Thursday, October 4, 2018

Trump supporter arrested for threatening to slaughter senators and their families for not supporting Brett Kavanaugh

Just read the FBI report on Kavanaugh - if that’s an investigation, it’s a bullshit investigation.

.@SenatorLeahy: If truth under oath means anything at all, Judge Kavanaugh has disqualified himself over and over and over again.

Whoa. Retired Justice Stevens says Kavanaugh's hearing performance disqualifying, according to Palm Beach Post reporter

This is the Hart Senate Building right now.

Murkowski told me she concurs with Susan Collins’ view that Kavanaugh probably wouldn’t overturn Roe.

This brilliant but brutal PSA is trying to motivate young people to vote with some reverse psychology

RIGHT NOW: Thousands marching to Supreme Court

Stalin infamously called historians "archive rats." He feared their pursuit of truth. So does Putin. This is an outrage. Spread the word.

Christine Blasey Ford’s attorney writes to the FBI saying there are eight additional people who should be interviewed.

"What I can say is that the most notable part of this report is what's not in it."

I read the FBI report. This whole thing is a sham. This stunted, strangled investigation was designed to provide cover, not to provide the truth.

Murkowski just headed into the room to read the report. Plans on reading the whole thing. Did not attend the briefing earlier.

This is superb work. After reading it you will have questions -- a lot of questions -- as I do now.

BREAKING: Russian spies charged for 'malicious' cyber-attack on Canada, allies

From a sworn statement sent to Judiciary Committee Senators, made by a Georgetown Prep classmate of Brett Kavanaugh

Underrated moment: the exchange between @ayesharascoe and @AprilDRyan and @PressSec over Trump’s view on due process and even his infamous comments on the Central Park 5

.@SenSchumer: "The fact that there's only one document in there for 100 senators is another example of constraining the ability of all senators and the American public to see the whole truth and nothing but."

There are a LOT of people outside Kavanaugh’s courthouse at 333 Constitution Ave NW right now

This year the midterms are more important than ever. So grab your friends. Grab your family. Grab @KevinBacon (if you’re @KyraSedgwick) and volunteer on #TheLastWeekend before Election Day

This is the 4th country in 24rs to accuse the GRU of illegal operations against the West. In this case the DoJ has just unveiled indictments against 7 Russians over Ru Olympics doping scandal and accessing the personal medical records of US athletes

SIREN: Susan Collins: "It appears to be a very thorough investigation.”

Read this magnificent @JRubinBlogger closing argument on how Republicans’ misogyny will reap the whirlwind. As a potential Supreme Court Justice said in a setting that couldn’t have been less appropriate, “what goes around comes around.”

“Even before the investigation ended, several people who said they had information that could be useful said they ended up mired in bureaucracy when they tried to get in touch with the FBI.”

Trump's Scottish golf resort reports millions in losses for fourth straight year

7 NEW Russian GRU officers CHARGED Watch DOJ Live presser FWIW this is part of a global justice announcement re Russia and their aggressive cyberwar

NEW @BW COVER: How China used a tiny chip to attack the technology supply chain and infiltrate America's top companies

Even before the Senate received the FBI report, McConnell scheduled a vote on Kavanaugh. It’s absurd.

More than 40 people with potential information for the investigation into sexual misconduct allegations against Kavanaugh have not been contacted for interviews by the FBI,

Based on the figures provided in the Times article, the Trumps could be on the hook for $210,000,000 in unpaid gift or estate taxes and a similar amount in unpaid interest and penalties, according to CPA Fred Slater.

Yowza -- Senate Dems say in new letter that there is information in Kavanaugh's past FBI background checks that involve either inappropriate sexual behavior or alcohol abuse (aides won't elaborate which)

Dick Durbin called for Kirstjen Nielsen to step down this morning: "We've created these orphans at the border by government policy, and it's time for Secretary Nielsen to go."

READ these full, new threads about Judge Kavanaugh’s veracity problem. I’ve pulled it all together and summarized it here. With so much at stake in this lifetime appointment, the American people, and the Senate, need to know.

Today, I called for the IRS to fully investigate the allegations of tax fraud committed by @realDonaldTrump and his family.

QAnon supporters think the presidential text alert today "could mark the start of 'The Storm,' a fantastical MAGA dream in which Trump’s political enemies will be arrested and tried at military tribunals."

GOP senators break with McConnell, call for FBI's Kavanaugh findings to be released publicly

EPIC : National Archives Confirms Existence of Numerous Kavanaugh Records on Surveillance Programs Kavanaugh sent 11 e-mails to John Yoo, 227 e-mails about "surveillance" programs and the "Patriot Act;" and 119 e-mails concerning "CAPPS”

Ex.1b: Here’s a memo Kavanaugh received in his inbox the day after my staff sent it to me. It represents extensive research on a critical argument that Democrats intended to make. If it were legitimately obtained, why would Miranda tell Kavanaugh it’s not for distribution?

Please do yourself a huge favor and make sure you're still registered to vote and haven't been unregistered

The White House says they found no corroboration of sexual misconduct allegations against Kavanaugh in the FBI report. Too bad journalists did:

Trump’s biggest success as President is a lot like his success in business — it's the result of a big inheritance — from his predecessor

New Satellite Imagery Shows Growth in Detention Camps for Children

Trump blocked from deporting 300,000 protected immigrants

Donald Trump shrugs off decades of tax fraud

“I think we saw Jeff Flake go through a moment of personal moral agony when he was confronted by those protesters.”

Adopting Trumpian strategy, Republicans level personal attacks against Kavanaugh accusers

CALLING ALL MEN. Time for us to show up! Friday, October 5th. 10AM. The Supreme Court. Washington, DC.

Trump attacks NYT after alleged tax schemes report

Previously anonymous New Yorker source agrees to be named, and he is Kavanaugh’s former suitemate at Yale—now a religious history professor.

US expected to announce it will use its formidable cyberwarfare capabilities on NATO's behalf, if asked, in a key new move to counter Russia's aggressive use of cyberattacks.

Time Magazine

JUST IN: Largest group of Christian churches in US calls for Kavanaugh to withdraw

New York demands tax cheat Trump pay up to $400 million in back taxes. “The city of New York is looking to recoup all the money that Donald Trump owes the people of New York City, period,” De Blasio said in a statement.

Fraud of Trump's self-made persona exposed in father's financials

Opinion: Trump’s misogyny reaps diminishing returns

Brett Kavanaugh and the Information Terrorists Trying to Reshape America

Based on the figures provided in the Times article, the Trumps could be on the hook for $210,000,000 in unpaid gift or estate taxes and a similar amount in unpaid interest and penalties, according to CPA Fred Slater.

Principles aside, FBI bends to pressure, Republicans have learned

BRK: White House finds no corroboration of sexual Misconduct allegations against Kavanaugh in FBI Report,

*Nuns* write to Senators pleading with them to vote no on Kavanaugh.

BREAKING: Senators to view Kavanaugh FBI report tomorrow starting at 8 a.m. ET, according to sources briefed on the schedule.

Trump biographer demands president's sister Maryanne Trump Barry step down: 'We should not have a tax cheat on the federal bench'

BREAKING: The Senate will receive the FBI's supplemental investigation into Judge Kavanaugh tomorrow. Here's how to process this -- and how not to make the FBI the scapegoat for DC's political failures here

Mitch McConnell just filed cloture (which starts the clock on the confirmation vote) and we haven’t (as of now) even seen the FBI report yet.