Tuesday, January 14, 2020

In a letter from Rudy Giuliani to then President-Elect Zelensky: "In my capacity as personal counsel to President Trump and with his knowledge and consent, I request a meeting with you on this upcoming Monday, May 13th or Tuesday, May 14th."

Did... they almost have an Ambassador killed?

“[Yovanovitch's] talked to three peoples. Her phone is off. Computer is off.... The address I sent you checks out... It’s next to the embassy.” “They are willing to help if we/you would like a price... Guess you can do anything in Ukraine with money...” Holy shit, indeed.

The bulk of the trial will be televised, but there will also be periods of “no cameras, no C-Span, no coverage,” Blunt tells reporters

Um holy sh*t. This certainly makes it sound like Parnas and co. were actively tracking Yovanovitch's movements. This could explain why Yovanovitch was moved out of Ukraine so quickly.

BREAKING: CT Congressional candidate Robert Hyde was texting with Lev Parnas about former Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch, new texts that are now part of the impeachment evidence show. I first reported on Hyde's relationship with Parnas, Fruman and Giuliani:

BREAKING: Schiff transmits new evidence to Nadler that will be included as part of the official record handed to the Senate for the impeachment trial. Disclosure includes documents produced by Lev Parnas.

Democrats have enough Republican votes to pass war resolution limiting Trump's military powers on Iran, says Sen. Tim Kaine

JUST IN: Senate Majority Leader McConnell says "in all likelihood" the impeachment trial against President Trump will begin next Tuesday.

Russia said claims Iran shot down a Ukrainian airliner were "bombastic” and “unfounded" -- until Tehran admitted they were true.

Let’s be clear—any order from Trump to block witnesses or evidence is further proof of his efforts to obstruct Congress from doing its job. Mick Mulvaney, John Bolton, and anyone with firsthand knowledge of the president’s misconduct must testify. — Kamala Harris

Congress needs to briefed in order to do its job. If Trump keeps withholding intelligence from Congress, they should consider withholding funding from certain programs in response.

Lev sure gets around

Pelosi told her colleagues in private that Mitch McConnell is acting like a rogue Senate leader, as she’s said before. She mused that sometimes she wonders whether McConnell has Russian connections, per attendees.

Behind closed doors, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi raised concerns to her caucus about the Russian hack into Burisma, and said the Gang of Eight was not briefed on it, saying she learned about it through news reports, per multiple sources.

Bill Barr: No future counter-intel investigations into presidential campaigns without my approval

Inbox: Chair Jerry Nadler has announced the start of an investigation into how the Trump admin's zero tolerance immigration policy "has morphed into a policy whereby refugees and asylum seekers are being kept in Mexico indefinitely and without due process or access to counsel."

Trump was a ‘bad seed’ from childhood. He has deviant tendencies and a learning disability that got swept under the rug instead of treated. His combo of low self-esteem coupled with addiction led to a lifetime of acting out. Everyone knew it-no one stopped him.

You think Bernie is polling well against Trump? Wait until voters see a million ads talking about a socialist/deadbeat dad/who never had a job until 40/who just had a heart attack. The oppo file on Bernie is brutal and will be used to great effect.

Thread: The Republican Party has been using the help of Russian intelligence CONTINUOUSLY and Mitch McConnell intends to RELY on it for impeachment.

What if the House passed a resolution that notified Russia that any further attempts to disrupt our elections would be seen as an act of war? In that case, any American *helping Russia* by distributing its disinformation could be charged with treason.

This is just one of the many legal snares waitin’ for Trump when we vote him outta office. “Trump-loving National Enquirer officials knew they were committing ‘electoral fraud’ during frantic Stormy Daniels negotiations.”

Mitt Romney says John Bolton is "someone I'd like to hear from" in an impeachment trial and "presumably, I'd get the chance to vote for that."

Enjoy four more years of Trump

She games it brilliantly. And she's still doing it because everyone's talking about how Senate trials were managed past and she's still holding the articles.

Is it just me, or does anyone else think it’s strange that so many men involved with sex trafficking (including with children) and child porn have ties with Trump?

Melania: I’m just not that into you.

Top Senate Republicans are rejecting Trump's call for outright dismissal of the impeachment charges against him. "I don't think there's any interest on our side of dismissing," said Sen. Roy Blunt. "Certainly, there aren't 51 votes for a motion."

Ukraine’s richest billionaire Rinat Akhmetov allegedly paid $700 million to settle a seven-year dispute with another oligarch, Dmytro Firtash.

Why are you so obsessed with me, Mr. President? — Joe Biden

Mitch McConnell is unlikely to pursue a dismissal vote on the impeachment articles against Trump.

Trump is making the judicial branch white and male again

Wow, Lev Parnas is like a Forest Gump for the corrupt GOP/Trump Era. I hope he brings them all down.

WHO says new China virus could spread, it's warning all hospitals

"Suleimani is Dead, Iraq is in Chaos and ISIS is Very Happy," by my friend and colleague

U.S. Treasury drops China currency manipulator label ahead of trade deal signing. The Treasury's latest report says Beijing has made ‘enforceable commitments to refrain from competitive devaluation’

Some of the donors are known for filling bipartisan coffers. Others are lifelong Republicans who suddenly chose to put their money elsewhere

"In a long-simmering rift between factions of the Murdoch family over climate change, Rupert’s younger son, James, and his activist wife, Kathryn, are attacking the climate denialism promoted by News Corporation" & Fox News

Iran arrests a number of people linked to the downing of a Ukrainian jet, and the country’s president calls on the judiciary to form a special court and fully investigate the disaster

Iranian President Hassan Rohani has called for a special court to be set up to investigate the downing of #PS752.

These are not arguments, they're smears

We are in the midst of Earth's sixth mass extinction. Almost a third of the Earth will need to be protected by 2030 and pollution cut by half to save our remaining wildlife, the UN warns.

Former Trump official Matt Mowers jumps in for New Hampshire seat

Boo, Hiss. Don't fall for it.

WIsconsin is a state Trump won by a mere 23,000 votes & that is pushing 200,000 off the voter rolls ahead of Nov. THIS is not how #democracy is done.

New 2020 numbers from New Hampshire

A senior Treasury Department official pleaded guilty Monday in Manhattan federal court to one count of conspiracy to disclose SARs. SDNY accused her of leaking SARs for people tied to Trump & Russia, including Paul Manafort, Maria Butina and others.

Pedophile George Nader frequently visited the West Wing during the first year of the Trump administration. Bannon, in particular, met with him.

Trump’s Ukraine extortion scheme is exposed by yet more documents. Energy Department to release Ukraine-related documents

Pay attention folks. Pedophile fraudster George Nader appears to have a plea agreement.

GOP senators reject plans to dismiss Trump impeachment

If you think the guy that altered a weather map with a sharpie and tweeted out a fake pic of snow when it was 70 degrees out won’t mess with or lie about the results of an election you’re not paying attention.

NEW! Russia's 2020 playbook: GRU is setting up servers stateside, replacing old servers/email for ProtonMail, evading Facebook ad controls and (!!!) DHS is investigating a possible GRU role in U.S. ransomware attacks. Our months-long investigation is live:

In this instance, the Russian hackers set up fake websites that mimicked sign-in pages of Burisma subsidiaries, and have been blasting Burisma employees with emails meant to look like they are coming from inside the company.

Donald Trump was just loudly booed at the National Championship in New Orleans

We are 295 days away from the 2020 election and Mitch McConnell has yet to take any concrete steps to protect our federal elections from hacking or foreign interference.

.@SenKamalaHarris: "It is unacceptable for a president to shake down a vulnerable foreign nation for personal or political benefit." Full video here

Apple disputed Attorney General William Barr's statement that the company hasn't helped federal investigators unlock two iPhones used by the Saudi shooter who killed three people at a Navy base in Pensacola.

Fears for future of Iran nuclear deal grow as UK, France, Germany trigger dispute mechanism amid repeated violations

BREAKING: Judge finds Wisconsin election officials in contempt of court, orders them to quickly remove thousands of people from the voter rolls. He charges three commissioners $250 a day each for defying his order.

This piece makes it clear McConnell is worried about his own race in KY & more concerned re: saving himself than saving Senate --- and losing Collins, others. Shows how desperate GOP is, also why there won't be fair trial.

NEW: Federal prosecutors are asking a judge to sentence former Rep. Christopher Collins to nearly 5 years in prison for his involvement in an insider trading scheme and for lying to the FBI. He was the first sitting member of Congress to endorse then-candidate Trump in 2016.

DOJ goes out of its way to point out that some of Rep. Collins' crime was committed at the White House.

DOJ is seeking a prison sentence at the “top end” of the 46 to 57 month guideline range for former Rep. Chris Collins.

“Congress has an important role here. While habitual lying is rarely impeachable, it should prompt a heightened oversight in national security,” including — AND THIS IS MY NEW TWIST — by the Impeachment Managers in demanding key rebuttal witnesses

One more time. Kim never made such a commitment. Pompeo has lied about this consistently.

#Breaking: Judge Burroughs sentences Michael Gurry to 33 months in prison for his role in the Insys opioid kickback and fraud scheme. He will also have to pay $3.6 million forfeiture and restitution to be determined.

Secretary of State Pompeo and AG Barr said killing Iranian commander Qasem Soleimani was part of a larger strategy of deterrence, a shift from the Trump administration's previous rationale that the strike was carried out to prevent an "imminent" attack

The killing raised fears of a new Middle East war, but the United States, Iraq and other countries with troops at the base said no one was hurt. U.S. military leaders have said that was thanks to commanders on the ground, not Tehran's goodwill.

"Putin is not trying to win the argument; instead, his propaganda machine aims to convince that there is no truth, no right and wrong, or no data or evidence, only relativism, point of view and biased opinion."

Sen. Cory Booker's prayer for Democrats in 2020: Unite Americans

Schumer raises alarm about 'risks of war with this president'

Schumer 'feeling better' about possibility of fair impeachment trial

Schiff: investigation of new Trump impeachment evidence continues

Rep. Schiff: NYT new Russian hacking report 'deeply disturbing'

Star Wars' Mark Hamill deletes @facebook account over political ads

After years of Trump, the British Defence Secretary is openly saying that the UK needs to re-think its foreign policy strategy that relies on the US because it's not as dependable any longer. This is America's most powerful ally. Predictable. Depressing.

After Soleimani was killed, on Janurary 3rd, Raytheon stocks shot up to a record high. Raytheon also just happens to be Defense Secretary Esper's former employer.

“Jim Jordan stood silent while his wrestlers were being sexually molested. True courage is not the blind defense of a president who has abused his office or turning your back on the young men you’re entrusted to lead.” -ML

Both Iran and US parrot same story that missile attack on Irbil and al-Assad Airbases deliberately avoided US casualties. NONSENSE. Giant warheads. 1600 lbs Qiam1. 500KG Fateh313. 4 malfunctioned. 2 no detonation. al-Asad took direct hits. US in bunkers.

Cory Gardner, do your job.