Federal prosecutors have requested records related to a $285,000,000 loan that Deutsche Bank gave Jared Kushner’s family real estate company one month before Election Day

Mueller grand jury extended