Saturday, January 9, 2021

Thread. Ginni (Mrs. Clarence) Thomas is on Board of Govs. of #CNP Action (lobbying arm), advisory council for Charlie Kirk’s TPUSA—which sent 80 bus loads to yesterday’s Washington Riot.


Steve Bannon’s ‘War Room’ Channel Pulled From YouTube


Boeing 737 With 62 Aboard Missing After Takeoff From Jakarta


Police arrest Florida man caught on camera carrying Pelosi’s lectern during Capitol riot


NEW: House Democrats are concerned that Capitol rioters — who seemed to navigate the complex with ease — had hidden help. They plan to probe this, among other security concerns.


This is great information. Thanks Ali for the list. I wonder why those guys seem so relaxed in lock down. Perhaps they knew and coordinated for it all to happen? I’m sure the @FBI will subpoena phone and email records for all of them. What did they know and when?


More states report climbing Covid-19 numbers as CDC chief warns US Capitol riot was a likely "surge event"


Jamie Raskin Lost His Son. Then He Fled a Mob. The day before the Capitol riot, a congressman buried his 25-year-old son, who had left a note for his family on New Year’s Eve.


Lawrence: “We learned nothing new about Donald Trump this week”


Laurence Tribe: Senate could hold short impeachment trial ‘if halfway responsible’


Trump fear of prison could push him toward resignation and a Pence pardon


For Republican senators, impeaching Trump may be as simple as not showing up


The persistence of the Belarusian protest is absolutely incredible. Every day thousands go to rallies in different parts of Belarus. They call their protest "Marches of neighbors". They demand an end to the violence, release of political prisoners, and Lukashenka to resign


Rep. Adam Schiff: 'We can move swiftly ... to impeach this man'


Brian David Sicknick, 42, died of injuries sustained while trying to protect the Capitol. Family members say they don’t want his death politicized. But they do want to understand what happened.


Trio jailed for up to 5.5 years for rioting at Hong Kong airport and assaulting state media reporter


THREAD: 1. In the past few days, some compared the storming to the Hong Kong Legislative Council to the chaos in Capitol hill. It's the WRONG comparison. Several scenes on 1st July 2019, one of the monumental days of the protest movement, can help you tell the differences.


NEW: At least two Seattle police officers who were in Washington, D.C., on Wednesday during the riot at the U.S. Capitol have been placed on administrative leave, according to a Friday night statement from by Police Chief Adrian Diaz.


My home state of Washington. An educated physician. Joined a criminal mob with joy to illegally shut down Congress. Trump is her LEADER. She believes. We have some tough years ahead to get back to the rule of law. These are dangerous times.


"Violence is the last refuge of the desperate and we have perhaps the most desperate president in U.S. history and I cannot overemphasize how filled with peril the next two weeks are going to be" -


Rep. Schiff on expectations for a second impeachment: "The members of our caucus are not content to do anything less than use every instrument in our power to protect the country. Every day this man remains in office he is a danger to the republic."


Companies backed Trump for years. Now they’re facing a reckoning after the attack on the Capitol


Big one. This sub has always been a sewer


McConnell's Senate grip ends with splintered GOP, mob in chamber


Just gonna put this here


BREAKING: Parler has been removed from the Google Play Store.


“Brian is a hero and that is what we would like people to remember,” his older brother, Ken Sicknick said


Speaker Pelosi to '60 Minutes': "Sadly, the person that's running the Executive Branch is a deranged, unhinged, dangerous president of the United States ... He has done something so serious that there should be prosecution against him."


Opinion: Trump’s pledge of an orderly transition is as worthless as he is


Every single one of the 12 Senators who created false hopes that this mob could stop Joe Biden from becoming President bears responsibility for this. But unconscionably, Sen. Hawley was the only one to continue to object and force votes AFTER the assault - after 4 people died.


A source sends this video of a group of Trump supporters today harassing Sen. Lindsey Graham at Reagan airport and loudly calling him a “traitor” after he publicly broke with Trump earlier this week


The arrest of opposition politicians is a test of Hong Kong's democracy and, in the long term, of its viability as a global financial center


Maryland Gov. Hogan describes his call with Rep. Hoyer, who was "pleading for help" during the Capitol attack and asking Hogan to deploy National Guard troops. Hoyer was inside of a bunker with Sen. Schumer and Speaker Pelosi.


According to the @FinancialTimes, #Beijing's media propaganda arm has ordered news outlets to stop analyzing the official investigation into #Alibaba or reporting on any viewpoints that "oppose the official stance."


Three House Democrats to introduce article of impeachment against Trump


Hey @Maddow, @Lawrence asked your question of @TribeLaw! Two thirds of the senators present is correct.


I don't care how hard this is to watch, every American needs to see what happened. How savage this attack was. And how many officers acted supremely bravely in the face of this coordinated assault

Warning graphic. 

An Air Force Combat Veteran Breached the Senate


In less than 48 hours, 173 Members have already coauthored the Article of Impeachment written by Rep @davidcicilline, @RepRaskin, me & @HouseJudiciary staff. We urge Trump to resign. If he does not, he will be the first @POTUS in history to be impeached twice, by two Congresses.


Michael Pack, Trump's pick over the parent agency of Voice of America, is newly accused of breaking tax laws for nonprofits, misuse of office, propaganda.... It's been quite a week. My story, for NPR


Pelosi talked to top military officer about preventing "unhinged" Trump from launching nuclear strike


Perspective: Leaving Trump in office now will just encourage white nationalists


Editorial: Resign, Senator Cruz. Your lies cost lives.


A West Virginia lawmaker who livestreamed himself entering the U.S. Capitol during Wednesday’s riot is charged by federal prosecutors


BREAKING: Federal authorities have arrested Proud Boy Hawaii founder and alt-right media personality Nick Ochs in connection with the deadly pro-Trump rampage through the U.S. Capitol


.@jack decision to suspend Trump is not a bigger story than the insurrection that inspired it. The attack on our democracy that was incited by the President, US Senators, the GOP House Leader and abetted by the Capitol Police is the story.


BREAKING I can now confirm Male #2 w/ restraints is highly decorated combat vet & @AF_Academy graduate Lt. Colonel. Ret. Larry Brock of Texas. Releasing his name now after 24h of collaboration w/@RonanFarrow & his investigations team to confirm