Thursday, February 7, 2019

Federal Reserve chair calls income inequality America’s biggest challenge in next 10 years

Rick Gates told Mueller about sharing polling data, transcript shows

Analysis: Trump is likely to sign any border deal. He’s planning to build a wall regardless.

Jeff Bezos has accused National Enquirer publisher AMI of blackmail and extortion, writing that an AMI lawyer threatened to publish scandalous photos of Bezos unless Bezos denied the Enquirer's coverage of his divorce was politically motivated

EXCLUSIVE: Saudi Crown Prince told a top aide he would use "a bullet" on Jamal Khashoggi, according to intercepted communications

Judge Pauley, in his decision not to reveal portions of the Cohen warrant materials relating to ongoing investigations, makes a reference to “witness tampering, harassment, or retaliation” that seems (imo p clearly) to be directed at President Trump.

Pelosi: "We will not surrender our constitutional responsibility for oversight. That would make us delinquent in our duties."

NEW: Nadler issues response to Whitaker. Fully expects him to appear tomorrow. Text of response below and here

The NRA Welcomed Maria Butina—Even As She Worked to Arm Anti-American Thugs Abroad

I’ve written a post about developments with the National Enquirer and its parent company, AMI. You can find it here:

There is ZERO justification for Acting AG Matt Whitaker to fail to appear tomorrow before the @HouseJudiciary Committee.

@waltshaub is all of us

Treasury misses deadline to hand over documents on #Deripaska sanctions

Jackie Speier on CNN this AM: "It's not presidential harassment, it's congressional harassment ... You're not going to intimidate the Congress of the U.S., Mr. President. We are two equal branches of government and he still hasn't learned his Civics 101 class, I'm afraid."

Nancy Pelosi says a kitchen worker recently told her, "'When the president says that the Mueller investigation is going on too long, you just say back to him, Not as long as your tax audit, Mr. President.' I thought those were words of wisdom."

MYTH: The strongest, boldest, most testosterone-drenched alpha male silver-back gorilla he-man ever to serve as President.

Trump furious after Schiff hires former NSC aides to help oversee his administration

BREAKING: Acting attorney general Matthew G. Whitaker says he will not appear before Congress tomorrow without assurances he won’t be subpoenaed

Democrats restore oversight role of Congress, address key crises

Facebook is ordered to change the way it combines user data after a ground-breaking probe by Germany’s antitrust authority

Erickson fraud charges eyed for connections to Maria Butina case

BREAKING: German antitrust authority prohibits Facebook from combining user data from different sources; Facebook to appeal.

NAACP president calls on Virginia attorney general to resign

Erickson, 56, made headlines due to his relationship with Maria Butina, who was arrested last year and accused of failing to register as a foreign agent for Russia.

Look what the US military deployment did to the border fence in downtown Nogales, Arizona. This makes us look like a nation that's completely lost its mind:

Paul Erickson, boyfriend of Maria Butina, indicted on 11 felonies

"Nigel Farage allegedly held several secret meetings with Julian Assange and gave him a USB stick with data on it, a US congressional enquiry has heard"?

N.M. Governor Pulls National Guard From Border, Citing A 'Charade' At Federal Level

Seb Gorka Is a National Treasure

.@ChrisMurphyCT tells @Lawrence why he was angry heading into last night’s State of the Union speech

House Intel outlines parameters of Trump investigations

Trump calls congressional oversight "presidential harassment." This AM, Jerry Nadler said: "To say that we can't do that is to say that we shouldn't do our constitutional duty. It's to assert an executive preeminence that one would think he might want to be a dictator."

Interesting excerpts from an interview with Pavel Fuchs/Fuks - he paid Yuri Vanetik (GOP bundler and associate and BFF of Dana Rohrabacher) $200K for inauguration tickets - and calls Vanetik 'scum' 'scoundrel' & 'crook'