Friday, May 3, 2019

John Kelly joins board of company operating largest shelter for unaccompanied migrant children

This would be a good time to share with the American people what the FBI’s counterintelligence investigation of the president has found.

Either the Secretary of State and the national security adviser are lying to POTUS to cover their bungling of Venezuela, or they are lying to help Putin. Neither of these is a good look.

"He is not looking at all to get involved in Venezuela, other than he’d like to see something positive happen," Trump said, contradicting his own top advisers.

Trump and Putin spoke for an hour and a half today, per Kremlin spokesman Peskov.

The 2020 campaign is already in full swing and Trump just told Putin, the man behind the most serious cyber attack on our democracy ever, that he believes it was all a hoax. Once again, he betrays our national security and for what? Nothing more than his own vanity and delusion.

NBC's Kristen Welker: "Mr. President, did you tell [Putin] not to meddle in the next election?" Trump: "Excuse me, I'm talking. I'm answering his question. You are very rude." Trump, pressed again, says he didn't discuss it with Putin.

The Mueller report totally changed minds!*

Giuliani calls for investigation into Biden

I can’t believe this needs to be said out loud, but the Chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee calling the Chief Justice personally and asking him to “look into” how a lower federal court handled a series of cases is so wildly inappropriate as to almost defy description.

The more Trump avoids accountability, the more emboldened he will become.

Ever wonder what happened to the “counter report” Rudy Giuliani said he would issue after Mueller’s own report came out? Apparently, it was only four pages long. And Barr released it for him.

Inside Bernie Sanders’s 1988 10-day ‘honeymoon’ in the Soviet Union

New @mmfa study: Major media outlets fail to debunk President Trump's false or misleading statements in their tweets 65% of the time, amplifying his misinformation an average of 19 times per day.

BREAKING: The @NRA Board approved $440k in charges for Wayne LaPierre to the nonprofit, including $200k for Ermenegildo Zegna suits in Beverly Hills and $240k for trips to Italy (he took his wife), Hungary (he stayed at Four Seasons), and the Bahamas

Trump administration has separated hundreds of children from their migrant families since 2018

ICYMI , Oleg Deripaska has unlocked his account and is tweeting again. This SOB needs a Interpol red warrant put out on him

Patti Davis, daughter of Ronald Reagan: "Dear Republicans: Stop using my father, Ronald Reagan, to justify your silence on Trump."

"I have served on the Senate Judiciary Committee for twelve years. I have never witnessed a performance like Attorney General William Barr’s on Wednesday. Here is what I saw."

“As he stood on Soviet soil, Sanders, then 46 years old, criticized the cost of housing and health care in the United States, while lauding the lower prices — but not the quality — of that available in the Soviet Union.”

Gee, what a surprise: President Trump Is Spending $20 Billion on an Aircraft Carrier. The Navy Wanted That Money for Cybersecurity

The Barr DOJ will never charge a stonewalling Trump official with criminal contempt of Congress. But if the House gets a court order to enforce its subpoenas, the court can appoint its own independent prosecutor to charge criminal contempt of court.

@SpeakerPelosi Barr needs to be held in contempt of Congress ASAP then impeached as soon as is reasonably possible. Mnuchin needs to be charged and arrested, according to law, for refusing to allow the IRS to comply with Ways and Means Committee request for Trump's tax records.

House Dems in direct talks with Mueller about testifying before Congress: report

South Carolina ranks last in education in U.S. News & World Report study

One of Trump’s signature campaign proposals was banning Muslims from entering the country. This level of gaslighting is almost too much for the human brain to process.

The governments of Iraq, Kuwait, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Slovakia, Thailand and the European Union got the green light to rent a combined eight units in Trump World Tower

"Barr is not a suck-up, or an opportunist, or a lackey. He has not been compromised or corrupted. He is an ideologue who believes that Republican presidents can do whatever they want.”

Facebook bans Alex Jones and other controversial U.S. political personalities for violating the social media company’s policies on 'dangerous individuals and organizations'

It should be deeply troubling to all Americans that Attorney General Barr made a decision about the sitting president and obstruction of justice without reviewing the evidence. This Attorney General lacks all credibility.

NEW from me: The Mueller Report did many useful things for this country, among them showing that even Vladimir Putin's emissaries thought the Trump campaign people boorish and stupid

Amazing find from @lhfang: FARA docs reveal Congressman Ed Royce's impassioned speech in Congress defending US support for war in Yemen was almost verbatim from a lobbyist's script handed to him earlier that day by a foreign agent lobbying for Saudi Arabia

Very disappointed the Senate failed to override Trump’s reckless veto of the bipartisan resolution to end unauthorized U.S. military involvement in Yemen. Yemen is one of the world’s worst humanitarian situations. U.S. assistance to the Saudi coalition perpetuating it must end.

"It’s a non-starter and we don’t want it. We’re not going to follow Trump’s weapon fetishism"

Lawrence interviews presidential contender Eric Swalwell

Lawrence's Last Word: William Barr is wrong

Why Barr Can’t Whitewash the Mueller Report

Trump is losing to Beto by 10 points

SCOOP: Trump administration to give Border Patrol agents authority to decide asylum claims on the spot:

Bennet: McConnell 'completely immune to give and take'

Bennet enters crowded 2020 race with potential to surprise

Six full time staffers investigating Trump for House Intel Cmte

Facebook bans a number of controversial far-right figures, including Infowars' Alex Jones, Milo Yiannopoulos and Laura Loomer

Big find on Bill Barr & Oleg Deripaska

Inside Scientology's measles-infested million-dollar cruise for true believers

JUST IN: California Senate passes bill to keep Trump off 2020 ballot unless he releases tax returns

Trump has withdrawn 62 nominees since taking office

Attorney General Barr’s decision to mislead the public in his testimony to Congress was not a technicality — it was a crime.

At Barr suggestion, Klobuchar asks Mueller about Trump finances

President Trump doesn’t want anyone to see his tax returns — but a team from Deutsche Bank got a look at them in 2012