Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Trump lawyer: Trump was "speaking hurriedly" when he vowed to speak with Mueller under oath

$100 billion in share buybacks by big corporations since the passage of the #TrumpTaxScam. Doesn't look like middle-class relief or job creation to me.

The special counsel’s team is set to interview Steve Bannon this month about President Trump’s firings of national security adviser Michael Flynn and FBI Director James Comey

JUST IN: DOJ's Stephen Boyd has sent a letter to @DevinNunes saying release of *the memo* without review by DOJ/FBI would be "extraordinarily reckless." Says the memo purports to be based on "classified source materials that neither you nor most of" the committee "have seen."

Congressional probe finds it is "incredibly easy" for drug traffickers to ship opioids from China into US

JUST IN: Pres. Trump says he wants a deal on DACA and is willing to provide a pathway to citizenship for DREAMers after 10 or 12 years

What the...

JUST IN: Pres. Trump says he would like to talk to special counsel Robert Mueller and would be willing to do it under oath.

#BREAKING: House Intel Committee blocked Senate panel from accessing controversial memo: report

White House promises new immigration framework amid stalled negotiations on dreamers

How the GOP Rigs Elections

Rachael Denhollander, the first Nassar survivor to come forward publicly, condemns U.S. Gymnastics and Michigan State University after his sentencing

Pence breaks tie, ending filibuster on Trump pick for religious freedom ambassador

What a shame it is that the record of this moment will show many Republican officials either cowering in silence or spreading disinformation intended to confuse Americans and undermine law enforcement officers working to protect us.

Thanks to @BurgerKing’s #WhopperNeutrality for showing how backward the @FCC’s repeal of #NetNeutrality really is

Donald Trump is engaged in a long term attempt to discredit the FBI and the intelligence community

Sales of Michael Wolff’s "Fire and Fury" exceed 1.7 million, publisher says

Ex-ambassador appalled that Trump has given security clearances to felons and foreign agents

Things are about to get ugly. This will be a bitter struggle.

Hey Rep. Pat Meehan: If She Doesnt Like It, Its Not Romance

Senate Intelligence Committee not given access to Nunes FISA memo

BURR and Senate Intel asked Nunes for copy of memo alleging DOJ misconduct, and were denied access to it. House Intel weighs vote as early as next week calling for Nunes memo release as Dems prep an alternative

JUST IN: House Intel Dems to release separate memo countering GOP claims of anti-Trump bias in FBI

More than half of America sees Trump as biased against black people

Lessons from Abraham Lincoln to one of his fans: President Donald Trump. Lincoln could speak extemporaneously “as well as anybody, but he knew when you’re President you can’t do that," says

How the GOP's biggest charter school experiment imploded

President Donald J. Trump Announces Tenth Wave of Judicial Nominees

The Maine Democratic Party has filed an ethics complaint accusing the state’s Republican Party of working hand-in-hand to spread bogus claims through a secretive website masquerading as a news organization.

Jeff Sessions appears to be meddling in the Russia and Clinton probes he vowed to avoid

President Trump picked the guy who tripled the price of insulin to regulate the price of insulin

The BBC has obtained shocking footage from the war-ravaged area of Eastern Ghouta in Syria *This report contains some upsetting images*

Jeff Bezos made $2.8 billion in one day after his company introduced technology that eliminates the need for cashiers.

BREAKING: GE says company is subject to SEC investigation

Mnuchin at Davos endorses the dollar’s decline as a benefit to the American economy

Koch network asks Trump not to raise gas tax for infrastructure

José Andrés says restaurants 'could not run' if immigrants keep being deported

Mueller is closing in on Trump & everyone involved in #TrumpRussia scandal. That’s why shameless, unAmerican, @GOP hacks like @SenRonJohnson are whipping the base into a frenzy with phony conspiracy theories that malign the FBI

Opinion: Republicans launch extraordinary new tactics to protect Trump on Russia

The Trump evangelicals have lost their gag reflex

Gates may be negotiating with Mueller's team

Alabama House votes to end Senate special elections

Meet Putin's oligarchs

11 school shootings so far in 2018. Today is January 24th

ICYMI: @JoeBiden confirms reports Mitch McConnell blocked President Barack Obama from warning Americans about Russian election interference

A fellow Republican with extensive foreign policy experience described Tillerson's future as: “Doomed. He will never have a close relationship with Trump, and he has ruined the building.”

Trump Is the Worst Salesman America Has Ever Had

JUST IN: 62% of Americans think the debate over sexual harassment will create lasting change in how U.S. society handles the issue

U.S. Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross declares trade war under way, diverging from President Trump

Sean Hannity Is Now a Favorite Weapon of Russian Trolls Attacking America

Thousands of protestors march in Switzerland ahead of Trump's Davos trip

Trump’s failing war on green power

Pope Francis released a message condemning "fake news," saying that it's a "sign of intolerant and hypersensitive attitudes, and leads only to the spread of arrogance and hatred

NEW: CIA Director Mike Pompeo has been interviewed as part of special counsel investigation, according to people familiar with the inquiry; Sally Yates has also cooperated with the special counsel.

"Counties that voted for Hillary Clinton against Trump in 2016 accounted for nearly three-fourths of the nation's increased economic output and almost two-thirds of its new jobs in the years leading up to Trump's election."

President Trump's victory in Washington's shutdown standoff could be short-lived if he doesn't also find a way to deliver a win to "Dreamers"

Sen. Tom Cotton makes a threat: If Democrats don't stop using Senate procedure to jam nominations, "we might be compelled to change the rules on our own,"

America's job problem: Low-wage work is growing fastest

Trump's Nafta partners won't make counteroffer on car rules

WATCH: Facebook on charm offensive amid new EU regulation

White House calls bipartisan DACA bill "dead on arrival"

Trump appears to call out Samsung over missing FBI text messages

"No one screamed." Survivors recount fatal shooting at Kentucky high school

Legal challenges and market forces will have a lot to say about the success or failure of Trump's pro-fossil-fuel agenda

Lawmaker's talk of mug shot raises questions about DUI arrest

President Trump is a "changed person" amid recent reports of an alleged affair with Stormy Daniels, says evangelical leader Franklin Graham

Trump Starts His Trade War

Facebook exec announces retirement, vows to help Dems during midterms

The U.N.'s most important peacekeeping mission: Trump

Trump ally: Mueller interview may be a 'perjury trap'

Special Counsel Robert Mueller is reportedly ready to interview Donald Trump in the coming weeks. Lawrence O'Donnell looks at the blunt assessment of longtime Trump confidant Roger Stone who says that would be a "suicide mission" & "perjury trap" for the president.

Trump Lashes Out After Schumer Withdraws Offer On Border Wall

Ex-DOJ official: Mueller coming at Trump 'like a freight train'

Fmr. Deputy Asst. Atty. Gen. Harry Litman says Mueller interviewing of Jeff Sessions and James Comey is a sign the probe is ramping up—and that one of the biggest targets is Trump and his potential obstruction of justice. Matt Miller also joins Lawrence O'Donnell.

Companies are announcing raises and bonuses, but is Trump’s tax plan the reason?

Wray bringing in new chief of staff, replacing Comey era holdover

Trump demands border wall in exchange for DACA fix

Gates’ *WIFE* transferred more than $1 million from Cyprus bank to a joint brokerage account.

Team Trump Bypassed DHS Analysts to Produce Bogus Terror Report

FACT CHECK: Did the Kochs Contribute $500,000 to Paul Ryan After the GOP Tax Plan Was Passed?

Trump asked the acting FBI director how he voted during Oval Office meeting

Team Trump empties White House for Davos trip

Rachel Maddow looks at the remarkable number of White House staffers making the trip to Davos with Donald Trump, as well as the remarkable number of Russian financiers who'll be rubbing elbows with them there.

Schumer undaunted by shutdown's shortcomings on DACA goals

Senator Chuck Schumer talks with Rachel Maddow about why he's still hopeful that progress can be made to protect DACA recipients after his shutdown showdown with Donald Trump ended with a resolution to that issue.

Mueller wants to talk Flynn, Comey firings with Trump

Carol Leonnig, national reporter for The Washington Post, talks with Rachel Maddow about special counsel Robert Mueller's interest in interviewing Donald Trump, particularly the firings of James Comey and Michael Flynn.

GOP tries to save Trump, attacks FBI, U.S. intelligence

Rachel Maddow looks at how Republicans are enacting a strategy of undercutting the elements of U.S. intelligence and the FBI that are the underpinnings of the investigation into Donald Trump.