Thursday, June 6, 2019

When I asked Sec. Wilbur Ross about the question’s origins in May 2018, he testified DOJ was “the one” who made the initial request.

Roger Stone's next motion hearing has been pushed back from June 21 to July 16. Lawyers on both sides had asked for the delay, citing scheduling conflicts

Opinion: Forget impeachment. Tee up prosecution.

With due respect to @SpeakerPelosi, an UNIMPEACHED Trump, if soundly defeated on 11/3/20, could easily resign between 11/4/20 and 1/19/21 so that Pence, as the interim POTUS, could PARDON him. Please start taking into account how the CONSTITUTION works!

They watched Russia try to sway voters in 2016. Now, they have 45 ideas to avoid a repeat

Tariffs should be used as a trade tool—not as a tool to address other issues.

Listen To The Voicemail Trump's Lawyer Left For Michael Flynn's Lawyer After Flynn Cut A Deal

NEW: We got leaked documents detailing 1,200+ different stays at @realDonaldTrump's hotel. Here's the guest who stayed the longest: a sheikh who wants to be president of Iraq, and who wants the U.S. to strike Iran. He spent 26 nights in a suite

Senator: Yes, I'm calling the President a coward

On the 75th anniversary of D-Day, @newshour offers a look back at Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower's message to the American-led allied troops

Most of this in the Mueller Report. @traciemac_Bmore and I just reviewed it - she mused aloud: "Why release it now as Flynn fires his lawyers?". New lawyers could mean he wants to change his guilty plea or it could be we're about to discover Flynn lied to Mueller.

PARDON ALERT: If Trump pardons Flynn, will that finally be what moves the House to do its duty and start impeachment proceedings? "Flynn’s decision to change attorneys at this late stage is unusual and has triggered speculation in legal and political circles he’s considering...

Trump insults Mueller, who has a Bronze Star and a Purple Heart Medal, in front of a U.S. military cemetery.

NEW: One of the most influential lobbying firms in Trump’s Washington, D.C. cut a five-figure check to a Ukrainian-born businessman helping Giuliani dig up dirt on Biden

Roy Moore's attorney arrested on drug charges

ICYMI Facebook conned you. Then they sold you out and betrayed our country

POTUS is tweeting crazy sh*t and the Kremlin is posting historical re-writes about D-Day being meaningless -- so please join me today in flooding Twitter with content that celebrates the bravery and leadership of D-Day in turning a tide of war and paying for a better world.

Trump lies about Mueller, claiming that Mueller sent a “letter” to correct his “testimony.” Mueller never testified or sent a letter “correcting” anything.

#BREAKING: House Democrats officially introduce resolution to hold AG William Barr in contempt of Congress

#BREAKING: Flynn abruptly fires his lawyers ahead of sentencing

Aggravating though many of her public statements right now may be ...

Lying about a war hero during an interview at the American cemetery at Normandy where he was supposed to be commemorating D-Day. What a disgrace.

Disgusted truckers turn on Trump after their taxes skyrocket $8,000 while Wall Street gets lavished

NEWS: The House is preparing to grant sweeping authority to all committees to sue the Trump administration and Mueller witnesses who refuse to comply with congressional subpoenas. The text of a resolution authorizing the move was revealed Thursday:

Because he's an economic nincompoop

#BREAKING Putin says 'not a problem' not to be invited to D-Day anniversary

Prosecutors suspect 70 Deutsche Bank managers in dividend tax probe: paper

Trump lies about Mueller, claiming that Mueller sent a “letter” to correct his “testimony.” Mueller never testified or sent a letter “correcting” anything.

In front of the sacred graves of fallen Americans. - Nice touch.

Vanderbilt poll: Most Tennesseans want Glen Casada to leave office, don't support vouchers

Trump delays D-Day ceremony to squeeze in an interview with Fox’s Laura Ingraham

China and Russia are locking arms while America simultaneously pushes away democratic allies in the EU and roots for its breakup. Foreign policy malpractice.

“But a Dutch digital rights organization has said it could easily buy and target political posts to voters in other countries, in spite of the social media giant’s stated policies geared at preventing foreign interference in the elections.”

Of course the French President is still hugging and kissing the veterans and thanking them while our Dufus just stands there looking out into the ocean...what F’ing buffoon...

A valedictorian wanted to remember black victims of police brutality. She says her school cut the mic.

The Irish wouldn’t let trump use the government to promote his golf club, Maybe we Americans could get some tips.

The pharmaceutical company responsible for one of the largest drug price increases in US history "knowingly paid illegal kickbacks" as part of an elaborate scheme to make millions and stick the American taxpayer with the bill, a Justice Dept. lawsuit says

How Trump could be prosecuted after the White House

Fact Checker: Trump’s parade of false claims overseas

It makes me very angry that the person representing America at the 75th anniversary of a key battle to defeat fascism is himself a proto-fascist white supremacist. My grandfather helped liberate Dachau- I feel we have betrayed our allies and our values.

Trump’s catastrophic fashion choices in England were not just a sign of bad taste

CNN Exclusive: DHS watchdog finds 'egregious' conditions at ICE facilities. The kitchen at one facility was so bad - open packages of raw chicken leaking blood over refrigeration units - that the manager was replaced while the IG inspection was ongoing.

NEW: Florida company VR Systems, which was targeted by Russian hackers before 2016 election, remotely accessed North Carolina county central computer for hours night before election to troubleshoot probs, potentially opening gateway for hackers.

BREAKING: The UK security consultant in the crosshairs of the Senate Russia probe set up a Florida LLC on the same day Wikileaks made their first dump of emails. His partner in the venture? A former Mossad official who was CEO for VEKSELBERG company

The organizers of Boston's "Straight Pride Parade" are not your average aggrieved white men. They are members of a far-right organization with a penchant for anti-Semitic and racist rhetoric

Imposing tariffs on Mexican goods next week may end hopes for a trade deal with China, according to BNP Paribas

If the House has the courage to impeach Trump and Mitch McConnell tries to fix the impeachment trial in the Senate, that’s it for him in Kentucky. That will be one trick too many.

American taxpayers paid over $90 billion more under Trump tax law

BREAKING: A Swiss Federal Police officer who specialized in Russian money laundering (and was the officer on the Swiss Magnitsky case) has been found guilty by a Swiss court of accepting favors from Russia including a hunting trip in Siberia

Russia has grown more engaged globally as it seeks to take advantage of power vacuums created by Washington’s withdrawal from key geopolitical areas. The latest spot, Afghanistan.

This seems relevant today, given Kremlin assault on D-Day commemorations.

This toxically stupid oaf shamelessly stands for everything that those who fell on those beaches died for

Venezuela to open PDVSA office in Moscow this month: Ifax

Breaking News: The Trump administration cut funds for medical research that uses tissue from aborted fetuses, fulfilling a top goal of anti-abortion groups

"There was no division, frankly -- everyone understood the role they had ... It was the time in America that we were one." -@tombrokaw pays tribute to Americans who took part in #DDay75

"[W]e need to inform each Ukrainian about what NATO is like... we will definitely bring this issue to a referendum, and Ukraine will definitely be in NATO." - Zelenskiy

My Latest - Read This: "Trumpists Are Fighting Against Everything the Troops of D-Day Fought For"

#CadetBoneSpurs: no one cares whether you were a “fan” of the Vietnam War. No one believes you were medically unfit to serve. You used your wealth & privilege to avoid serving your country five times, forcing another American to serve in your place each time

Never forget how high a price was paid for our freedom. Watch our D-Day special tonight on @cnni and @PBS.

Opinion: Trump’s America feels a little more East German every day

Report gives details of private Trump document

Former Giuliani deputy: Trump committed a crime and ⁦@RudyGiuliani⁩ knows it

WATCH: Old man screaming lies he knows are lies because he is paid to lie - and somehow - we pay him to do so.

How some Trump staffers really feel about the President?

The White House rented out four limousines from an Irish funeral home for Trump’s two-day visit to the country for nearly $1 million

Trump reiterated that the U.S. could impose tariffs on another $300 billion of Chinese goods unless there’s a trade deal

Lawrence's Last Word: another day, another impeachable offense

GOP Pres. Candidate Bill Weld endorses impeachment inquiry

Ghost forests are sprouting up along the Atlantic Coast

President Trump said he still believes North Korea "would like to make a deal" and left the door open for a third summit with Kim Jong Un despite a new warning from Pyongyang urging the US to change the course of its negotiations "before it is too late"

A new poll spells danger for Trump’s reelection chances in one of the unlikeliest of places: Texas

Rpt: Nadler pushed Pelosi to start impeachment inquiry

Here are seven reasons Trump should be impeached.

#DDay: Seventy-five years ago today, an armada of 150,000 Allied soldiers landed on five beaches in #Normandy, France with a mission: to free Europe from Nazi control

A lone piper played on the beach of Normandy on Thursday morning to mark the minute the #DDay invasion began on what is the fated date's 75th anniversary.

More evidence why people should STOP USING ROUNDUP

For the GOP, D-Day is for celebratin’ a draft-dodger instead of memoralizin’ the actual brave men and women that died to stop the same flavor of fascism they crave today.

Pres. Trump's signature seen on D-Day proclamation, signed by 16 world leaders to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the D-Day invasion.

House Intel plans hearings into Trump counterintel findings

Counterintel view of Nader a mystery as child porn charges filed

Elizabeth Warren brings personal intensity to town hall issues

Video shows settlers throwing stones at Palestinian home in West Bank

Tariffs on Mexico, set to go in effect on Monday, would cost Texas alone more than 117,000 jobs, according to a new analysis

Aside from holding Trump accountable for his crimes, an impeachment trial would also put Republican senators on the record as protecting Trump. That will hurt those running for re-election & increase the odds that Democrats will retake the Senate in 2020

New from @motherjones: architect of GOP gerrymandering was paid $2 million by RNC to draw districts boosting Republicans while pushing for census citizenship question that he said would be “advantageous to Republicans and Non-Hispanic Whites"

Umm this seems like a lot of ladybugs?

For any prominent American in any position to have gone over to Ireland and have done that, it would just be a terrible thing for any American of prominence to have done. But for a president to have done it?

On the 75th anniversary of D-Day, President Trump reflects on sacrifice, the value of allies, and the imperative to stand up to dictators rather than appeasing them with uncritical praise. Just kidding, he’s complaining about critical news coverage and bashing a cable news host

Hey Bill Barr of @TheJusticeDept: How come you let @GOP Member Doug Collins see the unredacted Mueller Report but you won't let me see it? Also, why is @DOJgov suing to eliminate health care coverage for Americans with pre-existing conditions?

The WH knew and didn’t tell Congress: US intel shows Saudi Arabia has advanced its ballistic missile program

One of the scariest of many scary situations we face now: House Intel can't even find out what happened to the counterintelligence investigation. What the hell????

Trump plan to hijack 4th of July event not encouraged by history

We are celebrating the men who stormed the beaches to preserve liberty, many of whom died on those shores. We are not celebrating a president. This has been the case for 75 years and 14 presidents. Get a grip

How did the Elaine Chao story not get more traction?

Trump, leaving Ireland for France, told reporters he could do more tariffs on China goods. Said we’re getting 25% on $250 billion “and I can go up another at least $300 billion and I'll do that at the right time. But I think China wants to make a deal badly,“ and Mexico, too.

Lies? The news media is starting to describe Trump’s "falsehoods" that way.

Why does GOP Senator Susan Collins — who claims to be pro-choice — keep voting for Donald Trump’s anti-abortion judges?

The Administration’s decision to cancel educational and recreational programs and legal aid for unaccompanied minors is cruel, inhumane, and unAmerican. These ideological attacks against children are disgraceful.

The evidence is clear: Russia planned a deliberate attack on our democracy. Russian internet trolls were even making money off it! We must act now to secure our elections, protect our national security and hold Russia accountable.

.@ewarren has read the Mueller report. Have you???

Schiff: "But on those fundamental questions you've been asking and we have been asking: What happened to the counterintelligence investigation? What were the findings from that investigation? We still can't get an answer."

“I don’t want to see him impeached, I want to see him in prison,” Nancy Pelosi said of Trump

How is it possible 3 people died in @DHSgov custody in just 3 days? That’s on top of the 6 children who have died since December. No child had died for 10 years before. That is unacceptable. It cannot continue. And it must be investigated immediately

House Ways and Means Chair @RepRichardNeal refuses to get Trump’s New York tax returns, which are available, because he’s worried about how that would look. I don’t see a principled reason *not* to obtain the returns, which are relevant to their goals.

Gov. Inslee is exactly right. Climate change is the biggest challenge we face. Every candidate running for president should have a serious set of policies to address it, and should be eager to defend those proposals in a debate.