Sunday, February 10, 2019

SCOOP: Axios' @alexi has obtained four more of Trump's private schedules from last week, even as enraged administration officials have launched an internal hunt to find the leaker.

How Trump's trade war kept Russian fish sticks in US school lunchrooms: Based on the poorly-worded recommendation, the Trump administration issued tariff exclusions for all "Alaska pollock" products from #China, including fish originally caught in #Russia

Jeff Epstein Pleaded The Fifth When Asked About Trump Socializing With Minors

Dershowitz deposition on massages at Epstein’s home

Hasan Minhaj fires back at Saudi Arabia for censoring his Netflix show 'Patriot Act': “They’re mad that a Muslim is airing out their dirty laundry”

Asked about this week in VA, Northam responds by referring to kidnapped, enslaved, & trafficked Africans as “indentured servants.”

Chilling. Right-wing extremists have committed more acts of #terror in the U.S. this decade than **any other group**.

"On Day One, we will rejoin the International Climate Agreement"

Alan Dershowitz goes down in flames defending The National Enquirer's 'extortion-ish' threat to Jeff Bezos

Amy Klobuchar, as she announces her 2020 bid in Minnesota during a snow storm: "Now, we don't let a little snow stop us. We don't let a little cold stop us. Like, are you guys even cold?"

"By the time we get to 2020, Donald Trump may not even be President," Warren said. "In fact, he may not even be a free person."

Like they denied being involved in Khashoggis murder.

We want to see you in El Paso tomorrow evening as we celebrate our community. Everyone is welcome.

Report: #Russia Has Deployed More Medium-Range Cruise Missiles at More Locations Than Previously Thought

Our investigation will make sure that the President is working in the national interest, not acting because of any pecuniary interest or fear of any compromise. That he’s looking out for the American people, and not his bank account. That’s what our investigation is about.

Billionaires flooded Republican coffers just before the tax cuts passed. From the time the tax bill was introduced until the end of the year, dozens of billionaires and millionaires dramatically boosted contributions, giving $31.1 million in 2 months.

The media was able to get my work schedule, something very easy to do, but it should have been reported as a positive, not negative. When the term Executive Time is used, I am generally working, not relaxing. In fact, I probably work more hours than almost any past President.....

People killed by gun last year

Dear @SecPompeo: I look forward to you testifying before the Foreign Affairs Committee. Some questions: -Why are you ignoring the law? -Did #SaudiArabia give--or promise to give--money to @realDonaldTrump or Kushner, or the Trump Inaugural Committee?

A Confederacy of Grift

Note role of Saudi govt in helping its young rapists evade justice in US and Canada. There's a pattern here....

Interesting that Lauren Sanchez' company Black Ops Aviation was used to photograph wall samples - video on this page. Scroll down to "Took the best aerial photographer with us on a trip to look at the 8 prototype walls built by President Trump"

My Veterans Small Business Enhancement Act allows Veteran #SmallBiz owners to acquire equipment&property the fed gov't has no use for free of charge, w/the recipient only covering shipping&related nominal costs. To Vets who own or are looking to start businesses, this is for you.

Armed with new power, Democrats push for stricter gun laws

Former National Enquirer editor: David Pecker "may end up doing time"

Putin dismisses nine generals

“Schumer's legislation — known as the Fentanyl Sanctions Act — would direct U.S. officials to publicly identify foreign opioid traffickers, would deny the traffickers visas in the U.S. and would prohibit them from doing business using American banks.”

What happens when citizens are given money with no strings attached?

Teen defies parents, gets first vaccinations during measles outbreaks in US

Venezuela is trying to stop a surge of desertions and ordered border guards to stop soldiers trying to leave the country without permission

Donald Trump think the Trail of Tears is worth a joke

Obama health official blasts White House doctor over Trump's physical: "Another institution turned into a joke"

Fact check: Trump inflated his economic achievements during his State of the Union address

Exclusive: Venezuela shifts oil ventures' accounts to Russian bank - document, sources

The Trump inaugural scandal is heading directly toward the conclusion Trump lined his own pockets illegally

Who among us hasn’t collected $1.3 million from an unknown person to run a foundation in which they are the only employee?

A new chapter for Erik Prince has opened in China, and there's more controversy for the former Blackwater boss

Average tax refund down 8 percent

Beto O’Rourke to join rally in El Paso at same time Donald Trump holds his own rally just miles away

UAE Amb. Otaiba urged Tom Barrack to accept a bid from Jho Low for a $45m bid to buy L’Ermitage Hotel which was owned by Barracks company, Colony Capital. Just Dept is looking to seize that property, as it was used with stolen #1MDB funds

Meanwhile, just a few miles from the Virginia State Capitol

Remind me to tell Jeff Bezos about the time Lauren Sanchez’s lawyer brother was going to sue me for $5 million because I said his buddy Roger Stone was involved in setting up Al Franken in the Leeann Tweedon/John Phillips KABC.

I see it differently. I think the theatrical partisanship of Kavanaugh spooked Roberts.

The world knew the National Enquirer was sleazy. It was not known it’s kind of journalism was much like the mob, extortion and blackmail. Thank you Jeff Bezos for rolling over the log so we all can see what crawls out. Pecker can’t do dirty from prison!

They're...The Women of Congress! #SNL

Ivanka Trump told ABC News that she knew “literally almost nothing” about her family’s secret pursuit of a deal to build a Trump-branded tower in Moscow during the 2016 campaign. Her claim, however, is contradicted by various sources.