Tuesday, November 27, 2018

The draft statement of offense Mueller's team provided to Jerome Corsi mentioned Trump by name, infuriating Trump’s legal team, WaPo reports. In response, Trump's attorneys delayed submitting his written answers and formally complained to Mueller and DOJ.

Senate's McConnell says he will 'probably' block bill to shield special counsel

#Russia's state TV gloats about Trump's failure to condemn Russia for its escalating aggression against Ukraine: reporter mocks Nikki Haley's UN speech, says: "She must have an unstable connection to the Captain's Bridge, since the owner of the White House didn't blame Russia."©️

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman arrives in Tunisia amid protests against him

Pls have a look at this piece by @woodruffbets. Having seen hundreds of such court filings, it’s clear that even Manafort’s attorneys don’t buy what he’s trying to sell to Mueller. Manafort’s Lawyers Look Nervous, Veteran Attorneys Say

A Defendant Shows Up in Immigration Court by Himself. He’s 6.

Kushner to receive Mexico's highest honor


Ex-employee says Facebook has "a black people problem"

This is what a conspiracy to steal an election for a foreign power looks like.

Wow. Manafort lawyer was apparently still briefing Trump lawyers as he cooperated with Mueller. Giuliani said around the time that Manafort signed the plea agreement that joint defense agreement was still intact—but seemed so implausible no one believed.

My goodness, here is what Trump said about climate change to the Washington Post. I recommend reading it in Tommy Wiseau's voice.

Four unidentified donors gave nearly $17,000,000 last year to a conservative nonprofit group that distributed funds to organizations that backed Trump's inaugural committee and his two Supreme Court nominees, according to tax documents reported on by WaPo.

House Democrats to probe blocked number on Donald Trump Jr.’s phone records

U.S. Attorney Mike Hurst issued the following statement in response to nooses and hate signs found this morning outside the Mississippi State Capitol

Here's my story about how a coalition of +15 tech companies and the FBI worked to take down a massive ad fraud scheme that used 1.7 million infected PCs, 5,000 counterfeit websites, and an army of bots to steal tens of millions of dollars:

Paul Farrelly: "Has Facebook ever taken advice on possible RICO offences?" Lord Allan: "Not that I'm aware of"

“This is why running for re-election can be harder than running for election the first time — because people hold you accountable for what you promise,” @jrpsaki says about the General Motors plants shutting down and Trump previously promising to bring back auto industry jobs

#BREAK Ukraine’s President @poroshenko tells me that “based on our intelligence information, including those we received from our NATO sources,” Russia is concentrating large numbers of troops along the Ukrainian border. “We have all the evidence of that,” he says.

New: President Trump will discuss security and regional issues with Vladimir Putin when they meet this week at G20 in Argentina, national security adviser John Bolton said at WH briefing. “I think it will be a continuation of their discussion in Helsinki," he said.

Comey: "I am a little bit numb to the president's threats and tweets because there is nothing there. Then I stop myself, because it's wrong for me ... to become numb to the president of the U.S. announcing that a private citizen should be prosecuted."

National Security Advisor John Bolton says he hasn't listened to the tape of Jamal Khashoggi's killing because it's in Arabic: "What do you think I'll learn from it?...Unless you speak Arabic, what are you going to get from it?"

Bombshell report on Manafort, Assange - if confirmed - puts an end to Trump's 2 years of all-caps 'NO COLLUSION' lie and new pressure on House Dems to take bolder action. The legitimacy of U.S. democracy might not hold out until 2020's election. My column

Trump has made at least 209 separate arguments against the Russia investigation, according to an exhaustive analysis from TIME

“An engineer at Facebook notified the company in October 2014 that entities with a Russian IP address were pulling 3 billion data points a day [from your website]. “


Roger Stone pushed to get documents from Wikileaks, according to draft court filings from Mueller's office provided by Corsi to CNN (caveat galore)

Mueller has emails from Roger Stone associate Jerome Corsi about the WikiLeaks email dump, NBC News reports. "Word is (Julian Assange) plans 2 more dumps...Impact planned to be very damaging," Corsi said in email to Stone, according to draft court docs

The NRA just reported losing $55 million in income

When you're super innocent and totally not panicking.

"I was an American missionary in Honduras. I witnessed firsthand the violence they endure."

NEW: Maria Butina, the alleged Russian agent, has been moved to solitary confinement

BREAKING: GM shares hit session low after President Trump tweets that "we are now looking at cutting all GM subsidies including for electric cars" after company announced 14K+ job cuts and plant closures.

Russian oligarchs battle in London High Court over 'armed takeover' of Moscow textile factory - 40+ lawyers wage £74m war between billionaire ex-biz partners Oleg Deripaska & Vladimir Chernukhin - who accused Deripaska of an armed takeover of his business

No one asked for the Kremlin’s opinion on their intelligence front being exposed...

Your feelings of inferiority, insecurity, vulnerability, and culpability are loud & clear. You remind me of how many corrupt authoritarian leaders abroad behaved before they were deposed. Bob Mueller’s name will be revered in the annals of U.S. history; your name will be scorned.

A new government watchdog memo says the Trump admin waived rigorous background checks for all staff working at the nation's largest detention camp for migrant children, sidestepping requirements for child abuse and neglect checks, according to the AP.


If it's a solution in search of a problem, then it's harmless, and McConnell could allow a vote (and he could vote no). The reason McConnell won't let it come to a vote is that Trump would be furious. But if it's a solution in search of a problem, why would Trump be so furious?

James Comey on Matthew Whitaker: "He may not be the sharpest knife in our drawer, but he can see his future and knows that if he acted in an extralegal way, he would go down in history for the wrong reasons. I'm sure he doesn’t want that."

White House prevents Gina Haspel from briefing Senate on Khashoggi murder

I think you guys need to brace yourselves that 1. Conspiracy is not a theory 2. Hundreds, at least, of people in the US alone are involved in it 3. The Mueller prosecutions will last a minimum of three years When mainstream outlets downplayed Trump Russia, they failed you.

DAUGHTERGATE: Ivanka Trump Scrubbed From Trump Poker Shell Companies

ICYMI from 

I'm wondering more and more about Paulie's trips to China

"Donald Trump’s former campaign manager Paul Manafort held secret talks with Julian Assange inside the Ecuadorian embassy in London" IN THE SPRING OF 2016

Now we’re getting to the “good stuff.” I can’t imagine why tRUmp’s campaign manager needed to travel to the U.K. for meetings with Assange (a RIS/GRU stooge) in 2013, 2015, and 2016... Oh wait, yes I can. :-)

SeΓ±or Bone Saw may want to skip the G20 in Argentina this week :

So were Woodward & Bernstein’s explosive Watergate pieces from WaPo. “But anonymous sources!” is a common ‘rebuttal’ in Kremlin/MAGA SOCMED ecosystems to discredit true stories. Also happens to be a favorite of the WH’s...

US "slams the brakes" on UN Yemen ceasefire resolution

A Chinese researcher’s claim that he successfully modified the genes of human embryos may force the country to make a stark choice about the future of its biotech industry

"If I were Trump, I would be unnerved that Mueller's office knows enough about the facts of this case to say 'you're lying.' How do they know that? Who told them? What documents do they have? What tapes do they have? THAT has gotta be unnerving"

Ukraine will establish martial law in parts of the country "most vulnerable to Russian aggression" for a 30-day period beginning tomorrow

Why tear gas, lobbed at migrants on the southern border, is banned in warfare

Rep. Tim Ryan on GM closings: "This president did not lift 1 finger. He's got executive time all day, he spends time on Twitter, he does nothing but try to divide the country & start culture wars, & behind the scenes the American worker's getting screwed."

GM to kill Chevrolet Volt, Cruze, Impala as Americans ditch passenger cars Remember when Obama saved the American automobile industry only to have it killed again by Trump?

Turns out I’m not the only one who’s thinking about the different layers a foot. 1) Flynn & Gates terminated their joint defense agreement with Trump 2) Manafort never did 3) @AshaRangappa_ is WAY smarter than I am, so don’t take my word for possible scenarios, listen to her

Nikki Haley: "We strongly support Ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity within its internationally recognized borders extending to its territorial waters."

Honduran president’s brother charged in U.S. with drug trafficking

Opinion: Was the Great Recession worse than the Great Depression?

Theresa May's office hits back after Donald Trump suggests Britain might not be able to trade with the U.S. after Brexit

"The InSight team can rest a little easier tonight." NASA's InSight lander sent back a new image from the surface of Mars after successfully landing on the Red Planet

Farm bankruptcies double in Upper Midwest compared to 5 years earlier

Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan creates emergency commission to deal with “embarrassment” of gerrymandered congressional districts

wow — Geraldo Rivera’s commentary tonight on Fox about the treatment and depiction of migrants is pretty powerful. a must-watch for some against-the-grain perspective

New filing in United States v. Manafort: Status Report

Mississippi, you've been governed by Republicans for decades. As a result, you're ranked

Justice Dept. urges Supreme Court not to delve into Matt Whitaker appointment

Saudi’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman will be met by protests when he visits Tunisia tomorrow. A big banner has been hung of him holding a chainsaw. Not a good look

Mueller accuses Manafort of lying again, yanks plea deal

Lawsuit against Trump and his DC hotel is dismissed

Opinion: The world is on fire — and Trump is playing with matches

President Trump: "I shouldn't say this. You'll say I'm very conceited, 'cause I'm not. But other than the blond hair, when I was growing up, they said I looked like Elvis."

The Government Accountability Office will investigate whether individuals connected to President Trump's Mar-a-Lago club in Florida have inappropriately influenced the Department of Veterans Affairs

Now that Manafort has blown it, let's take a look at his plea deal. He pleaded guilty to: 1) conspiracy against the US, conspiracy to commit a) money laundering b) tax fraud, c) violate Foreign Band Account Reports Act; d) violate FARA; and e) lie to US DOJ.

NEW: Tax return reveals Trump remained Trump Foundation president his whole first year in office. It was funded entirely by his business & a “reimbursement” by his golf club for a 5-yr-old payment under scrutiny by NY AG lawsuit as “improper self-dealing”