Saturday, February 16, 2019

Speaking to a security conference in Munich, Pence tells his audience he brings greetings from President Trump... and not a single person claps.

John Kerry on Mike Pence: “I’m ashamed that our vice president of the United States stood up here at a security conference and never even mentioned the word ‘climate change.’ ”

CNN and MSNBC will run anti-Nazi ad that Fox News rejected, filmmakers say

Fox News reportedly claims that an ad for the anti-Nazi movie is “not appropriate

Trump Yells at Reporter to Sit Down

Head of Russian spy agency accused of U.S. election hack, U.K. spy poisoning dies

Wow. #Denmark is using the power of the ocean as a renewable source of electricity. Wave power. We have solutions to the #climate crisis. We're just missing the political will to implement them

The search warrants referenced yesterday would also have covered American businesses and media that coordinated in the timing of the releases. I reported exclusively, way back in 2017, that Fox News and Sean Hannity were under FBI investigation for this.

Biden: “I’m very concerned about Russian interference in the United States of America. It’s real... unchecked, unchallenged.”

Omelette emergencies are the worst, amirite?!

Trump at risk of a ‘serious cardiovascular event’: Former Cheney cardiologist calls for independent investigation of president’s health

"Never again?" We say that, but don't believe it. Concentration camps in China are the latest incarnation of some old totalitarian ideas, and yet we are indifferent

As @VP rightly invoked America’s role as the leader of the free world at @MunSecConf , how does the embrace of autocrats in North Korea , Russia, Saudi Arabia and Egypt fit with that claim?

Three online video channels designed to appeal to millennials have collected tens of millions of views on Facebook since September. But the pages pushing the videos do not disclose that they are backed by the Russian government.

California to sue Trump administration over national emergency declaration.

While Russia wanted a sphere of influence, a zone of corruption will do for now

NEW: In Paul Manafort's EDVA case, Mueller's prosecutors are asking for a jail sentence of 235 to 293 months (approx 19-24 years) in prison, a fine range of $50,000 to $24+ million, restitution of $24+ million, and forfeiture in the amount of $4+ million.

The US government was working with sovereign Ukraine. US Army Europe had soldiers in Ukraine working with their Army. Manafort countered both those and sold out his country for money. I know this may sound harsh, but this isn’t enough.

Trump's border wall is facing its first legal challenge from a nonprofit after he declared a national emergency

Democrats call on Trump administration to delay Title X family planning rule, citing "serious concerns"

Two Trump attorneys accused of lying to federal ethics officials

Trump undermines emergency declaration as soon as he makes it

One year since Parkland, some Stoneman Douglas students still don't feel safe

The city where Brexit is being negotiated thrives on eavesdropping, gossip and subterfuge — and is crawling with Russian and Chinese spies

Trump issues signing statement on medical marijuana provision of funding bill

In declaring a national emergency at the Southwest border, President Donald Trump strung together a long list of false and misleading claims. Here's a recap of the statements he made on Friday

Manafort lies related to Mueller probe's 'undisputed core': judge

Manafort hid Russian intel-tied contacts, faces decades of prison

FMR Acting AG Matthew Whitaker has NOT left the building. He is serving as a senior counselor in the office of Associate AG. There is no associate AG or acting associate AG. Principal Deputy Associate AG Jesse Panuccio remains in his post. He had served as acting associate AG.

Saudi Arabia added to list of terrorism-financing "dirty money" countries as Trump continues to defend the Kingdom

Developments in three Mueller-related cases advance Trump scandal

UPDATE: At least five people are dead and five police officers are injured after a gunman opened fire at a factory in Aurora, Illinois, police and city officials confirmed.

The Cohen part of today's news: Rep. Cummings says it appears two of Donald Trump's attorneys lied to federal officials.

Thank you, CNN, for amplifying a woman endorsed by the KKK spouting literal Russian propaganda. Jeff Zucker is outdoing himself.

"This is a moment of extreme national cowardice ... A precedent has been established that all Americans, but conservative Americans in particular, will long regret." @NoahCRothman on Trump's national-emergency declaration

This arrest is absolutely shocking: “Russia detains prominent U.S. investor based in Moscow on fraud charges”

"Capitol Police officers physically shoved reporters away from senators heading to vote on the spending package, even when lawmakers were willingly engaging with the press."

JUST IN: Special counsel prosecutors say they have communications of Roger Stone with WikiLeaks

69-year-old "unrepentant crook" Paul Manafort looking at decades in prison

Paul Whelan’s family fears Trump administration letting him 'languish' in Russian prison

WATCH: President Trump claims Japanese prime minister nominated him for Nobel Peace Prize

"Mr. KILIMNIK doesn't have to be in the government or even be an active spy to be a link" between the Kremlin & the TRUMP campaign, says Judge Amy Berman Jackson, adding the interactions between MANAFORT & KILIMNIK are "at the undisputed core" of MUELLER's probe.