Saturday, April 21, 2018

Barbara Bush, a first lady of grace and grit, received an old-school proper goodbye

Two words for anyone dreamin’ about firin’ Robert Mueller: “Sealed Indictments.”

Question: can Senate Majority Leader McConnell force a vote on Mike Pompeo's nomination for Secretary of State, despite committee disapproval? It's complicated

Every Democratic member of the House Judiciary Committee is urging Chairman Bob Goodlatte to hold hearings on Trump’s pardon of Scooter Libby.

Is it normal for the official @CIA account to be involved in the campaign for a nominee?

On the day the political world comes together to mourn a former First Lady, Trump falsely says he doesn’t speak to @maggieNYT and unfairly attacks her, defames a person by calling him “drugged up,” and tries to convince his personal lawyer from flipping. Then heads to golf course

The Horseshoe

Melania’s husband abandoned her, so, even though she promoted the racist birther conspiracy, Obama sat next to her. He is pure class

Wrong. The Director of the FBI is an Original Classification Authority. He rendered the classification determinations at the inception of the Memoranda. He even redacted a part of one memo so it could be declassified. So long as he did all of this before May 9th, he is fine.

Pruitt gave top EPA jobs to ex-business partners who helped him buy discounted Oklahoma home from lobbyist: report

America speaks out against Paul Ryan: “Ryan got what he wanted: a huge tax cut for the wealthy at the expense of the middle class. In the process, he will leave a massive national debt that his party will use as leverage to cut benefits for the non-wealthy.

Someone needs to get to the bottom of a Russian oligarch’s funding of the gun rights group

Watch protesters scream at Trump’s motorcade in Florida. Most common thing yelled “F•ck you!” Sounds about right.

Lobbyist whose wife rented to Pruitt lobbied EPA despite denials

Trump seen on his phone before tweeting while motorcading to Trump international Golf Course in West Palm Beach

Rpt: Sessions threatens to resign if Trump fires Rosenstein

A new report from The Washington Post says that Jeff Sessions warned the White House that he may be forced to step down if Trump follows through with his threats to fire Rod Rosenstein, reportedly believing that it would put him in an untenable position

President Trump's trade agenda has boxed in congressional Republicans as they fight to hold their majorities in the House and Senate, potentially affecting competitive races in more than a dozen states.

Russia Says It Told Trump Exactly Where in Syria He Was Allowed to Bomb, & @realDonaldTrump Followed Their Orders

Taxicab companies owned by Michael Cohen or family members just got hit with nearly $80,000 in new claims for unpaid taxes

Always a bad sign when the judge tells you that your motion has “gaping holes in it,” as the judge told the attys for MC and DJT this AM. I don’t know why they continue to hide what they know about the FBI raids. Time to come clean and let the chips fall where they may.

Trump just tweeted, “I don’t speak to and have nothing to do with” Maggie Haberman.

An analysis by The AP shows the nation's six big Wall Street banks saved at least $3,590,000,000 in taxes last quarter, thanks to the recently enacted Trump tax law.

Several guests on @TheLastWord have asked the same question over the last few days: Why would an innocent person have a reason to flip?

Trump is trying to send Michael Cohen a message in desperation, hoping that flattery-by-tweet will stop him from flipping.

"We didn't have the evidence a year ago connecting the Russians and the Trump campaign. We have that evidence now. And that's why we move forward." -DNC Chairman Tom Perez

Imagine what Mueller has...

Ex-Forbes reporter: Trump lied to me about his net worth to land on list of wealthiest people

Stormy Daniels' lawyer warns Trump: Evidence DVD is "locked and loaded"

As someone with firsthand knowledge, let me just say that when the truth comes out about what transpired - and we are doing everything we can to ensure that happens - it will be very very damaging and will have FAR reaching effects.

There's an ugly information war being waged by Putin against the West. Guess which side Fox News is on.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions wants to remove domestic abuse as a legal justification for seeking asylum

Donald Trump: Three decades 4,095 lawsuits

America is plagued with On-air ‘experts’ that lack expertise

Barbara Bush's Secret Service detail, several of whom have been been with her for decades, refuse to leave her side until she is buried. Very powerful.

From the moment Trump swore his oath of office, he was violating the emoluments clause of the Constitution. His selfish actions put the nation at risk, producing corruption & cronyism throughout each agency of government. He’s proved a danger to our democracy

The GOP ‘Has Become the Caricature the Left Always Said It Was’

It’s becoming clear that Trump won’t run in 2020

Giuliani sounds optimistic about cutting deals with Robert Mueller, but Trump’s legal team has failed to deliver on past happy talk

Barbara Bush Funeral Service – LIVE at noon ET on C-SPAN, @cspanRadio & online here:

We requested records of the Trump Organization’s donation of hotel profits from foreign governments to the Treasury Department. The government said it had no records.

Audit Approved of Facebook Policies, Even After Cambridge Analytica Leak

“Twitter has banned ads from Moscow-based Kaspersky Lab, saying the cyber-security company's business model conflicts with advertising rules and citing U.S. govmnt claims that Kaspersky has ties to Ru intelligence agencies.”

Questions @RonWyden or others should ask Mike Pompeo: "You've described @Wikileaks as a 'hostile non-state intelligence service'. Yet on July 24th, 2016, you helped spread the proceeds of one of their computer intrusions, using the phrase 'busted'. Why did you choose to do this?"

Trump suggests Mueller probe is "illegal" in late-night tweet

The DNC suit is no substitute for a positive political and policy agenda, but it can provide a potent platform for educating the public about the ugly details of how this presidency arose from a swamp far dirtier than the one Trump promised to drain.

Photographer Simon Edelman on Being Fired by Trump

Keith Davidson, the former attorney for Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal, has been contacted by federal authorities investigating Michael Cohen and is cooperating with them, a spokesman for Davidson confirmed.

Disruptive conservative groups lose their punch with Trump in charge

“The memos weren’t released in the spirit of transparency… the memos were released as part of the broader war on the Justice Department being waged by Donald Trump and his allies.”

CDC warns: Throw out all romaine lettuce

When it is all said and done, Mr. Cohen will not take a water balloon for Mr. Trump, let alone a bullet. "Be careful who you kick on the way up, because you will pass them on the way down [and they might just have your fate in the palm of their hand]."

Trump legal team preparing for Cohen to flip, cooperate with prosecutors: report

The Only Time Trump Dissed Flynn Was To The FBI Director After He Was Told The FBI Knew Flynn Was Lying

Friday's shooting at Forest High School in Ocala, Florida, brings the number of US school shootings so far this year to 20

“Shortly after Trump was inaugurated, top Republican fundraiser Elliott Broidy offered Russian gas giant Novatek a $26 million lobbying plan aimed at removing the company from a U.S. sanctions list.”

A former Forbes reporter claims that Donald Trump, before he was president, called him posing as "John Barron," a purported executive with The Trump Organization, speaking on Trump's behalf and lied about his wealth in order to crack the Forbes 400 list

Hundreds of Immigrant Children Have Been Taken From Parents at U.S. Border - New York Times

Trump fundraiser Elliott Broidy sues Qatar alleging cyber smear campaign

Students across U.S. walk out of class to advocate for gun reform

Rachel Maddow shares scenes from around the country of students marching in protest for gun reform legislation on the 19th anniversary of the Columbine High School gun massacre.

Former Stormy Daniels lawyer cooperating in Michael Cohen probe

Rachel Maddow reports breaking news from the Washington Post that Keith Davidson, the former lawyer for Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal, is cooperating in the federal investigation of Donald Trump confidant Michael Cohen.

Pending DoJ IG report could have answer to Giuliani leak inquiry

Congressman Eric Swalwell talks with Rachel Maddow about what is expected from a Department of Justice inspector general report reported to be coming next month that could include the results of an investigation into whether Rudy Giuliani received leaks from the FBI New York office.

New felony charges filed against Missouri governor Greitens

Rachel Maddow reports on new felony charges against Missouri Governor Eric Greitens related to a charity he runs, separate from the disturbing sex scandal that has also brought charges.

DNC files lawsuit against Trump camp, others over 2016 hack

In a remarkable echo of the Watergate era, the DNC has filed a lawsuit against the Donald Trump campaign, members of Trump's inner circle, Russia, Wikileaks, and others over the hack of e-mails and other data by Russia during the 2016 campaign.

Kim Il-sung (Kim Jong Un’s grandfather) was hand picked by the Soviets to lead N Korea and was in Stalin’s “circle of friends”

Donald Trump deleted his initial tweet about this and reposted. For whatever that is worth

Hope Comey is happy with his book because he’s the only one.

Stormy Daniels' lawyer says Fox News' Sean Hannity is screwed: “The extent of that relationship, I think, will be very embarrassing to Sean Hannity”

Among the amazing details in this story: Trump’s Oedipal annihilation of his father from the public record and annexation of his father’s accomplishments as his own

James Comey illegally leaked classified documents to the press in order to generate a Special Council? Therefore, the Special Council was established based on an illegal act? Really, does everybody know what that means?

#BREAKING: Trump to shift federal funding for teen pregnancy prevention to abstinence-focused programs