Monday, January 8, 2018

Bannon group shopped anti-Trump document in 2015

White House: Jared and Ivanka are "sacrificing" for the nation

'Fire and Fury' publisher in letter to employees: "We will not allow any president to achieve by intimidation what our Constitution precludes him or her from achieving in court."

Israeli antitrust chief says Facebook, Google in her crosshairs

Large banks raise their lobbying game with trade group shakeup

Warren accuses Mulvaney of "hobbling" consumer bureau by suspending data collection

Tom Steyer will NOT run for office in 2018; will instead plow $30 million into effort to flip the House.

NEW: Counsel to "Fire and Fury" author and publisher responds to Pres. Trump's legal counsel: "My clients do not intend to cease publication, no such retraction will occur, and no apology is warranted."

Mitt Romney was successfully treated over the summer for prostate cancer, sources confirm

Seb Gorka unwittingly confirms Trump's staff were told to cooperate with Michael Wolff

Pence: GOP faces "challenging" midterm elections

US Supreme Court turns away challenge to Mississippi LGBT law

Grand jury convened and hearing evidence on potential bank fraud by Jane O'Meara Sanders, wife of Bernie Sanders.

The GOP's New Year's resolution: make Russia go away

White House staff could face legal trouble if they help Trump with fake news awards

Trump tweets about Fox News segment one day after report that he spends morning watching TV

President Trump & his administration have pushed idea of ‘American Carnage’ since day 1 in office, but findings in our latest crime rate analysis undercut those claims.

Russian lawyer believes she met Ivanka after 2016 Trump Tower meeting

Analysis: Why Trump and Republicans are suddenly talking up bipartisanship

The weird world of Trump-themed podcasts


Judiciary Dem calls for Mueller to have "face-to-face interview" with Trump

Sen. Corker — who not too long ago said Trump was potentially setting the U.S. on the path to World War Three and described the White House as an “adult day-care center” — will fly with him on Air Force One to Tennessee today.

"Learn his name first": The politicizing of military widows is touching a nerve

We're seeing more and more evidence of obstruction of justice from President Trump

Christie: I "absolutely believe" I would have been president if Trump hadn't run

Opinion: The dam of denial has broken

Maryland school fires teacher over connections to Richard Spencer's white supremacist group

Donald Trump lawyers hoping to avoid Mueller interview with signed document claiming innocence: report


This Town Is So Toxic, They Want It Wiped Off the Map

There was a small electrical fire in a cooling tower on the roof of Trump Tower. The New York Fire Department was here within minutes and did an incredible job.

Gary Cohn may soon be headed for the exits

Republicans are trying to kill a key voting rights law

“They’re not talking about trying to remove him from office, they’re wondering .. the people in the White House are like everybody else in the country. What’s going to happen here? We don’t know from day-to-day.” Michael Wolff

How much do you think things have changed since John Kelly became chief of staff?

NAACP to protest Trump visit to Atlanta

It does read that your main source is Steve Bannon, is that correct?@MichaelWolffNYC: That would not be correct. He’s a very large source here, but there are many, many, many [sources for “Fire and Fury”].

DEVELOPING: Fire at New York City's Trump Tower; aerial views show firefighters on the roof

Mexico's Trumpian populist could mean trouble for Donald Trump

Pelosi's son celebrated New Year's Eve with the Trump family at Mar-a-Lago

Analysis: Here are the people closest to Trump who might doubt his mental fitness

Trump turns to new regulations to undermine ObamaCare

Initial talks underway about Trump interview in Mueller Russia probe

Congratulations to The #HandmaidsTale

As influx of Puerto Ricans continues, Koch-backed group starts seeking them out in Florida

If Mitt Romney wants to become Utah's next senator, there's virtually nothing standing in the 2012 Republican presidential nominee's way

No Caption Needed

'This president reads': CIA Director Mike Pompeo defends Trump's unique approach to absorbing intelligence

Trump's EPA is touting the cleanup of Superfund sites that were mostly completed before he took office

White House preparing for trade crackdown

It may be a new year, but Congress plans to spend most of January wrapping up old business leftover from 2017

Ex-GOP lawmaker: Miller "filibustered" because he was afraid to debate Tapper

California’s cannabis crowd isn’t afraid of the big bad attorney general

Exclusive: Trump to call on Pentagon, diplomats to play bigger role on arms sales

#FoxNews panel rips Stephen Miller after Jake Tapper boots him off CNN: ‘All he would do is lavish Trump’

His ‘Voter Fraud’ Panel Folded, Kris Kobach Turns His Attention to Ruining His Own State

Michael Wolff says White House staffers discuss the 25th Amendment all the time: It is "alive every day in the White House."

Donald Trump gets his first physical since taking office on Friday

Stephen Miller had to be escorted off CNN's set after his interview with Jake Tapper went off the rails

Then, there was the Barnes & Noble manager who designed this end-cap display for Ivanka's latest book

How Trump’s HHS nominee’s drug company ‘gamed’ patent

Kushner family company got $30M from Israeli firm shortly before Kushner traveled to Israel

EXCLUSIVE: Danger on the job? Number of workplace safety inspectors declines under President Trump

Preet Bharara: Trump doesn't listen to his lawyers

Wikileaks posted the entire text of "Fire and Fury" -- which will undermine sales and the "anti-trump economy." Again acting on Trump's behalf.

Oprah: "We all know that the press is under siege these days, but we also know that it is the insatiable dedication to uncovering the absolute truth that keeps us from turning a blind eye to corruption and to injustice... I value the press more than ever before..."

Schiff: 'We have a seriously flawed human being in the Oval Office'

Scoop: Trump's secret, shrinking schedule

Steve Bannon says: Donald Trump Jr was not 'treasonous' – I meant Paul Manafort

Trump misquotes NY Post column, touts his 'consensual presidency' & proves he's not very bright!

MUST WATCH: "The Oligarchs - Al Jazeera Investigations"

Why Attorney General Jeff Sessions survives President Trump’s wrath

Trump's first-year jobs record was strong. Just not as strong as Obama's last year.

Is Facebook preparing to open up on fake news?

"Fire and Fury" publisher is rushing to print more books

Officials in high-tax Dem states plot ways to prevent GOP tax law from raising residents' bills

Fuel price spikes add to weather misery in US north-east