Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Inside the Pro-Trump Facebook Group Where First Responders Call Coronavirus a Hoax

Not only is this a lie, but we're back to the creepy theme that always pervades his tweets: "I did the right thing even though everyone else wanted me not to, but I was right and brave and it really wasn't my fault." I imagine this must be the way he tried to talk to his father.

EXCLUSIVE: The U.S. Air Force quietly flew 500,000 COVID-19 testing kits from Italy to Memphis on Monday

trump is promising to send the hospital ships (Mercy and Comfort) to NY to assist. He says they are ready to go. They are not. Both are undergoing maintenance and neither has a crew. Why lie about this? He is a disgrace.

Isn’t weird how Fox News hasn’t tweeted for over a year until four hours ago? ⁦@DirkSchwenk⁩ ⁦@lauferlaw⁩ ⁦@thespybrief⁩ ⁦@LouiseMensch⁩ what dis?

Trump signs the coronavirus relief bill - the Families First Coronavirus Response Act - into law, a product of negotiations between Pelosi and Mnuchin

C.D.C. data shows that nearly 40 percent of coronavirus patients sick enough to be hospitalized were 20-54

BREAKING: Abbot recieves FDA emergency use authorization for making and shipping #COVIDー19 tests. Read the release. Tests to go out immediately

After more than two years, Fox News is back on Twitter to extend the reach of its literally fatal advice for those most susceptible to dying from COVID-19! Welcome these ghouls back!

More than 80 career national security professionals have broken tradition and signed an open letter of support for Joe Biden, saying that Trump "has created an existential danger to the United States." Most signatories have served both GOP and Dem admins.

Huge development: 80 non-political career National Security professionals take the unprecedented step of breaking silence and endorsing Joe Biden

First confirmed coronavirus case reported at Rikers Island

When it comes to social distancing and public health best practices, Congress should be an example, not an exception. So @RepSwalwell, @RepVanTaylor, and I are leading a group of 50+ Reps. to call on leaders of both parties to allow remote voting, so we can keep doing our jobs.

Just asked McConnell about Pelosi’s call to let the four leaders sit down and cut a stimulus deal - and he threw cold water on it. He said Senate GOP and administration would cut a deal - and then negotiate with Schumer, who’d keep Pelosi “in the loop.”

“Hospitals are holding back from ordering more medical ventilators because of the high cost for what may be only a short-term spike in demand from the coronavirus epidemic...”

Do read @WisVoter's full article. It ends with this quote from Senator Johnson: "I’m having as candid and realistic a conversation with you as I possibly can.''

Canadians who don’t qualify for unemployment or sick pay getting $1800 Canadian a month for 15 weeks. ($900 every two weeks) Congress needs to do the same. Direct payments.

NIH is looking for volunteers who have recovered from COVID-19 to donate blood for studies on the immune system.

"So far, there have been no investments in technology to help manufacturers increase production of ventilators, scant marshaling of federal resources, and limited coordination to help distribute machines. Instead, it’s essentially every state for itself."

NEW: Ghislaine Maxwell sues Epstein estate, ironically staking claim to Jeffrey Epstein’s fortune. In several civil lawsuits, his victims claim that it was Maxwell who ran his underage sex trafficking operation.

LATEST: The Senate passed the "phase two" coronavirus stimulus bill passed by the House. The phase-two bill includes free COVID-19 testing, expansion of food security programs like SNAP and WIC, and more unemployment insurance funding. Live updates:

Good thing the Soviet Union is gone, because at this point they could've taken us in a weekend.

Ignore it. He’s using reflexive control to outrage us and take the focus off Trump’s utter incompetence. It’s Miller/Bannon nonsense.

As a reminder, this guy is up for re-election in the fall

President Trump is trying to rewrite history when it comes to his past comments on the novel coronavirus, claiming he did not downplay the threat, ABC News' @karentravers reports.

For reference: The Dow closed at 19,827.25 on Inauguration Day, Jan. 20, 2017. The Dow closed at 19,898.92 today.

"Just in case we need it”? Mr. President, we needed it yesterday – you've wasted too much precious time already. Time to put American manufacturers to work getting critical supplies to hospitals now.

GM CEO Mary Barra offered to manufacture hospital ventilators in auto factories shuttered due to the coronavirus outbreak, Kudlow says

EXCLUSIVE: Search for coronavirus treatment runs into Trump administration's restrictions on fetal tissue research. A government scientist has been unable to carry out promising research

Treating the press this way is inexcusable. Bernie should lose his endorsements over this.

Trump's quote of the day: "People are dying who have never died before." - Donald J. Trump, March 18, 2020

BREAKING: @RepJerryNadler Calls on DOJ, EOIR to Suspend Immigration Court Hearings During

One of the best minds on combating the #coronavirus, Dr. Peter Piot says that survival will depend on the "quality of services." He warns that too many healthcare services are under-prepared. As he told me, "you don't set up the fire brigade when the house is on fire."

Wisconsin Senator who spent July 4th in Moscow: Hundreds of thousands of dead Americans isn't that big a deal.

This is why Mitch McConnell sent the Senate home for the weekend. To join Brett Kavanaugh at an oath ceremony for one of his judicial nominees. Unbelievable

BREAKING: Senate passes House coronavirus aid package 90-8. Senate GOP inches closer to unveiling their proposal for a third, larger stimulus package to address the epidemic, and Treasury sends topline figures to the Hill for individual payments & loans.

Dow sheds more than 1,300 points in market meltdown, erasing nearly all of the equity advances under the Trump presidency

LATEST: The S&P 500 pares losses to close down 5.2%

"I hereby announce that I am suspending my candidacy for President of the United States, effective immediately,” Weld said in a statement.

Eleven Films. Setting the standard. Wow

When @Laurie_Garrett writes, I listen. This piece is dense with info and will help you understand the planning parameters you should be thinking through right now. Like, today. Don’t put it off. Maybe everything comes up roses. But if not

Sen. Bernie Sanders grew angry when asked about his campaign plans. During a gaggle with reporters in the Capitol, I asked Sanders about his timeframe for making a decision, and he lashed out: "I'm dealing with a fucking global crisis. You know, we're dealing with."

In the face of a profound threat to America, what kind of leadership do we expect and deserve?


I have to agree with ⁦⁦@gtconway3d⁩ who says the best thing Trump could do to fight Covid-19 is resign.

IF ONLY @POTUS had listened to experts, kept the pandemic team in place, accepted the WHO test kits and taken science and governance seriously. Instead there are lives in the balance and financial ruin in the balance sheets.

If you keep calling it that, perhaps we should call this the #Trumpdemic, given how you made it so much worse with your weeks of inaction and incompetence.

Maybe just maybe trump should stop doing press conferences during trading hours?

Congress needs to act to make voting by mail the norm going forward, with the specifics outlined by election expert Marc Elias below to make it accessible for all.

Oh - if we are doing origins then let’s go with #TrumpVirus because there is where the coronavirus hoax talk and hate speech originated.

Airlines are No. 1 priority for coronavirus relief, Trump says

.@RichardEngel: "This is a virus that came from the territory of China but came from bats. This is a bat virus, not a China virus. It doesn't speak Chinese. It doesn't target Chinese people. It targets human beings who happen to touch their eyes, nose or mouth."

Btw, in arguing for his amendment that stalled coronavirus legislation, Paul suggested that to be a "legitimate person" you need a SS#. He described undocumented immigrants who don't have them as "non-people."

It might be best to ignore Trump and others calling this the Chinese coronavirus. It's a reflexive control tactic -- they want people to get outraged, so then it becomes partisan and more folks double down. Flip the script and call it COVID-19 as though you didn't hear it.

Holy fuck. Rand Paul just called immigrants without social security numbers "non-people" on the floor of the Senate. Our Senate.

Millions of people in America speak a language other than English in their home. The CDC must make coronavirus guidance accessible to everyone. This lack of preparedness is completely unacceptable.

POTUS just said “it’s the story of life” that the wealthy & well-connected go to the front of the line for testing and treatment.

The Senate rejected the Rand Paul amendment to the coronavirus legislation following a 3-95 vote.

McConnell says Senate will pass House coronavirus bill today. Measure includes free coronavirus testing, unemployment insurance benefits, paid leave for some displaced workers, increased Medicaid spending, food stamps and nutrition assistance

The US-Canada border will close to nonessential travel to slow the spread of coronavirus, President Trump announced

"New York City also put in a request for more than 2 million masks and only received 76,000; all were expired"

Our Army has taken steps to protect the health of our Soldiers, Civilians, Families, and Soldiers for Life while supporting the whole-of-government approach to addressing COVID19. We'll overcome this challenge together because Winning Matters and we're Army Strong!

U.S. stocks plunge at the open

The amount of agitprop energy being poured into making the "Chinese Virus" line a central pillar of Trump's messaging should, perhaps, be devoted instead into fighting the FUCKING VIRUS

Dow opens down 1,200+ points in early Wednesday training.

Whitmer asks Michigan companies to make medical gowns, hand sanitizer to fight coronavirus

There’s A Shortage Of Ventilators For Coronavirus Patients, So This International Group Invented An Open Source Alternative That’s Being Tested Next Week

JUST IN: 5.7-magnitude earthquake strikes near Salt Lake City, Utah, USGS says.

Please don’t. You’ll just crash the market’s further

Just felt the first earthquake of my life. That was crazy.

There appears to have been a significant earthquake in Salt Lake City.

Accomplimenshayz vs. Tolereiyted. Asbadazizziz vs. Duruuur. So many juicy matchups in Round 2 of Trump’s Best Word Bracket:

Vast numbers of Americans are being told to stay home. But what happens when home isn't safe?

How about billionaire casino owner Sheldon Adelson stop giving millions of dollars to far right candidates, Super PACs and political organizations and help his employees instead of asking for a bailout?

This is not the end of the world, according to Christians who study the end of the world

Amid growing pressure to end his candidacy, @BernieSanders will “be having conversations with supporters to assess his campaign,” per his campaign manager, who he gave no firm timetable for the decision, and signaled that it might not come imminently

It is our responsibility to halt measures that prolong the coronavirus crisis. I'm calling for an immediate halt to needless deportations and a release from detention of all immigrants who pose no public safety threat

Murdoch has blood on his hands.

If you missed my scoop from yesterday: Jared Kushner Once Controlled a Firm Now Running a Coronavirus Testing Website

How Fox News has shifted its coronavirus rhetoric

A state-owned Russian news site has floated some theories on the virus’ origin: It may be the creation of the U.S. military, the site speculated; or perhaps George Soros, Bill Gates, or American pharmaceutical companies

”Stop doing it, it’s ridiculous, it’s un-Australian and it must stop.” – Prime Minister @ScottMorrisonMP on Bulk Buying

The fluff PR campaign for ⁦@sherylsandberg⁩ is endless. Don’t believe this crap

The American Virus

Sanders faces growing pressure to withdraw from presidential race

"I've spoken, actually, with my son," the president said, referencing 13-year-old Barron Trump. "He says, 'How bad is this?' It's bad."

A staggering amount of money - on top of $8.3B already appropriated, a House bill that is expected to pass the Senate today that lacks an official cost estimate and $1 trillion stimulus proposed by the WH. All comes after the CBO projected the deficit to reach $1.02T this year

Think about the psychology of proudly displaying this message to the entire world with a huge-ass smile on your face. What is the allure of being a GIGANTIC FLAMING ASSHOLE? Whatever it is, it's the secret of Trump's popularity. By shitting on others, they feel superior.

Hong Kong reported its largest increase in new coronavirus cases on Wednesday after a period of apparent slowdown in infections, raising fears of a second Covid-19 wave

Exclusive: China's internal security force on frontlines of Hong Kong protests

North Korea supposedly has not a single infection

Russia’s ruble tumbles the most in emerging markets, erasing a fifth of its value in the year

Russia is pumping out disinformation on coronavirus to spread panic in the West, EU report concludes

“Exxon Mobil Corp. suffered a setback in a climate change case when a federal judge ruled that a consumer protection lawsuit filed by Massachusetts should go back to state court.”

Inside details on how the $1 TRILLION coronavirus plan emerged in the White House.

May I present the letter residents of Cognata Properties recieved.

Ever notice the people who most oppose letting the government help people, are the ones who have been taking government checks most their lives?

Sanders Not Planning to Quit Race After Tuesday’s Votes, Aides Say.

Asia’s cases of the novel coronavirus are resurging, dashing hopes that containment measures were containing spread

Hard no.— Katie Porter

This is what McConnell was doing instead of taking up the House Coronavirus aid package.

Applications for unemployment benefits skyrocketed this week

Bailing out cruise lines and casinos is the best way to support rural communities.

More evidence below of why we need a bigger and longer stimulus plan from @realDonaldTrump. #Coronavirus is not a weeks-long crisis. It’s a year-long crisis until we get a vaccine. I will be pushing in Congress for a stimulus plan that can sustain Americans for at least a year.

The U.S. and Canada are planning a mutual non-essential travel ban, reportedly coming in next 48 hours

Defense Secretary Mark Esper confirmed he ordered the Navy to "lean forward" in deploying two of its hospital ships, the USNS Comfort and USNS Mercy.

Kansas Gov. Laura Kelly just announced Kansas K-12 school closed the remainder of the year.

The tit-for-tat press war between the US and China is asymmetric, says our Washpost editorial. China’s large and unhindered “media” corps in the US is riddled with spies, while independent US reporters in China are restricted and harassed.

Where is the First Lady? Under previous administrations she would be using her voice to calm the fears of a concerned nation. But under a Trump administration it is all to apparent how dysfunctional, uncaring and incompetent everything has become.

Kansan here. I just went to the grocery store for Ziploc bags - It was like a scene out of a movie, kids in masks, people panicking looking for bread (it was all gone). The manager saw me and said “is that all you’re getting? Just take it and go, it’s fine”

When @voxdotcom posted this yesterday I thought hospitals might need to triple their beds and ventilators for pts with #COVID19. Now data suggests we may need as much as 10x more. China built 1K bed hospitals in 8 days, urgent action needed in US now.

Rand was literally named after Ayn Rand, who literally believed mankind benefits when poor people die.

When these banks come crying for bailouts, we need to make demands.@ewarren “Analysis of 35 leading investment banks shows financing of more than $2.66 TRILLION for fossil fuel industries since the Paris agreement”

Neal Browning is one of 45 healthy individuals who has volunteered for a coronavirus vaccine trial in Washington state. "If I'm healthy enough to be able to contribute research and hoping you find a vaccine sooner than later, why wouldn't I?"

Progressive Marie Newman won a rematch Tuesday with Illinois Rep. Dan Lipinski, unseating one of the most conservative Democrats in Congress in a victory for abortion-rights and women’s groups

22% said their mental health had taken a hit as a result of the coronavirus outbreak. 29% said their emotional well-being had gotten worse

The coronavirus outbreak is minting some new billionaires even as it roils markets

We can now read the Imperial College report on COVID-19 that led to the extreme measures we've seen in the US this week. Read it; it's terrifying. I'll offer a summary in this thread; please correct me if I've gotten it wrong.

QUESTION: If America is the greatest country in the world—during a deadly pandemic:

Joe Biden, the all-but-certain Democratic presidential nominee, wakes up to a world and a campaign changed by the coronavirus

"We are in a war-time scenario,"

Playing “nearer my god to thee” in the empty toilet paper isle. That’s what the band on the titanic was playing as it sank.

I talked to my parents (divorced) in the last 24 hours. Both think the virus is overhyped. Both were coughing while telling me this. Both are still going out as if it's no big deal. Both are MAGAs and believe it's a hoax. Donald Trump is killing my parents.

It was unconscionable that Bernie run at all, given his age/infirmity/Russian aid, but refusing to bow out NOW, despite no path to the nomination, is actively jeopardizing the health & safety of millions of voters. People may die that his ego be fed. And none of this is a shock

BREAKING: France's president suspends payment of taxes, rent, water, gas, and electricity bills for companies during coronavirus outbreak.

President Trump slapped with a furious backlash after insisting he always treated coronavirus ‘seriously’

I’m sure someone smarter about economics than me has said this better but: a recession after a recovery in which almost all the gains were concentrated at the top, following a *prior* recession in which many people’s only wealth (their homes) was wiped away, seems catastrophic.

They can get f**ked. No thanks, money laundering parasites.

This is - flat out - the BEST video I have seen this year. It doesn't need any set up. Just watch it. 1 min 18 seconds.

Congress is going to get help to the people who need it. We’re going to get help to American families and workers. We’re going to get help to businesses that have been dramatically impacted. We’re not going to leave here until we get the job done. And we will get the job done.

Trump says no one knew a month ago this would be a problem. Well, some people did.

Presidential Medal of Freedom recipient Rush Limbaugh, February 24

The White House bringing in... undergrads? now? "As some call for the military to help with the response to coronavirus, John Troup Hemenway has been hired to help with paperwork for DOD appointees. Hemenway is expected to graduate from UVA in December."

Joe Biden addresses voters of his opponent Senator Bernie Sanders, seemingly asking for their support in the upcoming presidential election.

NYC —> FL $6

New and Not Good; Fed personnel chief quits abruptly, reportedly upset at being micromanaged by White House and unable to communicate clear, timely alerts to agency managers on how they should respond to the growing coronavirus health threat

I've said it once & I'll say it again loud enough for the @WhiteHouse, @FoxNews, & everyone else to hear: coronavirus does not discriminate. Bigotry against people of Asian descent is unacceptable, un-American, & harmful to our COVID-19 response efforts.

So in ten minutes the evil genius who is one of our GP anaesthetists (with a PhD in diaphragmatic mechanics) increased our rural hospitals ventilator capacity from one to nine!!!

Please share this video far and wide! Trump will attempt to erase his months-long mishandling of this public health emergency.

Ashish Jha, director of the Harvard Global Health Institute: “The only shot we have, I believe, of staving off the worst is going to a national quarantine for 14 days.”

From @GOP studios comes another @GOPChairwoman production

“Trump didn't cause the pandemic. What he did was squander America's only advantage—a lag time during which to prepare for the crisis—thus encouraging the spread of the disease when it might have been contained. He has, in real and material ways, made this crisis worse.”

Today, @realdonaldtrump said: “I’ve always known this is a pandemic. I’ve felt that it was a pandemic long before it was called a pandemic ... I’ve always viewed it as serious.” Really??? Let’s roll the tape.

Here is a video of the lies and deceptions of our president. People like you need to face up to them. Cover-up, deflection and propaganda is what journalists in communist countries do

Here is the President of the United States claiming no one in West Virginia has coronavirus. I wish I was kidding but I'm not.

A shortage of hospital protective gear in Seattle has become so dire that health workers are making masks from office supplies

The Pentagon is preparing Navy hospital ships in the even that coastal hospitals get overwhelmed

Trump’s “shift came four days after an internal report from the Department of Health and Human Services — not yet shared with the public — concluded that the “pandemic will last 18 months or longer and could include multiple waves of illness.”

every sentence of this is infuriating. turns out the government doesn’t lead itself.