Saturday, January 2, 2021

"Would you vote for a senator who sold a stock likely to tank after getting a senators-only briefing on a coming pandemic? How about one who told you the pandemic was no big deal while buying shares in a company that sells body bags?"


You know what’s stupid? Your party’s lawyers are calling for the execution of the Vice President unless the VP joins the seditionist effort you and your @HouseGOP colleagues are leading in Congress. Signed, — An American


We're investigating Lindsey Graham's election tampering in Gerogia


“According to one person close to the president who did not want to be identified, "The way he sees it is: Why should I ever let this go?… How would that benefit me?"


Constitutional wrinkle: the President cannot fire the Vice President.


As TX caseloads soar, TX GOP leaders go to court-and then celebrate-decision blocking Austin from acting to limit crowds & exposure to the virus. The party's anti-urban and anti-science tendencies converging in one place


China confirms Uighur doctor Gulshan Abbas handed 20 years in prison for ‘terrorism’


Covid or covert? How Beijing concocted an election delay to reshape Hong Kong’s legislature


So now we know that the EU leaders agreed on a trade deal with China DESPITE the fact that China refused to provide any real gurantees that it will end slave labour. So the EU leaders decided NOT TO stop Chinese genocide of Uygurs and go ahead while ignoring this atrocity.


Dang, I did not have “cops turning on the Proud Boys” on my 2021 bingo card, y’all. 😂 2021 is all right so far


.@GaSecofState @GovKemp when the wait in line,goes for hours,cold or hot,elderly, mothers,with not enough polling sites,feeding people is not only be right thing to do,is the Christian Right thing to do! Gov.Kemp would put Jesus+followers in jail for feeding others or eating?


EXCL: The latest accounts for Donald Trump's flagship Turnberry resort show it ran up losses of £2.3m in 2019, despite a record turnover. The firm has now lost nearly £45m under the outgoing US president's ownership.


I’m not so sure. Moron is as moron does. Stanford, Yale, SCt clerkship, true. But his latest antic is such pure idiocy, it’s like the 13th chime of a clock you didn’t realize was broken.


"To be clear: I do not support Lin Wood's efforts to overturn a US presidential election. But I do support Trump's efforts to overturn a US presidential election."


Wow. 1. Perdue’s ties to China are deep. 2. He made a career out of shipping our jobs overseas. 3. He was *pushed out* of the company he claimed to rescue.


It’s Friday.


More penetrating insights from Sidney Powell’s sidekick


As long as @KLoeffler is in the Senate, Georgians will not get the $2,000 relief checks they need to survive. Vote.


Senate Republicans have just blocked Senate Democrats' attempts — again — to pass the House-passed bill to increase COVID relief checks to $2000. John Thune blocked Chuck Schumer's attempt. John Cornyn, on behalf of Pat Toomey, blocked Bernie Sanders's attempt.


‼️@GOP Virginia state Sen. Ben Chafin DIED today from #COVID19. The human cost of Trump’s #pandemic denial is unprecedented


Hospitals say the Covid-19 surge will require more relief than Congress included in the new pandemic-aid act after lawmakers scaled back health-care funding


On average, Obama’s family took 133 protected trips per year, while the Trump family has taken an average of 1,625. That's 1,500 more per year.


Execution Rescheduled for Only Woman on Federal Death Row


Lindsey Graham chose to express this opinion only after Mitch McConnell and other Senate Republicans blocked votes on $2000 direct payments multiple times.


Measure Pompeo against his own goals. Iran advanced its nuclear program, North Korea built more nukes, Maduro more entrenched in power, China made huge advances at US expense, State Department gutted and Trump lost. Hard to think of a bigger loser than Mike Pompeo.


Coughing, sneezing, vomiting: Visibly ill people aren’t being kept off planes


BREAKING: Overriding @realDonaldTrump veto, the Senate joined the House, bringing 2021 NDAA into law by an overwhelming, bipartisan, veto-proof majority. Includes mandatory sanctions aimed at stopping the Kremlin’s #NordStream2 pipeline for good.


The Secretary of State has sent out a warning yesterday that those people engaged in ‘line warming’, which includes myself could be charged WITH A FELONY FOR handing out hand warmers, food, snacks, and beverages!


“Her example significantly encourages south Dakotans to not wear masks,” the judge wrote. “South Dakota is now a very dangerous place in which to live due to the spread of COVID-19.”


A welcome move. Carrier coming home “in part as a ‘de-escalatory’ signal to Tehran to avoid stumbling into a crisis in President Trump’s waning days in office.”


After the @KCStar discovers #Missouri's junior senator doesn't have a legal residence in the Show Me State currently, Josh Hawley, who has a B.A. from Stanford, and a J.D. from Yale, "pretends his lack of a real Missouri address is an elitist attack."




The presidents allies are still shopping a coup.


While much of the world grappled with soaring unemployment and plunging growth, the 0.001% benefited from unprecedented wealth creation


US The Senate passed a law authorizing the president to impose sanctions on members of the Belarusian election commission, government officials responsible for the repression, but also on Russian "advisers" behind attacks on press freedom and human rights in Belarus


" I believe Hong Kongers will not give up easily. We will be continue to speak up against injustice. I know we are on the right side of history. Hong Kongers “Gau Yau”, wherever you are."


From the FBI agent who led the investigation into the massacre of civilians by Blackwater mercenaries.


2020: The year of the virus


As essential workers and senior citizens nationwide struggle to get COVID vaccines, the luxurious Montebello apartment building seems to have figured it out