Sunday, October 15, 2017

Trump sexual assault accuser subpoenas Trump campaign for documents on all assault claims

Census 2020: How it’s supposed to work (and how it might go terribly wrong)

Van Jones: Silicon Valley needs to be worried that they seem to be "helping to divide the country...the algorithms actually push us apart"

Reminder: inexplicably, Jared Kushner still has a security clearance. The House should take up my bill, the Security Clearance Review Act

There is too much at stake this November in the #VAgov race, make sure you are registered by the Oct. 16 deadline

Hillary Clinton blasts Trump over Iran, Korea policies

The White House is trying to rush the Russia probes. We can’t let that happen. My op-ed in today’s @washingtonpost

We can bet his hedge fund buddies were shorting these stocks when he announced this. Profit from destruction.

Haley: North Korea is the 'whole reason' for revisiting Iran dea

Twitter bots distorted the 2016 election, including many likely from Russia

Nearly 70% of people hurt by Trump cuts to health care subsidies live in states he won.

Trump Golfs Again and Again and Again...

We need to undo CitizensUnited. Too much money in politics. Money/greed are the main motivators left for politicians

‘Facts matter — not puffery’: Ex-US Attorney explains why Trump’s interview with Mueller will be a huge mistake

Putin knew exactly what he was doing installing trump.

That same Manafort-linked company takes the same amount of money and re-loans it to another Manafort company...

New Fac tChecker: Trump’s claim that U.S. interceptors can knock out ICBMs ’97 percent of the time’

There's more to Scott Pruitt's attack on Obama's climate reg than meets the eye

Nikki Haley was Trump’s Iran whisperer

Opinion: Four huge risks from Trump’s temper tantrum over Iran

Not even hospitals in Puerto Rico know how many people have died

Mississippi school district pulls "To Kill A Mockingbird" for making people "uncomfortable"

New regulation allows non-religious organizations to opt out of providing coverage for contraceptive services.

Justice Department Drops Request for Names of People Who 'Liked' Anti-Trump Facebook Page

Government lawyers ask judge to deny requests to make Comey memos public

‘Alt-Right’ leader Richard Spencer isn’t sure if women should be allowed to vote

While the press goes wild over tweets, Trump is remaking the federal judiciary,

Venue operators and event organizers have been rethinking perimeter security, many in the concert industry say

Terrifying bodycam footage shows hellish early hours of California wildfires

When a study showed that refugees generate tax revenues that exceeded costs of resettling by $63 billion dollars…Miller suppressed the study


Pence, Biden hit the trail in Virginia governor's race

Oh, so companies with pervasive sexual harassment issues at the leadership level should shut down? Interesting idea

Republicans worry they'll be blamed for ObamaCare problems after Trump ended subsidies

Former Trump adviser Sebastian Gorka: "The left has no idea how much more damage we can do to them as private citizens."


The history and logistics of trying and removing the president from office

The United States already lost a major battle in the information war

Hustler Magazine founder Larry Flynt offers $10 million for info to impeach Trump

These are the White House approved "meals" FEMA reportedly is handing out in Puerto Rico...Vienna sausages, a Nutrigrain bar & f'n Skittles.

ANALYSIS: Why Pres. Trump’s remarks about times "changing back" are troubling

Steve Bannon declares "war" against Republican establishment in fiery speech

Trump: My presidency is 'substantially ahead of schedule'

Analysis | Trump's approach to Iran exposes a widening chasm of mutual disdain between the U.S. and its allies

What Facebook did to American democracy

A Cambridge Analytica intern left sensitive voter targeting tools online for nearly a year

Could we reverse a hacked presidential election?

States line up to sue Trump administration over latest Obamacare move

So Bannon just told these right-wingers that Trump's EO will "blow up" Obamacare. And the crowd...cheered⁉️

A new poll finds Americans want Donald Trump to fix Obamacare, not sabotage it

Polls: Trump, government earn low marks for Puerto Rico hurricane response

The president was asked a detailed question about the Iran deal.

Donald Trump Trucker Rally Cold Open - SNL

President Donald Trump (Alec Baldwin) checks in with Vice President Mike Pence (Beck Bennett) and takes shots at Senator Bob Corker and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson.