Saturday, April 6, 2019

Trump’s mental condition seems to be getting worse: He should subject himself to a rigorous assessment now

BREAKING: Netanyahu says will begin annexing West Bank if re-elected prime

Trump is completely losing his marbles on stage. He calls US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman, "David (Garbled) Ogghh"? Trump says he's a "strong ambitious guy like a wonderful beautiful baby".His word association is heavy impaired w/ stunted vocabulary. Just slurred "Lindsey"

SPECIAL REPORT: An @NBCNews review of those who donated to Trump inauguration finds at least 14 major contributors who were later nominees to become ambassadors, donating an average of slightly over $350,000 apiece.

Is it Adderall or dementia? Other explanation?

Barack Obama: "Nationalism, particularly from the far right, has re-emerged. A politics that divides us into us and them — and we know where that leads."

In rural Russia, roughly one fifth of the population has no access to a sewage system.

Good find. Putin and Xi partnered in election interference, known for some time and the NATSEC risk at Mar-a-Lago trending thanks to Chinese spies

Trump claims courts can’t look at the motives behind his immigration and census actions but says a House Committee’s supposed motives for seeking his tax returns pursuant to §6103 of the Tax Code should prevent a court from enforcing the law. Absurd!

UPDATE: Motel 6 will now pay out $12 million for sharing its guest lists with ICE. Business owners, take notice — doing the bidding of the president's mass deportation machine is wrong, and it could cost you

tRUmpers like @DevinNunes have done a sudden 180 on the Mueller report. They went from “it vindicates tRUmp & Co!” to calling it the “Mueller Dossier” and exclaiming ”partisans wrote it!” on Fox News. Yeah, they’re totally not afraid of what the report says... Right. Sure.

Opinion: Trump is floundering disastrously on multiple fronts. Stop pretending he’s in control.

Who is this UN ‘torture expert’? Why would J Ass self-releasing from the embassy require a ‘torture expert’ to express concern? Does this ‘torture expert’ have a doctorate in torturing? Would J Ass getting 3 meals, exercise & socialization daily equate to torture? I need answers!


There is no explanation for this other than that Trump is trying to hide something, and it's likely worse than him not being as rich as he says or not paying his share of taxes.

REPORTER: "What exactly is offensive about Joe Biden's behavior, and are you the right messenger for that?" TRUMP: "Yeah, I think I'm a very good messenger."

Please read my oped at USA Today on Devin Nunes suing me: Free speech means I don't have to be nice to Devin Nunes...

I'm sure the America First administration will go to bat for these American citizens

Report: Rep. David Stringer on child sex trafficking: “I don't like to demonize it” "If an uncle takes his niece or nephew to a playground, & they go on the merry-go-round & have some ice cream, & then do their thing, that’s just part of the experience."

The Education Department failed to approve a single application for federal student loan relief in the second half of last year, even after a federal judge ruled that the Trump administration’s foot-dragging was illegal.

Remember the Hollywood FL nursing home were 12 patients died from the heat during Hurricane Irma in 2017? Owner Jack Michel was business partner of Morris Esformes, dad & biz partner of Philip Esformes convicted today in $1.3 billion healthcare fraud

Putin’s quest to break Russia’s reliance on the dollar has set off a literal gold rush

How Russia Often Benefits When Julian Assange Reveals the West’s Secrets

Timely reminder: Trump appointed as IRS commissioner a tax attorney who wrote an opinion piece arguing that Trump should not release his returns

Aramco Set for Mega Debt Deal Pitched by JPMorgan's Dimon

I know there’s a crumb up there.

Two US citizens among women's rights activists detained in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is nearing completion of its first nuclear reactor

6 months ago this week, the world learned that Jamal #Khashoggi was killed by agents of Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman. Today, the Saudi regime has cracked down on even more activists, including 2 US citizens (!) When will the brutality stop?

President Trump: "I'm under audit. When you're under audit, you don't do it. But I'm under audit. Other people are under audit and nobody would do it when you are going through an audit. I always go through audits. They audit me all the time."

Jason Leopold/Buzzfeed are suing for the #MuellerReport. If successful, Barr has to explain EACH AND EVERY REDACTION. So, we won't end up with unjustified redactions intended to protect Trump, nor simply omissions in a frankensteined report.

José Andrés: Neglecting DC Central Kitchen is one of the District's biggest mistakes - The Washington Post People@of Washington! Read it! Pl

Senator Stephanie Flowers

Someone (@kpolantz) saw that Mueller grand jury today at the court. It’s the first time it has been seen since Roger Stone was indicted

Wait, there are *seven* open investigations into Donald Trump's inauguration??

Doctors are turning to experimental treatments to tackle Australia's "unprecedented" level of crystal meth addiction

As the Russian economy slows, "real incomes have been falling for five years, foreign adventures cause irritation rather than pride and the effect of television propaganda is wearing thin." So "Putin’s regime is increasingly reliant on fear and coercion.”

Activists opposing President Trump's proposed border wall flew a giant inflatable balloon depicting Trump as a diaper-clad baby during his border visit

"Barr… should have known… all of these details will come out… he’s now staked his credibility on his 4 page summary, as opposed to Mueller’s decades of service, which are now… backed up by hard facts."

Rep. Jerrold Nadler: "We need a full accounting of the president's actions."

Murder in Honduras is nothing new. But the newly sadistic ways women are being killed — shot in the vagina, strangled in front of their children, skinned alive — have people running for the border, says

"For many taxpayers, the government already has the information that you 'provide' to it on your tax forms ... In the United States, filing taxes is painful by design." Monica Prasad explains why

Carlson appeals to the white nationalist spector of white replacement: "A vested interest in changing the population" is driving immigration policy


Ivanka now shilling for one of the world’s worst tyrants

Perspective: Why do white evangelicals still staunchly support Donald Trump?

A Russian bank owned by former U.S. congressman Charles Taylor was stripped of its license Friday after allegedly breaking anti-money laundering rules.#Russia

Nancy Pelosi on the House lawsuit over Trump's border wall: "The Congress has a solemn responsibility to defend its exclusive constitutional responsibilities, and protect our system of checks and balances ... We will not let the President trample over the Constitution."

Trump right now "The Flores decision is a disaster. I have to tell you Judge Flores whoever you may be, that decision was a disaster for our country." It's called the Flores settlement agreement because that was the name of the plaintiff in the 1985 case, not a judge.

In related news, Roger Stone is one tweet away from prison, is a shit-tier pathological liar and degenerate fop.

Republican Senator John Kennedy Suggests Someone Could Be ‘Killed’ if Unredacted Mueller Report Is Released

Admin official slams House Dem demands for Trump's tax returns: "This is a hill and people would be willing to die on it... we will see you in court."

Michael Cohen suggests the GOP took illegal donations from China — and he has the evidence

There is a legitimate public value in knowing whether Donald Trump's personal financial interests somehow influence the public decision making that he's engaged in. - Rep. Dan Kildee

According to the pool report, Trump is having dinner tonight at Trump National Golf Club in Rancho Palos Verdes. This is Trump's 178th day at a Trump golf club and 237th day at a Trump property as president.

Mueller grand jury was spotted in court on Friday — two weeks after he concluded investigation: report

For the THIRD time, the courts have ruled against @realDonaldTrump's attempt to undermine the #2020census. The census must be protected. And everyone must be counted.

Shunned by his party’s leadership, bounced from congressional hearings, removed from key parts of the legislative process, serving in the House minority. What the heck does Steve King do all day?

This idiot still can’t figure out how to work an umbrella

Christiane Amanpour warns against using "fake news" as a weapon against journalists

This story scratches the surface of #Republican interests capturing the judiciary.

Pete Hegseth joined @foxandfriends to complain that veterans who use the benefits they've earned are "dependent" on the government and lack "personal integrity".

ICYMI: In New Documents, Cohen Says Trump "Instructed" Him To Lie — In a memo submitted to Congress, the president's former lawyer asked for time to help congressional investigators review new evidence.

The congressional hearing will "foster ideas about what social media companies can do to stem white nationalist propaganda and hate speech online." ...And the woman who rose to prominence with the help of Infowars and the Alt-Right seemed like the right choice here why, exactly?

Amusing news today: Putin scrambles GPS signals around himself, making it easy to detect his weird scramble-bubble. Paranoid much?

Three Black Churches Have Burned in 10 Days in a Single Louisiana Parish


"If the Senate confirms Moore or Cain as Fed governors, does anyone believe they wouldn’t sail through if nominated as Fed chair? The Senate should treat these nominations as if it is confirming a Fed chair, not a governor."

The fire that engulfed a social justice center in Tennessee a week ago led investigators to an "obscure" anti-Semitic symbol — one that also surfaced in last month's mass shooting in New Zealand, experts say.

Obama was in Berlin today to see Merkel. Looks like they got along a little better than Merkel and Trump

Trump uses the words infest, breed, and invade to refer to immigrants. He calls asylum seekers animals. Nazis referred to Jews as “rats.” Hutu leaders in Rwanda called Tutsis “cockroaches.” Slaves were “stock.” Dehumanizing language paves the way for atrocities.

Russian bank owned by ex-North Carolina Congressman who “built much of his fortune while serving in Congress, partnering with a former KGB general to form the first American bank in post-Soviet Russia” has lost its license over suspected money laundering

If the leader of any other country said this, we would view it as a horrifying, authoritarian assault on human dignity. Which it is

Bernie Sanders said nearly 40 days ago he would realize his taxes “soon.” Asked by @tedbarrettcnn for an update today, Sanders was evasive and his aides stepped in front of him and tried to prevent Sanders from being questioned further

Trump’s choice to spend his vacations with his customers creates huge security complications. “You pay and you get in.” Read @Fahrenthold & Co on Mar-a-Lago

Trump scrambles to keep his tax returns hidden from review

Michael Cohen: RNC committed campaign finance violations - illegal donations from CHINA!