Thursday, May 3, 2018

Steve Vladeck: Trump tweeted that he can fire anyone (including Robert Mueller). Here's what the law actually says

Twitter urges users to change their passwords after discovering a bug that revealed them internally

Who talks like that? Seriously.... Rudy Giuliani vowed to “get on a charger” and ride into the special counsel’s office “with a lance” if Robert Mueller goes after President Trump’s daughter Ivanka as part of the Russia investigation.

House Chaplain steamrolls over Paul Ryan

Judge rules "Trump Place" condo board can remove Trump name from building

New Revelations Suggest a President Losing Control of His Narrative

Opinion: Paul Ryan’s unintended hilarity

BREAKING: Special Counsel Robert Mueller on Thursday filed a request for 70 blank subpoenas in the Virginia court presiding over one of two criminal proceedings involving former Trump campaign chairman Paul #Manafort.

.@MajorCBS: "What you have is a scattershot legal strategy that is not coordinated with or in any way sympathetic to statements made by those speaking on behalf of the institution of the presidency from the White House."

Wiretaps are difficult to get. Applications require multiple layers of review, including by career lawyers in Washington, plus approval by a district court judge (not magistrate). Also they signify proof of an ongoing crime. And you don't tap a President's attorney lightly

Breaking News: President Trump reversed his position on a payment to the porn actress Stormy Daniels, confirming that he reimbursed his lawyer for it

On @foxandfriends, Giuliani insists Trump is too rich and was too busy in October 2016 to be aware of the Stormy Daniels hush payment. "I don't want to demean anyone, but $130,000 seems like a lot of money -- it's not."

Boom. Exclusive: Feds tapped Trump lawyer Michael Cohen's phones

The big seven races that will decide who controls the Senate

BREAKING: Rudy Giuliani says President Trump reimbursed his personal attorney Michael Cohen the $130k paid to Stormy Daniels to stay quiet about their alleged affair.

Federal Reserve signals inflation is on track

U.S. Allies Caught in New Russia Sanctions Fight Between Congress and Trump Team

Cambridge Analytica's announcement left several questions unanswered, including who would retain the company's intellectual property — the so-called psychographic voter profiles built in part with data from Facebook

EXCLUSIVE: Avenatti Responds To Rudy Claiming Trump Repaid Stormy Hush Money | The Last Word | MSNBC

Full Interview Hannity and Giuliani

Rudy Giuliani: “President Donald Trump Can’t Be Subpoenaed”

Attorneys Jill Wine-Banks and Joyce Vance say there is no legal justification for the claim a president can’t be subpoenaed except for in Rudy Giuliani’s mind. Lawrence also discusses Giuliani’s view on what would happen if Mueller subpoenaed Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner.

Iran on Trump's nuclear decision: If the US leaves, there's 'no deal left

18 lawmakers nominate President Trump for Nobel Peace Prize

Ty Cobb says he's sure Mueller didn't leak his questions: "It's very difficult to see who if anybody benefits from the leak of that other than people who have been trying to sabotage the possibility of an interview."