Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Trump Has Not One Call To Complaint About Pipeline, DAPL

Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch told a senator that he objected to Trump’s harsh criticism of the courts

Trump blasts retailer Nordstrom, raising new concern on business ties

Department Of Education

Trump's EPA Pick: Something Doesn't Add Up

Supreme Court nominee Gorsuch says Trump’s attacks on judiciary are ‘demoralizing’

Labor nominee Puzder’s hearing scheduled for next week

NEW: Meet Fatemah. A low-key video to send Trump supporters who think the Muslim Ban can be morally justified.

WATCH: "We're different kinds of conservatives," Speaker Ryan says of Steve Bannon

MaddowBlog: Trump’s White House takes on retailer over his daughter’s deal

Pope Francis repeats appeal for people to build bridges, not walls, amid global uproar over travel ban.

Russian police arrest nine members of hacking group suspected of stealing millions from Russian bank accounts

WATCH: Sen Warren is found in violation of Rule XIX by impugning Sen. Sessions.

Nancy Pelosi:"What on earth do the Russians have on Donald Trump" that he would consider lifting sanctions?

You don't ban a senator from participating in debate. Sen. McConnell owes Sen. Warren an apology. This is a fight we'll continue.

GOP Wall Of Shame - Those Who Silenced Warren

Trudeau Sets Up War Room To Deal With Trump Admin Dangerous Unpredictability

“The PMO’s unprecedented new Canada-U.S. relations ‘war room’ led by Brian Clow is being lauded by observers as a smart move, created to help coordinate the Trudeau government’s quick response and strategy to U.S. President Donald Trump’s unpredictable new administration. ‘There’s not been a unit like this set up within the PMO to the best of my knowledge,’ said Greg MacEachern, a senior vice-president at Environics Communications and former Liberal staffer. ‘Obviously, the prime minister wants to be keeping a very close eye on this. … It’s an unprecedented situation in the U.S. we’re watching.’”

House Republicans name Democratic targets for 2018

How important is education?

American tax dollars are already helping Donald Trump make money:

John Oliver and Stephen Colbert tag-teamed President Trump with biting sarcasm

Time to kick some ass...

Donald Trump beats Obama and Bush in race to the golf course

A Word From God On September 11th, 2001

Poll shows Le Pen losing French presidential runoff

tres bien

How President Trump could seize more power after a terrorist attack:

Tick Tock

Trump Tower In Toronto Is Up For Sale And Facing Legal Woes

Such a smart business man

Finally John Oliver Returns

Did Melania Trump's attorney just admit she wanted to profit off of being First Lady?

So Then The Trumps Specifically Gained Access To The White House To Exploit It for Their Own Gain?

Trevor Noah: President Trump blames any future terror attack on the judge who halted his immigration ban.

One by one, black New England Patriots players are refusing to visit Donald Trump's White House

Seth takes A Closer Look at Trump’s packed weekend.

President Trump still thinks that America should have taken Iraq’s oil

McConnell silences Warren on Sessions with obscure Senate rule

Senator Elizabeth Warren talks with Rachel Maddow about Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell using an obscure Senate rule to silence Warren on speaking anymore on the Jeff Sessions nomination because she read from a Coretta Scott King letter already in the Congressional record criticizing Sessions. Duration: 5:24

Sen. Jon Tester on @maddow announces he'll vote against Sessions for AG, says GOP's silencing of Warren is to 'take the focus off Sessions'.

We Don't Need No Education

Bill Moyers video: EPA nominee Scott Pruitt promises to Make America Great Again—for polluters

Must See

Uncovering the roots of racist ideas in America

Democrats to grill Judge Neil Gorsuch on disputed pro bono work

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad praises US President Donald Trump's rhetoric on terror

Known by the company you Russian stooge

Yes sir. Pepe is in The People's House. Trump invited him. Bannon carried him.

Actually, it's Trump—not the media—who's ignoring certain terror attacks. Guess why.

The Sovereign Military Order of Malta defended pilgrims to the Holy Land during the Crusades

Secret money fueled pro-Betsy DeVos ad campaigns

In an extremely rare rebuke, Sen Warren gets cut off while reading a letter on the Senate floor

Censured for reading Coretta Scott King

Donald Trump’s unnerving belief that the judiciary should stay out of his way

Pentagon Considers Leasing Space at Trump Tower

I bet they do

Here’s Elizabeth Warren Reading the Letter from MLK’s Wife Republicans Didn’t Want You To Hear (VIDEO)

Republicans tried to stop Elizabeth Warren from reading the words of Coretta Scott King. Very bad idea.

"Congratulations on your struggles." Looks like the grease-weasels in Ted Cruz's Fake Emotion engine pushed the wrong lever on that one.

Why stop at Rosie? "SNL" should have women play Trump's entire administration

Please, please

Putin Signs Law Allowing Russians To Beat Their Wives Once A Year, Because Traditional Values

Deadbeat dad and wife beater, President Bannon, considers implementing same measures

Coretta Scott King's plea to deny Jeff Sessions, Trump's Cabinet pick for attorney general, is still relevant today

GOP: I'll Take Cash Or A Certified Check

Senate Democrats point out several times when Republicans have seemed to violate the same rule Elizabeth Warren is now accused of breaking.

President Bannon is more concerned about media coverage than he is about spelling.

Not A Grammar Nazi!

They may be able to silence Elizabeth Warren tonight on the Senate floor but this letter by Coretta Scott King will live on.

After Warren/Coretta Scott King silencing, head of Congressional Black Caucus (echoing King letter) compares Jeff Sessions to Bull Connor

Ruth Bader Ginsburg: I'd like to change the Electoral College

Us too!

FULL CNN Obamacare Debate: Bernie Sanders vs Ted Cruz (part 1/5) on Affordable Care Act

The future of Obamacare moderated by CNN's Jake Tapper and Dana Bash. Cruz and Sanders -- two senators with diametrically opposed views of government's role in health care -- are facing off at the primetime event and fielding questions from the audience, consisting of both

Yemen Withdraws Permission for U.S. Antiterror Ground Missions

SenWarren cut off as Mitch McConnell says she "impugned the motives" of Jeff Sessions by quoting Coretta Scott King

This will not stand

Donald Trump’s definition of terrorism: something only Muslims do. - Daily Show