Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Russia and the United States, together, disseminating disinformation from the biggest stage in the world to cast doubt on something that we unequivocally know to have happened.

The budget deficit could not immediately be reached for comment

A federal judge in El Paso has blocked the Trump admin's plan to pay for border barrier construction with $3.6 billion in military funds, ruling that the admin does not have the authority to divert money appropriated by Congress for a different purpose.

Perdue, Vilsack and leading agricultural groups gathered in a Maryland barn last June to talk about the farm-country issue that dare not speak its name

President Trump will sign an executive order defining Judaism as a nationality, not just a religion, thus bolstering the Education Department's efforts to stamp out "Boycott Israel" movements on college campuses

One officer was shot in the shoulder when 2 men with a long rifle opened fire in Jersey City, New Jersey, on Tuesday afternoon, an official said

It's hard to describe just how much that Fox News is lying about the Horowitz report — but we're going to try anyways

North Korea insulted Trump again, calling him a "heedless and erratic old man" after he tweeted that Kim Jong Un wouldn't want to abandon their special relationship by resuming hostile acts

The Pentagon's Office of the Inspector General has launched a review of the deployment of thousands of US soldiers to the southern border with Mexico, a mission ordered by President Trump

BREAKING: Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s Conservative Party is on track to win a smaller majority than previously projected in the U.K.’s general election, according to a hotly anticipated poll published two days before voting

Given the fact that the A.G. made the serious allegation that the Trump campaign was spied on, while giving sworn testimony in Congress, now that his own DOJ has concluded, no, they weren't spied on, under normal circumstances, that would be the occasion for the A.G. to resign.

This ain't fair to Thanos. He only wanted to kill half of all livin' things.

This Is The Same FBI That Barr Has Insulted!

Another reminder from an American living abroad: routine massacres with guns do not happen in any other developed country. It’s a policy choice. About 14,000 people get murdered with guns in the US each year. In the UK last year, it was around 30 (with 1/5th the population)

Electing our leaders is a sacred right. Russia attacked us in 2016. The intelligence community agrees. Trump just allowed Russia to spread more MISINFORMATION about its role ON OUR SOIL at the State Dep’t. Reality + dystopia have merged. Worried yet?

"This is how a protection racket operates—you pay Tucker [Carlson] or you become a target," an adviser for Paul Singer said. "And he now has a much bigger platform to pursue his vendettas"

Lavrov on Ukraine meddling: “the elections of 2016 has nothing to do with us, that is an issue between 2 sovereign states. But it shows the extent of the absurdity about the accusations about us and Russian intervention.” Russia gets a WH invite to propagate this lie.

Giuliani says Trump has asked him to brief Justice Department and GOP senators on his Ukraine findings

The president and his amateur advisers are giving the Kremlin ammunition to use against the U.S

US Navy grounds all Saudi military trainees in wake of last week's fatal shooting at Pensacola Naval Air Station

BREAKING / NBC News: Federal prosecutors say Paul Manafort's business partner and former Trump campaign staffer Rick Gates should get probation citing his cooperation. They say Gates was pressured not to cooperate and received assurance of "monetary assistance" if he didn't.

EXCLUSIVE: FBI warned 6 months ago a foreign national could use a hunting license loophole to buy a firearm. That's exactly how Pensacola shooter obtained his weapon. Unclear if gun stores in Florida got the warning.@janawinter and @hunterw report.

It is not lost on us that the White House has made a choice to block witnesses from testifying and has refused to provide documents It has left many in America and those in the Senate—who could soon be judges and jurors in a trial—to believe President Trump has something to hide

Why would we have any diplomatic contact at all with Russia after election 2016? Why are we allowing a Russian foreign minister to stand in the US and publicly spout these lies and call us liars on our own soil?

There's a reason Barr is doing mainstream interviews and not Fox. He knows the media will treat him as AG, not as Trump's Roy Cohn. Unbelievable malpractice in light of Barr's record.

! Washington Post reporter to Russian FM Sergey Lavrov: "Why not just read the Mueller report, it's very detailed" on election interference

Barr’s accusation that the career men and women at the FBI were acting in bad faith a day after a comprehensive investigation failed to find that is a new low. Just sheer partisan hackery.

!!: “Gates received pressure not to cooperate with the government, including assurances of monetary assistance,” say prosecutors in his sentencing memo. Who offered the president’s former Dep. Campaign Chmn money *not* to cooperate with investigators?

I sued the Department of Justice and FBI today. I take little joy in having done so. But what they did in leaking my messages to the press was not only wrong, it was illegal — Lisa Page

You know, John Mitchell went to jail for Nixon out of loyalty. Barr is doing it because after years of hiding under the radar as a kind of standard-issue Bush/Reagan Republican, he turns out to be a tin-foil loon.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov: "We have highlighted once again that all speculation about our alleged interference in domestic processes in the US are baseless. There are no facts that would support that ...no one has given us this proof because it simply does not exist"

It's almost like he doesn't have a very good story here. It'll probably get worse

By charging a constitutional crime even more serious and sweeping than garden-variety bribery, the House isn’t just avoiding a distracting legalistic fight over labels. It’s making the gravest accusation possible short of treason: total betrayal of the Constitution and his Oath.

In light of 2d Impeachment Article,reupping my @nytimes oped making case: "Trump is out-Nixoning Nixon. And while the Ukraine allegations will take center stage...Any claim by the president to hide the truth is itself a grave wrong&an impeachable offense"

Trump pays $2 million in damages ordered by judge over misuse of charity funds, according to NY attorney general

We now await the Russian readout to get an inkling of what he and our president discussed

Hogan Gidley says Trump and Lavrov will talk about "election security"

BREAKING / NBC News: Federal prosecutors say Paul Manafort's business partner and former Trump campaign staffer Rick Gates should get probation citing his cooperation. They say Gates was pressured not to cooperate and received assurance of "monetary assistance" if he didn't

Conservative attorney group slams Trump's AG: "Bill Barr has grossly mischaracterized and subverted" IG findings

BREAKING / NBC News: Federal prosecutors say Paul Manafort's business partner and former Trump campaign staffer Rick Gates should get probation citing his cooperation. They say Gates was pressured not to cooperate and received assurance of "monetary assistance" if he didn't.

The IG is independent, and shielded from political influence. His investigation found no evidence that bias affected the opening of the case. Bill Barr has shown himself to be Trump's Roy Cohn — only interested in promoting Trump’s personal interests. You choose who to believe

Barr interview is a convenient pile of dynamite to divert from Lavrov and articles of impeachment. Here comes the outrage!

Resolution to impeach Trump for high crimes & misdemeanors Trump "has demonstrated that he will remain a threat to the Constitution if allowed to remain in office, and has acted in a manner grossly incompatible with self-governance and the rule of law”

A reminder: His government attacked the United States.

Wray to Trump, Nunes, Jordan and FoxWorld: You're lying and acting as useful idiots for Putin.

An election is no solution when Trump, Russia and Republicans are determined to steal it Trump’s shakedown of Zelensky looks a lot like a payoff to Putin that’s also an invitation for help in 2020. The remedy is impeachment and removal.

The privilege of raiding your retirement fund to pay off your student debt. These cheap bastards want you to die in the gutter

BREAKING: @RepTedYoho announces his retirement from a *very* safe @GOP seat in #Florida. Lots of rats fleeing the Trump🇷🇺Titanic.

Yoho's time to go-go. Announces retirement

Who made the decision to give Lavrov a second Oval office meeting? There is no substantive reason for this meeting. Why didn't they invite Zelensky to fly from Paris? Very strange. I hope the horrible symbolism here was just a mistake & not on purpose.

Who made the decision to give Lavrov a second Oval office meeting? There is no substantive reason for this meeting. Why didn't they invite Zelensky to fly from Paris? Very strange. I hope the horrible symbolism here was just a mistake & not on purpose.

Calling out traitors on #ImpeachmentDay. You know who you are.

Hopefully, the Russians will once again let us know what they discussed.

LIVE at @politico Women Rule with @SpeakerPelosi

Barr turned the American people against the Mueller report by lying about its findings and conclusions before it was released. Now Barr tells the American people to disregard the IG report’s findings validating the Russia investigation. Will America let itself be fooled again?

The House-Senate deal made yesterday on must-pass defense legislation would impose sanctions against companies helping Russia complete the Nord Stream 2 natural gas pipeline to Germany.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov is currently meeting with Mike Pompeo.

BREAKING: @AFLCIO endorses the USMCA after Dems secure labor changes. all but assured safe passage through the House.

Will the GOP’s born-again Trumpers ever pay the price for selling out?

It’s official — Trump impeachment charges finally unveiled as president accused of abuse of power and obstruction

Watch: House Democrats detail articles of impeachment against President Trump

NADLER: "Today, in service to our duty of the Constitution, the Judiciary Committee is introducing 2 articles of impeachment ...the first article is for abuse of power ...the 2nd article of impeachment [is] for obstruction of Congress ...no one, not even POTUS, is above the law."

BREAKING: Democrats unveil two articles of impeachment against Trump—abuse of power and obstruction of Congress

Remember where you were today at this moment

Nadler: "The first article is for abuse of power. It is an impeachable offense for the president to exercise the powers of his public office to obtain improper personal benefit while ignoring or injuring the national interest. That is exactly what president Trump did."

It's officail!

Chairman Nadler: "Today, in service to our duty to the Constitution and to our country, the House Committee on the Judiciary is introducing two articles of impeachment, charging the president of the U.S., Donald J. Trump, with committing high crimes and misdemeanors."

Bad for the Jews.....

And we're go for a Tuesday launch. Let's get it on.

Speaker Pelosi is walking out with the Committee heads for a historic press conference.

House Democrats announce next steps in Trump impeachment inquiry.

I love that @SpeakerPelosi will be announcing the #ArticlesOfImpeachment because it just makes it even worse for #PutinsPuppet

SUSPICION CONFIRMED: AG Loretta Lynch was NEVER briefed on the Trump Russia Crossfire Hurricane investigation. (SO QUITE POSSIBLE BARR KNOWS DILLY).

Seb Gorka taking a dick pic.


McConnell is already telegraphing what the GOP will drastically cut if they have control after 2020. He says deficit ballooned because of Social Security, Medicare, not Republican Tax Cuts. Wow! This should bring lots of folks to vote in 2020

Trump blasted by former White House ethics chief for attacking his own FBI director

A DOJ attorney repping Trump against allegations he's illegally profiting from his office told a court that Congress would have to pass a new law if it wanted to prevent the president from accepting payments from foreign governments through his business.


In a request tonight for a lenient sentence, RICK GATES reveals he interviewed with special counsel Mueller and other prosecutors for more than 500 hours since he began cooperating.

How thin is Mike Huckabee’s skin? Check this out

Houston's Police chief slams McConnell, Cornyn: "I don't want to see their little smug faces about how much they care about law enforcement when I'm burying a sergeant because they don’t want to piss off the NRA. Make up your minds, whose side are you on?"

Trump’s NATO parade of falsehoods and misstatements

The President and his supporters have claimed that the investigating committees are relying on hearsay. As a former judge, Rep. Garcia details what direct evidence is.

Thanks to ⁦@realDonaldTrump⁩. Putin's plan for America is working better than he could have hoped.

“U.S. Senate and House committees have agreed to include a bill sanctioning Russia's new natural-gas pipeline to Europe into the National Defense Authorization Act, putting up a potential roadblock to the project’s completion.”

CORRECTION: Todays closed door meeting between Trump & the Russian Foreign Minister will be closed to AMERICAN press. In 2017 Trump Barred the US Press, but Not Russia's. Russia live tweeted. That was when Trump & Lavrov met in the Oval Office and Trump shared classified info.

Just want to mention that the President accused the FBI of attempting a coup today based on a deliberate misreading of an investigation that said the opposite and everyone’s just like ho hum the president makes up imaginary coups all the time no biggie.

FBI director Christopher Wray: "It's important for the American people to be thoughtful consumers of information, to think about the sources of it and to think about the support and predication for what they hear."

I wonder if this going to hurt papadopoulos congressional run?

Today’s #HumanRightsDay Trump’s defending one of the biggest human rights violators in the🌎 In 6 months Saudi Arabia has brutally killed 150 peaceful protesters — many children. Experts believe Saudi Arabia’s drastic increase in executions is R/T to Trump’s unwavering support.

The House of Representatives passed the reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act in April of this year on a bipartisan basis. It is unacceptable the Republican-controlled Senate refuses to simply put that lifesaving legislation up for a vote

The FBI's darkest days may lie ahead

Police: Dad with history of fatal accidental shooting charged in 2nd accidental shooting of daughter, 9

Because of Paul Volcker, our financial system is stronger and safer for the American people. I’ll remember Paul — Barack Obamafor his consummate wisdom, untethered honesty, and a level of dignity that matched his towering stature. I’m proud to have called him not just an adviser, but a friend.

The conclusion of America's intelligence agencies is clear: Russia — not Ukraine — interfered in the 2016 U.S. Presidential election. To suggest otherwise is to spread a conspiracy theory, propagated by Russian security services to advance Russia's interests.

Doug Collins: "The bottom line: The [Horowitz] report shows the Page FISA should have never been obtained. If you don't have a Page FISA, you don't have a Russia investigation." Horowitz found the Page probe was legitimate; on the latter, the Russia probe predated the Page FISA.

Ex-U.S. congressman, son and associate settle insider trading case with SEC

Well, Lindsey, you've had clearance for decades at the highest levels. Make a criminal referral or resign. Because this is sedition if you can't back it up

Switzerland’s financial regulator warns the nation is “particularly exposed” to money laundering risks

The art of the deal

A Perennial Congressional Candidate Beloved by Trump World Was Just Arrested on Stalking Charges

Comey in op-ed after IG report: 'Barr needs to stop acting like a Trump spokesperson'

As most of us "sane" people knew all along

so I went and hunted this down... this is where 45 asked Ukraine and china to investigate his political rival... go to 1 min and 39 sec in

Russian President Vladimir Putin says Moscow has grounds to appeal a decision by the World Anti-Doping Agency to bar Russia from major sporting events. More here:

In a fiery press conference, Houston's police chief lashes out at the National Rifle Association and three top Republican lawmakers after the recent death of one of his officers

Fox News’ Dichotomy between reality & fantasy ✔️Reality—Chris Wallace: IG report headline “It didn't find the things that Bill Barr & Donald Trump alleged” 🦄Fantasy—Sean Hannity: IG report “We were right every step of the way . . . Fraud”

Best buds

Trump/Lavrov meeting in the Oval office will be “closed press”

We'd like to announce that we are the official briefcase maker of Steve Castor. 😜 You can fill your briefcase up with files or yummy food (our preference). Mention hashtag #TFMBriefcase over the next 24 hours in-store to get your own briefcase for free (aka reusable bag!)

Trump, Barr, Graham, right wing news hosts, and the entire Republican Party owe the FBI an apology.

DOJ watchdog finds no political bias in Russia investigation

Lawrence takes apart the Republican defense of Trump

Former British spy Christopher Steele, who compiled a controversial dossier on President Trump, said it was "ridiculous" to think he was biased against the President because he had "been friendly" with Ivanka Trump

Speaking of toilets ...

Trump was so concerned with corruption in Ukraine, he decided to hire the foremost expert and hands-on participant: Paul Manafort.

Umm, Devin Nunes thinks the FBI is a spy ring

Claire McCaskill on Barr and Durham: "This is so far afield. This is political. This is totally political. And it is a dangerous moment for our country that the DOJ has— I mean, doesn't the meeting on the tarmac with Bill Clinton and the airplane look quaint now?"

Trump: *Obstructs all fact-witness testimony* GOP: "Can you believe the Democrats have alleged obstruction without the testimony of a single fact witness?"

After his bigoted and authoritarian speeches at @NDLaw and @FedSoc, Bill Barr is now undermining the DOJ Inspector General. Pathetic

The President is running through some of his verbal tics - history of our country - never should happen to another president - disgrace - worse than I thought - I have squirrels in my oatmeal - I knew Thomas Edison

Ordinarily if an AG publicly announced during a pending investigation that his own FBI had improperly spied for political purposes, and then that turned out to be false, the AG would resign because he would have zero remaining credibility or moral leadership ability.

Fox News Nation commercial celebrates an ‘all-American Christmas’ that only features white people

The heckler was a host from InfoWars, the pro-Trump conspiracy theory and disinformation organ

Opinion: How to expose Republican lies

BREAKING: House Speaker Nancy Pelosi just made the shortlist to be named 2019’s Time Person of the Year. congratulations to Nancy Pelosi

P2P = texting to random representative sample, then linked to online survey - works just like a phone survey, its just texting not calling. Balanced on 2020 electorate and no different than live cells. No significant mode effect found. see methodology:

This Republican poll, being promoted heavily by the Trump campaign and the Republican Party, was conducted, in part, by "PEER-TO-PEER TEXT MESSAGING," lol

Castor bashes Mueller investigation as too long and too expensive. Now he's saying this process has been too short and too narrow...

Sources say there are expected to be at least two articles of impeachment against Trump -- abuse of power and obstruction of Congress -- and debate still ongoing about how to handle obstruction of justice. Announcement tomorrow morning, markup Thursday

The facts are uncontested: 1. Trump abused the power of his office to pressure a foreign nation to interfere in US elections 2. He withheld aid and a White House meeting to do so 3. His conduct undermined our national security 4. He obstructed Congress to cover it up

GOP defense

Castor: "They did not know the aid was on hold." Laura Cooper testified they got inquiries from the Ukrainians on their much-needed aid the SAME DAY as Trump's July 25 request for "a favor" after Zelensky asked for javelins.

“Clearly, he has a lot of screws loose,” Navarro's accuser told The Daily Beast. “I think a lot of this power has gotten into his head. He has a lot of money now from campaign donations”

EU foreign ministers have agreed on a new legislation to slap asset freezes and travel bans on human rights violators akin to the U.S. Magnitsky Act .

A group of doctors showed up at a Border Patrol detention facility to provide free flu vaccines for 100 migrant kids. The doctors said it would take a half hour. Three kids have died from the flu in federal custody. The doctors were refused entry

FBI Director Chris Wray sharply breaks with the president as new fissures erupt in the Justice Department

Why’s @realDonaldTrump so impotent on Saudi murders? "Saudi Arabia — and I get along great with all of them. They buy apartments from me. They spend $40 million, $50 million. Am I supposed to dislike them? I like them very much." Trump’s a disgrace, @RepMarkMeadows enables him.

Well laid plans at the Federal Reserve keep getting blown off course by the trade war

Seems to me like @RealOmarNavarro probably shouldn't be retweeting attacks on his ex-girlfriend while out on bail after being arrested for allegedly stalking and threatening her......

Trump on DOJ IG report mentions a "move" he made: "What they were doing and what they would have done if I didn't make a certain move, a certain move that was a very important move because it would have been even worse if that's possible, and it might have been able to succeed."

Don’t forget that we’ll hear from the DOJ Inspector General himself when he publicly testifies this Wednesday before Congress. We’ll likely hear in his own words what he thinks about the “witch hunt,” “deep state,” and FBI FISA abuse

Katie Hill talked to me about how conservative media nearly destroyed her life.

WATCH: Rachel Maddow shocked AG Bill Barr did not resign after IG report undermined his conspiracy theories

Putin has said the ethnic Chechen Georgian national killed in Berlin this summer was behind a Moscow subway blast.

I used to see this old tweet back in my notifications every time Putin gave a speech. Now it's every time Trump has a rally or when the GOP speaks in the hearings. Stay strong, ignore the BS, and keep repeating the truth!

Steele was interviewed extensively by the IG’s office this year and handed over documents. As is standard, he was able to review the portions of the report that mention him. So it’s unclear why he’s been prevented from reviewing/being briefed on the newly declassified info.

FBI Director Wray: "We have no information that indicates that Ukraine interfered with the 2016 presidential election," Wray said, adding that "as far as the [2020] election itself goes, we think Russia represents the most significant threat."

When the World Anti Doping Agency does more to punish Russia than the Republican Party