Friday, February 22, 2019

Trump on his Labor Secretary Alex Acosta's role in the Epstein sex crimes case: "I really don’t know too much about it … That seems like a long time ago,

"Grand jury is examining whether former interior secretary Ryan Zinke lied to federal investigators"

BREAKING: Despite massive opposition, the Trump-Pence administration just released its unethical gag rule, making it illegal for Title X health care providers to refer patients for abortion.

Speaker Pelosi discussed women in politics at Texas A&M: "There had been a pecking order for over 200 years of these gentlemen rising into all these positions of power & they were saying, well it's just not your time, & we're saying no it's been over 200 years, it's about time."

New: New York state prosecutors have put together a criminal case against Paul Manafort that they could file quickly if Trump pardons him, Bloomberg reports. New York County DA Cy Vance is ready to file an array of tax and other charges against Manafort.

Wow.@facebook sweeps up sensitive data — including heart rate and when a woman is having her period — from top phone apps. And users have no way to opt out.

Hard to give much of a damn about Kraft soliciting paid sex. When over 80 girls -some young as 14- were sexually assaulted by monster Jeff Epstein. @SecretaryAcosta, US Atty at the time, gave him a sweetheart plea deal. Judge found he broke law by not even telling victims. Gross!

You had me at "billionaire horndog"

Wonderful lunch with Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter today at their home in Plains. Tomato soup and pimento cheese sandwiches! Got some good advice and helpful to hear about their grassroots presidential campaign (when no one thought they could win but they did)!

NEWS: As a pro-life activist in his 20s, Matt Bowman amassed police encounters & arrests while protesting abortion and harassing clinic workers & patients. Now he’s a lawyer at Trump’s health dept., working to make pro-life legal arguments into policy.

”eight individuals, including a Russian, Serbian and Haitian national, were arrested in a police checkpoint” w/ gun stash on “mission for US govt”

News: Senior Justice Department Official tells NBC News that the Mueller report will not be delivered by next week.

Colorado woman's $8,000 tax bill leaves her in tears: "I plugged it all in & at first I thought oh my goodness we're getting $8,000 back & then I realized it was the wrong color…so I went back in & checked everything & then I started to cry."

Sources told ESPN that Robert Kraft is "not the biggest name involved" in this investigation.

PIMPOTUS – Trump Models and Russia’s Human Traffickers

More on the case that led to arrest of Kraft for soliciting prostitution: 6-mo investigation revealed human traffickers were luring vulnerable girls to massage parlors in FL, where they were coerced into working as prostitutes. 10 spas shut down

Statement by Sen. Tim Kaine on Epstein case: "It's appalling that Acosta and his team let Epstein get away with pleading guilty to prostitution charges – adding insult to injury by falsely implying the children he sexually assaulted were prostitutes.''

BREAKING: Mueller's sentencing memo on Manafort is due midnight tonight. It is expected to include lots of details about Manafort’s crimes that have not been revealed yet. I’ve been told by a former federal prosecutor this morning that it could be “devastating” to Trump’s circle.

What does Jeffrey Epstein have to do w/ Semion Mogilevich - the RU/Ukranian mafia boss whose men lived in Trump Tower, gambled at Taj Mahal, & used @realDonaldTrump as his global money-launderer? Well, for starts, Epstein's madame, Ghislaine Maxwell, was in Semion's crime family.

House conservative cosponsors bill to block Trump's emergency declaration

This is straight up human sex trafficking and sex slavery.

Cody Ronald Ward, Police Arrest Infamous Australian Hacker Wanted by the FBI

#BREAKING: New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft charged with two counts of soliciting another to commit prostitution. Charged along with many others in sex sting operation.-- Jupiter, Florida Police Department

Rep. Duncan Hunter has been indicted for embezzling campaign funds for personal use. Wealthy donors have been funding his legal defense, according to documents @CREWcrew found, and the majority of the money has come from government contractors.

‘You are my slave’: Former Fox News psychiatrist accused of sexually exploiting patients in shocking lawsuit

New York Has Prepared Paul Manafort Charges If Trump Pardons Him

White House "looking into" Alex Acosta role in Jeffrey Epstein case

Adam Schiff: An open letter to my Republican colleagues

Adam Schiff: An open letter to my Republican colleagues

NEW: Can the President Be Indicted? A Long-Hidden Legal Memo From Ken Starr Says Yes

McCabe: Sessions Didn’t Want To Rescue American Hostages Held Overseas

Arkansas legislator proposes cutting lunch funding from #schools that struggle to improve #reading skills

For the second time in six months, Microsoft has identified a Russian government-affiliated operation targeting prominent think tanks that have been critical of #Russia.

Lt. Christopher Hasson—who’s accused of stockpiling weapons, writing white-supremacist screeds, and assembling a hit list of Democratic senators and journalists to murder—plotted his attacks while high on opiates at his work desk, prosecutors said

Trump Silent on Plot to Kill Critics

New Jersey Senate passes bill that would keep Trump off 2020 ballot unless he releases tax returns

Trump Won't Rule Out Using Stolen Data in 2020 Campaign: Democratic candidates have committed not to use hacked materials against one another. The Trump campaign declined to make such a pledge

House Democrats to introduce bill that would block national emergency Friday

Alan Dershowitz and Kenneth Starr were both on Epstein's payroll. There is a victim that says that she was provided to Dershowitz for sex and Dershowitz himself has admitted to receiving massages at Epstein's house.

Almost 40% of likely Republican primary voters in New Hampshire already think Trump should be challenged in the 2020 primary.

IRS analyst charged in leak of Michael Cohen's bank records

Clarence Thomas wants to crush the free press just like Southern segregationists of the 1960s

The evidence keeps building that the president is guilty of obstructing justice.

“...Epstein, bolstered by unlimited funds & represented by a powerhouse legal team, was able to manipulate the criminal justice system...his accusers believe they were betrayed by the very prosecutors who pledged to protect them.”

BLOCKBUSTER: Sackler embraced plan to conceal OxyContin’s strength from doctors, sealed testimony shows

Breaking: Federal prosecutors, including Trump Labor Secretary Alex Acosta, violated law with secret plea deal for accused teen sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein, judge rules.

"I have nothing to apologize for," the Iowa Republican said, a month after he questioned the offensiveness of the terms "white nationalism" and "white supremacy."

DOJ policy on indicting a president has weak basis in 1973 memo

Trump camp maybe too insistent presidents can't be indicted

A lobbying firm run by former advisors to President Donald Trump is representing American Ethane Company, an energy producer funded by Russian billionaires that is involved with a Chinese aluminum company.

The worst people: @FoxNews "psychiatrist" who diagnosed Obama as a "sociopath," and spread the lie that mass shooters are autistic, sued for beating and sexually abusing multiple female patients.