Monday, October 8, 2018

Rick Gates requested proposals in 2016 from an Israeli company to create fake online identities, to use social media manipulation and to gather intelligence to help defeat Republican primary race opponents and Hillary Clinton, NYT reports.

There are only 29 days left before the midterms. If you live in these states, make sure you register to vote by tomorrow, October 9

Oleg Deripaska's Upper East Side mansion in NY is frozen by the US government as part of the recent oligarch sanctions program

Was There a Connection Between a Russian Bank and the Trump Campaign? A team of computer scientists sifted through records of unusual Web traffic in search of answers.


Why Americans aren’t paying attention to the longest war in their nation’s history

Taylor Swift is encouraging her fans to vote

This is how Putin bullies and intimidates his enemies

Two bullets 'were found in pilot's body' after helicopter crash which killed senior Putin prosecutor linked to lawyer who held Trump Tower meeting

“I couldn’t live with myself if I wasn’t trying to get justice for him.”@Billbrowder says his lawyer Sergei Magnitsky, who was tortured and killed in Russia, is the reason he'll continue to risk his life to speak out against Putin.

Police are investigating the death of a Bulgarian TV journalist, the third reporter to be killed in a year in the EU

The disappearance of Interpol’s first Chinese president has put a new spotlight on the country’s opaque legal system

Why a Facebook executive's appearance at the Kavanaugh hearing was a big mistake. side note: this was before the same individual (Joel Kaplan) threw a party for Kavanaugh after confirmation

The @IPCC_CH report on #GlobalWarming of 1.5°C is one of the most important #climatechange reports ever published. Limiting temperature increase requires unprecedented changes in society, but will have huge benefits. Every half a degree of warming matters.

Richard Blumenthal: "The American people don't want Brett Kavanaugh on the United States Supreme Court."

Sen. Manchin faces firestorm back home after becoming only Democrat to support Kavanaugh confirmation

The junk science Republicans used to undermine Ford and help save Kavanaugh

Why Congress is poised to give the drug industry a $4B windfall

"As Brett's roommate, I'm in a singular position ... to say, 'listen, I saw him do this stuff that he said, under oath, that he didn't do.'" Jamie Roche, Kavanaugh's freshman Yale roommate, explains his reasoning for coming forward at this time

The host forgets to emphasize that Trump and Putin were competing for two bottom spots on the char

“People who expected Susan Collins to save us from Brett Kavanaugh have not studied her record. [Collins] has reduced the choreography of legislative head-fakes to a sublime art, in order to preserve her bogus reputation as an independent-minded centrist.”

If nothing else gets you to the polls to vote D: Checks and balances are gone. Rs now control all 3 branches of government, Rs are under the control of Trump, and Trump is a clear and present danger to the US and the world. On Nov 6, all voters must check this unbalanced man

More than 2,000 potential voters in Texas had their voters’ registration applications unfairly rejected by the Texas Secretary of State, according to a nonpartisan advocacy group

McConnell said "these things always blow over." Which leads me to make the easiest prediction I've ever made on cable news: This won't "blow over."

I'm volunteering 10+ hours on #TheLastWeekend before the election. How about you?

Gas prices increase across the U.S

US and NATO forces are set to conduct the largest exercise since 2002 that sends a message to one nation: Russia

The Suffocation of Democracy

“You don’t give power to an angry left wing mob”- King George III on hearing of the Boston tea party and the Boston Massacre.

During Kavanaugh’s 1st week on the bench, the govt’s effort to prevent the NY AG from taking the deposition of Commerce Sec’y Wilbur Ross will likely reach the Court. We’ll get a quick glimpse of his views on executive power now that he’s confirmed.

There’s a very real possibility that Trump intervened in a billion-dollar government project in order to protect his hotel interests.

These two Buffalo Police officers were harassing, threatening, & searching an elderly black man for nothing when a white man intervened. This is how you use your privilege, this is what an ally does. Thank you

Meng Hongwei is being investigated due to his own "willfulness and for bringing trouble upon himself," China's government says

This November, women know what to do.

Are you a Georgia voter? Do you know someone who is? Check your registration — now. If you've been purged, you only have until Tuesday to reregister. Don't be a victim of more GOP skulduggery

If only Susan Collins had shown real leadership on Kavanaugh | By CNN Senior Political Analyst David Gergen and James Piltch

Notoriously apolitical pop star Taylor Swift breaks her political silence as she endorses Democrats in passionate post on midterm elections.

Vote like your rights depend on it.

Has Kushner or anyone in the Trump administration said anything about Khashoggi’s disappearance or assassination?

Nov 6th everyone must VOTE!

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Democracy is under threat all around the world. There are four stages to dismantling a democracy, starting with a charismatic leader who pledges to save the people

Leading gay rights groups in Romania hail the invalidation of a referendum that would have banned same-sex marriage: "We have shown that we cannot be fooled by a political agenda that urges us to hate and polarize society."

Putin gets the spies he deserves

In a rare move, Taylor Swift has weighed in on politics to endorse Tennessee Democrats Phil Bredesen and Jim Cooper

Germany calls on Russia to halt campaign of cyberattacks

Collectively, the attacks against Mueller amount to one of the most sustained smear campaigns against honest government officials since Senator Joe McCarthy. Here’s why the attacks are unfounded

India will buy weapons from Russia and oil from Iran, ignoring U.S. warnings

Ex-Interpol chief under probe for bribery, China ministry says

Judge Kavanaugh’s confirmation just cemented Nov. 6 as one of the most important elections of our lifetimes. We’ve spoken out time and again. We have the chance to change who represents us this November – a chance to make sure it’s people we can count on to do the right thing.

"Over the last decade, 71% of domestic extremist related killings in the US were linked to right-wing extremists."

This is Eric Barber, a West Virginia councilman

They left no doubt what they think of women

Have no confidence in Trump

The new court

The new court

Experts say only drastic, immediate change can save us from the dangers of climate change

#Kavanaugh “will be the first justice nominated by someone who lost the popular vote,” confirmed by “senators representing less than half of the country,” while “opposed by a majority of the country.”

Taylor Swift just endorsed Tennessee Democrats Phil Bredesen and Rep. Jim Cooper on her Instagram. She says of Republican Marsha Blackburn: "Her voting record in Congress appalls and terrifies me."

Democratic Sen. Mazie Hirono called Republican Sen. Susan Collins' comments on Christine Blasey Ford "insulting" to Ford and other victims of sexual assault

A GOP operative raised at least $100,000 in an effort to obtain Clinton emails, according to documents that lay out his single-minded quest.

"FBI’s smoking-gun: Redactions protected political embarrassment, not ‘national security’ "

Republican members of the Franklin County, OH Board of Elections blocked a plan to spend up to $275,000 to advertise the November general election and the start of early voting next week.

Washington Post columnist "killed inside" Saudi consulate after entering to sign divorce papers:

What it looks like when a reporter isn’t just asking questions, but is holding an interviewee accountable with the facts. This occurs far too infrequently.

So does everybody remember that Dana Rohrabacher met with Natalia Veselnitskaya in Moscow fully two months before she attended Trump Tower meet with Don Jr, Kushner, Manafort et al? I do :)