Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Senators urge the U.S. to take in Hong Kong residents who want to flee the region

“We are in the twilight of Trumpism. He is a spent force. Events of this spring and summer have emasculated him; he wasted his presidency tweeting, making a fool of himself, and demeaning the stature of his office. It’s over.”

Trump is undermining Merkel as she tries to stand up to Putin

President Trump's tweet about the Buffalo peace activist shows us, once again, that his sources of info are poisoned..

SCOOP: @DCNationalGuard activated to respond to #DCProtests have tested positive for #COVID19

Only 48 more hours until oral arguments need to be ready for D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals to save Mike Flynn's traitor ass. Hope Trump and Barr have a GREAT week.

George Floyd has changed the world.

co-worker at Minneapolis club where Derek Chauvin and George Floyd worked security says they had a history, they bumped heads. Tensions had to do with Chauvin being very aggressive with security inside the club, co-worker tells

Hannity compares Trump to George Floyd: “He was a victim of crooked cops”

People have pulled up lawn chairs. This is insane.

Approx 11 pm est

Barr’s letter says Bureau of Prisons personnnel were deputized by the US Marshalls service.

Barr’s letter says Bureau of Prisons personnnel were deputized by the US Marshalls service.

Add South Carolina to the embarrassing list of failing elections in the United States.

Seb Gorka: “I’m not a Marine, but I know the Marines....Jim Mattis is no Marine.”

“I have never seen the scale of election failures happening in Georgia today,” McDonald said. “This does not bode well for November.” Unless it's your goal, that is.

New Zealand — restrictions now virtually all lifted. Look at the joy on everyone’s faces. We could’ve have had all that too... if only you know who acted faster. #covid19

I got a leaked copy. The first line: “I was born a poor black child.”

Dr. Anthony Fauci says coronavirus turned ‘out to be my worst nightmare’ and it ‘isn’t over’

OAN's founder might be defending the Antifa nonsense put out by his little-watched network, but inside, even some of his own employees are dismissing it as an "awful" conspiracy theory, per

Today marks the 4th anniversary of the #TrumpTowerMeeting, when Junior, Kushner & Manafort, all of the Trump campaign, met w/a Russian attorney & others w/ Putin ties who'd promised "dirt" on Hillary Clinton. (Hours later, Trump tweeted about missing emails for the 1st time.)

The OANN reporter behind the false report that led to Trump's tweet is a Russian national who also writes for Kremlin-owned Sputnik, according to The Daily Beast.

DC Mayor: We Had to ‘Defend Our Borders’ from Trump’s Troops The New Abnormal with Molly Jong-Fast & Rick Wilson

America has confused having safe communities with having more cops on the street. It's time to change that.

Voting by mail is both safe and secure. “Officials identified just 372 possible cases of double voting or voting on behalf of deceased people out of about 14.6 million votes cast by mail in the 2016 and 2018 general elections, or 0.0025 percent.”

Trump Falsely Targets Buffalo Protester, 75, as ‘Antifa Provocateur’

“Everybody’s trying to shame us.”

Democracies don’t collapse all at once. Leaders who don’t want to give up power don’t just announce democracy is over. It often starts by making it impossible for anyone who wants to change the status quo to vote.

"The president isn’t responsible for the virus," Biden said. "But he is responsible for a completely bungled response that not only cost thousands of lives, but millions more jobs than should have been lost. ... It did not have to be this way."

We’re heading to court in Gwinnett County, Georgia. Officials FAILED to respond to our pre-litigation demand to extend poll hours. All voters deserve the right to be heard today. We will see @GwinnettGov in court. Report #VoterSuppression to us at 866-OUR-VOTE.

They don’t want us to vote!

Brand new voting machine. Broken. On Election Day. In Georgia. Again. And no backup machine available. Again.

November is coming..

We know Republicans want to suppress the vote – it’s the only way they think they can win. That’s why the Supreme Court’s 5-4 partisan decision in Shelby County is so disturbing. It made the problems we’re seeing in Georgia today more likely.

A friend sends:

BREAKING NEWS: Voters outraged because they can’t vote. @cbs46 Voting machines are down & systems aren’t working all over #Atlanta Some people have left the polls because the line has NOT moved since 6 A.M.

Reports as many as 25+ Gwinnett precincts didn’t have machines or other equipment up and ready to go at 7am. In some cases no scanners , or printers , or paper . That’s about 20% of precincts in county (156 in total).

Republican governor Kemp owns this. He cheated to win his election and he is allowing it to happen again. Hold Brian Kemp accountable.

Poll worker just tells long line of voters that the machines are not working properly and they don’t know why. Says technician is coming from 17 miles away in downtown Atlanta. Many people leaving now.

George Floyd's niece said, "as long as I'm breathing, justice will be served for Perry," adding that "Someone said make America great again, but when has America ever been great?"

‘American Psycho’ Jared Kushner slammed as ‘the perfect avatar of elite incompetence’

This drone footage shows a long line of voters waiting to cast ballots in Atlanta on Tuesday. Georgia election officials, poll workers and voters have reported major trouble with voting in Atlanta and elsewhere.

BREAKING: Georgia secretary of state launches investigation into voting issues as hours-long waits, problems with new voting machines and a lack of available ballots plague voters on Tuesday.

Analysis: Republicans find more fault with police than Trump when it comes to protests

The White House Correspondents’ Association is pleased to announce the winners of our 2020 journalism awards.

Justice Sonia Sotomayor has called out the 11th Circuit for breaking step with other appeals courts when it comes to prisoner petitions by not allowing for oral arguments and other due process procedures

Rev. Sharpton: "When some kids wrongly start violence that this family don't condone and none of do, the president talks about bringing in the military. But he has not said one word about 8 minutes and 46 seconds of police murder of George Floyd."

Don Jr. cost taxpayers at least $75,000 with hunting trip to Mongolia to shoot the world's largest sheep

Opinion: As Trump shows more signs of deteriorating, GOP candidates are tied to his fate

Unbelievably, Republicans are voting against removal of Bust of Nathan Bedford Forrest, founder of the KKK, from the Capitol. It’s 2020.

Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner eulogizes George Floyd: "We honor him today, because when he took his last breath, the rest of us will now be able to breathe."

Tesla defied county orders so it could restart production. Days later, workers tested positive for the coronavirus

Here's the rest of it, which says that media are "fan[ning] the flames of national unrest" by promoting this "far-left provocation" to hurt Trump and help China.

AG Barr is not expected to appear before the House Judiciary Committee, per @politico . The DOJ has informed the committee that he isn't going to comply with the testimony.

Joe Biden via video at the Floyd funeral: "To George's children and grandchild, I know you miss your dad and your granddad. Little Gianna, as I said to you when I saw you yesterday, you're so brave. Daddy's looking down and he's so proud of you."

GOP senators ducking on Trump’s deranged tweet about elderly Buffalo man, to my colleague @mkraju: Rubio: “I didn't see it. you're telling me about it. I don't read Twitter. I only write on it." Cornyn: “You know, a lot of this stuff just goes over my head."

The latest conspiracy from OAN that Trump has seized upon (the 75-year-old Antifa operative) is the work of Kremlin propagandist Kristian Rouz, the same guy who is at the heart of OAN’s dismissed $10 million libel lawsuit against @maddow.

Fact Checker: Trump tweets outrageous conspiracy theory about injured Buffalo man

GOP senators not touching this so far. They won’t weigh in, even when it’s explained to them. Rubio to me: "I didn't see it, you're telling me about it, I don't read Twitter, I only write on it." Cornyn says he hasn't seen it: "You know a lot of this stuff just goes over my head”

The crackdown before Trump’s photo op What video and other records show about the clearing of protesters outside the White House

@realDonaldTrump, the American people are speaking directly to you with a simple message: it’s time to start packing your bags.

Houston Police Chief @ArtAcevedo today at #GeorgeFloydFuneral: “When I see my NASCAR drivers...recognizing and acknowledging that Black lives matter — people that have never in their lifetimes said those words — that’s a new movement.”

#BREAKING University of Alabama system to review all building names, remove Confederate Army plaques in Tuscaloosa

The President’s penchant for trafficking in conspiracy theories is, politically speaking, going to ruin him. This is reckless. He doesn’t know when to stop.

New: Wendi C. Thomas is a black journalist who has covered police in Memphis. One officer admitted to spying on her. She’s on a long list of prominent black journalists and activists who have been subjected to police surveillance over decades.

The time for action against police brutality and racist bias is now. This week, I will lead @HouseJudiciary's hearing on policing and introduce the #JusticeInPolicing Act. America's policing system is broken. We have a moral imperative to fix i

One year ago today, hundreds of thousands of demonstrators in Hong Kong gathered for a march that became the start of the semiautonomous Chinese city’s biggest political crisis in decades.

America’s adversaries expect an introspective and divided U.S. to withdraw from world affairs. But underestimating America is a dangerous mistake, writes @wrmead

Trump administration to make it easier for hunters to kill bear cubs and wolf pups in Alaska

"According to photos and accounts from numerous witnesses, the brutal arrests happened in full view of an NYPD Legal Bureau officer, who repeatedly told the cops, “Legal Observers can be arrested, you’re good to go.”

Harry H. Rogers was arrested on several charges after driving through a crowd of anti-racism protesters.

"I trust the FDA won't roll over for politics, but there's always a possibility. Trump is not a very good scientist, to say the least." It "could be terrible" if political pressure rushed a Covid-19 vaccine, a retired army medical research commander said

Hong Kong government to take stake in Cathay Pacific

Nearly Half of Coronavirus Spread May Be Traced to People Without Any Symptoms.

Donald Trump inherited the longest economic expansion in history from the Obama-Biden Administration, but like everything else he’s inherited, he has squandered it.

Tucker Carlson warns Fox viewers that the Black Lives Matter “mob” will “come for you”

Fox News literally cannot survive without racism. As in, it is part and parcel of its business model. The protests right now are a threat — not because “black people are coming for them” — but because this is a moment of strong cross-racial solidarity. It’s their Kryptonite.

The coronavirus strongly approves of this message

How to lobster

This is @JoeBiden with George Floyd's daughter earlier today.

Attorney General Barr tells @BretBaier President Trump went to the bunker that Friday evening because of the protests outside the White House. "Things were so bad that the Secret Service recommended the president go down to the bunker. We can't have that in our country."

This really captures the supreme weirdness of air travel these days. So brilliantly shot

Reggie Walton has read the unredacted Mueller report, and he says he has questions he needs to post to DOJ in person before he can "assess the merits of certain redactions."

Russian Oligarch Fights Incarceration Bid Over $95M Award - Oleg Deripaska is fighting an attempt by former biz associate Vladimir Chernukhin to have him sent to prison in UK for allegedly breaching court order

Tucker Carlson: "This may be a lot of things, this moment we are living through, but it is definitely not about black lives and remember that when they come for you, and at this rate, they will."

It’s truly amazing what we’ve gotten used to in the last few years, but it cannot be overstated just how crazy it is that some of the world’s biggest brands are willing to associate with a network that regularly airs racism that that would get ANYONE booted from their companies.

NEW- Trump’s campaign has spent more than $400k on ads to air on D.C. cable because, sources tell @swin24 and @lachlan, they wanted to make sure Trump knew they were running an aggressive operation, including at The Lincoln Project

Fox News is where people who hate blacks, people who hate Jews, people who hate Gays, people who hate Latinos, and people who hate Muslims can all gather to pretend they are just people who hate Liberals.

Gold medal in the Self-Own Olympics

No. Obama built the greatest economy. Your economy began collapsin’ in the 4th quarter 2019. Its called the #TrumpRecession. Get used to it.

Man charged with aiding and abetting arson in Minneapolis police station fire

Someone Is Psyoping Americans, And You Should Be Really Pissed Off About It In my new piece for @surfnd , I look at the "antifa is coming" messages, and why they are incredible dangerous, designed to escalate tensions between Americans. Read more: /1

Fmr. GOP strategist: Biden is acting ‘like a president is supposed to in a time of great crisis’

I have resigned my position as Liberty University Online Admissions Counselor effective immediately. I cannot in good faith encourage people to attend a school with racially insensitive leadership and culture. It is a poor reflection of what Jesus Christ requires of us.

Netflix is outmaneuvering the U.S. government to secure trademark rights globally to the name 'Space Force'.

Teachers shouldn’t be forced to buy their own supplies while our police departments purchase combat vehicles.

“This may be a lot of things, this moment we are living through, but it is definitely not about black lives and remember that when they come for you, and at this rate, they will." @TuckerCarlson said black people are coming for you. That just happened

What does it mean to dismantle a police department?

Coronavirus keeps outpacing Donald Trump's low-balling

Study finds coronavirus lockdowns saved millions of lives

Humankind achieves historic feat in slowing coronavirus spread