Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Congressman believes Trump colluded with Russia

“If I was Donald Trump, I would be scared because they have information from Michael Cohen from very early on, months before his office was raided. They have emails, they were tracking his incoming, outgoing phone calls."

The same guy who’s suing a cow is the same guy who sponsored the "Discouraging Frivolous Lawsuits Act” in Congress.

If you think putting the American people back in command of our political system is a “power grab” by your political foes, you might want to think long and hard about why you are in public service.

State of our federal ethics system: Hand $10 to Trump's campaign, and you have to disclose who you are. Hand $2.9 million to Trump's business, and you don't.

Jeffrey Epstein was said to be a witness against Wall Street; an FBN investigation suggests otherwise

Elizabeth Warren in Selma, AL: "Nobody comes to Alabama in the general presidential election or to Massachusetts because they figure we're not in the game because of the electoral college. So my view on this is that we ought to get rid of the electoral college."

Eric Swalwell: "I do believe there are indictments waiting for this president."

"Shame." As Bolsonaro visits Trump, Brazilians tweet their embarrassment.

As SDNY was trying to obtain Michael Cohen's emails, President Donald Trump signed a law that enabled prosecutors to get even greater access than they could before.

Michael Cohen search warrants show federal probe began nearly a year earlier than known

Justice Kennedy’s close relationship w/Trump and his son’s ties to DB (Trump’s cash cow), is another unethical conflict, and should be scrutinized as to whether Trump was exchanging political favors to get a SCOTUS appointment.

Goddam this is freaking hilarious

House Judiciary Committee Planning Hearing on the Rise of White Nationalism

Perspective: Why Donald Trump’s immigration play could backfire big time in 2020

U.S. votes against anti-Nazi resolution at U.N.

Seventy-four cities, 65 counties and four tribal areas in Nebraska have declared states of emergency amid flooding.

Tech addiction is real. We psychologists need to take it seriously.

HORSELAUGH!: Deutsche Bank could only assess Trump's net worth at $788 million. Despite Trump's entire life as a "great negotiator" and a "savvy business man", he's essentially worth no more than his father left him...minus interest

Elliot Broidy is all in — SpicyFiles

The acting attorney general who was fired by @POTUS after opposing his immigration ban has been nominated for the John F Kennedy Profile in Courage Award

“Mr. Trump told Deutsche Bank his net worth was about $3 billion, but when bank employees reviewed his finances, they concluded he was worth about $788 million, according to documents produced during a lawsuit”

Taxpayers have footed the bill for about $91,000,000 in expenses related to President Trump’s golf outings at his own clubs in Florida and NJ on at least 161 occasions since his inauguration.

The political "twins": Benjamin Netanyahu and Donald Trump

In the late 1990s Deutsche Bank hired Goldman Sachs traders to push into real estate, one was Mike Offit who arranged the earliest loans to Trump including 125 Mil for 40 Wall St, another was Justin Kennedy, the son of Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy

So, uh, Nebraska is under water if you have time to break away from Breitbart.

Will Americans really need a visa to travel to Europe?

"Like millions of Americans, I long trusted that the federal government tried to protect food, air, water and safety," @Milbank writes. "Trump’s corporatocracy broke that trust."

The White House plans to drop the word “acting” from Mick Mulvaney’s title

Rebekah Mercer and her sister, Jennifer, along with former #CambridgeAnalytica execs, Alexander Nix and Julian Wheatland, are COVERING UP Cambridge Analytica secrets by paying off the company’s administrators via Mercer-backed Emerdata

The Pentagon sends Congress a list of projects that could be cut to pay for a border wall

Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz is a terrible person

Appeals court to hear arguments in Trump emoluments lawsuit

Elizabeth Warren calls for the abolition of the electoral college. The crowd loves it. This should not be complicated for Democrats. We can’t continue to use an archaic 18th century relic to power a modern 21st century democracy.

Brad seems nervous. I wonder why the presidents IT guy is so anxious?

"To others, I implore you, speak the names of those who were lost, not the man who took them. He may have sought notoriety, but we in New Zealand will give him nothing. Not even his name," Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern

A Mar-a-Lago Weekend and an Act of God: Trump’s History With Deutsche Bank

The left was about salvation. The right is about the end times.

Nunes says that his twitter lawsuit "is the first of many" and whines about the fake accounts that were trolling him and it's absolutely hilarious

Devin Nunes claims he almost got beat in November because of a massive conspiracy between Twitter and the Democratic Party. I can’t wait until Nunes is deposed under oath!

Hannity loves to accuse CNN of sharing debate Q's with Clinton. CNN didn't -- Brazile did. So the network severed ties with her. Now Hannity and Brazile are colleagues. What a world.

George W. Bush: "May we never forget that immigration is a blessing and a strength"

Russia's blueprint for political chaos: Alleged hacking may just be part of Vladimir Putin's grand game

"John McCain is a rebuke to Donald Trump from beyond the grave and he hates it," says GOP political strategist @TheRickWilson: "[H]e hates it because Donald Trump knows that John McCain was more of a man than he could ever possibly hope to be."

Now: The State Department won't release any transcript of Pompeo's briefing with "faith-based media only," nor a list of who was invited, who attended, and whether a range of faiths was included.

Dems ask FBI to investigate massage parlor owner who was selling access to Trump

Age of victim in Epstein deal eased sex offender penalties:

Fundraising cranks up as Democratic primary campaigns get in gear

Despite defaults, Deutsche Bank kept loaning to Trump: NYT

Nadler encouraged by document response

Investigations multiply as Trump scandals spiral wider