Saturday, November 4, 2017

It's time for Congress to revisit campaign finance law in the internet age. The Honest Ads Act is a great first step

Mitch McConnell: Tech companies should help us weaponize the internet against Russia

Pussy Riot member: Putin knows exactly how to manipulate Trump

Democratic women are running for office in record-breaking numbers.


George H.W. Bush voted for Hillary Clinton.

Hackers took over nearly 200 Trump web addresses: report

Trump recklessly endangers prosecution of a terrorism case

Heads up Virginia: Twitter bots are honing in on the governor’s race ahead of Election Day, stoking racial tensions.

"Welcome to Kenya!" A growing crowd protests Trump by Honolulu state capitol during his visit to Honolulu

No matter how you play with the math, this is a massive tax increase on the middle class in the end.

Want to know how serious NOV 7 election is? Mercers are spending $1MM on local race:

The GOP #BillionairesFirst tax bill gives a $770 billion handout to businesses set up as pass-throughs. Donald Trump owns 500 of them

Pres. Trump isn't ruling out firing AG Jeff Sessions if DOJ doesn't take action against Hillary Clinton.

Nadya from @pussyrrriot issues a warning: "I hear from Donald Trump the same words about media that Putin was using for 17 years."

Fox News pulls Tom Steyer’s ‘Impeach Trump’ ad

You Can’t End the War on Coal Without Starting a War on Public Health

Trump team collusion with Russia? Ukraine connection may hold key.

Per pool, Trump stopped by the Trump Int’l Hotel Waikiki on his way to the airport.

BREAKING: JCT (CBO's tax equivalent): GOP tax bill *increases* taxes for lower-income Americans by 2023. Millionaires get massive cuts.

The Simpsons gives a big shout out to Puerto Rico and San Juan mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz, looks to be donating $25,000 to relief efforts.


Jay Sekulow says he will lodge formal objections if Mueller’s probe tries looking at past Trump real-estate deals

Colin Powell issues grave national security warning: Trump is gutting the State Department

Don’t Convict Jeff Sessions of Perjury Just Yet

Special Counsel Mueller braces for challenges to his authority & investigation

Trump: I'll be proven innocent if Mueller treats "everything fairly"

Republican @RepMattGaetz was arrested for a DUI in 2008 (mugshot below)-now he's leading the charge to try & fire Mueller

Ex-CIA Director: "This President has no idea where the lines are with regards to the authority of the presidency.”

Beto O'Rourke is running against Ted Cruz for Senate — and he just ran a unity 10K between El Paso and Mexico

Proud of acknowledgement by Russian senator who proposed a “Browder list” of those calling out Russian rights abuses

Cyprus turned over Manafort bank documents to Mueller

Robert S. Mueller III, 3rd Marine Division, Vietnam, 1969. No bone spurs.

Former justice minister & Canadian human rights legend @IrwinCotler explains the power of The Canadian Magnitsky Act

WI Rep. Scott Allen thinks women should be forced to procreate for the sake of the labor market.

Here's how to figure out exactly how your take-home pay could change under Trump's new tax plan

The Papadopoulos Plea Deal and the Great Blowhard Convergence of the 2016 Election

The Republican tax plan would help rich families send their children to private school

Former Watergate prosecutor says Mueller might have grounds to obtain a gag order on Trump

Nonprofits Fear House Republican Tax Bill Would Hurt Charitable Giving

Bush Sr. calls Trump a blowhard. W says, "this guy doesn't know what it means to be president"

US citizen arrested in Zimbabwe, accused of insulting Mugabe with a tweet.

“the myriad changes in the code would actually raise taxes on nearly 13M tax filers who earn $100K/yr or less”

SHOT: Oh, weird, so Bannon's cool with "Establishment GOP" after all. Huh.

Trump administration will promote fossil fuels and nuclear power as an answer to climate change at a UN conference

Opinion: Trump reverses course, decides to attend the East Asia Summit

Lawrence: Pay attention when Trump says 'believe me'

In a new interview, President Donald Trump says "believe me" that he's not involved in any collusion, nor is he under investigation. Lawrence O'Donnell argues that the President frequently says "believe me" when he’s not telling the truth.


House Intel committee speeds up on Trump Russia investigation

We won’t rest until Trump is held to account and removed from office.

Former Twitter employee says fake Russian accounts were not taken seriously

Calls to remove Mueller from his job are both strange and repugnant

Immigration agents release 10-year-old girl with cerebral palsy after ACLU lawsuit

Trump Campaign Adviser Met With Russian Officials in 2016

Are Bannon’s ongoing contacts with Trump illegal?

Mark my words: After they explode the deficit, Republicans will come looking for even deeper cuts to programs that Americans depend on

Trump proves an eager tourist in Hawaii, but protesters have ‘no aloha for him’

The idea of a "middle-class tax plan" kind of collapses when even @WSJ says the big winners are wealthy heirs.

New chairman of Trump EPA science board says air quality in the US is too clean

Donna Brazile to appear on Fox News with Tucker Carlson

The Claim That Clinton Rigged The Democratic Primary Falls Apart After Full Memo Is Published

Poll: Bannon's endorsement doesn't help in GOP primaries

Trump has predicted what longtime bodyguard Schiller will say re 2013 Moscow trip & dossier

National Climate Report: Man-made climate change is real

The Trump administration has publicly denied the report's conclusion, but agreed to sign off on the findings because they didn't want a fight while they're trying to pass tax reform, reports the New York Times.

Ex-Watergate lawyer: Russia probe heading 'right toward' Trump

Fmr. Watergate prosecutor Nick Akerman says the steps that Robert Mueller is taking in his investigation indicate the probe is ramping up and will likely lead straight to the questioning of Trump himself. E.J. Dionne & Daniel Dale also join Lawrence O'Donnell.

House Intel committee speeds up on Trump Russia investigation

Kyle Cheney, Congress reporter for Politico, talks with Rachel Maddow about the sudden flurry of interviews by the House Intelligence Committee in the Trump Russia investigation.

Pace of Russia probe may be too fast for some members of Congress

Rachel Maddow reports on the questionable background of Ike Kaveladze, who appeared before the House Intelligence Committee, a background that committee member Rep. Tom Rooney does not appear to have researched.

Officials slow with info on severity of disease in Puerto Rico

Rachel Maddow shows how difficult it is to get clear information from authorities on the severity of the leptospirosis cases in Puerto Rico as Americans there struggle to find clean drinking water.

NYT: Carter Page met Russian officials, informed Trump campaign

Mark Mazzetti, Washington investigations editor for the New York Times, talks with Rachel Maddow about breaking news that Donald Trump campaign advisor Carter Page met with Russian officials and informed the Trump campaign about those meetings.

Trump frustrated by notion of independent justice

Rachel Maddow shows how Donald Trump's ignorance about the bounds of presidential propriety is interfering with the U.S. justice system and his desire to replace Jeff Sessions with a more sympathetic attorney general.