Sunday, April 28, 2019

Sally Yates: "I've personally prosecuted obstruction cases on far, far less evidence than this." "If he were not the president of the united states, he would likely be indicted on obstruction."

Wow -- John Bolton confirms US govt signed doc pledging to pay North Korea millions for Otto Warmbier's medical expenses, but says they never paid. "So we signed a document fully intending not to honor it?" Chris Wallace asks. "I don't know the circumstances," Bolton replies.

Judiciary member Cedric Richmond said Dems should consider starting impeachment proceedings against Trump. He also called for Trump to testify under oath: "We will have to hear from t

Nadler just now on Barr. “The witness is not going to tell the committee how to conduct its hearing, period.” Asked what he will do if Barr doesn’t relent, Nadler warns: “Then we will have to subpoena him, and we will have to use whatever means we can to enforce the subpoena.”

"I am completely and utterly perplexed by those who argue that perjury and obstruction of justice are not high crimes and misdemeanors." - Senator Mitch McConnell

State Dept. Was Granted $120 Million to Fight Russian Meddling. It Has Spent $0

So far, Corey Lewandowski has escaped Trump’s wrath, unlike others in the president’s orbit who supplied Mueller with damaging information

"It’s clear, then, that from the White House and its allies on the Supreme Court down to individual state lawmakers, conservative Republicans have decided that their agenda cannot survive fair competition on equal ground."

Today's killer said one of the reasons he hated Jews was "for their role in cultural Marxism". Every shameless hack who has used that term in earnest should retire in shame

Barr, we’re told, is objecting to Nadler plan to allow for a round (after members question) of 30 minutes for each side, allowing committee counsels to question. And he is opposed to move to closed session to discuss the unredacted report.

"Congress has the power—by statute & through the Constitution—to demand Trump's tax returns. Courts should promptly reject Trump's suit and Trump should produce his returns. Trump may disagree ... but it's the law, and presidents must comply with the law."

NEW: Barr has warned Dems on House Judiciary he won’t show up to this week's highly anticipated hearing if they stick to the format Nadler has proposed for the questioning, according to a committee source.

With nearly half of young Russians having never heard of the mass political repressions carried out by Soviet dictator Josef Stalin, a Moscow museum has produced a graphic novel aimed at sharing stories from some of Russia's darkest times.

YESTERDAY: President Donald Trump spends the morning golfing with Japan's President Shinzo Abe at the Trump National Golf Course in Sterling, Virginia

Wow! Fox News invites Jewish guest who attends Pittsburgh Tree of Life Synagogue & asks him why there’s a spike in anti-Semitism? He responds by condemning Trump’s anti-Semitism. Fox immediately cuts to commercial

That's a Shia boy from Saudi Arabia, Abdulkareem al-Hawaj, about to be beheaded. His crime: sending a WhatsApp message. He was 16 when he was arrested, tortured and electrocuted, and 21 when executed. Saudi Arabia has a seat on the UN Human Rights Council.

Trump's indecipherable comments about prescription drugs are completely beyond parody.

“While @Facebook, @Google, @Twitter, and others have resisted calls for accountability, there is no longer any doubt about how these platforms—and the media environment now growing up around them—are used to amplify hate.” In other words, they don’t care.

Deadly synagogue shooting suspect in California linked to mosque arson

FBI Director Chris Wray: "I do think that Russia poses a very significant counter-intelligence threat."

The FBI meets with Scott and DiSantis. Now Rubio cops to this? Something’s going on.

Average presidential approval ratings through this point in term via ABC/Post and Gallup polling

The British government is about to introduce a law that will force members of the House of Lords to disclose any pay they receive from Russia or China after the Lord Barker/Deripaska sanctions scandal. I’m surprised that it’s not being outlawed entirely.

Opinion: We shall overcome Trump. We have survived worse.

SCOOP: The NRA also suspended Steve Hart, longtime counsel to its board. He's another NRA insider who's now pushed out - another indicator of major major turmoil

Um kleptocracy ain’t the opposite of socialism.

Erik Prince is back in Iraq, with the Dubai subsidiary of his FSG company. Working out of Basra, for China. Buzzfeed scoop

The constitutional stupidity of DOJ’s “sitting presidents can’t be indicted” policy is growing more obvious by the day. @RepAdamSchiff is right to worry that the statute of limitations on some of 45’s crimes (not all!) might run before he leaves office

Russian Hackers Were ‘In a Position’ to Alter Florida Voter Rolls, Rubio Confirms .... and they decided not to?

In Trump’s world, FBI agents are traitors and Robert E. Lee isn’t

In 2016, Liberty County Florida had: 3,397 Registered Democrats 734 Registered Republicans 348 Registered Non Party Affiliated DerDon got 2,543 votes. That’s ALL the Rs, ALL the NPAs and ..... 1,461 Democrats!!! Does that seem plausible to you?

Who do you believe, Don McGahn, who risked his career and testified under oath, or Individual-1?

Putin calls U.S. treatment of admitted agent Butina an outrage. Mighty rich coming from a man who posthumously prosecuted Sergei Magnitsky after torturing him and murdering him in prison for trying to expose a Putin corruption scheme.

Since Trump's inauguration, he has made 170 presidential trips to golf courses and spent as much as $99 million in taxpayer money to play golf, one website estimates.

Trump gleefully admits it was his "sick idea" to use immigrants as pawns in his games of political retribution. Disgusting

So this bullshit just went down today at Politics & Prose. White nationalists disrupting @JonathanMetzl talk on his book Dying of Whiteness

'An absolute betrayal’: Gold Star families see death benefit taxed higher under Trump

Actually, the Poway shooting underscores the unlikelihood of average civilians stopping shooters - a highly trained and armed Border Patrol Agent missed the shooter and instead hit his vehicle. This was AFTER the gunman fatally shot one victim, and injured several others.

John Kelly said trump’s an “idiot”-he is; Econ Advisor Gary Cohn said he’s “dumb as shit”-he is; Gen. McMaster said he’s a “dope”-he is; Gen. Mattis said he has the understanding of “a fifth- or sixth-grader”-too high; Rex Tillerson said he’s a “moron”-

At least four victims of the synagogue shooting in San Diego were taken to a medical center. According to the synagogue’s website, they were attending a Passover celebration.

“Your final good deed was jumping in front of Rabbi Mendel Goldstein to take the bullet and save his life.” RIP Lori Gilbert Kaye

One Dem lawmaker: “I think the combination of the chilling depictions in the Mueller Report and Trump’s opacity is moving some members into the impeachment camp,” said one Democratic lawmaker. “Translation: it’s always the cover-up that gets ‘em.”

moaning like a loser about the top legal analyst at (state TV-ish) fox news? That means you're losing, pathetically! It's a disgrace to our entire nation what you did, what you're doing and what you will likely do next to shock even CONSERVATIVE JUDGES like Andrew. Losing!

For months, North Carolina’s political framework has been plagued by scandal—voter fraud, legal battles over gerrymandered maps and voter ID laws, and corruption implicating top GOP officials. But none of that has come out of the blue.

Obama, at the World Travel & Tourism Council summit this month, listed "nationalism, nativism, xenophobia" and "anti-immigrant [sentiments]" as "dangerous" potential causes for "greater and greater conflict and greater and greater clashes between peoples."

The weirdest thing at this point isn't that the president speaks gibberish, but that he gets applause when nothing he says makes sense.

Rep. Gerry Connolly: "We know from the Mueller report that [President Trump] repeatedly tried to obstruct the criminal investigation undertaken by Mueller."

Erik Prince is back in Iraq, with the Dubai subsidiary of his FSG company. Working out of Basra, for China. Buzzfeed scoop

We need a highly publicized joint press conference by the @acog, @AmerMedicalAssn + any other medical associations (and with any decency, ethics or courage, the @Surgeon_General should be there) denouncing Trump for viciously maligning doctors and promoting false information?

Trump has a new legal plan to attack everything the Democrats try to do. So "get ready for a knockout, drag-out fight over everything."

REMINDER: 8Chan, where the anti-Semitic shooter from today AND the New Zealand shooter posted manifestos and their fans cheer the killings, is protected by @Cloudflare and their CEO @eastdakota, who doesn’t have any regrets about it at all.

As critics project blame onto the Obama administration for Russia's election interference, @Susan_Hennessey reminds of us of one person who reportedly stood in the way of sounding the alarm for the public: Mitch McConnell.

Ukrainians will reject Putin’s passport offer: President-elect

A Russian who infiltrated the National Rifle Association and tried to get Donald Trump to meet with a Kremlin-linked official during the 2016 election was sentenced Friday to 18 months in prison

#NATO’s approach to #Russia 🇷🇺 is based on defence & dialogue. We keep setting the record straight on Russian myths

“I think that I just feel like a young man,” Trump told reporters on the White House lawn. “I'm so young. I can't believe it, I'm the youngest person.”

Unadorned evil at the very highest level of the public space because so many warning signs were excused or ignored by so many. It will take a superhuman effort to excuse or ignore this, but they will. Expect tepid criticism of the episode while they continue to lionise the man.

NEW: Poway police chief confirms synagogue shooting suspect is a "white male adult" that open fired with "an AR-type assault weapon"

As Collins called for civility, she took money from misogynist millionaire memelord

19-year-old male with rifle taken into custody for fatal shooting at California synagogue

Christopher Hasson’s lawyer argued that his white supremacist rhetoric was no more than a reflection of the “national vocabulary.” “Donald Trump uses similar epithets in his everyday language & tweets,” she said. Hasson will be released from detention.

Another despicable and violent act of anti-Semitism — this time at a synagogue in Poway, California at the end of Passover. We must act to end the scourge of gun violence and come together against the disturbing rise of violent hatred across the U.S.

On Friday, Letitia James's office sent letters instructing the NRA and affiliated entities, including its charitable foundation, to preserve relevant financial records. Some of the NRA's related businesses also received subpoenas, NYT reports.

“I don’t mind a president angling for the Nobel Prize for Peace but we don’t want one angling for the Nobel Prize for fiction” - Ron Chernow.

The shooting at Chabad of Poway is devastating, and such anti-Semitism at the end of Passover is sickening. We must end gun violence in America.

Russia can hack our elections -- did and will again -- but Russia can't hack impeachment and live, televised, unfiltered hearings where people who don't read the Mueller report will learn what it says and how Barr lied.

Wow, Dummy Donald coming to the defense of Bernie Sanders... hmmmm I wonder why... two Russian shills commiserating in their pathetic existences. Surprised you haven’t come to Jeremy Corbyn’s defense as well. Sad. You’re going to prison, traitor.

Labor Party leader Jeremy Corbyn joins a growing list of UK politicians who are refusing to attend the state banquet with Donald Trump, which is being hosted by the Queen.

I’m going to go out on a limb here and postulate that our president isn’t very smart and doesn’t really understand how prescription drug pricing works.

Trump falsely claims Democrats support murdering babies.

"The baby is born, the mother meets w/the doctor. They take care of the baby. They wrap the baby beautifully. Then the doctor and mother determine whether or not they will execute the baby." How is this man's mental state not a National Emergency right now?

New York Attorney General Letitia James "has issued subpoenas" as part of her investigation into the NRA.

A statement by the President:

My heart breaks for the victims of the synagogue shooting in Poway. Another evil shooting at a place of worship. We must not enable hate, ever. Anti-Semitism is real and must be condemned. We should also increase funding for federal grants that help protect places of worship.

Chairman @RepCummings sent a letter to former White House Personnel Security Director Carl Kline scheduling a transcribed interview for this Wednesday as part of the Committee’s investigation into White House security clearances

Rep. Jamie Raskin on Rosenstein: "You've got to rewind the clock to before the Trump admin and remember when everybody would recognize that is a major breach of every legal and constitutional norm we have that the president is getting involved in a criminal investigation."

Dershowitz is a hack & you have nothing to offer anyone except failure & misery. You’re even to stupid to realize your whole world is falling apart.Your stupid criminal antics,dog whistles, & tiny handed flailings have amounted to nothing, Donald. You’re going to prison, traitor.

Seems like an appropriate day, for many reasons, to remind everyone that the NRA uses Cambridge Analytica’s algorithms.

Can't overstate how crazy things are inside the NRA right now -- it's very unusual to see an organization this powerful become this chaotic (and publicly)

Trump's "reckless" response to the investigation into his campaign as detailed by Mueller shows that he is unable to rationally process risk, making him a danger to the entire nation, according to a new analysis by a group of psychiatrists.

Calling all political junkies! The #MuellerReport is now on Audible–all 19 hours and 3 minutes of it. Listen for FREE