Sunday, April 19, 2020

#60Minutes has story about military picking up all the COVID dead bodies from hospitals, care facilities, etc. Did Trump start late to compete for viewers?

Trump will lose in a landslide because Americans will literally be voting for their lives.

This is wild. It’s a protest against Netanyahu in Tel Aviv. Where the organizers spent hours placing countless Xs so people could maintain distance.

Amazing pictures of tonight's anti-Netanyahu 'Crime Minister' protest in Tel Aviv

Trump is reading aloud a Wall Street Journal column complimenting him.

.@DrBiden and I are keeping the loved ones of the more than 40,000 people in the U.S. we've lost due to COVID-19 in our prayers. This is a solemn day for our nation, and there will be more hard days ahead. But if we pull together, we will get through this. I promise.

65% of Americans say Trump was too slow to respond to the covid19 outbreak 85% of Americans under 50 Start packing your bags Donald, @JoeBiden is going to be moving in to clean up the enormous mess you've made#VoteBlue to remove the #TrumpVirus

Economic insecurity, Amiright?

How dare the Michigan governor want to save her constituents lives.

The US may have to endure social distancing measures -- such as stay-at-home orders and school closures -- until 2022, researchers projected. That is, unless, a vaccine becomes quickly available

Imaging being Donald J Trump and calling someone else dumb

LATEST: As of 10:30 a.m. ET, April 19, there are 728,310 confirmed coronavirus cases in the US, and 38,424 deaths.

Asked about Trump’s criticism of mail-in voting, Washington Gov. Inslee says his state’s mail-in voting efforts have "been a spectacular success. There’s zero reason not to have a mail-in ballot.” Inslee adds that mail-in voting "increased participation."

Gov. Ralph Northam on President Trump's call to "liberate" Virginia: "This is not the time for protests, this is not the time for divisiveness. This is time for leadership that will stand up and provide empathy ... it's the time for truth"

“It shows a complete lack of judgment and empathy for all of those who have succumbed to this disease, their families and especially those on the front line working their tails off to keep us safe and healthy.”

Goodbye Florida tourism when other countries open up. No one is going to want to go there. Remember people of #Florida in November.

15 pages of obituaries in The Boston Globe today.

“It’s like Jaws—you don’t see Jaws very much, but you hear the music, and for Trump he knows Michael is coming and Trump better hear the Jaws music,” Tom Arnold says of the book Michael Cohen is supposedly writing.

Stimulus intended to help coronavirus-ravaged small businesses instead rewarding hedge funds, brokerages

The "Rock of Ages" actor has been battling the coronavirus for over two weeks.

Dead bodies pile up outside NYC funeral home: ‘We’ve got no more room inside’

Sweden's Princess Sofia has announced she's reducing her Royal duties so she can volunteer at local hospital. She has already completed intensive training to prepare for it. In her new role, she'll be disinfecting, cleaning, & working in the kitchen.

Trump can’t defend his disastrous response to the global pandemic — We must not let him!

.@GStephanopoulos: What’s your best sense of when the U.S. can get back to some semblance of normalcy? Speaker Nancy Pelosi: “Everybody has to made their determination in their own community but it has to be based on again, the evidence and the data.”

“He’s saying if we proceed … that’s why we’re saying let’s proceed in that way with testing,” Speaker Nancy Pelosi tells @GStephanopoulos when asked if she disagrees with Dr. Anthony Fauci that U.S. has enough COVID-19 tests for phase one of reopening.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi says Trump’s support for stay-at-home order protests is a “distraction from the fact that he has not appropriately done testing …” “The key that opens the door to the economy is testing, testing testing. We haven’t done it right.”

“It’s easier if we can have proxy voting," Speaker Nancy Pelosi tells @GStephanopoulos when asked about new actions Congress will take to provide Americans relief amid COVID-19. Pelosi adds she prefers House approves proxy voting in "a bipartisan way.”

NEW: Speaker Nancy Pelosi responds as President Trump ramps up attacks against her: “Frankly, I don’t pay that much attention to the president’s tweets against me. As I’ve said, he’s a poor leader. He’s always trying to avoid responsibility.”

Putin and Trump “...spoke on the phone at least 4 times over a 2-week period, beginning March 30 and ending on Sunday, a record pace for publicly known phone calls between the leaders...”


It could go either way.. We could emerge from this with no gutter press, no Putin, no Trump, an economy reinvigorated with sustainable energies, greater equality, min income.. Or we could rush headlong back into an unsustainable, grossly unfair world lead by autocrats.

“The U.S. government pays hospitals all the time.” “Why would they need to pay a third party -- a for-profit insurer?”

Fox's Jeanine Pirro praises organizer against Michigan's stay-at-home orders: "A lot of people are very proud of you ... Peaceful protests, civil liberties, it's what we're all about. Keep going."

The seizures from hospitals after they’ve gone to extreme lengths to purchase PPE, but before the shipments arrive, is not a 1 off.

Rural areas think they’re the coronavirus exception. They’re not.

The number of deaths in U.K. care homes caused by the coronavirus is much higher than official figures reported so far, according to the National Care Forum

The U.S. isn't testing enough to allow states to reopen, experts say

Experts see “an unhappy population trapped indoors for months...the most vulnerable far longer.They worry a vaccine would initially elude scientists,that weary citizens would abandon restrictions despite risks, that the virus would be with us from now on.”

Trump Has Sabotaged America’s Coronavirus Response

Imagine if you were on an airplane flying thru a severe thunderstorm and instead of flying, the pilot came out of the cockpit and drunkenly started yelling at the passengers. That’s where we’re at America.

More than 4500 DIED YESTERDAY from Coronavirus. No vaccine. No treatment. No surveillance testing. No strategic plan. We will never break out of this pit and get back to work. Trump has failed at national leadership.

CNN's Oliver Darcy: Where Are FOX News Executives To Stop Virus "Misinformation" On The Network?

The spread of coronavirus in Grand Island, Nebraska—one of eight states without a stay-at-home order—is getting worse by the day

“Trump praised the Chinese 15 times in January and February as the coronavirus spread across the world...[he] left our country unprepared and unprotected for the worst public health and economic crisis of our lifetime.”

This is not silence in the face of criminal irresponsibility. It is complicity. It is providing cover for the politically motivated sacrifice of citizens to a cult of ignorance and greed.

The most economically, scientifically, and technologically advanced country on the planet is ranked 38th in tests per person. Donald Trump had to work hard to screw up such a massive advantage. His trust in China lost months, as did his belief COVID-19 would magically go away.

Mueller found that some 2016 political rallies in US were organized by Russians on social media. These active measures seek to divide and defeat us. Ask yourself who benefits from American deaths when protestors gather during COVID19.

Michelle Obama: "The coming days will not be easy. But this global family of ours is strong. We will continue to be here for one another and we will get through this crisis together."

“There is no scenario, epidemiologists agreed, in which it is safe for that many people to suddenly come out of hiding. If Americans pour back out in force, all will appear quiet for perhaps three weeks. Then the emergency rooms will get busy again.”

This is a hell of an ad from Biden. Absolutely brutal for Trump.

More than 4500 DIED YESTERDAY from Coronavirus. No vaccine. No treatment. No surveillance testing. No strategic plan. We will never break out of this pit and get back to work. Trump has failed at national leadership.

Hundreds of idiots crowd newly reopened Florida beaches amid the coronavirus pandemic

SCOOP by @Washingtonpost's @Milbank: 15 Trump administration officials were embedded with the WHO in Geneva, working full time, hand-in-glove with the organization on the virus from the very first day China disclosed the outbreak to the world, Dec. 31


Broadway star & father of infant son—Nick Cordero—had his leg amputated due to coronavirus complications. #COVIDγƒΌ19 caused clotting issues in his RT leg—blood thinners had to be stopped R/T bleeding in his intestines. He remains on a ventilator in the ICU

Perspective: Stop saying "we’re all in this together." You have money. It’s not the same.

Why does the US, with 4% of the world's population, have 25% of the deaths from Coronavirus. It's almost like someone fucked up.

New Zealand's Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said she and her cabinet will take a 20% pay cut for the next six months because of the coronavirus pandemic.

This whole thing is really revealing just how much right wing media has rotted a whole part of this country's culture

Just got a CNN alert. Why, why, why can they not call him out and say that everything he says are LIES? They are still sugar coating it 3.5 years later with words like false claims, mistruths and inaccurate statements. Pisses me off. You?

Trump is insane: And it's time for leading Democrats to say that out loud. Rational Americans already understand that our president is mentally ill. Will Democrats ever speak truth to power?


“Two semi-trailer trucks, cleverly marked as food-service vehicles, met us at the warehouse. When fully loaded, the trucks would take two distinct routes back to Massachusetts to minimize the chances that their contents would be detained or redirected.”

They're already preparing the Trumptroopers for a loss and a subsequent protest....

Here’s quarantine cooking advice from the original experts on thrifty meals: Home ec teachers

Everyone ordering take-out. Please buy local / small and order directly from the restaurant Don’t use UberEats or other apps They kill the margin for the restaurant Please y’all. They need us now

This Michigan medical worker just LOST IT when pro-Trump protesters blocked EVERY entrance to his hospital to protest against the state's shutdown orders.(from impeach trump)

As Trump Bashes China, His Administration Pays Millions to a Consulting Firm Used by the Chinese Government

Unless Russia does it

I am the Democratic woman running against Jim Jordan. Help me beat him. Retweet, chip in, and join our fight.

Trump claims Democratic governors are not using all the tests he created to make him look bad

There's really no one in America who is doing more to undermine our fight against COVID-19 than the President of the United States. It's mind blowing.

Russia’s Sputnik News publishes an article with the headline “Putin says Coronavirus situation is fully under control.” If I was in Russia, I would be terrified after reading this.

Living in the UK through this, I’m grateful there is no Fox News here. There’s plenty of polarization, but Britons are not gathering in crowds to protest lockdowns that save lives; there’s no media outlet calling thousands of deaths a “hoax”; no leader encouraging insurrection.

The US shipped millions of masks to China earlier this year, despite warnings from experts that a pandemic was about to hit

"Dear Cabinet Officials: Today’s #coronavirus briefing went from bad to worse. Deeply troubling. Some people are saying it may be time to invoke the #25thAmendment. Thoughts?" - Rep. Hakeem Jeffries

The Trump administration has shunted the blame for the lack of masks to China, saying the country bought up masks and PPE from across the world, causing shortages, and tried to cover up the extent of the outbreak, thereby delaying the US response.

THE LOST MONTH: The White House says President Trump took "strong action" in February to stop the coronavirus pandemic. But their narrative is cherry-picked and ignores key failures from that pivotal time. Here’s the full picture

I'm counting on all of you to help make sure everyone in this country knows how to register and vote safely in the 2020 elections. Join me and @WhenWeAllVote this Monday night—RSVP now for the voter registration

If you joined the ticket as VP, donald would immediately quit & run away, doing no more damage to our republic & the free world (other than tweets, which @jack would finally stop). This may seem an over-reach, but consider for 5 sec, & you’ll conclude I’m right. Just a thought

“There haven't been enough tests from the beginning, and Trump has lied about it repeatedly. Does he really think Americans are that stupid?”

Simple tips to heal your hands after constant washing

It goes without saying that the day this inept, illiterate, incompetent fuck is removed from power will forever be an international holiday.

Asked about Stephen Moore's quote about how anti-distancing protesters are "modern-day Rosa Parks," protesting injustice, Trump says, "There is a lot of injustice."

Our first responders are going through hell trying to save people and these MFs treating this global pandemic like the hoax

U.S. sent millions of face masks to China early this year, ignoring pandemic warning signs - The Washington Post

"A house divided against itself cannot stand." —Abraham Lincoln

Everyone thinks Trump has bungled this crisis because he’s inept. I beg to differ. This is the perfect situation for a wannabe dictator to take full control. Distract & dwindle the population, all the while pilfering the nation’a wealth. He’s helping to cripple us.

if we are not careful, the post-pandemic world may be even more unequal, and a lot angrier

They’re doing it again. Fox News is going to get people killed. But hey, at least the billionaires get their profits

“The US has the highest number of COVID-19 cases and deaths of any country in the world”

if the economy is crashing because people can't work, i don't understand why the entrepreneurs don't just create more wealth. i've been told for years that they are the wealth creators. what is the matter? do they need the workers or something?

China's disappeared: What happened to those who dared to speak up about coronavirus?

Being pro-virus is really a take

"The emotion in this country is as high as I can recall ... How does this situation get worse and get worse quickly? If you politicize this emotion."

The most disturbing story I’ve read in a while, which is saying something given the times. There is no plan for testing. Nothing, nada, zilch.

TX is partially opening on Monday. Some believe cases in Tx have peaked. We’ve so not peaked. It’s going to be bad and my kids aren’t leaving the house/yard until August

Thousands of Americans are dying. Another 5.2 million patriots lost their jobs last week. Donald Trump says he thinks he's doing a really good job. HE IS A #CoronavirusLIAR.

NEW: Analysis of US exports show that US manufacturers sent massive amounts of masks, ventilators & protective garments to China in February, as #coronavirus started spreading in the US