Wednesday, June 6, 2018

JUST IN: McConnell won't back GOP bill fighting Trump's tariffs

And...doesn't Semion Mogilevich have Israeli citizenship?

Why is the president’s Russia lawyer speaking at a conference in Israel? He has free time for extracurriculars?

A Medical Mystery Grows as U.S. Consulate Workers in China Fall Ill

Who is Brittany Kaiser? Cambridge Analytica whistleblower teases new revelations

Let's be clear. The sole reason Trump wants to put food stamps under HHS is that makes them easier to cut.

Another Federal Judge, Citing Alito, Strikes Down Trumps Anti-Sanctuary City Policy

Ex-US attorney: Manafort should "bring his toothbrush to court" because he's going to prison

CNN’s Phil Mudd slams Paul Ryan for finally admitting the House’s Russia investigation was a sham: ‘Where you been brother?’

Ivanka Trump may soon be in the crosshairs of FBI and congressional investigators

NEW: Paul Ryan said he agrees with Trey Gowdy that there is no evidence that the FBI acted improperly in its surveillance of the Trump campaign.

Cryptic: Comey says there are classified reasons why the FBI expected Sessions to recuse himself from Russia probe

Trumps consumer financial chief disbands key advisory boards

Former Cambridge Analytica chief admits firm got Facebook data from researcher

This happened 205 years ago, and was in retaliation for York & Port Dover. Canada wasn’t even sovereign from Great Britain at the time. Meanwhile the countries who are attacking us *right now* get praise, obfuscation, and protection from the tRUmp admin. Imagine that.

Zuck shared your psych profile with the Russians AND Chinese intelligence.

BREAKING: Stormy Daniels has filed a lawsuit that says her old attorney, Keith Davidson, colluded with Trump lawyer Michael Cohen, with the president's knowledge.

EXCLUSIVE: Special Counsel Robert Mueller's team is requesting that witnesses turn in their personal phones to inspect their encrypted messaging programs, sources tell CNBC.

Congressional Hispanics call for independent commission over Puerto Rico hurricane deaths.

JUST IN: Senators introduce bill that would stop Trump from creating tariffs without their approval

NEWS: Just told by senior EPA person that Sarah Greenwalt, senior counsel to Pruitt, has also resigned. Asking EPA public affairs for confirmation. Comes after another aide Millian Hupp also resigned today

Ivanka Trump connected her father’s lawyer with a Russian who offered to arrange a Trump-Putin meeting during the campaign

Trump Treasury Dept refuses to commit to putting Harriet Tubman on $20 bill

BREAKING: hearing word of a possible tabulation error in Orange Co. that could be costing Harley Rouda (D) ~2,000 votes in #CA48. If confirmed, we'd have a very tight race for 2nd between Keirstead (D), Baugh (R) & Rouda (D)

German politicians are calling for Trump’s ambassador to Berlin to be expelled after he supported far right against government

Big oil companies set to meet with Pope Francis later this week are being "duplicitous" in their support for addressing climate change, says Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse — in a letter to the pope.

Schumer to McConnell: Lets spend August on health care

Straws and stirrers make up more than 7 percent of plastic products found in the environment, researchers say

Journalists are concerned over what access will be granted at the historic meeting between Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un

Sweepstakes, lottery and prize scams “are among the most serious and pervasive frauds operating today,” according to a new report from the Better Business Bureau.

White House Game of Thrones Elevates Newbie to Run Cybersecurity

Trump Transition Team Goes to War Over Rogue FBI Agent

Steve Mnuchin Blacked Out Schedule on Days of Controversial Trips

Ex-NATO chief says Donald Trump has made the world a more dangerous place

Sen Ron Wyden's Letter to FCC chair - Phone exploits

Trump is determined to walk out of the Kim Jong Un meeting if it doesn’t go well, two officials say. Alternatively, the president is toying with the idea of offering Kim a follow-up summit at Mar-a-Lago

Separating children from their parents as a “deterrent” is a deliberate cruelty. Pretending the law requires it is cowardly nonsense. You own this horrific policy.

Interesting. All other Danish MPs supportive of Magnitsky Act, but Marie Kraup from the Danish People’s Party (far right) challenging it saying “why should we do this since most Russians support Putin?”

The ‘Face the Nation’ host weighs in on how reporters have fallen short in their coverage of political news

Louisiana lawmakers are pushing bills that profit their own businesses. And it’s perfectly legal

Philadelphia mayor calls Trump a "tyrant" after White House snubs Eagles

Nikki Haley literally begged other ambassadors to support her UN resolution on Gaza — and not one voted for it

Whoever wins #NBAFinals won't want White House invite - LeBron James

If this report is true, the Trump Administration is rewarding China on ZTE. This agreement puts Chinese jobs first and undermines our national security.

The fact that Manafort feels free to engage in witness tampering, while being watched by federal authorities, raises questions about whether @realDonaldTrump promised Manafort he would never face justice

Opinion: Trump’s tariffs give Democrats a big opportunity

Today 70% of voters in #CA48 rejected the failed hateful politics of @RepRohrabacher. We're ready for a new day in Orange County

As Trump prepares to meet with Kim Jong Un, a growing list of foreign leaders are trying to influence the results.

Someone "swatted" Parkland teen David Hogg’s family home

US defends Trump’s man in Berlin: ‘Americans have the right to free speech

Eighth graders at PA middle school issued bulletproof backpack plates as graduation gift

Trump's lawyers want legal immunity for the president. Who will stop them?

Joe Manchin is embracing Trump: "We just kind of do the man-bump type thing."

Steve Bannon is on a mission to end democracy in Europe

Lawrence: In Mueller's probe, ‘it's the money, stupid’

Trump’s former campaign chair Paul Manafort will find out next week if he’s going to jail for witness tampering but Lawrence argues that as the Russia probe unfolds: It all goes back to Trump and Manafort’s goal of making money for themselves above all. Natasha Bertrand, Matt Miller, and Paul Butler join Lawrence.

Border agents running out of space to hold children separated from parents

Democrat Arthur wins Missouri election in Northland days after Greitens resigns

New York acting A.G. Barbara Underwood says Trump's D'Souza pardon adds urgency to push to "close New York’s double jeopardy loophole and ensure that anyone who evades federal justice by virtue of a politically expedient pardon can be held accountable."

#Russia's state TV: Dean of Moscow state University: "The EU is coming apart at the seams —thanks to American God & voters, Trump is smashing it with a sledgehammer. That's why Putin says he isn't trying to weaken the EU. Why would he bother? Trump is doing all the work for him."

United Nations: U.S. is violating human rights

As the President was lip-synching the National Anthem at an event supposedly about the National Anthem and football, the United Nations asserted that US is violating human rights by separating children from parents at the border. Maria Teresa Kumar joins Lawrence.

Trump keeping immigrant kids in cages, military bases may be next

Rachel Maddow explains why military bases are now among the considerations for handling the overflow of immigrant children seized from their families by the Trump administration.

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Gavin Newsom advances to the November election in California.

JUST IN: California Dem advances in bid to unseat Nunes

Manafort legal peril from bad to worse as pressure to flip mounts

New witness tampering allegations could not only add to the charges Donald Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort is facing but could jeopardize his legal representation as his former colleague and former son-in-law are both cooperating with prosecutors.

Democrat Lauren Arthur has won a state Senate seat in Missouri's 17th district, defeating her Republican opponent by 19-points in a district that went for Trump by 4-points (a 23-point swing).

It's time

Alabama sheriff who pocketed $750,000 meant to feed inmates in the county jail he oversees lost his reelection bid tonight

Why Is Trump’s Most Corrupt Minion Obsessed with Used Mattresses?

Deb Haaland, who won the Democratic nomination in her New Mexico district Tuesday night, is likely to become the first Native American congresswoman in U.S. history come November.

California voters recalled Judge Aaron Persky, who gave a 6-month sentence for sexual assault. He's the first judge recalled in the state in more than 80 years.

Trump, GOP keep Scott Pruitt on despite flagrant abuse of office

Rachel Maddow shares reporting that Donald Trump EPA administrator Scott Pruitt tried to use his office as leverage to get his wife a Chick-fil-A franchise. There does not appear to be any dispute of the evidence that he did this.

Fox News is reportedly having difficulty selling ads for Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham’s shows: “The pro-Trump thing isn’t working"

Man with White House access arrested on attempted murder warrant

Rachel Maddow reports what is known so far about breaking news of a man arrested outside the White House on an attempted murder warrant. The man was a contractor with a White House pass working for the National Security Council.

I thought Trump would be a horrible president but I did not think he would raise taxes for the Blue states as a way of punishing us for not voting for him.

.@Lawrence: The big scandal is still collusion with Russia