Wednesday, January 20, 2021



The Star-Spangled Banner


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Football incoming.


Pres.-elect Joe Biden and Vice Pres.-elect Kamala Harris arrive for their inauguration ceremony.


Alibaba’s Jack Ma reemerges from three-month absence after clash with Beijing


Eugene Goodman, the Capitol Police officer who led rioters away from the Senate chamber, will escort Kamala Harris at the inauguration as the new acting deputy House Sergeant at Arms




Congratulations to my friend, President @JoeBiden! This is your time.


"Have a good life. We'll see you soon." ["YMCA" by the Village People plays as Trump leaves]


I think Trump claimed the 1918 flu pandemic started in 1917 one last time just for me


Another QAnon deadline passes. Trump was supposed to at least refer to his grand takeover of the US in that speech. Didn't happen, didn't matter to Q supporters. They saw 17 flags behind him. Q is the 17th letter of the alphabet. Goalposts moved until noon.


Donald Trump's Richard Nixon moment


As her notorious green jacket foretold, she really doesn’t care. First lady Melania Trump reportedly couldn’t summon up the energy to write her own goodbye notes to her staff.


Hey you forgot your kid


#CCP was committing genocide against Uighurs in #Xinjiang, #Washington said, the eve of President @realDonaldTrump’s final day in office.


A Biden nominee pledges to release a U.S. report on the murder of Jamal Khashoggi, a decision that could embarrass the kingdom’s crown prince


Back in 2014, Steve Bannon was warned by Rudy Giuliani’s law firm that Cambridge Analytica was breaking US federal law. And now with his last-minute pardon, Bannon will get away with it.


Brayden Harrington, NH Teen Who Bonded With Biden Over Stutter, Will Be Part Of Inauguration Special


Tomorrow, a new chapter in America begins. Be there when it starts. 10 AM EST.


The 16-year-old Mikita Zalatarou is facing criminal charges for 'malicious hooliganism' for August protests. The boy has imprisoned since Aug., he is beaten by police & was once admitted from prison to an intensive care unit. Mikita has epilepsy. This is state terror in Belarus.


MIAMI HERALD: Judge orders release of additional Ghislaine Maxwell records


After all that. Biden puts “immediate end” to border wall construction


With Hours Left in Office, Trump Grants Clemency to Bannon and Other Allies


MEPs call to halt Russia pipeline and impose EU Magnitsky Act over Navalny arrest


One Russian paper today on Alexei Navalny’s arrest: “His life now depends on two factors: the scale of outrage in the West & whether there will be any outrage in Russia.”


The UK foreign office refutes “misleading claims” over BN(O) visa scheme. Nothing people don’t already know. Perhaps this bit: “Withdrawing recognition of BN(O) passports would be in direct contravention of this commitment by the Chinese Government.”


Hannity calls for McConnell to be replaced as GOP Senate leader: “Establishment Republicans have no backbone, no principle, no courage, no vision”


Scoop: Biden’s team denies acting Defense Sec Christopher Miller’s request for transition space at the Pentagon after he leaves office tomorrow, a courtesy normally extended at the Defense Dept, @nwadhams reports


Hit the road Jack


These are the shoes I was wearing when Trump attacked me. They are 27 years old. The label is "Barney's New York." I am walking on air today because tomorrow Trump will be gone.


It’s an infected urethra. It’s perfect.


“Not long after he strides across the White House grounds Wednesday morning for the last time as president, Donald J. Trump will step into a financial minefield that appears to be unlike anything he has faced since his earlier brushes with collapse.”


Pelosi: "When we talk about, 'did any of our colleagues collaborate,' that remains to be seen. We have to get the evidence of that. If they did, they would be accessories to the crime. The crime, in some cases, was murder. The president is an accessory to that crime."


President Trump has talked in recent days with associates about forming a new political party. He wants to call it the Patriot Party.


It is a deeply troubling time in America, especially for those snubbed by A-listers for their inaugurations


Iran's President Hassan Rouhani has called on United States President-elect, Joe Biden, to return to the 2015 nuclear deal and lift sanctions imposed on Tehran by Donald Trump's administration


Really important story. Fox's Arizona call *only* mattered because it interfered with Trump's plan to call the election that night and 'stop the count.' If Fox now regrets that, then they regret not helping him steal the election.


Hannity calls for McConnell to be replaced as GOP Senate leader: “Establishment Republicans have no backbone, no principle, no courage, no vision”


Biden, Harris lead nation in memorial for victims of Covid-19


Also let’s not forget Bannon was arrested at sea by the US Postal Service, aboard a Chinese billionaire’s yacht.


Trump pardons Bannon


Today's layoffs at Fox's digital operation are "part of the network’s larger effort to pivot its website from straight-news reporting to right-wing opinion content in the mold of Fox’s primetime programming," The Daily Beast reports


Opinion: Senator Ron Johnson calls editorial about him 'unhinged and uninformed.' The Editorial Board responds.


.@JKCorden and an array of Broadway friends bid farewell to President Trump, Les Mis style.


'Worst president in American history': Trump term ends under a cloud, in calamity


So long you orange, bloated, swoop-overed, raccoon eyed, pig assed, moronic, bigoted, 2X impeached, universally hated, ramp challenged, failed POTUS, shitty human, Emmy losing, Senate losing, House losing, election losing, crappy father, dingbat, schmuck, fuck faced Babadook.