Thursday, August 15, 2019

This is the type of "cleansing" that an authoritarian regime implements. And no, this is not hyperbole. Trump Has Threatened To Fire Any Federal Worker ‘Resisting’ His Administration

Greenland. He wants Greenland.

...which is why we need to do background checks on “them.”

OMG. ghislaine maxwell was found in an in-and-out burger

Trump’s U.S. attorney suggests Philadelphia DA to blame for police shootout

Former GOP congressman Joe Walsh says he wants to “apologize for the role that I played in putting an unfit conman in the White House.”

Judges facing more and more ‘terrifying’ threats amid Trump’s attacks, American Bar Association warns

My latest fun for the Washington Post on Woke Scaramucci

Permanent surveillance state

NEW: Emails we uncovered show Trump administration officials revising Fox News tweets and Fox News rewriting stories to suit the administration’s whims. That isn’t journalism, it’s propaganda.

Walmart CEO: It's time to debate renewing U.S. assault weapons ban

Democracy doesn't normalize mass shootings, white supremacy, ethnic cleansing, voter suppression, corporate welfare, foreign agency & obstruction of 2 branches of govt for abuse of Exec & War Powers. Fight dictatorship now.

Both Trump aides were cited extensively in obstruction of justice section of Robert Mueller's report, a signal the direction the committee is taking as it looks to quickly gather evidence that could lead to pursuing impeachment.

NEWS: House Judiciary issues subpoenas for Corey Lewandowksi and Rick Dearborn to testify in public on Sept. 17 as the committee weighs whether to impeach the president. Mueller report detailed what they knew about apparent Trump effort to try to curtail probe.

It looks like fake farmer Devin Nunes bought a "farm" in his district so he can claim he's a real farmer. Based on its 15K declared value, the Sacramento Bee estimates the Nunes farm is about "100 square feet."


Which thing are you trying to distract from this time? Epstein? The white nationalist state dept official with Russian ties? MoscowMitch & Deripaska? The fact that your racist rhetoric and actions inspire white power extremists to kill people? Or are you covering for Poot?

Wow! VoteVets veterans were not shy about saying Donald Trump has ignored and violated his oath of office – almost identical to the oath we took when we joined the military. Now they’re demanding accountability. Thanks @NowThisNews for putting it together!

The four horse men of the stupidpocalypse think they’re banned from internets so they’re going to tweet about it endless

Pelosi Statement on Israel’s Decision to Block Members of Congress from Entering the Country

Mitch McConnell at nexus of increased Russian leverage on U.S.

Whether it is facing discrimination for having an abortion or an out-of-wedlock pregnancy, or simply being LGBTQ, Trump’s plan to gut a key federal non-discrimination provision will result in real & unconscionable harm to workers. My full statement here

The President of The United States, just intervened with the head of another country to urge that country to bar, not only United States citizens, but elected representatives, and members of the United States government:

Trump lost $34 billion in corporate revenue by cutting IRS budget by $13 billion: study

Epstein accuser Jennifer Araoz has filed a lawsuit against his estate, his longtime associate Ghislaine Maxwell and three unnamed female household staff.

Israel's ambassador to US confirms that barring Tlaib & Omar was Trump's idea

Shaming people for being poor is a real classy move.

Angela Chen, who bought Javanka's apartment in 2017 & was found to have links to Chinese Military Intelligence, threw a party in 2013. Per article guess who she invited & was drinking at the bar with?

Investigators believe five poultry companies violated immigration law, Then they abuse them. WHY AREN'T THE COMPANIES INDICTED!!!??

And what they’re doing to the Filipinos who were hired to be domestics and care for the elderly is horrific- the deportation. What happened to Never Forget?

As a proud American — and as a Jew two of whose cousins were born in Israel and who loves Israel but detests some of its actions and dislikes Netanyahu’s policies — I find this Trump-driven exclusion of Representatives @Ilhan and @RashidaTlaib deplorable

Today, Israel decided to bar two Muslim members of congress from visiting. Back in 2016, Israel's ruling party invited far right politician & former Neo-Nazis Heinz-Christian Strache to visit He runs a party founded by Nazis

Trump's press secretary just before 9 AM: It's not true that Trump told Netanyahu to deny entry to Omar and Tlaib Trump just before 10 AM: Netanyahu should deny entry to Omar and Tlaib

now watch as authoritarian leaders all over the world start barring opposition politicians from travel

Heads of major Jewish organizations had been on the phone with the U.S. ambassador to Israel imploring Israel not to take this step.

This is an impeachable offense. The President is abusing his authority to restrict the movements of duly elected Representatives of the United States Congress.

"Fox News. Very biased against me. Very bad. Failing under Little Rupert Murdoch! I choose OANN!"

“Well-regulated militia”

In case you missed it. Our Moscow Mitch billboard was all over MSNBC last night.

Agency officials at Trump’s Interior Department have slammed the 1973 Endangered Species Act as “a sword to tear down the American economy” and likened species listings to “incoming Scud missiles.”

When Trump is gone then can we finally seal team six this guy, ya know save the world and all?

Image result for putin

As long as the administration is committed to thinking of talks with North Korea as an all-or-nothing proposition, they will be left with nothing and North Korea will continue expanding its arsenal

Scott Borgerson, CEO of Boston-based tech company CargoMetrics, is denying a Daily Mail report that Ghislaine Maxwell, Jeffrey Epstein’s alleged madame, is hiding out in his Massachusetts home

Scott Borgerson, CEO of Boston-based tech company CargoMetrics, is denying a Daily Mail report that Ghislaine Maxwell, Jeffrey Epstein’s alleged madame, is hiding out in his Massachusetts home

LIBERAL LOGIC: “The Walmart heirs make $4 million an hour. A new Walmart associate makes $11 an hour.”

Is­rael is con­sid­er­ing deny­ing en­try to Reps. Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar, gov­ern­ment of­fi­cials said, over their crit­i­cism of Israeli pol­icy to­ward Pales­tinians.

Only WEAK leaders, like #MoscowMitch think America needs to be bailed out by Russian thugs. We are a great nation, & with an engaged public and moral leaders, we can pull ourselves out of any hardship. Vote out the traitors.

Review: This disturbing documentary reveals the deadly implications of China’s one-child policy

China has deployed large numbers of paramilitary personnel close to the border with Hong Kong, in what observers say is intended to send a message to protesters in the Asian financial hub

Trump asks to meet China’s Xi as paramilitary forces flex power across the harbor from Hong Kong

Disgusting. If Donald Trump had a hand in this, as it appears he did, it is another impeachable offense

MAGA means SUCKER in any language

Can we arrest #MoscowMitch now? He dropped sanctions against Russian Oligarch Deripaska - the aluminum Oligarch - In exchange for a brand new aluminum plant for Kentucky.#MoscowMitch

What started out as a joke to rename Trump Tower's address to 725 President Barack H. Obama Avenue now has more than 100,000 signatures.

Steve King Is what happens when you let misogyny bloom and flower into its final stages. Yes, Steve king is late stage misogyny

While I am proud to be an American, I am ashamed of what the Trump administration is doing in our name. It is literally rewriting the meaning of America.

Jeffrey Epstein Autopsy Finds Hyoid Neck Bone Break, Expert Says it Raises 'Questions About Strangulation'

Is Donald Trump trying to deport Melania?

It's been 10 days since we first asked the @FBI give us details about their claims that they've made 90 domestic terrorism arrests. They still haven't given us what we want

The truth hurts. Mitch McConnell is a greedy coward. He's been bought and paid for by Vladimir and Semion. He's a traitor.

Netflix's 'The Family' Trailer: Meet the Secret Organization Trying to Un-Separate Church and State (Video)

Rachel Maddow puts all the pieces together and nails #MoscowMitch for economic treason with Russia.

Jeffrey Epstein's body claimed by unidentified 'associate'

Gee, what a surprise given that Bill Barr & Rod Rosenstein were both so quick to push the suicide narrative....

If China really wanted to hurt Trump they would move on Sheldon Adelson's and Steve Wynn's casinos in Macau. Those casinos, where billions of dollars are put through by mainland Chinese billionaires, have not been touched by China

NEW >>>> Jeff Epstein autopsy found multiple neck bone fractures, which can be caused by suicidal hanging -- but are more commonly found in homicidal strangulation. The mystery deepens about the death of a billionaire w secrets

John Hickenlooper is expected to end his 2020 presidential run and decide on challenging GOP Colorado Sen. Cory Gardner

Tonight seems like a good night to remind everyone that the Republican Party had no problem when #SteveKing conned a Holocaust memorial group into paying for his trip to meet with some Nazis.

Kentucky is a traitor-State that’s elected two traitor-Senators. That about sums it up.

'My God, what has Mitch McConnell done?' #Maddow calls out #MoscowMitch for refusing to stand up to Russia

The hyoid bone is protected in the front and sides by the mandible and in the back by the spine. It is mobile. Less than 0.002% of fractures involve the hyoid. Only 31 cases of traumatic hyoid fracture other than strangulation have been documented. Jeffrey Epstein aint number 32.

Trump links Hong Kong’s unrest to talks with Xi, in a move that could reinforce Beijing’s efforts to blame the U.S. for increasingly violent protests

when the yield curve inverts

If not for racism and greed, would there be any Republicans left?

Colbert: "Our president wants to live in a fantasy world where only the way he perceives the world is the way it is, only the things that sort of serve his vision, and he's also trying to convince us that that is the only world that exists..."

An ICE Detention Center guard just drove their truck straight through a line of #JewsAgainstICE sitting peacefully to block the parking lot in Rhode Island. There appear to be no major issues but the disregard for people’s lives is disgusting and scary.

How separate are church and state? "The Family" examines secretive Christian power brokers The new docuseries dives into The Fellowship Foundation, the Evangelical group behind the National Prayer Breakfast

Holy Crap - Watch!

Philadelphia Mayor: “Our officers need help. They need help. They need help with gun control. They need help with keeping these weapons out of these people’s hands.”

QAnon followers are planning to call the Supreme Court tomorrow, August 15, to demand "proof of life" for Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Justice Ginsburg has been photographed in public, interviewed, and written four majority opinions since she recovered from her Dec 2018 cancer surgery.

Donald Trump isn’t a leader. The Dow could drop 8,000 points in a day and he would blame it on Obama. Or Bush. Or Clinton. Donald Trump is a coward, someone who destroys and walks away. Except this time it isn’t a casino... It’s America, our country.

4 Royal Oak Michigan Police officers pull up on a 20 year old black man after a white woman calls and says he was looking at her.

Could managing the economy be more complicated than Donald Trump thought?

Senator McConnell's effort to lift Russian sanctions helped boost a Russian aluminum plant in his home state of Kentucky, backed by Kremlin-linked oligarch Oleg Deripaska. McConnell should ask Montenegro how Deripaska's aluminum investments turned out.

#UPDATE Thousands of Chinese military personnel seen parading at a sports stadium across the border from Hong Kong. Some of those inside were wearing armed police insignias, while outside there were dozens of trucks and armoured personnel carriers

According to experts, Epstein's neck injuries "are more common in victims of homicide by strangulation" than suicide by hanging

"We really believe that given its enormous size, Walmart will be able to shake up this conversation ... both in Congress, but also with the gun industry and gun manufacturers."

The husband of a woman killed in the El Paso shooting has invited the community to attend her funeral as he has no other family in town. Funeral is Friday. Thousands have made contact.

The Australian Government was a Koch Industries i360 client in the last Election. A 2010 report showed Koch Industries gave $73m to climate sceptic groups 'spreading inaccurate and misleading information' It has always been about oil, gas and coal

Former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright responds to Ken Cuccinelli’s rewrite of the Statue of Liberty poem: “I can tell you, I’ve been a refugee twice. … I think that it is one of the most un-American things I’ve heard”

There’s no ’both sides.’ Mitch McConnell is addicted to gun lobby money and is beholden to the NRA — that’s why he won’t call a vote on commonsense gun legislation.

New York students may soon learn about swastikas and nooses as part of their curriculum

Autopsy finds broken bones in Jeffrey Epstein’s neck, deepening questions around his death

Gibraltar drops legal proceedings against the crew of an Iranian supertanker detained since 4 July

Matthew Bowen pleaded guilty to intentionally striking a Guatemalan migrant with his patrol vehicle in 2017.

BREAKING: China says the U.S. is violating the Xi-Trump consensus with a new 10% tariff

THREAD: Cordelia Scaife May, an heiress to the Gilded Age Mellon-family fortune, was the single biggest donor to the anti-immigration movement: $180 million. @mmcintire and I unearthed never-before-seen documents for an unprecedented view of her thinking.

Former P&G CEO John Pepper, a onetime loyal Republican donor, has more recently become a giver to Democrats. In a recent editorial, he stated that he no longer recognizes the GOP

It’s not a question of whether or not American voting machines will be hacked. It’s a question of when, writes @brianklaas. And all signs point to 2020 being a prime target.

The growing odds of a recession before the 2020 election threaten to crush Trump’s hopes of a second term

"YOU GOTTA SURRENDER, MAN": A lawyer for the suspected gunman speaks with @GregArgosCBS3 about what led to Maurice Hill's surrender after 6 police officers were shot and a long standoff.

NEW: Gov. Jim Justice is West Virginia’s richest man and owns its most storied resort. When lobbyists and state agencies book there, he profits. Here’s how the governor, dubbed “Big Jim,” became West Virginia’s little Trump.

Microsoft is warning Windows 10 users to update their operating system immediately because of two "critical" vulnerabilities.

Radiation containment a new concern in Russian nuclear incident

Risky Russian deal a tough choice for Kentucky in economic need

Russian Strategic Intentions. AStrategicMultilayerAssessment(SMA)WhitePaper, May 2019 - US Dept of Defense & Joint Chiefs of Staff, (167 pp. in pdf). Note 1st authors

Mitch McConnell at nexus of increased Russian leverage on U.S.

Trump endorses anti-immigrant former baseball player known for collecting Nazi memorabilia