Tuesday, July 24, 2018

US vs Mariia Butina - "government has shown by a preponderance of the evidence that no condition of release or combination of conditions would reasonably assure Defendant’s appearance"h

Democratic Gov. Steve Bullock of Montana is suing the Trump admin to block it from eliminating a mandate that politically active nonprofits disclose the identities of their major donors.

This isn’t a bailout. It is a payoff. Trump has some experience with this. He needs to keep these farmers quiet before the midterms.

Today was officially Whirlpool's worst day of trading since October of 1987. The stock fell 14.5%:

New data shows how Trump administration prosecuted migrant parents with children instead of adults traveling alone

Analysis: One-in-five Republicans think that Putin has compromising information on Trump

Not sure what Putin wanted from Trump in Helsinki, but Putin isn’t getting any ‘US military cooperation in Syria’ according to Defense Secretary Mattis

"Just remember: what you’re seeing and what you're reading is not what’s happening."

Republican Sen. Ron Johnson: "This is becoming more and more like a Soviet-type of economy here: Commissars deciding who's going to be granted waivers, commissars in the administration figuring out how they’re going to sprinkle around benefits."

NEW: The VFW has issued a statement saying it is "disappointed" with audience members who booed and heckled members of the press during the president's speech today

.@TheJusticeDept agreed to a settlement that would allow criminals and even terrorists to download 3D firearms printing tutorials. The American people have a right to know why their government agreed to such a dangerous outcome. My colleagues and I are demanding answers.

Senate Intel Chair Richard Burr breaks with Devin Nunes: "There [were] sound reasons as to why judges issued the FISA" warrant against Carter Page.

Alex Jones is trying to get someone to kill Mueller. Timed to coincide with commencement of Manafort trials. Probably, this should be bigger news than it is.

JUST IN: Kremlin says Putin not ready to accept Trump invite to Washington

The Russian Ministry of Defense is defending @realDonaldtRUmp’s authority while attacking a US General. And the part about US forces in Syria being “illegal” sounds like whoever wrote that also writes Rand Paul & Tulsi Gabbard’s talking points. “Weird.”

Ivanka Trump is closing her namesake fashion brand, WSJ reports.

Gen Votel, head of U.S. Central Command, which oversees the fight against ISIS expressed firm reservations about Trump’s hopes of working more closely with Russia in Syria: “I’ve watched some of the things that Russia has done, it does give me some pause.”

Reminder to my fellow Americans: Unless you're an idiot like Carter Page, playing footsie with foreign spies, NSA is NOT spying on you.

After Putin himself admitted that he wanted Trump to win...

A lot of, ahem, interesting events of an, ahem, private nature have taken place at Mar-A-Lago. If only someone (other than foreign intelligence agencies, which know all about them) would bother to investigate.

As many as 463 migrant parents who were separated from their children at the US-Mexico border may have lost their right to reunification with their children, US Justice Dept. lawyers said in a court filing Monday.


AP FACT CHECK: Trump wrong to say records show FBI cover-up

PENNSYLVANIA CD17 POLL: US House election All potential voters: @ConorLambPA (D) 51%@KeithRothfus (R) 39%

In March, someone began whitewashing the Wiki of Butina...

This is yet another attempt by President Trump to intimidate political opponents — and it sends a troubling message to those still in government, who have clearances and may be critical of his policies.

We hope Sen. @ChuckGrassley will join @SenFeinstein in a joint letter requesting Judge Kavanaugh's documents, just as @SenatorLeahy joined Senator Sessions during Justice Kagan's nomination.

NEW: Speaker Ryan on Pres. Trump's threat to revoke security clearances from former intelligence officials: "I think he's trolling people, honestly."

Now they want to waste taxpayer money to bandage their self-inflicted wound.

18 mos. after Alex Jones’ false Pizzagate conspiracy led to a real shooting, Jones just targeted Mueller w the same lie and fantasized about shooting him. Jones: “Everyone's so scared of Mueller they'd let him rape kids in front of people, which he did.”

The attorney general of the united states just joined a chant of "lock her up" at an event in DC.

Russia's foreign minister held a call with Sec. of State Mike Pompeo and "stressed the unacceptability of the actions of the U.S. authorities" in arresting alleged Russian covert agent Maria Butina

There already are a handful of people on the White House’s shortlist to replace Sarah Huckabee Sanders, should she leave. Almost all of the have one thing in common. Can you guess what it is?

Rand Paul wants John Brennan's security clearance revoked

Scandals Pile Up For Interior Chief Ryan Zinke

Meet Mr. Michael Forbes, who fought the scottish golf club of the TRUMPGUMP FAMILY.

I am a lifelong Republican. I have campaigned and won as a member of the party, and I have served more than one Republican president. And I'm calling on my fellow Republicans with a message: Trump is clearly unfit to remain in office.

Russia attacked Ukraine 21 times yesterday. 2 Ukrainian soldiers, defenders of Europe, were wounded in action. Ukrainian military intelligence says 4 Russian soldiers were wounded in action.

Accidentally released documents show Trump administration dismissed benefits of protected public land in favor of logging, drilling

"Can you repeatedly scream the N-word on national television and keep your job in the Georgia House of Representatives? We’re about to find out"

and dropping his pants...he is too stupid to lead.

Former Equifax employee pleads guilty to insider trading

Government: 463 migrant parents may have been deported without their children

2.5 Billion Pounds of Meat Piles Up in U.S. as Production Grows, Exports Slow

Arrest made after brick lobbed at Sen. Mark Warner's Roanoke office James Trainor,

Congressional scholar Norm Ornstein tells @TheLastWord tonight that Devin Nunes should be expelled from the House for his conduct regarding the Carter Page FISA application, says that Nunes gave "aid and comfort to our enemies."

Shouting out Pence visit to Philadelphia

Complex shell companies, suspicious money transfers, links to Putin confidants & Russian oligarchs—mounting evidence Maria Butina & others may have used the NRA to try to funnel Russian $$$ to the Trump campaign. NRA officials must testify—in public & under oath.

Former Congresswoman Elizabeth Holtzman, a drafter of the Refugee Act of 1980, resigns from the Homeland Security Advisory Committee.

Question of the day: If Kavanaugh would have let Nixon off the hook, what is he willing to do for President Trump?

The #GOPTaxScam was a $1 trillion giveaway to corporations and the wealthy. Now workers are suffering the consequences.

Here are 5 of the craziest Christian fundamentalist cults that feel empowered in the Trump era

The suggestion by the President that antitrust action should be brought by the Justice Department against Amazon because he doesn’t like his coverage in Washington Post is a direct assault on the First Amendment. Are Republicans in Congress blind to this threat, or merely mute?

Susan Collins said Roe v. Wade is a "51-49" issue. That's false. 71% of Americans do not want Roe overturned, an all-time high. By 13 points, *Republicans* do not want Roe overturned.

Ferguson MO government, Manafort's crony Dmitro Firtash, and Joe Arpaio all had the same lawyer. Dan K. Webb.

Hannity's so mad that you can hear him struggle to breathe in quickly, in between shrieked talking points

Day 8 protests at the Kremlin Annex have official begun

Russia, China to act against U.S. defenses in Asia

The attacks on the environment didn’t end with Scott Pruitt’s resignation. Republicans are on an all-out assault on the Endangered Species Act. What better metaphor for GOP environmental policy than the bald eagle being sold out to oil companies and logging interests?

Let’s be clear why fmr. officials keep their security clearances — ENTIRELY for our security as it allows current nat’l sec. officials to consult w/ experts. By revoking clearances, @realDonaldTrump makes you less safe. But he doesn’t care about you, just his fragile ego.

.@RepAdamSchiff: Nunes, Gowdy lied about F.B.I. warrant application to protect Donald Trump

Put Newt, Trump, Rudy and Rush in a room and what’ve you got (besides more than half a ton of flesh)? 13 wives, 14 deferments and 0 military service.

How U.S. intelligence agencies can find out what Trump told Putin

You might wonder why the Russians are being so obvious. They want us to know who is pulling the strings, because it makes Putin feel omnipotent. They want the rest of us to feel powerless in light of these authoritarian tactics & the Kremlin's long reach

Purdue executives lied about their drugs and even claimed that OxyContin was safer than Ibuprofen. We're suing to hold them accountable for the devastation they caused.

Russian hackers have penetrated electric utilities and could have caused blackouts, federal officials said

Rand Paul to travel to Russia after downplaying election meddling


Trump ‘trying to goad Iran’ into conflict, says Amb. Wendy...

Donald Trump's tweet threatening war with Iran is not only a distraction from negative developments on Michael Cohen and Paul Manafort, says Amb. Wendy Sherman, but part of a Trump effort to start a conflict with Iran. John Heilemann says the tweet shows the "walls closing in" on Trump.

Lawrence: Trump's Iran threat shows ‘panic’

Donald Trump threatened war with Iran in a weekend Twitter tirade. Lawrence looks at what Trump is trying to distract from- new developments in the Michael Cohen and Russia investigations.

Watergate Prosecutor: Kavanaugh’s past statement on Nixon...

Jill Wine-Banks talks with Lawrence about the unanimous Supreme Court decision ordering Richard Nixon to turn over the Watergate tapes- a decision that Trump SCOTUS nominee Brett Kavanaugh once said “maybe was wrongly decided.” Ron Klain also joins.

Kavanaugh voicing of uncommon view on Nixon tapes sparks furor

Joyce Vance, former U.S. attorney, talks with Rachel Maddow about a view expressed by Donald Trump Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh that the decision to force Richard Nixon to produce his Oval Office tapes was incorrect - an uncommon perspective and one sure to be probed in the confirmation process.

FISA applications' release tests bounds of protecting FBI sources

David Kris, former head of the National Security Division at the Department of Justice, talks with Rachel Maddow about the unprecedented nature of the declassification of the Carter Page FISA warrant applications and how the FBI is limited in how it can refute invented claims by Donald Trump.

Warrants show Trump camp adviser was believed to be Russian agent

Rachel Maddow reports on the FISA warrant application for Trump campaign foreign policy adviser Carter Page.

Bad news for Manafort seen in naming of new witnesses

Rachel Maddow reports on the latest developments in the prosecution of former Donald Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort, including the revelation witnesses being granted immunity to testify.