Friday, January 19, 2018

Why the porn star story reveals a greater potential threat for Trump

Top evangelical leader calls out evangelicals who support Trump: "Stop defending the indefensible"

Congress heads toward midnight shutdown

JUST IN: Sen. Doug Jones will be voting for the CR

White House will not support temporary funding deal that keeps government open for four or five days

Schiff calls the Nunes memo "a profoundly misleading set of talking points drafted by Republican staff attacking the FBI and its handling of the investigation... it is a deep disservice to our law enforcement professionals."

Cotton responds to Graham, who called him ‘Steve King of the Senate’

BREAKING: Neighbor has been charged federally for November assault that left Sen. Rand Paul with six broken ribs. Motive: Anger over stacked brush, feds say. Rene Boucher to plead guilty.

If we shut down, it will be a #TrumpShutdown. He’s the one who has been rooting for a shutdown all along – saying maybe the nation could use “a good shutdown.” The only person who has said he wants a shutdown is Trump.

U.S. lawmakers near the shutdown deadline with no apparent agreement in sight

New @TIME cover: A year ago, they marched. Now a record number of women are running for office

NEW California Rep. Jackie Speier, a Democratic member of the House Intelligence Committee, is making the accusation that past Trump Organization real estate deals show evidence of money laundering.

JUST IN: Group of Senate Democrats introduce bill to withhold congressional pay during government shutdown: “If members of Congress can’t figure this out and keep the government open, then none of us should get paid.”

The flu epidemic in America gets worse just in time for a government funding shutdown

Kushner’s Deutsche Bank-Backed Property Stung by Tenant Troubles

EXCLUSIVE: Sen @LindseyGrahamSC blames White House adviser Stephen Miller for the change in Trump's stance on immigration and DACA, tells @NBCNews Miller's approach to immigration "has no viability."

Opinion: Why ignoring Trump’s words is a luxury that diplomats can’t afford

JUST IN: Sen. Schumer after meeting with President Trump: “We made some progress, but we still have a good number of disagreements. The discussions will continue."

SCOOP in @politico - Former Trump spokesman Mark Corallo, named in Wolff book w/ concerns about POTUS obstruction, lawyers up

GOP holding kids hostage

Kelly has frequently threatened to quit if Trump didn’t listen to him

If the government shuts down, Trump’s television habits (watching Fox & Friends) and tweeting may be partly to blame, two White House aides tell Politico

Russians under every rock

Russians under every rock

Did someone just get a *target letter* from Mueller's grand jury⁉️

Great power competition - not terrorism - is now the primary focus of U.S. National security

“Right now, in a number of states, the laws allow a baby to be born from his or her mother’s womb in the ninth month. It is wrong. It has to change.” Genuinely confused by this.

Shutdown threatens Trump’s economic winning streak

Deutsche Bank reported questionable transactions involving President Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner, or people or businesses near him, to German securities regulators and will forward the info to special prosecutor Robert Muelle

The alleged Trump Organization money laundering with Russian counterparts is not just significant for its potential criminal component, but also because such transactions are used by Russian intelligence officers to compromise and control their targets.

After a year, top Trump staffers still working without certified financial disclosures

.@USNavy Secretary on the cost of continuing resolutions: "It has cost us $4 billion dollars . . . that’s $4 billion dollars in cash in a trash can with lighter fluid – burn it."

Must See

VP Pence and @realDonaldTrump are both heading out of town as a government shutdown looms ...

OMB Director Mick Mulvaney on chances of government shutdown: "I'm handicapping it now at some place between 50 and 60%. But again, we're planning for it as if it's 100%."

OMB Director Mick Mulvaney on chances of government shutdown: "I'm handicapping it now at some place between 50 and 60%. But again, we're planning for it as if it's 100%."

Unbelievable. Who's driving this bus? The producers for @foxandfriends?

Does Donald Trump Want to Be Dictator of the United States? His behavior over the past 12 months lines up alarmingly well with studies of authoritarianism

Dem senator: Tom Cotton 'wants a shutdown in the worst way'

On Trump's mental fitness, the experts are silenced and the public's in the dark

"We learned Michael Cohen had associations with Russian organized crime figures in NY & FL. People told us he spoke Russian. His father-in-law is from Ukraine, a lot of business dealings over there & a conviction for a money laundering."

Senate passes bill renewing internet surveillance program

New: More than 3.2 million Americans contributed to 2016 federal elections, but fewer than 16,000 of them provided half the donations — a sign of the increasing concentration of donor activity in the U.S.

President Trump hasn’t really thought through how bad a shutdown could be for his administration.

Who gets sent home if the government shuts down?

China looks to call bluff on Trump trade action

GOP Senator Heller in August 2017: "There will be no excuses and nobody else’s fault but the Republican Party if this government does shut down."

Now, Tucker Carlson's guest, Republican Congressman Scott Perry from PA, just said ISIS did the Vegas shooting

I am in Paris, I have not had one conversation where I am not asked what has happened to America. All lament that America can no longer be seen as a beacon of democracy. All in shock

Whatever the legal implications, @Eugene_Robinson makes a strong case that there is no such thing as a “Trump administration”: There’s simply no there there. And to call that alarming is an understatement

Former FBI Director James @Comey will teach a course on ethical leadership at @WilliamAndMary beginning in the fall.

Trump shill Meadows demands House Intel publicly release the 4 page summary of Nunes "investigation" of FISA "abuse" during 2016 elections Dems say Nunes unilaterally put together the summary & it leaves out key details; exaggerates findings.

Today while a government shutdown looms, Donald Trump will once again be spending millions in taxpayer money to go back to Mar-a-Lago so he can have a campaign fundraising event with tickets costing up to $250,000 per couple to get in. You can’t make this shit up

Looming shutdown raises fundamental question: Can GOP govern?

Porn star: Trump is "terrified of sharks"

Omarosa may have secretly taped White House conversations: report

JUST IN: Stormy Daniels on Trump: What a dick

Russia accuses Washington of leaking diplomats' bank details

The Republican Plan to Give Trump His ‘Good’ Shutdown

Best title for a presidential interview EVER.

Trump's GOP, the Republicans, really are starting to act like gangsters. 'Don't make us hurt the kids' is what they seriously seem to be saying today. Scary people...

NEW: Trump faces pivotal decision on solar panel tariffs

The known and tracked Russian bots are also all in on it

A new @CBSNews poll shows most Americans would let young immigrants brought to the U.S. illegally as children stay in the U.S.

“In any other administration, evidence that the president paid hush money to the star of ‘Good Will Humping’ during the election would be a scandal...”

Paul Ryan, you had the chance to serve our country and you chose DC instead. Don’t play soldier now to try to win the news cycle

In Touch has released the full transcript of their 2011 interview with Stormy Daniels.

President Trump is planning to slash the budget of the Office of National Drug Control Policy — his administration’s second attempt to gut the top office responsible for coordinating the federal response to the opioid crisis.

Russia finds young men who love guns — and grooms them

The House bill to avert a government shutdown includes provisions to delay taxes that are necessary to fund the ACA. That’s called a poison pill. Obviously Democrats can’t vote for ANOTHER tax cut & ANOTHER attack on Obamacare

The GOP tax law doesn’t just hurt blue states. It hurts everyone.

Republicans control the House, the Senate, and the White House. They're playing the American people for fools by suggesting these failures to govern are anything but their own failures of leadership

JUST RELEASED: We spent a year tracking @realDonaldTrump's conflicts of interests. We found 500+ instances. Here's what we learned

Leaked doc: Trumpworld's scathing assessment of the Flake-Graham-Durbin immigration proposal written shortly after the infamous "shithole" meeting by Trump admin officials

Shep Smith rips GOP for trying to blame Dems if government shuts down

If McConnell gets the votes he needs this evening will the signing into law to avoid shutdown take place at the Buffet @ Mar y Lago?

BREAKING: #SCOTUS issues a quick stay order, halting the district court decision striking down NC congressional districts as a partisan gerrymander pending state lawmakers’ appeal to the Supreme Court.

Republican Rep. Scott Perry falsely claimed on Fox News tonight that ISIS was behind the Las Vegas massacre, saying he had “credible evidence” without actually providing any.

Nobody wants to shut down the govt, not Dems, not the GOP. The only one who has ever rooted for a shutdown is @realDonaldTrump who said our country could use “a good shutdown” – only he could come up with that. But no shutdown can be good for the American people.

I present to you Trump's nominee to run NASA, giving a speech on the House floor demanding Obama apologize for funding climate research. Bridenstine's nomination was approved in committee today in a party-line 14-13 vote

Trump misfires with claim that military would ‘shut down’ during government shutdown

“A government shutdown will be devastating to our military . . . something the Dems care very little about!”

‘I just don’t like Muslim people’: Trump appointee resigns after racist, sexist and anti-gay remarks

Everyone who works for Trump ends up destroying their credibility

The party of "family values" won't fund the basic health insurance of nine million children because they want to use it as a bargaining tool in their quest to deport 800,000 children to countries where they may be killed

White supremacist terrorists killed more people in the US last year than any other extremist group: report

Trump Winery asks Trump admin for permission to hire foreign workers for second time in three months

@TomCottonAR is sending cease and desist letters to constituents who are calling him.

Backstage at the National Prayer Breakfast in February, when Democratic Sen. Chris Coons told Trump several religious organizations in his state opposed the travel ban, Trump snapped: “Nobody told me you were going to be a nasty man.”

Rudy Giuliani’s daughter busted for shoplifting at Sephora | New York Post

Trump Scores

Notable sections from testimony

A booklet advising Swedish citizens how to prepare for war and survive an attack is to be reissued to all 4,700,000 households in Sweden amid growing fears of Russian aggression, The Times reports

The Trump administration is losing patience with Canada and Mexico ahead of Nafta talks

TV film crew arrested after TSA catches them intentionally bringing fake explosive to airport


Simpson, looking at a Kushner project, realized that the EB-5 VISA scam could be a way for foreign intel services to GET SPIES INTO AMERICA DISCREETLY.

SCHIFF: So, all this Russian money, would The Kremlin basically have a lever over THE CURRENT PRESIDENT? SIMPSON: Yup

U.S. workforce shortages bolster case for Fed rate hikes

Congressional Black Caucus, Pelosi back effort to censure Trump.

Turkey's defense minister says country determined to carry out a military offensive against enclave in northwest Syria.

Ex-Watergate prosecutor: Trump ordering Bannon not to answer questions during testimony "looks like a cover-up"

Nunes Memo

The National Enquirer Covered Up Story of Donald Trump's Extramarital Affair: Report

Opinion: Liberals think Trump lies about his weight because the powerless always love conspiracy theories

A 2nd GOP senator just came out against the Republican funding bill — raising the risk of a government shutdown

They don’t even hide their racism anymore

Trump Lawyer Used Private Company, Pseudonyms to Pay Porn Star ‘Stormy Daniels’


Senate in disarray with shutdown hours away

A record $107 million was raised for Trump’s inauguration. So where did it all go? No one will say.

And Judge Janine Pirro of Fox News takes the stage. "Welcome to Mar-a-Lago. A magnificent place. It sure ain't no shithole!"

Michael Wolff: "This is a president beyond reason, beyond control, beyond expectations, it is a president and a presidency that clearly, in every possible way, on every possible reasonable terms, doesn't work."

Schiff: "The Committee has voted on a bipartisan basis to release the transcripts of Glenn Simpson. Those transcripts reveal serious allegations that the Trump Organization may have engaged in money laundering with Russian nationals... "

"We’re gonna win a lot of elections, I can tell you," President Trump said during Pennsylvania speech

JUST IN: Trump hosting $100k-per-couple inauguration anniversary gala at Mar-a-Lago

California AG is throwing down the "states' rights" gauntlet by promising to prosecute employers who aid ICE in violation of California being a sanctuary state

Be afraid: Trump may have bought the Fourth Estate

Chris Christie was blocked from a VIP entrance he'd used for 8 years at Newark Airport and directed to stand in TSA screening lines like anyone else, a person familiar with the incident tells Bloomberg.

Russia accuses Washington of leaking diplomats' bank details

Republican Rep. Scott Perry falsely claimed on Fox News tonight that ISIS was behind the Las Vegas massacre, saying he had “credible evidence” without actually providing any.

Donald Trump has torched America's international reputation. The world now approves of China's leadership more than America's.

Justice Department asks Supreme Court to allow Trump administration to end DACA. "This Court’s immediate review is warranted."

Michael Cohen *could've* shielded his identity on the formation documents for the LLC he set up to preserve anonymity for the Stormy Daniels payment.

Mueller subpoena blocks Bannon congressional testimony: NBC News

Rachel Maddow reports on new details about how Mueller's subpoena prevents Steve Bannon from testifying fully to Congress, and the questions surrounding the peculiar way that Bannon was subpoenaed by both Robert Mueller and the House Intel Committee.

Trump lawyer used shell company to pay porn star: WSJ

Michael Rothfeld, reporter for The Wall Street Journal, talks with Rachel Maddow about new reporting that Donald Trump lawyer Michael Cohen used a private company to pay $130,000 to porn star Stormy Daniels.

Fusion GPS transcript outlines potential Trump money laundering

Rachel Maddow reads some of the highlights of the newly released transcript of the House Intelligence Committee testimony of Glenn Simpson of Fusion GPS.

In the era of Trump, everybody hates us

The House Intelligence Committee just released Glenn Simpson’s testimony as part of our Russia investigation. Simpson raises numerous questions on money laundering the Committee must investigate.

Trump team's connections with Deutsche Bank draw renewed focus from Mueller

The @OfficialCBC and Judiciary Democrats have Introduced a resolution to Censure President Trump for his Racist “Shithole” Comments The Resolution has Nearly 150 Co-Sponsors. Censure does not offer legal consequences but a public reprimand!

Stormy Daniels Once Claimed She Spanked Donald Trump With a Forbes Magazine