Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Ukrainians don’t want concessions to Putin. They want to move toward NATO & real Democracy.

A 13-year veteran of conspiracy website Infowars said in a recent court deposition that he repeatedly attempted to warn staff not to spread obvious lies about the parents of Sandy Hook, only to be met with laughter and ridicule.

Pompeo, who accuses lawmakers who want answers of bullying, had fits of “anger” while at CIA, former Sr intelligence officials say. Often, an official said, it would happen if analysis didn’t match the political theme of the day. Lots of slammed phones + demands for polygraphs.

BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: I’m told that Pompeo’s office in recent days asked State Department HR/IG if they could “discipline” officers for “failure to follow direction” if they cooperate with Congress.

BREAKING: sounds to me like there’s a whistleblower in the state department with an urgent matter and the IG is going to inform congress, or the state department acting legal counsel forwarded documents to the IG and they want to brief congress

Any effort by Sec. Pompeo to intimidate or prevent witnesses from testifying will add to evidence that the Trump Admin is obstructing Congress. Given Pompeo's own potential role in the affair, it will also create the inference that he is trying to cover up illicit activity. — Adam Schiff

For context, former senior US intelligence officials tell @nbcnews while at the CIA, Pompeo was a bully to subordinates, driving some to quit or seek new assignments. “Throwing binders was a popular sport," said one.

IMPEACHMENT LATEST: After @SecPompeo told Ds his officials won't comply w/their requests, State employees appear to be DEFYING Pompeo. 1st: Volker says he will testify. Yovanovitch too. & now @karoun @John_Hudson report the State IG is coming 2 Hill tomorrow to turn over docs

For anyone surprised by SecState Mike Pompeo's defiance of Congress today, a refresher on how he got to be the Secretary of Trump

The urgent request from State inspector general to brief staff tomorrow from several House and Senate committees came roughly an hour after Mike Pompeo pushed back against House Dems’ subpoena. The email was cryptic, per sources, but has to do with Ukraine

Russian bots duped Americans in 2016. And they're doing it again.

Lewandowski suggests he won't run for Senate after all

The Trump administration postponed a $13.5 million grant to house and support victims of human trafficking — 5 days after non-citizens were newly listed as recipients for the grant.

The Kremlin’s mouthpieces talk about Volker with fury and venom. I am very much looking forward to his testimony.

Privately, Trump talked about fortifying a border wall with a water-filled trench, stocked with snakes or alligators, NYT reports. He wanted the wall electrified. Aides recall that Trump once suggested they shoot migrants in the legs to slow them

"Vatican police raided the offices of the Holy See’s Secretariat of State and its Financial Information Authority on Tuesday and took away docs and electronic devices as part of an investigation of suspected financial irregularities."

President Trump is using Facebook to run thousands of ads about impeachment

The conference Giuliani almost went to: Armenian PM’s selfie with Putin and leaders of Iran, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzsta and Moldova

Another excellent story from @MiamiHerald who continue to lead the way in reporting about Jeffrey Epstein, this one focusing on his purchase of a second island in the Caribbean

Sen. Grassley: "This person appears to have followed the whistleblower protection laws & ought to be heard out and protected. We should always work to respect whistleblowers. Complaints based on second-hand information should not be rejected out of hand."

Mark Zuckerberg said an Elizabeth Warren presidency would 'suck' for Facebook, leaked audio reveals

If @realDonaldTrump and @SecPompeo were innocent, they would provide witnesses and information for the American people and Congress to clear their names. Instead, they are bullying the American people by obstructing Congress and hiding information.

White House officials have begun examining hundreds of emails associated with a previously unreported email account on Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump’s private domain. They both had access to this account and shared it with their personal household staff.

Thank you Senator @ChuckGrassley for defending the rule of law.

Have you wondered why @LindseyGrahamSC has been defending @realDonaldTrump like his life depended on it? A friend in federal law enforcement told me about a certain threat @realDonaldTrump has made to Graham. It's personal. It's awful. And it's working very well.

Confirmed: Attorney Jon Sale is representing Rudy Giuliani in congressional investigations. Asked if Giuliani will comply with House subpoena, Sale said it is too early to tell. "I've been representing Rudy for less than a day. It's a complex issue."

Just as Pompeo warns Dems he won't comply with their requests, the quasi-independent State Department inspector general tells Capitol Hill he'd like to meet tomorrow to "provide staff with copies of documents related to the State Department and Ukraine."

Every single American should be outraged that the Attorney General — who is responsible for overseeing the FBI — is working with foreign governments to smear the brave men and women of the FBI.

If you’re keeping score at home, defending Trump requires the constant trashing of America’s closest allies, the continued vilification of the men and women in our intelligence community who fight to protect us every day, and defending foreigners helping Trump win US elections.

Trump’s tariff taxes disproportionately hurt working class Americans through higher prices and fewer jobs.

China flexes military muscle to mark 70 years of Communist rule.

Ohio has been one of the states most impacted by the country's growing opioid epidemic.

So much for the GOP’s “hearsay defense.”

Hong Kong police fire water cannon, tear gas as protests spread

State Dept. announces new sanctions on 4 entities and 7 individuals related to Russian election interference

TONIGHT: Sec. @HillaryClinton and @ChelseaClinton react to the news that Secretary of State Mike Pompeo was on the line during Trump's problematic call with the leader of Ukraine.

Dems also believe special counsel Robert Mueller’s grand-jury materials could aid their Ukraine investigation, according to a court filing

JUST IN: A protester was hit in the chest by a live round fired by police in Tsuen Wan, the South China Morning Post reported, citing an unnamed source

New York City has banned the term "illegal alien" when used "with intent to demean, humiliate or harass a person." Threatening to call ICE "based on a discriminatory motive" or discriminating based on English proficiency are also banned

Opinion: If you want the truth on impeachment, stay away from the fringes

You are a guy working aganist jihadists and FSB. Russia tries to kill you. You escape to Berlin. Russian army kills you there. Germany is silent, does not care. No punishment for Russia. Question: How do you expect similar people to trust Germany?

Ex-DOJ official: Trump, Barr trying to conceal interactions with foreign officials

You can’t make this stuff up.... Pompeo, who hid he was on the Trump/Barr/Giuliani Ukraine coercion call, is now globe trotting with neo-Nazi Sebastian Gorka. Is there a Bannon fascism bat signal flashing from an Italian monastery?

It’s astounding and sickening to witness Barr’s level of hubris—that he can incriminate himself with foreign governments convinced he can avoid justice.

It’s astounding and sickening to witness Barr’s level of hubris—that he can incriminate himself with foreign governments convinced he can avoid justice.

Just a reminder that Mike Pompeo once wrote me a letter—on C.I.A. letterhead, no less—telling me *I* should have been better than this

Trump admin has lost a pile of cases in federal court, though its record has improved somewhat w assists from SCOTUS and (yes, it’s true) the 9th Circuit. Upcoming year will be crucial for several Trump initiatives

"Trump isn’t making unproven charges against Biden. He is blatantly lying about him. He and his defenders are spreading a conspiracy theory that is the precise opposite of the truth."

North Korea has no intention of giving up its nuclear weapons and Pyongyang benefits from stalling in its standoff with Washington, U.S. President Donald Trump's ousted national security adviser John Bolton said.

The Forbes 400 is supposed to be the definitive list of America’s wealthiest people. Maybe that’s why every other “billionaire,” it seems, is trying to game the system.

Crowdsourcing this: Running count of Senate GOP members who have issued a full-bore condemnation of “Civil War 2” and “Arrest my opponents” If reporters aren’t flooding the zone with Senate comms staff, they’re doing it wrong. This is an important moment.

So basically, Barr’s way of determining whether the FBI did its investigation by the book is — to do an investigation totally off the books.

Pompeo is a traitor.

Trump Pressed Australian Leader to Help Barr Investigate Mueller Inquiry’s Origins

Trump is an unstable criminal nutter, with all the powers of the Presidency. PM Morrison & the Govt have been silent all day other than a single statement. Australia has navigated this shitshow with honor & facts

Opinion: The impeachment road leads to voters — in the Senate and at the polls

This man is a Nazi. Like.. literally. Not hyperbole. He's a fucking Nazi.

Manhattan US Attorney's office will participate in Trump tax lawsuit

The House of Representatives has argued in a new court filing that it needs information from the secret grand jury used in former special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation to help in its current impeachment inquiry of President Trump.

House Democrats issued a subpoena to President Donald Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani seeking documents in their impeachment inquiry as more allegations surface.

Pompeo sounded flustered here because, as we just learned, he was lying

Jaw dropping: “The president is using federal law enforcement powers to aid his political prospects, settle scores with his perceived “deep state” enemies and show that the Mueller investigation had corrupt, partisan origins”

Lawyers for the House have revealed that they have reason to believe that the grand-jury redactions in Robert Mueller's report show that Trump lied about his knowledge of his campaign's contacts with WikiLeaks, Politico reports.

Is it wrong when I see the two of them talking all I can imagine is them covered in flies?

Dropping those sanctions is the most important foreign policy goal that Russia has, and Trump is working double time to get it done (before he gets impeached).

GOOD IDEA: Trump's "Twitter account should be suspended," Kamala Harris said on AC360. "There's plenty of…evidence to suggest that he is irresponsible with his words in a way that could result in harm…so the privilege of using those words that way should ... be taken from him."

Lawrence O’Donnell reveals why Bill Barr and Mike Pompeo are hiring ‘criminal defense’ lawyers

I just saw it reported that Gorka is traveling as "press." Who is else is in the traveling press pool ?

Call me naive, but I don't view digging political dirt for a corrupt POTUS on foreign soil to be a key element of the duties of the Attorney General of the United States.

Reminder: To this day, the Trump campaign can’t explain: 1) Why they had so many Russian contacts; 2) why they were glad to meet them; 3) why they never called the FBI; and 4) why they lied about it every time. Their answer is to try to blame the FBI for ever asking about it.

Manhattan US Attorney's office will participate in Trump tax lawsuit

"The President's unaccustomed struggle to control the narrative and to get his opponents to respond to his moves bodes ill for any hopes he has of avoiding a full House impeachment vote."

The return of the Gorka character was not a plot twist I saw coming tbh

Question... why does @RudyGiuliani, a lawyer not in the employ of the federal government and without a security clearance, have audio recordings of a conversation that was so important the transcript was stored in a code word level server?

First members of Congress to endorse Trump indicted separately

Trump impeachment inquiry expects to hear key Ukraine players

Blowout, the new book by Rachel Maddow, now available!

Trump surprises with outreach abroad to subvert US intelligence

Trump fixation on exonerating Russia entangles Barr, Pompeo