Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Rep. Schiff: "You put two and two together and the Russians know as long as they intervene on Trump's behalf, he is too weak to ever call them out and he may even be grateful for it. So yes, I think it gives a green light to other nations to once again interfere in our election."

“The White House is just making stuff up. They’re saying they have this blanket immunity that no court case has ever talked about or ever found,” says Rep. @tedlieu, about the administration’s response to the House Judiciary calling on WH officials

This week, Senate Democrats asked to pass a bill to restore #NetNeutrality and #SaveTheInternet. But Republicans objected. They’d rather just bury this bipartisan bill in @SenateMajLdr McConnell’s legislative graveyard along with so many others.

SCHIFF says he’s “running out of patience” with the FBI refusing to discuss status of Russia counterintelligence probe. Says a subpoena could be issued soon.

Republican witness @AndrewCMcCarthy on the June 9 Trump Tower meeting between Russian operatives and Donald Trump, Jr., Paul Manafort, and Jared Kushner (that Trump knew about in advance): “By taking the meeting, you’ve made yourself beholden to Putin.”

Mike Flynn's new attorney, folks.

I want to type something like "there's still hope" but I just can't. Former White House aide Hicks agrees to testify to House panel investigating Trump.

There is no bottom. There is no better Trump. He will always stoop lower, smear everything around him with excrement, and diminish absolutely everyone and everything.

It’s almost like they have something to hide.

Unlike our 45th President, I do not use the T-word casually. But, it now fits Donnie -- like a glove. Based on his very own words. In our politics, the worst American without secret foreign encumbrances is preferable to the best American with them.

Hey @realDonaldTrump: The FBI Director Chris Wray is right and you are wrong. Not only does life work that way, the law works that way. Under the Federal Election Campaign Act, it's ILLEGAL to knowingly accept anything of material value from a foreign power.

"The FBI director is wrong," @realDonaldTrump tells @GStephanopoulos of Wray's recent comments that a political candidate should tell the FBI if a foreign gov't offers dirt on an opponent.

If you're wondering if the President of the goddamn United States just invited foreign intelligence agencies to hack and spy on his political opponents, he did.

Remember 12 JUN 2019. Today was the day a sitting President announced he would accept clandestine help from a hostile power to stay in office. Translation for the cheap seats: Donald J. Trump, our 45th president, admitted that he is a traitor. On camera.

I stand with US intelligence community & denounce @realDonaldTrump's willingness to conspire with a foreign government to win an election. I urge @LindseyGrahamSC to honor his patriotic duty & publicly denounce Donald Trump for admitting he would break the law for political gain.

EXCLUSIVE: Pres. Trump tells @GStephanopoulos he wouldn't necessarily alert the FBI if approached by foreign figures with information on his 2020 opponent: "It’s not an interference. They have information. I think I’d take it."

'I think I’d take it': In exclusive interview, Trump says he would listen if foreigners offered dirt on opponents

So Mitch and POTUS on same page about accepting election help from adversarial powers -- and we have to leave that an open range of possibilities where the majority leader is concerned

POTUS has asserted executive privilege on certain docs subpoenaed in Census probe and a protective assertion on all remaining docs, per DOJ letter.

Trump Jr arrives to hearing

Dear @RepRatcliffe: You are right. House Counsel will argue that since AG Barr of @TheJusticeDept let @GOP Rep Collins see the unredacted report, then I should be able to see it too. Unless you think Barr committed a crime by letting GOP Rep Collins view the unredacted report.

"Call it Trump-itis: Every candidate he goes up against is suddenly, in his telling and that of his surrogates, in mental decline and at death’s door. It “happened” to Hillary, who miraculously recovered, and now it’s Biden."

McConnell, sworn to uphold,defend US Constitution, chose to threaten WH w/a smear if they disclosed this to us

The House Intelligence Committee has invited two former leaders of the FBI's national security branch to testify about the counterintelligence implications of Mueller's investigation.

ICE is sending asylum-seekers to the private prison where Mother Jones exposed abuse

Texas vaccine exemption rates have reached an all-time high. Did Texas make it too easy for parents to opt out?

You want hearings? We got hearings! LIVE at 9 ET. Get your hearings!

Chao and McConnell are the Ferdinand & Imelda Marcos of the 2019 Republican party

Has no one learned anything? Washington is just four months removed from the longest government shutdown in American history, and at this moment there’s no plan to raise the debt limit just a few months ahead of the deadline.

On this date June 12 in 2017, American student Otto Warmbier returned home in a coma after spending 17 months in a North Korean prison. He died one week later.

E15 is a waste of money. You will burn through twice as much ethanol as you would regular gasoline in your vehicle. Ethanol lowers your MPG, which will cost you more money to keep filling up. Not to mention all the terrible things is does to your engine.

.@shane_bauer snuck into Syria to understand America’s role in one of the 21st century’s greatest tragedies. A year in the making, "Behind the Lines" is a firsthand look at the costs and compromises of US involvement there

EXCLUSIVE: Mexican officials' trick for navigating Trump is to ignore the tweets and go to Jared: “The idea was always that Trump is an emperor that thinks he has clothes on but really doesn't"

REMINDER: In addition to the corruption of @senatemajldr McConnell and @ElaineChao ... McConnell is the reason we didn’t find out about the Russians attacking the United States to elect Trump until it was too late. McConnell is also blocking all election security measures.

NEW: Representatives from nearly two dozen foreign countries have spent money at Trump properties: report

Like all innocent people Trump says "Why are you focused on my crimes -look what others have done?!"

Louisiana GOP lawmakers defend child marriage: ‘A lot of 16-year-olds are very mature’

“Remember 9/11” should be more than a slogan on a bumper sticker. With the 9/11 Victim Compensation Fund set to expire, we cannot turn our backs on these heroes – not now, not ever. Congress must #Renew911VCF

Perspective: Banning fetal tissue research like mine will kill kids. You call that pro-life?

I used to think that right-wing anti-elitism against the intellectual elite (aka “the chattering classes”) was innocuous and even well-warranted. I now realize that these stereotypes are lazy, stupid, and dangerous

Analysis: A Post photographer snapped an image of Trump’s alleged secret Mexico deal. Here’s what it says.

Trump sides with North Korean dictator over CIA

Sanders: Being called a liar 'bothers me'

Ongoing expansion of Russian forces/force projection in Crimea -- good details here.

Pete Buttigieg 11:41 am: "You will not see me exchanging love letters with on WH letterhead with a brutal dictator." Donald Trump 12:46 pm: "I just received a beautiful letter from Kim Jong Un."

Trump administration quietly makes it legal to bring elephant parts to the U.S. as trophies

Every country that has a Magnitsky Act has sanctioned dozens of human rights abusers. The only country with a Magnitsky Act that has done NOTHING is the U.K. The parliament’s Foreign Affairs Select Committee is now holding the government’s feet to the fire and demanding action

“I’m deeply concerned that five decades of environmental progress are at risk because of the attitude and approach of the current administration,” Christine Todd Whitman, who led EPA during the George W. Bush administration, told lawmakers Tuesday.

Kamala Harris said the DOJ would have “no choice” but to charge President Trump with obstruction of justice if he finished his term without being impeached

"This is a guy who does everything to separate and frighten people...No president has done something like that for God's sake. I mean, it's bizarre and it's damaging, so I think he's genuinely a threat to our core values & he's a threat to our standing in the world."

President Trump has threatened to take legal action if Democrats try to impeach him, musing that he’ll “sue.”

Lawrence's Last Word: Jon Stewart tells Congress never forget 9/11 first responders

President Trump is looking to squash Justin Amash

Lawrence's Last Word: Jon Stewart tells Congress never forget 9/11 first responders

"A beautiful letter here, a beautiful letter there, and pretty soon the president of the United States is apologizing to you after a report that you killed an American informant."

“Barr's Justice Dept asks court to tear down the ACA in its entirety”

Republican Jim Jordan skips 9/11 responders hearing a day after accusing Democrats of having no priorities

Pete Buttigieg: "You will not see me exchanging love letters on White House letterhead with a brutal dictator who starves and murders his own people."

Trump Jr likely to face questions stemming from Cohen testimony

Trump Jr. headed back to Senate Intel to talk Trump Tower Moscow

Congress vote boosts subpoena leverage against recalcitrant Trump

National debt tops $22 trillion for first time in U.S. history

1. Mitch McConnell is blocking bills that would impose more regulations on voting machines 2. Mitch McConnell’s campaign and joint fundraising committee get money from voting machine lobbyists Any questions?

'Missing' £350million Leonardo masterpiece Salvator Mundi 'is on Saudi crown prince's yacht'

Even if you only look at the top tier of the roster in terms of who Donald Trump has tried to put in place to run the federal government, it's obvious that there's something wrong when it comes to Trump's cabinet and his senior appointees.

We need to impeach the Attorney General and the Secretary of the Treasury. They are hiding evidence we could need for the impeachment of the President.

Three years ago @shane_bauer helped us see what it really means when we privatize prison. Now (in a couple of hours) he shows us what it really means when we go to war and no one pays attention.

Julian Assange “received a visit on Tuesday from his father, John Shipton, and... Chinese dissident artist Ai Weiwei, the Press Association reported”

In case you were wondering who Jon Stewart was referencing when he talked about a member blocking the 9/11 first responders bill for oil exports.

Kavanaugh has hired the daughter of Amy Chua, who defended his treatment of women during his confirmation, as a clerk on the Supreme Court. During the confirmation, Chua and her daughter both forcefully pushed back on notion that she was seeking that job.

"You should be ashamed of yourselves": In an emotional testimony, former "Daily Show" host Jon Stewart blasted a more than half-empty congressional panel for the delays in reauthorizing a fund for 9/11 first responders

One of the sources for my book—who spent his childhood in a Japanese concentration camp in Wyoming—regularly visits family detention centers. I asked him once how the two compared. “Brad,” he said. “It’s worse than anything we ever experienced.”

Every accusation is confession. Always. Love the pointing at his own head. My read is he’s been told...he knows he’s ill. Tic toc, MoFo

The trial of geology teacher Scott Warren, on charges of helping migrants who had illegally crossed the border, has ended in a mistrial

We've got a firm with huge mass transit contracts, in a position to benefit from mass transit decisions by Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao. And that firm chooses to do a hugely remunerative deal with Chao's family's company. And she shows up in person to applaud that deal.

I've got a great idea for @SpeakerPelosi. Impeach @SecElaineChao. Just do it. Let Cocaine Mitch twist in the wind. If we do right his seat is toast. Make them look like Bonnie and Clyde.

Chao corruption shocking even for scandal-plagued Trump cabinet

So here’s the new normal: If you get caught doing bad shit, just yell “FAKE NEWS!” and move on.

Beyond parody -- Fox Business cuts away from Trump's speech right after he laments, bizarrely, that tractors can't hook up to the internet

"...paving the way for grants totaling at least $78 million for favored projects as McConnell prepared to campaign for reelection."

Mitch McConnell doesn’t want to bring HR1 to a floor vote because it is a house bill that directly takes on corrupt bad actors like...Mitch McConnell and Elaine Chao

Kim Dotcom in final bid to halt extradition

Top voting machine manufacturer calls on Congress to require paper records for voting systems

Grassley says lawmakers have made "a dictator out of the presidency"

Republican Rep. Kevin Brady, a lead architect of the GOP tax bill, suggested today that the tax cuts may not fully pay for themselves, contradicting a promise Republicans made repeatedly while pushing the law in late 2017

DNC announces first debate details as candidates vie for spots