Sunday, July 7, 2019

Per pool, Trump was asked if he believes women and men in soccer should be paid the same. “I would like to see that, but you’ve also got to look at numbers... you have to look at who’s taking in what”

Just leaving this here. Soon this will all come out, and a lot of frauds/loud mouthes will be exposed for what they are.


The ⁦USDA⁩ will suspend data collection for its honeybee colonies. I’m sure it’s a coincidence that this decision coincides w/ trumps approval to spray sulfoxaflor an insecticide that is "very highly toxic" to bees on more than 16 million acres.

‘Ariel is white’: Racist fans petition Disney to remove black actress from ‘Little Mermaid’ role

At the time that Epstein was employed by Barr’s father, Barr was working for the CIA.

OHHH Look at the connection to Barr....wouldn't he need to recuse on this?!

President Obama waited for over a half an hour to congratulate the US Women's soccer team, allowing President Trump the opportunity to do so first, as the sitting president. Trump never did.

here's better quality news...fuck trump

If this doesn’t terrify you, I don’t know what will. Under Trump, Christian nationalists have a plan to build a theocratic state

Alex Acosta gave Jeffrey Epstein a sweetheart non-prosecution deal that ALSO immunized Epstein's unnamed co-conspirators. I've done and seen countless plea, cooperation and non-pros deals. And I've never even heard of immunizing a defendant's unnamed co-conspirators. What's up?

SDNY is federal & Trump can pardon Epstein. However, by accepting the pardon, he’s pleading guilty to the underlying crimes & waiving his 5th amend right against self incrim. State AGs & DAs can then charge him under state law for said crimes committed wn their jurisdiction.

Iran: ''After the downing of its intruding drone, the United States told us through diplomatic intermediaries that it wanted to carry out a limited operation,” “But our response was that we regard every operation as the beginning of the war,”

Many legacies will be destroyed from this. Predators. Profiteers. Pedophiles. The consolidators of Power The perpetually priapristic. Those who kept silent out of fear of having a mistake revealed. The Silent enablers. The Loud apologists.

Where serenity meets luxury: Trump Nat’l Jupiter’s Spa offers treatments which help restore youthful vitality

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"With his money, Epstein was able to buy more than a decade of delay in facing justice—but fortunately he wasn’t able to postpone justice forever," attorney Paul Cassell said.

The United States Women’s National Soccer Team will be welcomed back home from the World Cup with a victory parade in their honor

Former AG of New Mexico and failed Dem gubernatorial candidate Gary King received $35000 in campaign donations from Epstein's address in the U.S. Virgin Islands. Epstein's Zorro Ranch is in NM. $10,200 donation from JEGE LLC, owner of Epstein's jet N212JE

lmao @FoxNews just went live from a bar in France after the #USWNT win and people started shouting "Fuck Trump" on air

The instant trump spots @SamSpadino holding up a poster of him with Epstein, he panics. "Get him out of here". His facial expressions, his body language, tell the story vividly. He's thrown for a loop. He knows the unspoken accusation only too well.

We're getting numb to Trump's lawlessness. That's very dangerous

A reminder, Matt Geatz went on the record as being against reinvestigating the Epstein case.

Justin Amash says Republicans privately thank him for speaking out on Trump

But somewhere before he died in 1998, John Mitchell intoduced Hoffenberg to a man named Jeffrey Epstein. And Hoffenberg became Epstein's mentor.

“Epstein required me to describe the sexual events that I had with these men presumably so that he could potentially blackmail them,” Giuffre said in her affidavit, adding, “I am still very fearful of these men today.”

We need to all join @RepWilson in asking Trump where the migrant girls are. Are they being held in conditions so terrible they can’t run the risk of letting our elected representatives speak with them?

Expose all the perv child abusers each & every last one of them! The days of high profile sexual predators getting anonymity because their corrupted bank accounts are large IS OVER! Jeffrey Epstein Documents Could Expose Powerful Politicians, Businessmen

Former Models for Donald Trump’s Agency Say They Violated Immigration Rules and Worked Illegally

Teaching global warming in a charged political climate

DOL official suspends agency’s role in certifying temporary visas for immigrant workers who are victims of trafficking or willing to cooperate with law enforcement in the investigation or prosecution of a crime

From a 2010 deposition of Jeffrey Epstein: “Q. Have you ever socialized with Donald Trump in the presence of females under the age of 18? “A: Though I'd like to answer that question, at least today I'm going to have to assert my Fifth, Sixth, and 14th Amendment rights, sir.”

Coming up at 11 a.m. ET on @CNN's "Reliable Sources:" Miami Herald investigative reporter @jkbjournalist

Must See

The most important thing Donald Trump did was to destabilize his followers’ sense of reality. This is an extraordinary testimony to that catastrophic achievement.

I’ll bet Trump is wishing he hadn’t said what a great guy Jeffrey Epstein was. And that he liked beautiful girls as much as he does, especially the ones on the younger side. Rest easy, Mr. President.

.@realDonaldTrump Labor Secretary @SecretaryAcosta gave child molester Jeffrey Epstein a sweetheart deal when Acosta was an US Attorney. Now it turns out Epstein may have molested more individuals. Why is Acosta still Labor Secretary?

When u wake up and can’t think of anything to tweet because your buddy got busted for sex trafficking underage girls and you know he’s got mad videos of you and ‘bout to spill it all.

Donald Trump associate Tevfik Arif charged with running prostitution ring aboard Turkish yacht

I believe it was Alan Dershowitz who helped craft the non-prosecution agmnt for Jeffrey Epstein's friends, who were accused by his victims of being trafficked to 4 sex (as minors). If that agmnt gets shredded, will @realDonaldTrump still re-tweet Dersh?

Its about time. Let’s see who he starts giving up as being part of his criminal circle of child sexual predators. Billionaire Jeffrey Epstein Arrested in NYC: Sources

Alaska’s governor is trying to destroy its universities. The state may never recover

Epstein Arrest Explained: Read my latest on the details of Jeffrey Epstein's arrest by the FBI for the SDNY that includes background, what we can expect legally and how @jkbjournalist of the Miami Herald did the heavy lifting to get us here.

How has Alex Acosta continued to keep his job? 2. Why have Democrats not initiated impeachment proceedings against him?3. Why have Bar Association’s not disbarred him for his outrageous and illegal behavior as an officer of the court?

tRump's 'modeling agency' worked with John Casablanca, a well-known pedophile and sex trafficker through his Casablanca 'modeling' agency. He handed Ivanka over to him at a young age.

Trump visibly melted down, went all Beast-like, when a silent person down front at a rally last year held up a photo of Trump and his "great friend" Jeffrey Epstein partying together. Why so angry

#MAGA zombies witnessed @POTUS @Trump lie about Mexico building his wall then heard him tell the world US southern border is wide open even announcing how to come here & declare asylum. All the while he illegally employs undocumented workers. How could #MAGA be so stupid?

Let's shine a little sunlight on this: when now-AG Bill Barr's father, Donald Barr, was headmaster at the Dalton school in NYC, he hired a two-time college dropout to teach physics and calculus to high school students. That teacher's name was Jeffrey Epstein.


"The Past Isn't Dead. It Isn't Even Past."

Why do you suppose a guy holding up a picture of Jeffrey Epstein and Donald Trump got this reaction?

Dallas suspends 4 of 25 cops busted for extremist Facebook comments: report

Reminder- Bannon had a just past dawn breakfast “meeting” with Jeffrey Epstein less than a year ago-

NEW: FBI releases 70 pages from a counter-terrorism investigation into the white supremacist group Vinlanders Social Club

Let me tweet this again. Some of you are not getting it! President @realDonaldTrump has already been implicated in the #JeffreyEpstein sex trafficking scandal. He was sued by #JaneDoe in 2014. She cited #Epstein & Trump as her rapists at age 13.

Britain's Ambassador to Washington described Trump as 'inept', 'insecure' and 'incompetent' in series of explosive memos

Hanover Virginia has a pest problem

With Kavanaugh in place, U.S. Supreme Court takes a bumpy right turn

Little noted was that William Barr's Justice Dept a week ago upheld Jeffrey Epstein's secret wrist-slap 2007 Florida plea deal, engineered by fellow Trump cabinet member Alex Acosta.

Current federal policies don’t do nearly enough to guard against violence from the far-right. Our new report outlines changes that will keep people safer.


Here we go. Corrupt or incompetent prosecutors gave this man a seeetheart deal so he is now accused of molesting yet more kids. Jeffrey Epstein arrested in New York, charged with sex trafficking

This is the NBC story, read it. It mentions SDNY

Curious whether Epstein knew he was going to be arrested, flew home & surrendered. Or... He didn't know he'd be arrested. Which means Barr & Trump didn't know either, bc Trump would have tipped him off & told him to stay in Paris.

Jeffrey Epstein's Little Black Book REDACTED

In light of Epstein arrest, this story from two weeks ago is worth revisiting: Trump Labor Department is weakening protections for victims of human trafficking.

Mr. Dershowitz, Why did you, in your representation of Beny Steinmetz - while he was under criminal investigation, make the assertion that he no longer invested in Jared Kushner's properties?

Alan Dershowitz on Jeffrey Epstein charges: "I’ll wait to see what the evidence is"

Sasse voted confirm the prosecutor who let Epstein walk, Alex Acosta, as secretary of labor

A New Jersey judge spared a teen rape suspect because he came from "good family." Now a state appeals court has overturned the decision and warned the judge against showing leniency to juveniles of privilege.

Seems like a good time to re-up this article. #EpsteinArrested When Has Trump Been Accused of Rape or Attempted Rape? Allegations Include a Child, His Wife and a Business Associate

And here’s a lovely thread on Jeffrey Epstein, the Maxwells (Robert & Ghislaine), Mogilevich, & some very scary Russian mobsters who ran their biz out of Trump Tower & El Caribe (Michael Cohen’s family joint). Because this saga we’re living thru is about the MOB. Always has been.

This perv is off to the slammer -he had better be in protective custody. @realDonaldTrump said Epstein was a “terrific guy” because he “likes beautiful women as much as I do” and “likes them on the younger side.” We’ve got another perv in the White House.

In light of Epstein arrest, this story from two weeks ago is worth revisiting: Trump Labor Department is weakening protections for victims of human trafficking.

When Has Trump Been Accused of Rape or Attempted Rape? Allegations Include a Child, His Wife and a Business Associate

Alan Dershowitz on Jeffrey Epstein charges: "I’ll wait to see what the evidence is"

Jeffrey Epstein taken into custody in New York on new charges related to sex crimes involving minors - The Washington Post

To #MAGA trolls asking me, “What about Bill Clinton?” re Jeffrey Epstein: If Bill is proven to be involved in messing with underage girls, the feds can have him. Right after Donald Trump, Alan Dershowitz, & Prince Andrew. When sex with children is involved, I don't play politics.

10,000 current/former @CBP agents joined 2 invitation-only Facebook groups, where they called migrants "tonks" — a term CBP agents like to use because it's the sound a head makes when an agent smashes it with a metal flashlight

A decade after Alex Acosta (then a fed prosecutor, now Trump labor secretary) cut a deal that kept Epstein out of prison.