Saturday, September 23, 2017

Pyongyang says quake not a nuclear test, as U.S. flies warplanes near North Korea as show of force

Update: Facebook is apparently borrowing from the NRA as a defense of FEC violations and abetting espionage.

LeBron James to Trump: It was an honor to visit the White House until you showed up

Athletes and Celebrities Lash Out at Trump for Stephen Curry Criticism

FL also hacked by Russia-another state expected to go to Hillary w/strange voting patterns like PA, WI also hacked

Neil Gorsuch is campaigning for Mitch McConnell which is totally appropriate for a member of SCOTUS

The Stephen Curry snub is one of many times Trump has tried to preempt embarrassment

Buffalo Bills Star Just Issued A Scathing Response To Trump’s NFL Attack

EVERYONE: James Clapper is saying here that the 2016 election of Donald Trump to the Presidency may be ILLEGITIMATE

Giants’ owners call Trump’s comments “inappropriate, offensive and divisive” – ProFootballTalk

Trump: Athletes shouldn’t be ‘allowed’ to protest because free speech is only for the right-wing

JUST IN: Warriors respond to Pres. Trump: "There is nothing more American than our citizens having the right to express themselves freely.”

Why you should care about the German election even if you're in America

CLAPPER: US intelligence report on Russia's election interference 'cast doubt on the legitimacy' of Trump's victory

Homeland Security criticized for delay in warning U.S. states they were targets of hacking

Blast suspected after magnitude 3.4 tremor is detected in North Korea

Not confirmed as blast or natural occurrence...

Morgan Freeman explains Russia’s plot to undermine the U.S.


The Kremlin is telling everyone not to take Morgan Freeman's video seriously. What it means in the real world: take it very seriously.

Trump: McCain opposing GOP ObamaCare repeal "totally unexpected" and "terrible"

Health and Human Services' inspector general investigating Sec. Tom Price's travel

Trump: The border wall will be "see-through"

So ... is Obamacare dead yet?

Russia warns Trump that attacking North Korea "is not an option"

Fake Tea Party Twitter account linked to Russia and followed by Sebastian Gorka

Trump’s Job-Killing Plan to Kneecap the Solar Industry

Iran Deal, Trump Insults, GOP Tax Plan | Overtime with Bill Maher

Bill and his guests – former Rep. Barney Frank, Martin Short, Rick Wilson, Catherine Rampell, and Bob Costas – answer viewer questions after the show.

At Alabama Rally, Trump Toggles Between Republican Loyalists

Morgan Freeman has been drawn into the discussion about Russia's involvement in the 2016 presidential election

Voter fraud? A Trump nominee looks as if he cast an illegal ballot.

Marriott says it will not cancel conference hosted by anti-Muslim hate group

Analysis: Here’s a list of medical groups opposing the Cassidy-Graham health-care bill

Trump derides 'Little Rocket Man' in North Korea

Opinion: "Graham-Cassidy says a lot about the Republican Party, none of it good"

Fact Checker: Sen. Cassidy’s misleading claim that preexisting-conditions protection is ‘absolutely the same’

Trump Health Dept. plans to shut down ObamaCare site during enrollment period

Republicans back unpopular health bills because they're more afraid of their donors than their constituents

Trump wishes NFL owners would tell anthem protesters "get that son of a bitch off the field right now"

Pence fundraising not going to own lawyer, but is helping Junior

Rachel Maddow reports that Mike Pence is not using inauguration funds, Trump reelection campaign money, RNC donations, or money from his own PAC to pay for his lawyer, though the same cannot be said for Donald Trump and his family.

IMPORTANT I Helped Create Facebook's Ad Machine. HERE'S HOW I'D FIX IT

Sen. Mark Warner, Vice Chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, issues statement on DHS notifying states of attempted election hacking

Trump, referencing Colin Kaepernick, says "Get that son of a bitch off the field."

Trump aides pleaded with him not to insult Kim Jong Un in UN speech: report

Donald Trump's Strange Endorsement

The president sides with the establishment in the Alabama Senate race, and his staunches backers say he's being co-opted by The Swamp.

Trump campaign manager has history of working against US abroad

Adam Weinstein, senior editor of Task & Purpose, talks with Rachel Maddow about former Donald Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort's penchant for taking payment from anti-American interests to work against American interests overseas.

Manafort role in 2006 attack on US Marines in Ukraine examined

Rachel Maddow reports on a 2006 civilian protest against U.S. Marines in Ukraine and the role of former Donald Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort working with the party behind the protests.

Protesters against Republican Obamacare repeal make it personal

Rachel Maddow reports on protests and activism around the United States against the latest Republican effort to kill Obamacare.

Post-Maria flooding strains Puerto Rico residents, infrastructure

Patricia Mazzei, reporter for The Miami Herald, and Luis Rivera Marin, secretary of state for Puerto Rico, talk with Rachel Maddow about how Puerto Ricans are struggling to recover and just survive after Hurricane Maria left the island flooded and shattered.

DHS begins notifying states about 2016 Russian hack attempts

Rachel Maddow reports that even though the election was months ago, the Department of Homeland Security is only now calling every state individually to let them know if they were targetted by Russian hacking efforts.