Sunday, February 16, 2020

NEW: Judge Amy Berman Jackson orders an ON-THE-RECORD scheduling conference call with all counsel for February 18, 2020.

Barr privately ordered re-examination of Michael Flynn's case, US officials say

This is incredibly dangerous — a conspiracy theory, costumed as a question; and an interviewer unprepared or unwilling to push back with facts.

What bothers me the most in this clip is the clearly crafted propaganda lines they are each reading off notepads - to be sue they hit all the exact talking points (just study Kremlin’s propaganda of that time. It is verbatim). Why did they feel the need to do this?

‘I Think People Will Starve.’ Experts Are Worried About the Hundreds of Thousands Who Could Lose Food Stamps Come April

Overwhelming majority of these 1,100+ former Justice Department lawyers—calling on Barr to resign and for DOJ lawyers to report abuses—served in Republican administrations. About 85% in Republican admin. Over 100 in Trump admin

Nepotism Barbie representing the US royal family

"Political Weapon" is the correct description of our current Department of Justice. Maddening. Please read Joyce's article. "If Trump is allowed to turn the Justice Department into a political weapon, no one is safe"

NEW —> ‘Something has to be done’: Trump’s quest to rewrite history of the Russia probe My latest on the president still fixated on all things Russia and using the powers of his office to manipulate the facts and settle the score

This looks VERY promising: @CardiffUni researchers have discovered an immune cell (novel T-cell) that can find and kill a wide range of cancerous cells, including lung, skin, blood, colon, breast, bone, prostate, ovarian, kidney and cervical cancer.

Merrick Fucking Garland is the reason democrats should never trust republicans to do the right thing.

I was one of over 1,100 former DOJ officials who signed this letter condemning Barr’s politicization of the Justice Department and calling on him to resign.

This is not something you see every day: more than 1100 former DOJ officials calling on the AG to resign.

#BernieSanders lavishes praise on Communist Russia, preferring the Soviet Union to the American way of life

Trump eliminates funding for program honoring Ambassador Stevens, who was killed in Benghazi

“Working inside the Senate and out, Cruz played a unique role in securing Trump’s swift acquittal at the third-ever presidential impeachment trial — simultaneously serving as legal strategist, jury consultant, messaging guru, broadcast surrogate...”

In tweetstorm, Trump likens himself to a king, shares mayor bathroom audio

Boris Johnson has cancelled his planned trip to the White House after Trump slammed the phone down on him in a moment of 'apoplectic' fury

Katie Johnson had named Trump and billionaire Jeffrey Epstein in a $100 million lawsuit, accusing them of having solicited sex acts from her at sex parties held at the Manhattan homes of Epstein and Trump back in 1994 (when Johnson was just 13 years old):

It’s coming for whoever the nominee is. Bernie Sanders’ wife was the subject of a criminal probe for several years. If he’s the nominee, you can bet your last dollar Lindsey Graham is going to demand FBI records on it and Barr is going to turn them over.


Congratulations to us! This is Boris Johnson’s new culture minister who has close financial ties to the Ukrainian oligarch at centre of Trump scandal..

This by an anti-Trump Evangelical is awesome and Fed Soc should freaking listen: “The question I am left with is a paraphrase of Jesus, “What good is it if we gain the whole Supreme Court but lose our souls?”

.@ewarren returned TWELVE BILLION dollars to consumers through an agency she created and for which she fought tirelessly BEFORE she was even in office. Let me repeat: BEFORE SHE WAS IN OFFICE. YES, imagine what she would do as president.

Call to America's Lawyers: Join the fight for our democracy. Add your name to those of other lawyers committed to taking action to protect and defend the Constitution and rule of law. And then ACT!— Laurence Tribe

On European security issues, the past French Presidents were much better than President Macron. They were weak. But he is a disaster. His Russia policy means strategic capitulation to Putin and giving up on the whole Eastern European region. Stop this stupid mistake, please.

“In 2017, the Archives agreed to let ICE officials delete or destroy docs that detail the sex abuse & death of undocumented immigrants & despite...thousands of comments & hearing the objections of dozens of lawmakers, they moved fwd w/ a plan last month.”

Devin Nunes’ rent-a-lawyer can’t afford a website

Russia will send a nuclear-powered cargo ship to Antarctica, with construction materials ๐Ÿ‡ท๐Ÿ‡บ Vostok research station Antarctic Treaty bans nuclear explosions/disposal radioactive waste, but is mute on nuclear vessels. No one has sent a nuclear vessel before

The biggest story these days: a mass exodus from Idlib towards Turkey and Europe — driven by Russian bombs and Assad‘s ground forces. Yet almost entirely ignored by a Europe which aims to pretend that Russia is „a difficult partner“.

Former OSU wrestler accuses Rep. Jim Jordan of lying when he claimed he didn't know about alleged abuse

C’mon Chuck. You know the facts are much different. And not the same charges. This BS is beneath you. Facts used to matter to you.

"In the US, government propaganda and pop culture at the time spread wildly racist and inaccurate images of Chinese people as unclean, uncivilized, immoral, and a threat to society."

395 bills passed by the House end up DOA in the Senate. Democrats get things done. Republicans shoot down American progress — including gun reform legislation that could save lives. Mitch McConnell’s a dead end senator. End his career once and for all.

An iceberg almost as big as Atlanta and roughly the same size as Malta broke off the Pine Island glacier in Antarctica. The glacier has lost dramatic amounts of ice over the last 25 years as the region warms due to the climate crisis.

The World Food Programme says more than 800,000 Syrians, mostly women and children, have fled their homes during a Russian-backed military campaign in northwest Syria since December

Mike Pompeo to western leaders: How dare you question "America’s leadership"

Here's the full text of Pompeo's tone deaf speech titled "The West is Winning" that went down like a lead balloon here in Munich

A friend who lives in Chatham County, NC took this picture outside of an early voting location today. Those flags are not usually there - people drove in with them to do this.

Facebook is Russian malware. Delete it from your life.

This may be the most sinister tweet Trump has ever posted. He is comparing himself with a king and threatening to use his powers for revenge on those who questioned his abuse of power. This after AG Barr said Trump’s tweets make it hard for him to do his job. Any response Mr. AG?

AG Barr⁩ Is Nearing a Decision on Whether to Charge Blackwater Founder Erik Prince. I wonder if ⁦@BetsyDeVosED⁩ is involved in the negotiations ...

I bet Alpha Bank is.

If I’m under oath & am asked what my middle name is & I testify, “I don’t know”, that’s perjury. When Barr was asked if Trump suggested he investigate anyone, after Barr feigned confusion at the word “suggested” he said, “I don’t know. That’s Perjury.

Trump is positioned for reelection, because most people seem to care more about the strength of the stock market than about the strength of our democracy. This is how democracies die—not in darkness but in full view of a public that couldn’t care less

Internet burns Matt Gaetz to the ground for whining McCabe didn’t end up ‘behind

Xi's pick to save China from the coronavirus is a loyalist who lured Tesla

Hong Kong protesters rally against planned virus quarantine centers

The US government just released a report where they accuse Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska of holding and laundering money for Vladimir Putin

Obviously. The main job of the Russian oligarch class is laundering money for Putin. The real joke is how Deripaska and others like him use their loot and access to free world judicial systems while supporting Putin's dictatorship.

German President Steinmeier: 'German foreign policy cannot be understood without Auschwitz... I would like to say that Germany has learnt from history for all times. But these days I can't say that.'

Agree with @RNicholasBurns . Putin also needs to be helld accountable for the 13000 + killed so far in the only ongoing war in Europe. Can’t just forgive and forget. Putin needs to change his behavior before being offered rapprochement or detente (2 French words!).

With @Jim_Jordan a/k/a Gym Jordan (of OSU wrestling fame) in the U.S. House and @AlanDersh (of Jeffrey Epstein fame) on his legal team. @realDonaldTrump always finds the nicest guys to defend him

Trump says "it's fine" if Philippines quits military agreement

No, it's not

The presidents daughter who no longer runs sweatshops and is now a full time fake feminist

.I've nominated Dr. Fiona Hill & former Amb Marie Yovanovitch for the @JFKLibrary Profile in Courage Award. These women are heroes in every sense of the word, risking their safety, job security & reputations in order to speak out against corruption

You know what’s weird? Trumpsters think that BECAUSE TRUMP BECAME PRESIDENT, half of the American citizenry went crazy, to the extent that the ruin of Trump is their only goal. Whereas the FAR MORE LIKELY explanation is that @realDonaldTrump is just a REALLY BAD PRESIDENT

lawyers across the federal government’s legal establishment wondered aloud whether Trump was undermining the Justice Department’s treasured reputation — and whether Attorney General William P. Barr was able or willing to protect it.

Roughly 2x the population of the U.S. Astounding.

Key point —> Barr and DAG Rosen never have served as prosecutors. So when they posit the Stone sentence is too high, they don’t have a well of experience to pull from based on other defendants. So instead they determine it’s too high - for a white guy like them.

Republicans appear to be pushing thousands of South Carolina Republicans to "vote" in the Democratic primaries there. The goal for them to is boost a Dem candidate who they think Trump can easily beat.

I can’t believe I have to do this: Comey was found not to have leaked (post-termination) anything that was classified at the time. Hence no charges. McCabe was accused of “lack of candor”, which is a term of art with no set criteria, unlike 18 USC 1001. You are a Senator.

$20M of our tax money spent for ... one more senator's vote to acquit

It’s one of the largest social control experiments ever anywhere, even in China. To do it, Beijing is relying on local party officials, police, and busybodies known as grid workers. They’ve effectively closed down many cities to outsiders. This is a station at a closed city: Yiwu

Trump budget zeroes out funding for Stars and Stripes, the military's newspaper

On paper, the Justice Department and FTC are equals when it comes to making sure companies compete fairly. Lately, however, the two regulators seem to need a referee of their own

Hey @TheDukeofYork, Are you thinking of starting a new initiative called “Pedophiles at Palace”?@RoyalFamily Her Majesty must take his HRH before the FBI releases the evidence. They have all of it

he's doing king tweets

A campaign finance system in which you can legally buy access to the president for $580,000 is not a campaign finance system fit for purpose in a democracy.

CNN reports on clashes between Bill Barr and Geoff Berman, the head of SDNY

This is an extremely dangerous period for America. Sec Def Esper and CJCS Milley in Constitutional dilemma. Do the officers of the Armed Forces obey the Constitution, Federal law, snd DOD Regs OR are they subject to the unconstrained orders of Trump. — Barry R McCaffrey

“No change of circumstances can repair a defect of character.” —Ralph Waldo Emerson

There’s nothing wrong with talking to Lavrov but why not put out a readout if the meeting? Very strange

Every time Jim Jordan lies that he didn't know about the 177 student athletes being sexually assaulted by a team doctor while he was a coach at OSU, he's digging himself into a deeper hole. "There's others that are gonna come out on my behalf and it's just gonna get worse."

Alabama lawmaker proposes bill requiring men have vasectomies.

Vermont GOP Gov. Scott endorses @GovBillWeld for president

Flawed peace plan for Ukraine repeats Kremlin talking points

For my forthcoming book about Fox and Trump, I sent fact-checking Q's to some of Hannity's lawyers and confidants today. A few hours later, Hannity lobbed a bunch of Twitter missiles at me. Complete coincidence!

Thou layeth down with reality television hosts thou wakeith up with the death of the Republican Party. The book of moronics, 78:46

How Hitler went from fringe politician to dictator—and what it means

The Ukraine paper trail continues to emerge. This week, the State Department and the Pentagon released more Ukraine documents in response to our #FOIA lawsuits. See everything we've uncovered here:

FACT: New figures from Trump’s own Department of Labor show that 6.6 million new jobs were created in the first 36 months of Trump’s tenure, compared with 8.1 million in the final 36 months of Obama’s ― a decline of 19% under Trump.

Oh “Gymmy the Cryer” I’m sure your tears weren’t as real as those of the men who were sexually abused @Jim_Jordan

Senate Republicans are implicated in Trump’s authoritarian organized crime outfit

Judge Reggie Walton told the McCabe prosecutors: “The public is listening... I don't think people like the fact that you got somebody at the top basically trying to dictate whether somebody should be prosecuted ... I just think it's a banana republic when we go down that road.”


National Debt Increased by $3 Trillion During Donald Trump's Three Years as President But muh stock market.

What's the score?

Jim Jordan served notice by ex-OSU wrestler: ‘Other things are going to come out … and it’s just going to get worse’

Gov. Andrew Cuomo signs law that allows NY to prosecute those pardoned by a President - No one is above the law and New York will not turn a blind eye to criminality, no matter who seeks to protect.

ICYMI Devin Nunes BS

"The attorney general is interfering with career prosecutors in ways that are unprecedented,"

Barr personally tried to push SDNY away from indicting Turkish bank Halkbank but US Attorney Berman resisted, per CNN. Same bank case NYT cited—via John Bolton book—as Trump wanting to do favor for Turkey’s Erdogan cabal for Trump’s personal interest.

Jesse thinks it’s cute that Larry Kudlow is tanked on TV. Guess what, it’s not cute, alcoholism and addiction is a disease and one Larry has a long history with, if he choses not to remain sober that’s his business but the Labor Dept is ALL of our Business. He needs to resign.

Why does Grassley tweet like he’s being held hostage somewhere

Accused of false statements about sexual assault of Ohio State wrestling team:

Breaking News: Hillary is not going to be anyone’s running mate in 2020. #squirrel

So, these “non-public” politically-sensitive criminal cases into which AG Barr has reportedly installed this team to intervene — do we ever learn the fate of those cases? Does anyone who knows what’s happening squawk if Barr kills those cases in the crib?

Our new @ProjectLincoln video on Lt Col Alex Vindman passed over 1 million views in 24 hours.

Republicans are messing with Dem primaries. Here’s South Carolina.

Joe Biden said he doesn’t believe Bernie Sanders is doing enough to quell his fervent supporters’ “vicious, malicious” behavior online

Trump’s top economics adviser appears to be intoxicated on national TV

Now even old bank notes are being quarantined in China

A top infectious-disease scientist warns that two-thirds of the world’s population could get infected with the coronavirus

China's economy is 18 percent of global GDP. The more it falters, the more impacts are felt everywhere, and that would be the case even if this plague were confined. But it's not.

Florida's GOP legislature has quietly added a provision into a new voting law that will ease qualifications for being a poll watcher. Currently poll watchers must be a voter in the county. The new provision will require only that they be a voter in the state. Hmmm...

The nation's two largest teachers' unions want schools to revise or eliminate active shooter drills, asserting that they can harm students' mental health and that there are better ways to prepare for the possibility of a school shooting.

The traitors are easy to spot.

The Trump Justice Dept. has parachuted 5 different US Attorneys from around the country into various politically-charged cases in Washington, fueling suspicion and distrust inside the department