Sunday, January 3, 2021

Trump is expected to give Rep. Devin Nunes the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the nation's highest civilian honor, according to someone familiar with the plans.


18 USC §2385 makes urging overthrow of US govt by force, violence or assassination a crime punishable by up to 20 yrs in jail and ineligibility for US govt employment for 5 yrs. 1st Am dsn’t protect those who violate §2385 by inciting imminent action. Brandenburg v Ohio (1969).


Sen. Dick Durbin: "Trump's urging of an elected official to deliberately change and misrepresent the legally confirmed vote totals in his state merits nothing less than a criminal investigation."


Mark Meadows announced the names of all the criminal co-conspirators in the room with Trump at the beginning of the call.


Next bombshell: In a Post oped, all 10 living former defense secretaries, including two appointed by Trump, say the election is over and warn against any attempt to use the military in disputing results


Bipartisan group of 10 senators, Sens. Manchin, Collins, Warner, Cassidy, Shaheen, Murkowski, King, Romney, Hassan, and Durbin: "The voters have spoken, and Congress must now fulfill its responsibility to certify the election results."


A special prosecutor should be appointed immediately. This time a real one who will put Trump under oath


“It’s gonna be costly to you.” I’ve charged extortion in mob cases with similar language.


"I just want to find 11,780 votes"


And here’s the president of the United States trying to steal the election.


Exclusive | "I just want to find 11,780 votes": In extraordinary hour-long call, Trump pressures Georgia secretary of state to recalculate the vote in his favor


California funeral homes are running out of room for bodies


BREAKING: Rep. Bill Pascrell has asked Pelosi to refuse to seat lawmakers "trying to overturn the election and make donald trump an unelected dictator."


Why Nobody Should Counterprotest in DC Wednesday: "Never interfere with your enemy when he is occupied with destroying himself." — Napoleon Bonaparte


BSU journalism faculty students showed solidarity with the repressed journalists. I admire their courage: they are standing up for freedom of speech in Belarus and the freedom of Belarusians.


The US Constitution is pretty clear when it comes to traitors in Congress.


And this rally is taking place right near my house - in Zialony Luh! I could not imagine that my neighbors are so brave! At least 20 marches take place in Minsk, and several - in the regions. People chant "Long live Belarus!", "Tribunal", “Lukashenka — get lost!”


The first march of 2021 has started. Like other weeks, citizens gathered in their neighborhoods and rallies around them.


Targeted Killings Are Terrorizing Afghans. And No One Is Claiming Them.


Black patients were losing limbs at triple the rate of others. The doctor put up billboards in the Mississippi Delta. Amputation Prevention Institute, they read. He could save their limbs, if it wasn’t too late.


Say their names, remember their names. These senators appear willing to stomp on the constitution and dismantle our democracy Blackburn Braun Cruz Haggerty (TN) Inhofe Johnson Kennedy Lankford Lummis (WY) Marshall (KS) Tuberville — Jackie Speier


"Would you vote for a senator who sold a stock likely to tank after getting a senators-only briefing on a coming pandemic? How about one who told you the pandemic was no big deal while buying shares in a company that sells body bags?"


FedEx workers at the Memphis World Hub said they were pressured to work faster than they felt was safe. The company faces its busiest season ever, but experts worry about safety practices after the “extremely preventable” death of a temporary worker.


Raphael Warnock on CNN: "You know, we keep, and I feel like I sound like a broken record, but we keep reaching new lows. This is outrageous and it's outrageous that the sitting unelected senator of Georgia, Kelly Loeffler, is not standing up for the voices of people in Georgia."


Another Ivy League guy performing a clown act. This tweet would be embarrassing even with a strong record. Instead, Pompeo has watched communists in North Korea and China run over America, Russians placing bounties on US soldiers’ heads, and alliances falling apart. A failure.


US imposes new sanctions to kill off Putin’s pet pipeline, Nord Stream 2


The IRS began delivering a second round of Covid Relief Payments, thru direct deposit, on Dec. 29, 2020. See the statement by the Treasury Dept. below: You can check the status of your federal stimulus payment with this IRS Get My Payment tool here


Trump is set to violate his Palm Beach deal by staying too long at Mar-a-Lago. Again. Trump's repeated violations of his agreement not to use the Florida estate as a residence could jeopardize his permit to operate it as a for-profit resort


Sen. Angus King on CNN: "Josh Hawley's comments are manifest nonsense. He said nobody has disputed this? Well, for one: Bill Barr, the Attorney General. Also the Infrastructure Security Agency that's in charge of security for the election. 50 secretaries of state. 50 governors."


Are you f*cking kidding me?!? The courts killed more people through their fecklessness than any other issue... overriding governors and health departments. Roberts should be ashamed; 2020 will be slathered on his legacy forever.


Warning - It’s a mistake to assume these Republicans who are trying to overthrow the election are doing it for “political” reasons. Many (maybe most) are actually fine to dispense with democracy if that’s what is necessary to keep Republicans in office.


There really is a tweet for everything ...


Members of Congress elected on the very same ballots to which they plan to object on Jan 6 should refuse to be sworn-in tomorrow, for if Trump’s defeat isn’t legitimate, how can their victories be legitimate?


This attack on democracy will stay with Republicans and for the rest of their lives. It will never be forgotten.


Both @YaleLawSch and @harvard_law are gateways to the legal profession. They should set an example for the rule of law. It’s time for the deans of these schools to speak out against the efforts of their graduates to undermine democracy in violation of their professional ethics.


Peter Navarro is lying on both points. Pence has no authority to do anything other than open an envelope and hand the contents to congressional clerks who add the totals of electoral votes. Inauguration Day January 20 is in the constitution. It can’t be changed.


When friends fall out: The messages that fuel mutual mistrust in Hong Kong


** who has worked for Kremlin media since 2012, after taking part in an active measures campaign against Georgia (the country) to help elect a gazprom oligarch.


Thread: The die is cast for the Republican Party. It will be destroyed on January 6th in much the same way the Whig party was destroyed by the passage of the Kansas-Nebraska Act in 1854. The act unraveled the Missouri compromise and allowed for the westward expansion of slavery. 1/


NBC News: The United States has now suffered more than 350,000 deaths from the coronavirus.


You just lost Arizona both Senate seats to Democrats, the general election to Biden and turned the state blue for the fist time in generations.


I’m not a constitutional lawyer but I don’t think you can just toss out the electors you don’t like, honey.


Hawley admits in this statement that the legal claim he contests was presented to the PA Supreme Court...and thrown out. But HE thinks that the PA Supreme Court was wrong. So now it’s HIS job — though he’s not a judge, or even from PA — to somehow relitigate this claim. ???


“Free Candy” on his van down by the river.


Talk show host Larry King tested positive for the coronavirus and is currently being treated for symptoms in a Los Angeles hospital, according to multiple reports.


Before he blew himself up with a bomb that devastated blocks of downtown Nashville on Christmas Day, Anthony Warner had sent out materials about his views to people he knew, federal investigators said.


Opinion: "Our son was killed in South Sudan. We urge Biden to protect journalists like him."


Today's statement by Senate Republicans, explaining why they'll vote to block the election results, doesn't cite proof of fraud. It cites public "distrust." But Republicans created that distrust by spreading lies. Their attack on the election is circular.


BREAKING—Pennsylvania GOP state Rep. Mike Reese, who had tested positive for #COVID19 in December 2020, has died. He was 42. Proximate cause of death was brain aneurysm. RIP.