Saturday, April 13, 2019

7 weeks prior to 9/11, the Saudi government bought the *entire 45th floor* of Trump World Tower in NYC. They still own it to this day

A photo of a 2-year-old girl crying near the US-Mexico border has won the World Press Photo of the Year award. She became an iconic face of President Trump's "zero tolerance" immigration policy last year.

The Trump administration will not nominate anyone to serve on a United Nations committee on racism — the latest sign of a U.S. retreat from international bodies and traditional human rights priorities

Mitch McConnell advises GOP senators to campaign independent of Donald Trump

Mnuchin says wont weaponize IRS in request for Trump tax returns

Opinion: For Trump, the name of the season is treason

Prepare for Mueller’s long shadow

Treasury’s failure to meet this deadline for Trump’s taxes would be blatantly illegal — but it’s time for Democrats to answer the question: “Or else WHAT”? We can’t keep crying “Wolf!” and expect results. Subpoena the suckers! Seek jail for contempt

The Democrats are still fighting over Trump's taxes. House Ways and Means Chairman Richard Neal gave the IRS another opportunity to hand over the president's returns.

House committee sends a new letter to the IRS demanding President Trump's tax returns

California National Guard tells transgender troops: "Your gender identity is the least of our concerns"

"It's not like there's tape of me vowing to pay attorney fees for someone to beat up a protester!"

Like he was "joking" when he asked the Russian military to hack Hillary Clinton. "I was just kidding," said the bank robber. "I wasn't really going to use the gun!"

That Trump is abusing pardon powers isn’t a surprise and, thankfully in this case, public servants are refusing to violate the law at his request. The risk is that eventually he’ll find those who will, creating a culture of government lawlessness and abuse

Bibi Trump and Donald Netanyahu They both see the world’s problems as opportunities to cement their hold on power.

GOP congressman told 9/11 firefighter he was 'too busy' to help survivors

“An anonymous individual who secretly funneled $1.7 million to a super PAC in 2012 may soon be revealed after a lengthy legal fight...”

That was communism, you ignorant twit. You don't even know what socialism is.

When I wrote this 3 years ago, #Trump already was calling Mexicans rapists and Muslims scum. I didn't imagine he would incite mobs to go after the FBI, mail bombs to former presidents and now, threaten the life of an elected member of Congress,

House Democrats are crying foul over a plan by Rep. Devin Nunes to meet privately with William Barr to push the Justice Department to pursue criminal charges against officials involved in the investigation of Trump's 2016 campaign and Russia

Anti-abortion "heartbeat bills" are illegal. Why do Republicans keep passing them?

Donald Trump calls Ivanka "baby" in official meetings—report

Trump's Christianity questioned by Pope

Trump has plenty of time to tweet, but the supposed "commander in chief" (or more accurately - liar in chief) can't find the time to say one word about Marines killed overseas.

Man lit himself on fire outside White House

CNN's Cuomo apologizes to victims' families for airing Trump's 9/11 clip: "I don't want to revisit your nightmares"

Beto O'Rourke: "Donald Trump is the arsonist who gets the credit for putting out the fire. He is going to cause worse out-migration and asylum seeking from Central America by cutting off all U.S. aid."

Russia's top diplomat has argued that the world is losing faith in the United States as a global leader and that the international community has sought a more diverse approach to global decision making.

“A Washington Post review shows over 60 adverse rulings against the administration. All administrations lose cases, but experts cannot recall so many losses in such a short time.”

New York City

Gridlocked over Puerto Rico, Congress heads to 2-week break without disaster aid deal - Puerto Rico, Iowa, Missouri, Florida, North Carolina, California..this is not about ⁦red or blue⁩ this is about WE THE PEOPLE! need help ⁦⁦now

"Nearly 13,700 trans service members are expected to lose their careers as the ban begins to take effect today, including the looming possibility of me being one of them."

Because of someone else's religion!

The National Archives and Records Administration gave the Interior Department until late April to address Democrats’ allegations that newly confirmed Secretary David Bernhardt may have been destroying his official calendars, according to a letter

BIG THREAD: (Thread) The Outrage Dilemma Staying sane—and saving democracy— under a Firehose of Outrageousness. The Rand Corp. describes the extremely effective Firehose of Falsehoods propaganda method: a rapid, continuous barrage of outrageous falsehoods

This happened yesterday at Barnard College. A black Columbia University student was entering the library when he was racially profiled by public safety officers. They took his ID. They pinned him down.

Thanks to Donald Trump, Mar-a-Lago is a counterintelligence nightmare.

What makes anyone think ⁦@realDonaldTrump⁩ would voluntarily relinquish the office of president on Jan. 20, 2021 if he loses the election? You always know what he’s planning by what he attacks. Dems tried a “coup,” he said. Which means he’ll try one.

'A wall is not going to fix this': Cindy McCain says Trump's pet project won't curtail human trafficking

An investigation found rampant sexual harassment at AccuWeather, a federal contractor, including groping, touching & kissing of subordinates. Their chief executive, Barry Myers, was tapped by Trump to lead the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration.

V.P. Pence talks nonsense. Mayor Pete is talking about his own Christian faith, which is exactly what he should do. Americans are sick and tired of people who try to prevent others from talking about God and about being gay. God loves everyone.

You don’t have to agree with @ilhan on a single political issue to stand with her at this moment. You simply have to believe that it’s terrifying what they’re doing to her.

Hi @SpeakerPelosi, Suggestion: Announce the House is urgently summoning Trump’s acting head of the Secret Service to task them with the safety of House members placed at risk by a reckless POTUS. Put responsibility for Trump’s incitement right in his lap. Make him own it.

Did Roy Cohn help William Barr get a job with the Reagan admin? Cohn got Reagan to appoint Donald's sister, Maryanne, to a judgeship. Barr and Cohn both went to the same prep school, Horace Mann.

This unhinged video from a top QAnon promoter typifies that crowd's response to Assange's arrest: they're convinced the arrest is a ruse to get Assange to the US so he can reveal some big Pizzagate secrets.

I’m supposed to be taking a break but I have this to say. There are clear signs that tRump is trying to remove Democracy in favor of making America an Autocracy. We the people will hold both Democrats and Republicans responsible. This is no longer a game. Reign him in.

Richest 3% Russians hold 90% of country’s financial assets. An estimated 13% of the population lives in extreme poverty. #Russia placed behind all of its Eastern European neighbors in a rating of 157 countries’ commitment to reducing poverty.

After 9/11 we all said we were changed. That we were stronger and more united. That’s what “never forget” was about. Now, a president uses that dark day to incite his base against a member of Congress, as if for sport. As if we learned nothing that day about the workings of hate.

Attorney General Barr's claim that surveillance authorized by a federal court is "spying" is a major and unfortunate challenge to our nation's rule of law.

So let me get this straight: Americans on Medicaid should be forced to work in order to receive basic health care, but the most profitable corporations should pay nothing in federal taxes — and actually receive a tax refund. This twisted logic is undermining America.

Impeachment isn’t optional insurance for a cracked iPhone, so you don’t have to wait for your annual upgrade. It’s IN CASE OF EMERGENCY BREAK GLASS. In a fire you don’t debate if a sprinkler’s water pressure is enough to kill it. You break the glass bc not doing so is suicide.

Congress must receive the full, unredacted Mueller report and the underlying evidence in order for us to carry out our constitutional duties. A redacted version filtered by AG Barr is insufficient. The DOJ has long provided unredacted materials about investigations to Congress.

Analysis: One exchange during a congressional hearing laid bare the CEO-employee pay disparity

15 out of the 19 9/11 Hijackers were Saudi Nationals. Citizens of Saudia Arabia- a country that is till this day one of U.S closest Ally. Saudi Arabia is NOT one the countries on Trump's Muslim Ban

Analysis: Trump’s election may have been even less about the economy than we thought

Elijah Cummings is going after Trump's financial records to corroborate allegations by his former personal lawyer Michael Cohen

Incidentally, if the MAGA lobby has its way, she will have nowhere to abort.

Any foreign intelligence service worth its salt has Mar-a-Lago on its target list. For a small investment, they can buy access to the “Southern White House.” Besides the odious economic self-dealing, its lax security is a “counterintelligence nightmare”.

In an exclusive interview, the U.S. envoy to Russia says Ukraine’s territorial integrity has been ‘badly violated’ and calls on Moscow to engage in a process that will allow the Ukrainian people 'to see their nation restored.’

If Barr & Rosenstein redact Mueller’s report for Congress, it will be by choice, not legal compulsion. Rosenstein chose to give a GOP House nearly 1 million pages of discovery in Clinton & Russia probe. But they choose not to give 400 pages of Trump-related info to a Dem House.

Is AG Barr able to take some of his time away from trying to eliminate preexisting conditions coverage in the courts so that he can release the Mueller Report? Asking on behalf of the overwhelming majority of the American people.

Something broke in America this week. We have been spiraling downward since Trump's election, but this week, we crossed a line. The President and his men began asserting that they were above the law--and effectively no one in our system did anything to stop them.

Corbyn was suggesting Swedens justice system was sub par & that JAss was at risk of not getting a fair trial. As this related to a rape case Corbyn couldn't use the JAss being a journo excuse, instead attacking EU extradition law

A former Florida prep-school administrator who posed as high-school students to take SAT and ACT tests as part of a nationwide college admissions scam pleaded guilty in Boston federal court Friday afternoon

There’s No Stopping the Russian Baby Boom in Miami

Roger Stone asks judge to dismiss indictment and to order he get copy of full Mueller report

If carried out, this would be the most obviously impeachable action Trump has taken to date: It would mean this president has seized the power to put not just himself but all who do his bidding beyond the reach of law. Any such president must be removed.

The “entitlements” that are actually a burden to the economy are massive tax cuts the wealthy and corporations claim they’re entitled to. Greenspan, another old rich white man selling austerity for the masses without addressing wealth hoarding

According to the pool report, Trump has arrived at Trump International Hotel in D.C. This is Trump's 240th day at a Trump property as president.

THREAD: After 9/11 we all said we were changed. That we were stronger and more united. That’s what “never forget” was about. Now, a president uses that dark day to incite his base against a member of Congress, as if for sport. As if we learned nothing that day about the workings of hate. — Pete Buttigieg

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