Monday, December 23, 2019

"Lawyers for the House Judiciary Committee floated the possibility that the panel could take up additional articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump, according to a document filed to a federal appeals court on Monday."

Per doc we obtained, the Trump administration also criticized a proposal that would help Kurds who worked with US troops in Syria get Special Immigrant Visas (the program that brings Afghan and Iraqi interpreters to the US

House GOP leader McCarthy, who three years ago said Putin was paying Trump “swear to God,” now joins Trump in disseminating Russian propaganda

Scientific consensus that humans are causing global warming is estimated to have passed 99 percent, but classrooms remain caught in the political crossfire. Here's a closer look at the debate in Idaho.

The President has solicited foreign interference in our elections before. He is doing it now. He will do it again. The President is the smoking gun. His abuse of power would take away the vote of Americans. We cannot let him destroy our democracy. We must #DefendOurDemocracy

Trump signs order creating national commission to study police and justice system

We are 316 days away from the 2020 election and Mitch McConnell has yet to take any concrete steps to protect our federal elections from hacking or foreign interference.

The House does not hold a trial; it charges impeachable conduct. Under our Constitution, “[t]he Senate shall have the sole Power to try all Impeachments.” You might want to learn about this process.

A government contractor providing cybersecurity support to part of the U.S. military faces prison time for taking home hundreds of top-secret documents on his own personal thumb drive every day

Nancy Pelosi: the woman who stood up to Trump

When he says “that’s true, by the way,” it’s like a tell that he’s lying.

Guess who paid for Donald Trump's crazy-corrupt Mar-a-Lago Christmas party? We did. War criminals, Rudy Giuliani, '70s nostalgia and some shameless self-dealing. It's the spirit of Christmas present!

You have to question the integrity of Evangelicals who are embarrassed by Christianity Today and not Trump.

Lowest IQ IMPOTUS in our republic’s history. The level of ignorance is striking.

Opinion: Nancy Pelosi is not required to sit back and watch Mitch McConnell violate the Constitution’s core commitment to fair trials under the rule of law.

Did you buy it with the money you took from #LevParnas, you fucking traitor? #LevPaidKev #KremlinKevin

Fact: Pelosi didn’t give you a trial. Fact: You act like a spoiled child. Fact: It’s the holidays. Just shut up for a couple of days and give everyone a break you selfish mewling baby.

Mitch McConnell's No-Win Situation • If Senate has fair trial: devastating to Trump • If Senate has sham trial: Acquittal = no vindication, vulnerable Senate Republicans soiled

BREAKING: Boeing says its CEO is out effective immediately

I’ve been digging into this and, in addition to his flagrant abuse of power, I think it’s clear that Trump broke the law by withholding aid from Ukraine in clear violation of the Impoundment Control Act. I’m asking @USGAO to give us an independent legal opinion

TRUMP: "They were killing the bald eagle. If you shoot a bald eagle, they want to put you in jail for 10 years. A windmill will kill many. It’s true. And you know what? After a certain number, they make you turn the windmill off. That’s true, by the way.”

Amnesty Int’l on Saudi verdicts in Khashoggi case: “This verdict is a whitewash which brings neither justice nor the truth for Jamal Khashoggi and his loved ones. The trial has been closed to the public and to independent monitors, with no information available...”

Now why would @GOPLeader Kevin McCarthy lie about the findings of the IG Report - findings concluding that the Russian interference investigation was PROPERLY opened. Well, he was taking money from Lev Parnas . . .

Someone shot and killed a bald eagle, and officials are searching for the culprit

A Middle East government appears to have infiltrated the 2016 Hillary Clinton campaign at the direction of "HH" - a reference to "His Highness" which may be the leader of the UAE, MBZ

‘Hard news’ anchor at Fox busted asking Trump’s Treasury Department for favors

More than a third of Alaska communities have no local police of any kind. Criminals have been hired as cops in some remote villages. A federal emergency has been declared and millions of dollars are promised, but here’s what else experts recommend

Trump brags about how he lifted up working class Americans with data showing Obama did better

Who pays attention when a freelancer is killed doing war reporting? Here's the heartbreaking story of Chris Allen, a Philly area native and Penn alum.

Christianity Today receives boost in new subscriptions after calling for Trump's removal, editor in chief says

Indicted Giuliani associates bragged about their links to Trump in meeting with Ukrainian gas company: report

"It now appears there may not even be a trial, or there’ll be one and it will last about an hour before every single Republican votes to acquit Trump"

Two Giuliani associates reportedly told a Ukraine exec they’d get Trump to remove U.S. Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch to get him a Texas natural gas deal

Anyone, including op Ed writers for the Washington Post, who devotes energy to "circle game" DURING THIS CRITICAL WEEK RE IMPEACHMENT AND UKRAINE, is engaged in provocation and distraction and is helping Trump. Dont

At least 60 children were abused by Marcial Maciel, founder of the ultra-conservative Catholic order Legionaries of Christ, an investigation has found.

Recent satellite photographs show new activity at two sites key to North Korea's missile program, with officials fearing that Pyongyang's pledge of a "Christmas gift" to the US may take the form of new weapons tests

Syria: Russian military jet crash reported

Hey Senator! How many judges did you vote to confirm that were rated “unqualified”?

This Is America Eleven years after Obama’s election, and three years into the Trump presidency, the threat of domestic terrorism can’t be ignored.

How a Putin ally is aiding Giuliani in Ukraine

This is a lie. And remember McCarthy was the guy who said “I think Putin pays Trump” and then took money from Russia himself.

Scape goats

Fake news. Lies. Kevin McCarthy betrays our country for Russia. The FBI had good cause to investigate Trump- WHO conspired with hundreds of Russians, to help him defraud Americans in 2016, & 2020. Now, you conspire to frame OUR FBI TO COVER Trump crimes.

And now we know Putin pays McCarthy too.

Trump has taken pride in defending U.S. soldiers accused and convicted of war crimes

A government contractor providing cybersecurity support to part of the U.S. military faces prison time for taking home hundreds of top-secret documents on his own personal thumb drive every day

Trump's Food Stamps cuts will be devastating to Trump country

Giuliani pals leveraged GOP access to seek Ukraine gas deal

Dead men tell no tales. Especially tales involving MBS and Kushner.

A court in Saudi Arabia has sentenced five people to death for the killing of Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi. Why it matters: The Saudis still deny that Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman had any knowledge or involvement

“The budget deficit...has nearly doubled under Trump, from $665B in 2017 to a projected $1.1 trillion this year. It’s on track to exceed $1 trillion in each of the next 3 years. The total fed debt has risen by more than $3 trillion since Trump arrived.”

Saudi court sentences 5 to death in Jamal Khashoggi killing—but no charges for MBS’ closest associates

Trump campaign plagued by groups raising tens of millions in his name

He knows he’s full of crap, but he knows that the GOP base believes it, so he might as well smear the FBI if that’s what works.

GOP leaving out key detail in touting Trump's Javelin sale to Ukraine Republicans have left out that the Ukrainians cannot actually use the anti-tank missiles in the conflict against pro-Russian separatists based on the terms of the sale.

If there is nothing wrong with withholding the aid, why didn’t Michael Duffey want anyone to know about what he was doing? If the call was so perfect, why is the email so “sensitive” that it should be kept hush-hush? What are they afraid of?

I had the privilege of gaining an endorsement from Ms. Granny Crump of Bourbon County a few weeks ago. I spoke to her on the phone recently and received this kind holiday letter yesterday. This team is made up of Kentuckians like her. Thank you for making this campaign possible.

Trump Supporters: READ THE TRANSCRIPT Also Trump Supporters: we have not read the transcript

How Trump changed my country

No. Execute a search warrant

"Has he gone so far that the evangelical constituency that we represent can we in good conscience do the tradeoff anymore … We crossed a line somewhere in the impeachment hearings...that balance no longer works.” Editor in Chief

Western security and intelligence officials say the Bulgaria poisonings were a critical clue that helped expose a campaign by the Kremlin and its sprawling web of intelligence operatives to eliminate Russia’s enemies abroad and destabilize the West

Turkey sends a delegation to Moscow, seeking a reprieve from Putin after Russian-backed Syrian forces stepped up an offensive on the country’s last major rebel bastion

JUST IN: Saudi Arabia's public prosecutor says Saudi court sentences five to death in Khashoggi case; another three people get jail terms totaling 24 years

Russian invaders shelled the settlement of Vil'nyi farmstead in Ukraine yesterday, damaging a house. The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation made 6 attacks along the battlefront in Donbas on December 21st. Putin's army used heavy artillery prohibited by the Minsk Agreement.

Ronan Farrow: National Enquirer tried to help Trump bury teen rape allegation

About 1,500 people died during the recent unrest in Iran, government officials tell @Reuters, in the country’s deadliest unrest since the 1979 Islamic Revolution

Trump, Rudy Giuliani, Sean Hannity, Candace Owens, Rand Paul, Sarah Sanders, Governor Kristi Noem, Congressman Dan Crenshaw, Glenn Beck ... all at today's Student Action Summit in West Palm Beach, Florida What were the adults sharing with students? Here's a sample

His crowning foreign policy achievement is about to test it's long range missiles despite Trumps❤️ The Economy, his crowning domestic achievement sucks for us but Trumps friends get richer N. Korea is a nightmare The Economy is smoke & mirrors When all the winning is losing...

#BREAKING: A court in Saudi Arabia sentenced five people to death for the killing of Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi.

Exclusive: John Bolton told me in an interview that he does not think the administration "really means it" when President Trump and top officials vow to stop North Korea from having deliverable nuclear weapons.

If you've never read this article,It's key to understanding how the Kremlin launders money into the Republican party.

Correction: A Saudi court found 8 people guilty for the murder of Jamal Khashoggi. Five of them have been sentenced to death

An excellent piece on how Trump cowed Republican congressman, but most aren’t victims here. Most left the party vulnerable to his rise by failing for years to actively instill American values in the base. By the time Trump came along, it was too late.

”Her commitment to our alliances has been life long” - #TheNancyPelosiWay showcases Nancy Pelosi’s lifelong support for public service, the Constitution, and foreign service officers such as those who testified about Trump’s abuse of power.

How can this guy get such pleasure from being so evil..? - 'Trump Has Told Friends That Gutting Medicare Could Be a Fun “Second-Term Project”

It's almost like Russia hacked both parties in 2016 and only used the Democrat one's publicly.... Weird Almost like @KremlinRussia_E is using the @GOP kompromat differently... Huh, also weird

Good. The more trump listens to the Limbaugh Hannity Legal Defense Team LLC strategy (triple down on fukk you America) the more spectacular the fall

'I am going to say quiet words in your face just like I did with Trump': a conversation with the Zuckerbot

"...the goals of faith-based voters..." What faith? Be specific. What goals? List them, in priority order. Then tell me why the President should give precedence to THAT faith, THOSE goals, over other Americans. Provide constitutional references to support your answers.

CA teacher put on leave after telling students she wants to bring back slavery, filling class with Trump memorabilia: report

Christianity Today editor-in-chief: "It became pretty clear pretty quickly, unambiguously that the president had misused his office for personal political gain." He has "generally disreputable moral behavior [that] he has displayed in all sorts of ways."

"The lawsuit is one of six that Nunes filed this year against news media companies, Twitter, a political research firm that worked for Hillary Clinton and Democratic activists." Devin Nunes uses the Trump method of sue, sue, sue but how does he fund it?

From: Brad Parscale Subject: Make them pay Preheader: Are you a Democrat or an American?

Ronan Farrow's new book Catch and Kill: Lies, Spies and a Conspiracy to Protect Predators claims that American Media Inc. (AMI), the former publisher of the National Enquirer, tried to help Donald Trump bury allegations he raped a teenager in 1994.

Earning Trump's approval instead of representing the values of Hawaii's 2nd Congressional District = Fail

Sultan says he was taken to a cell with a CCTV camera angled towards the ceiling, where an interrogator accused him of helping a foreign journalist meet Saudi dissidents, and hinted he would out him as gay should he continue to work with the foreign press.

Bill Weld: GOP senators will be voted out in 2020 if they 'march in lockstep behind Trump'

US soldier killed in Taliban attack in Afghanistan

This timeline is devastating to Trump’s impeachment defense

BREAKING The National Review, a leading conservative publication founded by William F. Buckley, has just called for @realDonaldTrump's removal from office. He is absolutely bleeding support now!

Senior editor of conservative outlet National Review calls for Trump's removal.

THREAD: I’m surprised at the scant reporting on senators’ feelings about Vice President Pence, given that the presidency would go to him (not to Hilary Clinton or Nancy Pelosi) if the Senate, as unlikely as it might seem now, convicts Trump and removes him from office.

The holidays don’t always bring joy. If you’re struggling with life’s pressures & think continuing on isn’t worth it, know you’re loved. Then talk about your struggles using the National Suicide Lifeline 1-800-273-8255, or text 741741 to link with a counselor.

Trump administration opposes Graham's Russia sanctions bill after meeting with Kremlin official. The news arrives exactly one week after Trump met with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov in the Oval Office

91 min after Trump’s call w/ Ukraine, a Trump political appointee informed the Dep. Sec. of Defense that all aid to Ukraine was to stop. This was not a “perfect” call, & that this just came to light is why it’s unacceptable for @SenateMajLdr to block witnesses from Senate trial.

The emails confirm testimony we already have, particularly Laura Cooper’s, and adds new details.

Total payments to Trump properties: $20,055,306 From Trump-related committees: $16,178,296 From the Republican party: $1,944,139 From Republican candidates, elected officials and leadership PACs: $1,167,632. from Open Secrets

#India: Massive protests rage across the country after Modi's govt passed a discriminatory law that violates the nation’s secular Constitution by making religion a criterion for Indian citizenship. Twenty-three people have been killed in protests since the CAA's passage Dec. 11.

History is knocking on Mitt Romney’s door,

If you'd like to read yet another piece about @DevinNunes suing me for $400 million, here you go. **Bonus: I'm wearing one of my favorite leather jackets in the photo.** You can learn more, etc here also

A few months ago, the NBA was crucified for prioritizing their business relationship with China, but where is that same energy with the professional golfers headed to Saudi Arabia next month?

America is being attacked by the same group that is attacking governments all over the world.

This person spouting outright and dangerous lies about our law enforcement and intelligence professionals is a member of the Gang of 8. As such, he’s briefed on our most sensitive intelligence collection and covert action programs around the world. Stunning.

More from Christianity Today: “We nevertheless believe the evangelical alliance with this presidency has done damage to our witness here and abroad. The cost has been too high. American evangelicalism is not a Republican PAC.”

NEW: Democrats fear impeachment could “embolden” Trump

“I never understood wind. You know, I know windmills very much... Gases are spewing into the atmosphere. You know we have a world, right? So the world is tiny compared to the universe. So tremendous, tremendous amount of fumes.” —A man with sole control of nuclear weapons

“This was detected at a very early stage by @Yandex security team. It was fully neutralized before any damage was done. Yandex security ensured no user data was compromised by the attack.” Narrator: In fact, the attack was not “fully neutralized”

The story about RBG saying impartial Senators should be disqualified for the Senate trial is true! Here’s the BBC reporting. She implied senators, who display bias should be disqualified from acting as jurors in the trial.

Real freedom isn’t letting big corporations prevent workers from taking a better job. Real freedom is a government ban on non-compete clauses so workers can choose the job that’s best for them.

At least it’s only hundreds. Still disgusting.

Afternoon of June 9, 2016 Chris Christie was at an all hands meeting at the Four Seasons to discuss Trump campaign money problems. Paul Manafort left to meet the Russians and in days the Russian money fairy fixed everything. Even paid off Trump's personal campaign loan.

Here’s Trump’s public schedule for tomorrow at Mar-a-Lago. (Public schedules don’t include all of a president’s activities.)

The Big Lie Behind the “Pivot to Video” The false metrics that Facebook is being sued over masked a deeper dishonesty: that users actually wanted more video.

this is what GOP treason looks like

Kirstjen Nielsen came in with the potential to be the most effective cyber leader in agency history — then she was sideswiped by the president’s fixation on the Mexican border

Christianity Today editor Mark Galli: "I'm not really making a political judgment about him, because that's not our expertise at Christianity Today. I am making a moral judgement that he's morally unfit."

This will be the biggest, long lasting disaster of the Trump Presidency: Trump nominees make up 1 in 4 US circuit court judges, two of his picks sit on the Supreme Court and this past week, the Senate confirmed an additional 13 district court judges.

His. Own. Unit. Intentionally. Tampered. With. His. Rifle. So. Civilians. He. Shot. At. Might. Escape.

That’s because you people are confirming judges rated unqualified by the ABA. You @marcorubio and @SenateGOP should be ashamed of yourselves for doing that.

Just in time for the holidays, US Steel has announced 1,545 layoffs at two plants in Michigan. Last year, 5 executives at US Steel received on average a compensation package of $4.8M, a 53 percent increase from 2017. America has socialism for execs, capitalism for workers.

Congressman who received $111,000 from Parnas, the indicted instrument of Putin, says what? Anything Rep. McCarthy touts must immediately be ignored as Russian propaganda.

“Hiroshima and Nagasaki?” What a wonderfully Christian thing to say.

I'm kind of tired of these stories. Imagine what *not* impeaching him would have been like. The Constitution was not set up to deal with the utter moral bankruptcy of a POTUS, a Senate majority, and a political party all at once.

What if I told you the largest manufacturer of US elections machinery subcontracts initial assembly of US elections equipment to a company in the Philippines, who then ships the hardware out through ports of departure in Shanghai, China? Because I'm telling you that

Liberal Fox News contributor Jessica Tarlov didn’t hold back on Sunday when discussing Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani, describing the former New York City mayor as “transparently corrupt”

Narrator: they had always been going on, and the reason you don’t read about Western black ops is not that they don’t exist but that we don’t get caught

Russia's Putin says wind turbines kill birds

How can republicans tolerate & even support an obvious idiot as president?

If you guys wonder why Trump sounds so bad, it’s like I told you, when he goes to Mar a Lago the wheels come off and the harder drugs/benzo & booze come out. POTUS will be on a two week bender.

The guy who helped impeach a president for lying about a blow job doesn’t think the president bribing a foreign country is worthy of impeachment.

Nice job @realDonaldTrump China’s undercutting the US and building stronger economic relationships around the world while you still moan about Hillary Clinton. Pathetic.

South Carolina’s sheriffs lined their pockets on the public’s dime. They used fear to silence whistleblowers. And they bullied other public officials who questioned their behavior

Propaganda is worse than fiction. The Kremlin creates disinformation to discredit US institutions that hold Russia accountable—FBI, CIA, State. Putin does it to harm us. Republicans who push it knowingly & repeatedly should be called co-conspirators in Kremlin information warfare

When I see Chris Christie in Jerry's box, I don't think of anything political, or even the fact that the former Governor of New Jersey is a Dallas Cowboys fan.... I think of him pouring a small bag of M&M’s into a *bigger* bag of M&M’s

When Russian state TV calls Trump their agent, maybe it's time to start paying attention

Trump’s approval w evangelicals & the military is plummeting. 43% & 41% strongly disapprove. He’s hemorrhaging support w independents & his core. Don’t believe disinformation that says impeachment helps him. He’s becoming more twisted & grotesque by the day & people are seeing it

On Instagram, we learn President Trump welcomed Eddie Gallagher, who posed for photographs with a prisoner's corpse, to Mar-a-Lago last night.