Thursday, October 1, 2020

Imagine how scared the Republicans are of losing that they think they have to suppress the vote in *Texas*


A federal judge has ruled that Attorney General Barr violated the law in how he chose the members of a law enforcement group commissioned by President Trump to investigate and make recommendations on the state of the criminal justice system


Lindsey Graham with Proud Boys Joe Biggs: "Say 'Cheese'!"


With millions unemployed, millions facing eviction, and millions more battling hunger, meeting the needs of the America people in this pandemic means putting money in people’s pockets, food assistance, and help to ward off foreclosure or pay rent — which is due today, again.


Breaking: Conservative operatives Jacob Wohl and Jack Burkman have been charged for allegedly orchestrating a series of robocalls aimed at suppressing the vote in the election. Michigan A.G. Dana Nessel filed a slew of charges against Burkman and Wohl.


H.R. McMaster delivered his strongest public rebuke of President Trump since leaving office, telling MSNBC that the president is “aiding and abetting” Putin’s attempts to undermine U.S. elections by not calling out Russian meddling


Well I recognize a couple of names. Not many. — Gen Michael Hayden


France announces new coronavirus restrictions as covid-19 cases rise


Shame on @DanCrenshawTX, hanging out with the Proud Boys national leader.


Remember when Trump said on the debate stage that we don’t know her position on Roe v. Wade?


WOW IS RIGHT! INSANE LIARS, caught red handed. Holy shit.


Abbott says move, which also requires early voting clerks to let poll watchers observe ballot delivery, is an election security measure. Clerks said the multiple dropoff spots were to help voters, particularly amid questions about Postal Service efficiency.


TODAY: Sen. @RonWyden, @SenSchumer, @SenGaryPeters, @SenAmyKlobuchar, and I call on Acting Secretary Chad Wolf of @DHSgov to release a DHS report showing this President’s attempts to undermine America’s elections are consistent with a foreign influence campaign.


new CNBC/Change Research national likely-voter poll: Biden 54% Trump 41%


Kayleigh McEnany gets busted during her press briefing after falsely claiming Amy Coney Barrett is a Rhodes scholar


It’s all downhill after you lose John Roberts


Trump’s ex-national security adviser says president is ‘aiding and abetting’ Putin


iHow President Trump’s false claim of voter fraud is being used to disenfranchise Americans.


Trump appears to have canceled a rally in western Wisconsin amid calls from the city's mayor and the state's governor that he not hold an event amid a surge in coronavirus cases.


"She also is a Rhodes scholar," Trump's @PressSec says of Amy Coney Barrett, who did not receive a Rhodes Scholarship to study at Oxford, but instead received her BA from Rhodes College in Tennessee.


Vanky used to call Melania ‘the Junkie wife’ @FLOTUS


New: Federal regulators have given a Canadian oil company the power to seize property from Oregon landowners for a gas pipeline that will help … Canada.


NEW: Amy Coney Barrett signed her name to a full-page ad run by a group that says it believes abortion providers should be prosecuted. This does not appear to have been disclosed in her questionnaire submitted to the Judiciary Committee


The Agriculture Department last week began mandating that millions of boxes of surplus food for needy families include a letter from Trump claiming credit for the program.


BREAKING: On @Morning_Joe, Gen. McChrystal endorses Joe Biden for president. "I'm looking for a president that is a humble enough to understand that they are a servant." "I can trust Joe Biden."


“Facebook & Twitter have become giant engines for destroying the two pillars of our democracy — truth & trust. . . These social networks are destroying our nation’s cognitive immunity — its ability to sort truth from falsehood.”


All of Rome is talking about @SecPompeo taking on the Pope, and most Romans I spoke with are pretty offended.


“For Kim’s part, the easing of tensions has opened new routes for circumventing sanctions while his factories quietly churn out more nuclear warheads and bigger missiles to carry them, current and former U.S. intelligence analysts and nuclear experts say.”


General Stanley McChrystal just endorsed @JoeBiden on @Morning_Joe


"There is nothing that the president treasures more than his own ego—not defeating the pandemic, not lifting the country out of the recession that followed, and not American democracy," @AdamSerwer writes:


Guess where a stunning 37% of world’s COVID-19 misinformation is coming from?


Today, my heart is with Las Vegas, where 3 years ago the deadliest shooting in American history killed 60 and injured over 400. Nevada legislators did what too few have done—they honored their memories with action and passed lifesaving gun safety laws.


‘In the dark.’ Suffolk DA Rollins wants more information on troubled Boston officers


.@ewarren joins @Lawrence to discuss Donald Trump’s reported tax avoidance scheme and why it proves that we need to “tighten up the tax code” that was written by billionaires.


Melissa is a Latina Cuban-American from Florida. She's a small-business owner who has had to furrlough her employees because of Trump's mismanagement of coronavirus. She's #LincolnVoter who's sick of the lies and will be voting for truth, Joe Biden, Nov 3rd.


"I'm not doing well in the suburbs. Are you people crazy" -- Trump


Despite a history of underperforming properties, Kushner Companies received a near-record sum from a government-backed lender. Should it default, taxpayers could be forced to foot much of the bill. The agency says politics played no role.


President Trump is losing the ad war to Joe Biden, and it's costing him older voters


Attention @realDonaldTrump: Moderna says it’s coronavirus vaccine won't be ready for widespread public distribution until spring of next year. Did you hear that Donald? You can’t rush it for your election. Neither can anyone else.


“The government wants to get us all microchipped.” In small-town Ohio, COVID-19 deaths and protests over racial justice seem remote. An @AP road trip team finds a place where the government is explained with suspicion and sometimes conspiracy theories.


"I must have said, maybe several tens of thousands of times the importance of wearing masks.If there was an interpretation that I'm not for masks, that's a misinterpretation." Dr. Fauci, reiterating, again, you should wear a fucking mask.


The Problem Is Not on "Both Sides" The media falls for Trump, again.


In 1977, Jimmy Carter's federal tax burden for 1976 had been zeroed out. Carter had a "strong feeling" that wealthy people like him should pay at least some taxes. So he voluntarily paid $6,000, the equivalent to 15% of his adjusted gross income.


Pope Francis has refused to meet Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on his visit to Rome because he thinks the Trump re-election campaign is trying to use him


Autocrat Alexander Lukashenko’s tech revolution has backfired with Belarus’ golden generation of coders and software engineers leading the fight to force him from office


"Magnitsky Act"creator Bill Browder met with one of coordinators of the alliance of Belarusian diasporas Natalya Kolyada.They discussed how to promote "Magnitsky Act for Belarus" and to fill sanctions lists with names of officials, security, judges, heads of election commissions


Project Veritas Video Was a ‘Coordinated Disinformation Campaign,’ Researchers Say The timing of the deceptive video, which accuses Ilhan Omar of voter fraud, indicates that several conservatives, including Donald Trump Jr., may have known about it in advance.


Nice picture of Lindsey with proud boys Joe Biggs


Lindsey Graham begs for money on Fox News again


New: Internal document shows Trump officials were told to make comments sympathetic to Kyle Rittenhouse


Wow. More children in New York state have lost parents to covid-19 than in the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. 4,200 kids lost a parent between March and July; an estimated 3,051 children lost a parent on 9/11.


DHS memo told officials to make comments favorable to Kenosha shootings suspect


#HongKong police warn protesters outside Chanel in Causeway Bay that they may be in breach of the national security law. Photos: HKFP.


Hundreds of Hong Kong pro-democracy activists fled to Taiwan before the Hong Kong security law took effect. 'We have always felt guilty about running away' and leaving others behind, says one activist


Families call for access to Hong Kong relatives detained in China


A blue-jacketed high school demonstrator known as "lunch brother" is monitored by #HongKong police as he reads a copy of the pro-democracy Apple Daily at an MTR station. He is known for his, often one-man, "Lunch With You" protests. Photo: StandNews.


"I had to apply for a security clearance for a number of my jobs... We would not get jobs if we had debt. I could tell you, there's no way anybody would sign off... if I was taking tens of millions of dollars from foreign governments" - Chuck Rosenberg


He's really been innovating in the "Crying Sir Story" space. These used to have some arguable relationship to a point he was making, now it's devoid of content, just totally unmoored from reality, a fantasy about crying tough men thanking him for anything and everything.


As Kim wooed Trump with ‘love letters,’ he kept building his nuclear capability, intelligence shows


This is big. The @nytimes goes there: "the most direct threat to the electoral process now comes from the president of the United States himself."


Opinion: Trump backs violent white supremacists. There’s no way around it.


Trump mocks Biden for taking public health precautions to prevent his campaign events from becoming coronavirus superspreader events


It's safe to say I've gotten to know the hardworking men and women of @Amtrak over the years — I'm proud to stand with them as they face furloughs due to funding cuts. These essential workers have kept us moving during this pandemic –– now it's time we have their backs.


Chris Cuomo asking Ted Cruz if he's "afraid" of confronting Trump, "the one who said your wife was ugly"


Trump boasted he made insulin so cheap "it’s like water." Americans with diabetes beg to differ.


I'm in this fight because if we don’t have the voice of a single working mom in Congress, we won’t have anyone speaking up about the issues that families like mine face. Before tonight's FEC deadline, can you chip in $5 to support my re-election?


Trump isn't running against @JoeBiden. He's running against our democracy. Recognize this threat. Call it what it is. Turn out in overwhelming numbers. Let's stop him, together.


NEW: Reuters reports: The FDA has broadened its investigation of a serious illness in AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine study and will look at data from earlier trials of similar vaccines developed by the same scientists.


“The #1 rule in those days was: Never lie to the American people. Now, all we hear is lies.” General John Douglass served as Assistant Secretary of the Navy & on the National Security Council. Douglass knows @JoeBiden possess the character & principles needed to lead our nation.


With six hours to spare, the Senate passes bill to keep the government open til mid-December. The vote was 84-10


‘Putin’s Piglet’: Russian Media Admits Trump Lost the Debate. Kremlin-controlled state media concedes Biden won the debate, but predicts Trump will prevail in a rigged election thanks to the Supreme Court


Pope rejects US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo visit with the Vatican suggesting exploitation ahead of election


Translation: Trump will be canceling the next two debates


Directors of intel agencies don't run investigations. GS-12s & 13s do that, managed by 14s & 15s, with multiple layers of senior executives between them and the big front office. A small amount of USG reality needs to intrude on this partisan shitshow.


A reminder that Roger Stone has been linked to the Proud Boys since 2018. (Updated.)


White House cautions Wisconsin amid rampant Covid spread; Trump plans rallies in Wisconsin


What Tim Scott said: “I think he misspoke in response to Chris Wallace's comment...He was asking Chris what he wanted to say, I think he misspoke. I think he should correct it, if he doesn't correct it, I guess he didn’t misspeak.”


"Trump showed no respect for time limits, human decency or the truth"


Trump Covid messaging campaign struggles despite exorbitant budget


Chip in to help us take this train all the way to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave


The Trump campaign is quietly purging its website of videos featuring Brad Parscale


Shadow politicians, clerics and Soviet-era fighters: The Taliban’s team negotiating peace


@jaketapper says “I’m not Chris Wallace” and kicks a Trump stooge off the air Share if you want more of this!


Perspective: Trump says he’s made insulin "so cheap it’s like water." That’s not true.