Saturday, February 1, 2020

Why wasn't Jared Kushner's meeting with private equity investors in China on the White House or State Department agendas?

Not presumably forever; not perhaps for a day after Nov. 3, 2020; not on every issue or in every way until then. But for the time being one has to say: We are all Democrats now.

Just asked Warren about Rep. Tlaib booing Clinton yesterday. Warren: “In the primaries, people can get heated. But what’s important is we come together as a party. Because we have one really important job, and that is to beat Donald Trump.” Full answer:

Roberts should refuse to participate in remaining sham trail. this right thing to do. Pelosi: 'Sad' to see McConnell 'humiliate' Roberts

Pro-tip: Maybe don’t give interviews while you’re drunk

Why Does Rudy Giuliani’s Consulting Firm Employ an Accused Sex Predator – Rolling Stone

“The facts will come out in all of their horror.”

Why land mines, a persistent civilian killer, are coming back under Trump

The Trump family came in to the White House and immediately started figuring out ways to line their pockets with taxpayer dollars. Please share this video from @bravenewfilms that separates the propaganda from reality:

This is what Senate Republicans have decided not to look at. Deplorable.

Wake the fuck up America!

Let’s all give Jared a hearty round of applause. ‘Palestinian president announced a cut in 'all relations' with the US and Israel over peace deal’

"Russian democracy may be gone, but the lessons of its rise and fall are more important now than ever. I just never imagined that they would apply so well, and so soon, to two lodestars of democracy, the UK and my new home of the USA."

Justice Kennedy retired abruptly to make way for Trump’s Brett Kavanaugh, Kennedy’s son Justin signed off on Trump’s loans at Deutsche Bank, those loans were backed by Russians, and Justin’s boss Tom Bowers “killed himself”. Where is the damn investigation into this shady shit?

He's always drunk these days

He was going to try to steal the 2020 election no matter what we did -- at least the stink of impeachment supported by a majority of Americans now haunts him forever.

But Jared read so many books.... this is going to be so hard for him

Hey Iowa, @JVN has a special message for you!

When it’s all said and done, Bill Barr’s DOJ is going to rival the amount of damage Mitch McConnell has done to the nation

DOJ revealed in a court filing late Friday that it has two dozen emails related to Trump's involvement in the withholding of millions in aid to Ukraine. The filing shows he was directly involved in asking about and deciding on the aid as early as June.

This is a very big deal and shows how much this union believes that Biden is the one who can beat Trump. Major union flips support from Sanders to Biden

When talking about these Lev and Igor's money in the past, Sessions claimed: "What about that money? $2,700 x 2. That was given on a credit card to a website. The day one I learned about it, I gave that $2,700 to a charity in Bryan and a charity in Waco."

The coronation - don't blink or you'll miss the plot twist...

Thanks to everyone who has donated to my campaign. *We raised more than all other candidates combined.* But I’m especially grateful to the people of my district, who have been so supportive and kind. Humbled and honored to represent you as an independent. Thank you for believing.

Even retiring senators are scared of Trump. Senators who shirk their duties are cowards who disgrace their oaths of office and betray the Constitution. Our troops risk their lives for this country; these senators won’t even risk some unpleasantness.

The Senate just voted that you can cook this, sure, but you’ll have to do it without any ingredients.

As we celebrate #BlackHistoryMonth, we honor Ezell Blair Jr., David Richmond, Franklin McCain, and Joseph McNeil whose courageous activism at Greensboro Woolworth’s 60 years ago today spurred a movement. They risked everything and forever changed our nation.

Grassroots non-partisan @ProjectLincoln Rick Wilson promises his anti-Trump group is about to launch a ‘pretty frigging nasty’ campaign to oust the president

#Murkowski lashes out at ‘all sides?’ After being a traitor to Democracy She voted against impeachment trial witnesses: AGAINST THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE... 75% of Americans wanted witnesses#Alaska TIME FOR CHANGE

Taylor Swift calls Republican Sen. Marsha Blackburn "Trump in a wig" in a new documentary

Obama had to provide proof that he was born in America and Trump has to provide no proof that he didn’t betray it.

Yesterday the Senate decided to vote on impeachment without hearing witnesses. At midnight, OMB acknowledged (pursuant to court order & at the last minute) emails document Trump’s involvement. Evidence will continue to surface despite the Senate cover up.

trump legal strategy spreads... Loughlin's lawyers say payments were legit

"What wasn’t on the WH or State Dept. agendas: a meeting w/ private equity investors convened by Jared Kushner and US Ambassador Terry Branstad."

It's on again. Far right deza rag Gateway Pundit is trying to redux the 2016 Bernie Bro's bullshite that the DNC is stealing the nomination from Sanders. Note the article quotes the Intercept's Lee Fang heavily

Elizabeth Warren is pledging that, if elected president, she'll release "every document" related to the Ukraine scandal and impeachment inquiry on her first day in office.

Anthony Scaramucci gives John Bolton advice on how to survive Trump’s tweets.

Farm bankruptcies jumped 20% in 2019 — despite billions in aid from U.S.

“Giuliani represented Trump for no pay, and was compensated by one of his partners, Lev Parnas, who was in turn paid by a Russian oligarch who works closely with Vladimir Putin.”

"Impeachable conduct shouldn't always lead to impeachment" "We have all the evidence that he did all the crimes, but meh" Just to be clear, feckless Trump Party -- we don't need your explanations. Pathetic.

Duterte declines Trump summit invite and forbids U.S. trip by his cabinet

People are being violently detained in St. Petersburg for picketing against Putin's constitutional reforms. This guy has a sign that says "NO! to Putin's changes to the constitution!"

Rest of that sentence: “Mr McConnell’s office even advised the president’s legal team throughout the process on which arguments were important to be made on the floor to resonate with certain undecided senators.” Call it what it was: a #MISTRIAL

Rest of that sentence: “Mr McConnell’s office even advised the president’s legal team throughout the process on which arguments were important to be made on the floor to resonate with certain undecided senators.” Call it what it was: a #MISTRIAL

Chief Justice Roberts has an obligation to demand that witnesses be called and declare a mistrial if the senators refuse.

TIME FOR A MISTRIAL - now that Cipollone has refused witnesses including himself and contradicted what he knew to be true - Cipollone must be struck from the roster, witnesses must be called, and the trial to resume w/o Cipollone.

Bernie’s Angry Bros The Sanders online army resembles President Trump’s most ardent supporters in more ways than either side might care to admit.

Russia & Putin are celebrating today. The British have left the European Union. The EU is weaker. #BrexitDay Today, Senate Republicans will fail to uphold the rule of law for 30 pieces of silver. American Democracy is weaker.

Pompeo visits Belarus as Minsk's ties with Moscow fray

Republican leaders in Congress believe—and privately say—that they fear the country is quickly changing in ways that may soon deprive them of power, and that they must use the power they have now to delay it as long as possible, even by harming the Republic if necessary.

The only real question remaining is if any senators will cross party lines in the final votes on articles of impeachment

Pat Cippolone was in the freaking room with.... The Room Where It Happened Boom

Jefferson once said: “I consider trial by jury as the only anchor yet imagined by man by which a government can be held to the principles of its Constitution.” Remove that anchor, and we are adrift. But if we hold fast, if we put our faith in the truth, This storm will pass.

Trump lawyer Jay Sekulow’s law firm operates from a mailbox? “This is an apparent web of organizations that seem to exist to pay compensation to Sekulow and his family,” says tax expert about his “non-profit” enterprise. Wow. AP investigation by @mbieseck

Mitch recently took $8,400 in campaign contributions from two of the impeachment defense attorneys. Now, he's returning the favor by keeping witnesses from testifying in the trial. This is the pay-to-play swamp that Mitch created.

ABA/Model Rule of Professional Conduct Rule 3.3-Candor Toward the Tribunal (a) A lawyer shall not knowingly: (1) make a false statement of fact or law to a tribunal or fail to correct a false statement of material fact or law previously made to the tribunal by the lawyer;

Trump is learning the truth of an old saying about loyalty: Friends come and go, but enemies accumulate

After tonight's votes, Senator Collins has now voted 12 times in the past ten days against a fair impeachment trial. Mainers deserve a fair process to uncover the facts, and Senator Collins denied them that every step of the way.

Time for EPP to kick out Viktor Orbรกn

Washington Post Editorial Board Shreds ‘Cringing Shamefulness’ Of GOP Senators With Warning

Judge George J. Hazel said he believes Coast Guard officer Christopher Hasson, 50, was preparing to carry out a "mass casualty assault as a way to act out his white nationalist views" and that, "The need to protect the public is of paramount importance."

3rd warmest January on record for Boston. Worcester, Providence and Hartford all fell within the top ten warmest January's on record as well. For all the details check out the images attached.

.@nytimes opinion:“The Senate may acquit Mr. Trump, but it will not, it cannot, exonerate him. Mr. Trump is the most corrupt president in modern times...”

A message to Europe, this morning on the White Cliffs of Dover. Sound on.

There you are, America. There you are. We will say your names.

The chaplain trolling the senators every time these hearings begin is something else. It's like a passive-aggressive guilt trip.

New @FEC filing: Donald Trump’s 2020 re-election campaign paid $194,247.57 to Trump family members, properties & businesses in the final quarter of last year alone—steering over $1.8 MILLION in donations from presidential campaign donors to @realDonaldTrump's private interests.

‘A shockingly sad day’: Ambassador @McFaul worries Senate Republicans are harming America worldwide

"it's just wrong to conduct a trial without witnesses," says Democratic Sen. Ben Cardin. "I'm extremely disappointed. I think what happens next week will not correct the mistakes that were made in process."

Do you know who runs trials without calling in relevant witnesses? North Korea Iran Saudi Arabia

Coronavirus Lurking in Feces May Reveal Hidden Risk of Spread

Scotland is digging in to its position as the last bastion of political resistance

59% say Russia needs "decisive change" but most called for better wages (24%) as opposed to democratization (4%). 39% don't know what politician could bring change. The authors think this research prompted Putin to fire gov't & offer constitutional changes

An impeachment trial with: - No witnesses allowed - No new evidence allowed - Defense lawyers who are also accomplices in the scandal - Senate jurors who are also accomplices in the scandal - Majority of jurors are bribed, threatened, and/or conspiring with the defendant

When you're a Washington politician who performs a cravenly political maneuver then blames Washington politics for it, I hereby declare that maneuver to be a "Big Murkowski"

Senate set to acquit Trump next week after bid for witnesses in impeachment trial is defeated

Here are the 6 Republicans Lev Parnas says are part of the Ukraine conspiracy — and he has the evidence

Fox News scrambled hour after hour this week to destroy the credibility of a man who was one of their own just a short time ago

Former WH chief of staff John Kelly advises the Senate: "If you don’t respond to 75 percent of the American voters and have witnesses, it’s a job only half done. You open yourself up forever as a Senate that shirks its responsibilities.”

1) Bolton is telling the truth 2) Cipollone was in the meeting 3) Cipollone is a fact witness and has misled the tribunal 4) Cipollone has violated the ABA Rules of Professionall Conduct 5) Cipollone should be disciplined by the Bar and potentially lose his bar license.

Lamar Alexander’s craven surrender to Trump leaves our country exposed

The Democratic Party should spend some money to hire a highly-qualified team of top-notch psychiatrists (like @DMRDynamics), psychologists, and cult experts to come up with a plan to counter the Trump-cult-programming. There must be a way to break it up.

That...wasn't the oath you took ("so help you God," btw). You swore to do impartial justice. Which means that if the House proved its case, you are obliged to find him guilty, not substitute your personal belief of what's in the public interest -- stop Dershing your reasoning

Tuesday, every Democrat should turn their back on Trump while he is delivering the State of the Union address

Bill Maher made a political ad for the Democrats! Honestly it’s the best one I’ve seen so far. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ Democrats need to do more of this!! It will drive Trump bonkers!

America is not f*cking dead. #RIPAmerica? Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, & get to work. There are 277 days until the election. We have to overwhelm the polls. That was the case before the vote, & it will be the case until Nov 4th. Turn your anger into action.

The global economy is feeling the strain of China’s viral outbreak -- and a potential $160 billion hit to growth may be on the way

#BREAKING Australia to refuse entry to non-citizens arriving from China: Prime Minister

Saudi lobbyists spent nearly $300k at Trump properties in a single month following Trump's election

Tribe: Dershowitz defense of Trump ‘extreme’ and ‘dangerous’


‘The Senate is drowning and I'm holding its head under water’

Fmr. federal prosecutor: W.H. counsel participated in ‘big ticket unethical conduct’

Right now at our nation’s Capitol. Minutes after the Senate voted for the biggest coverup in history. Thousands are chanting SHAME at the Senators who voted against witnesses, against documents, against a real trial.#SHAME

I’ve honestly been trying to keep an open mind about what witnesses like John Bolton and Mick Mulvaney could tell us. But I don’t see how this vote to block witnesses is anything but an admission that what they'd say under oath would not be good for this President.

"It was a bunch of partisan bullshit." - Lindsey Graham, who has been implicated in the Ukraine scandal that led to Trump's impeachment

Kudos for saying what no GOP senator will admit: @realDonaldTrump acted corruptly. But, the flaw in your logic is voting against witnesses. Just b/c you heard enough, doesn’t mean others had, particularly those saying there’s not enough evidence. You deprived them of evidence.

McConnell in @ap shot after the win on trial witnesses

Parnas reacts to reports of Bolton book revelations, expects more

Parnas accuses top Trump officials of awareness of Ukraine scheme

Just on @MNSBC: The attorney for Lev Parnas has sent a letter to McConnell saying, "If Lev Parnas was called as a witness, he would provide testimony based upon personal knowledge, corroborated by physical evidence ... directly relevant to the President's impeachment inquiry."

For the MAGA cult: you think you're winning. But you're not. The country wanted witnesses. The country wanted him impeached. The country wants him gone. You're never going to be a billionaire. You'll never get the wall. You'll never marry a model. You'll never have a gold toilet.

WOW. They are still at it. Holding up a White House visit unless Zelensky publicly states that it was a perfect call. Basically, at the same time he is blocking witnesses from appearing in our legal processes, Trump is coercing people into being “witnesses” for him

Cipollone and Mulvaney were in a meeting in May where Trump directed Bolton to help with his pressure campaign to get dirt on Democrats from Ukraine, according to Bolton’s new book

Breaking News: The Trump administration is virtually blocking immigration from Nigeria, Africa's most populous country, and Myanmar, where refugees are fleeing genocide. 4 other countries have also been added in an extension of the stringent travel ban.

HAPPENING NOW: Capitol Police are arresting this woman for wearing a "Trump Is Guilty" sticker over her mouth

If @AmbJohnBolton wants to be the decisive man of the era, destined for the history books, he’ll do a press gaggle in the next hour, book on every news show tonight, and lay down the truth of Trump’s corrupt scheme. Imagine being able to bend history to your will, John

In light of this massive development, w v serious allegations against Trump (and perhaps also against his lawyer at his trial Cippillone) from his former National Security Adviser, the Senate should take a serious pause and evaluate whether they really want to rush to judgment.

Breaking: Trump told Bolton to call Zelensky to ensure he would meet with Giuliani about his desire for investigations of Democrats, according to Bolton’s unpublished book.

WH official confirms McConnell and Trump spoke about deal to end trial next week and Trump signed off.

Sometimes, faced with tyranny, people fold and just give democracy away. It can happen here

Joy Behar sees the end of democracy in Trump's acquittal. Meghan McCain thinks Democrats deserve equal blame

I just changed, online, my party affiliation to Democrat, having been registered as a Republican since March 1980. LONG OVERDUE. Fuck the @GOP! Any party that can support the most morally and criminally corrupt president ever is not one I will ever support again. LONG OVERDUE.

33 years of service to our country brought to an end by the Putin-enabling bully, ⁦@realDonaldTrump⁩. Ambassador Yovanovitch will be missed, but by standing her ground, she helped bring Trump’s corruption to light. A final act of patriotism.

BREAKING: The Senate votes against calling new witnesses in the historic impeachment trial of Pres. Donald Trump, 49-51.

BREAKING #FOIA: At 10 pm EST tonight, NOAA released hundreds of pages of documents in response to my and other #FOIA requests about Hurricane Dorian and Sharpiegate. A late night dump from NOAA! Hmm wonder what's in here. Uploading docs now.

WATCH: @Lawrence explains how the Senate is now, always has been and always will be an anti-democratic institution.

I just forced votes on 4 amendments for witnesses & documents to: Subpoena Mulvaney, Bolton, Duffy, Blair, & WH, OMB, DOD, State Dept documents Require the Chief Justice to rule on motions to subpoena documents & witnesses But Senate Republicans just kept voting for a cover-up

Just stop with the lectures. You killed the chance to call witnesses. You schemed with McConnell to silence testimony central to this “drug deal”. You feared the truth so much that you chose instead to bring shame on yourself, your office, and the United States Senate. Enough.

I mean it’s only election help from a foreign government, it’s not like he lied about a blow job or anything

I was never a Rambo or did I claimed to be. I wasn’t a G.I.Joe. I was an American soldier fighting for my country in the name of our flag. The thing is, I would rather face the in coming mortars again then to see my country go down because of a an asshole and his thugs.

This is NOT cool, @BernieSanders. It’s bad enough when your rank-and-file supporters act this way, but it’s far worse when this hateful garbage comes from one of your leading surrogates. If you can’t control your own campaign, how can you be trusted to run our country?

Yeah I’m sure he’s shattered to miss it.

So let me get this straight: An impeached president who is on trial and up for re-election will be delivering a State of the Union address to both his jurors and prosecutors — and the voters who will decide his fate in November. We are living in a banana republic.

University of Iowa student newspaper says Trump campaign mistreated members of the press and even some guests attempting to enter last night’s Trump rally in Iowa.

University of Iowa student newspaper says Trump campaign mistreated members of the press and even some guests attempting to enter last night’s Trump rally in Iowa.

To summarize: There are multiple jurors who believe the defendant is guilty as charged but disapprove of the sentence that awaits him so they’re voting to acquit the defendant who they believe is guilty as charged.

CNN discussion is explaining what’s going on in the Senate: Due to a mistake in drafting the rules, Senator Schumer now has ability to submit amendments—one implication is it can force GOP to make uncomfortable votes. Gives Schumer leverage he otherwise hasn’t had in the process