Wednesday, April 4, 2018

JUST IN: @POTUS signs proclamation sending National Guard to Mexico border immediately

Exclusive: Special counsel Robert Mueller's team is questioning Russian oligarchs

Exclusive: In an unusual step, special counsel Robert Mueller’s team is questioning Russian oligarchs who traveled to the US, including asking whether illegal cash donations were funneled into Donald Trump’s presidential campaign and inauguration

BREAKING: Facebook raises number of users affected by Cambridge Analytica scandal to 87 million.

News anchor union comes out against Sinclair anti-media bias campaign: It questions their "journalistic integrity"

JUST IN: Facebook: "We believe the Facebook information of up to 87 million people—mostly in the US—may have been improperly shared with Cambridge Analytica."


The recent teacher strikes are driven by the embrace of supply-side economics in many states

Facebook confirms it scans what you send to others on its Messenger app. Mark Zuckerberg: US government surveillance is a threat to the internet

Democratic Sen. Dick Durbin is calling on Sinclair Broadcasting Group’s Executive Chairman to explain his company’s policy regarding mandating content for local news stations.

Falling stocks hint at a crisis of faith among investors

JUST IN: Despite declaring that he wants US troops to get out of Syria, President Trump has agreed to keep US troops in Syria for an undetermined period of time, admin. official tells @NBCNews.


When you’re already $500 Billion DOWN, you can’t lose!

*This* is why Oklahoma's teachers are on strike

LIVE: Dow continues to fall and opens down 500+ points Wednesday, as US and China trade dispute escalates.

Some good news - #StonemanDouglas hero Anthony Borges, who saved the lives of many of his classmates, has been released from the hospital. He still has a long way to go on the road to recovery. Please support his verified @gofundme if you can.

American teenagers are 82 times more likely to die from a gun homicide than their international peers

Sinclair Responds To Script Controversy | Morning Joe | MSNBC#SinclarRobotScript said it all = Russian Reporters & Russian Propaganda at work, with mandated 9 times a week FORCED BROADCASTING of Boris Epstein,

Why Donald Trump must drive Vladimir Putin crazy

#BREAKING: Congress sets date for Zuckerberg testimony on Cambridge Analytica scandal

A fierce opponent of the Endangered Species Act is picked to oversee Interior’s wildlife policy

How Cambridge Analytica’s parent SCL Group helped Rodrigo Duterte win 2016 Philippines election

From 2014: Everything We Know About Facebook's Secret Mood Manipulation Experiment This is worth revisiting. Substitute negative with fear, anxiety, distrust, despair, or disgust. Emotions can pass like contagions.

This time, China can fight back against tariffs

Trump lawyer John Dowd resigned last month amid disputes about legal strategy and frustration that Trump ignored his advice to refuse Mueller’s request for an interview, a Trump friend tells WaPo

Support still high for stricter gun control laws

The Trump administration is trying to break the Census. Here’s why I’m suing.

We are not in a trade war with China, that war was lost many years ago by the foolish, or incompetent, people who represented the U.S. Now we have a Trade Deficit of $500 Billion a year, with Intellectual Property Theft of another $300 Billion. We cannot let this continue!

H.R. McMaster Warns 'The Kremlin’s Confidence is Growing' & US Has Not Impose Any Sufficient Costs To Interference!

Battle of the Trump billboards continues in West Palm Beach

BREAKING: The first Sinclair owned TV station refused to air Sinclair’s propaganda.

Of the 26 email domains managed by the Executive Office of the President, 18 are not in compliance with a DHS directive to implement a security protocol that verifies the emails as genuinely from the White House.

Putin's man in congress, Rep. Dana Rohrabacher links YouTube shooting to "criminal illegal aliens"

Putin's man in congress, 

Knowing or reckless false statements about a publicly traded company that impact its stock price can violate federal securities laws. Section 10(b), Rule 10b-5. SEC and plaintiffs' lawyers take note.

Rebecca Dallet headed to a convincing win in the Wisconsin Supreme Court race, a blow against Scott Walker and the Republicans.

For those just waking up, Dow Futures are plunging over 450 points after China retaliates on tariffs

China retaliates with additional tariffs on soybeans, planes, cars, whiskey

Standing next to Putin in a joint presser, #Erdogan says the purchase of S-400 missiles from #Russia is settled already and it is entirely #Turkey's own decision. He also says manufacturing phase started and delivery time will be shortened.

Sadly, today is the 50th anniversary of the shooting of MLK Jr. In Memphis. He had just given a speech on economic injustice. So much still needs to be done in America today 50 years later. Let us remember he led with love.

YouTube shooting suspect Nasim Aghdam 'hated' the company, her father claims

Judge to decide if neo-Nazi "troll storm" is protected speech

The President is openly attempting to go after the owner of a private business because that person also owns a newspaper that accurately reports unflattering stories about the White House. This is literally what Erdogan & Putin did. Republicans in Congress are enabling this too

Ivanka/Jared flew to Wyo. (family trip) on Trump Org. airplane. WH hasn't said yet who paid -- Trump Org. or the couple themselves.

Cecile Richards, President of Planned Parenthood, on Trump Era...

Cecile Richards, longtime president of Planned Parenthood, speaks with Rachel Maddow about her new book “Make Trouble: Standing Up, Speaking Out, and Finding the Courage to Lead,” progressive activism in the Trump era, and the future of Planned Parenthood.

Alex van der Zwaan is first person sentenced in Robert Mueller...

Alex van der Zwaan is given a 30 day sentence and a $20,000 fine, becoming the first person sentenced as a result of the Mueller investigation – penalties which shouldn’t be a problem given his close connection to Russian oligarch German Khan

President Trump is under investigation, but not as a criminal...

Rachel Maddow speaks with Washington Post reporter Carol Leonnig who reports that Trump’s lawyers say the special counsel is investigating the president but does not believe he is a criminal target at the moment.