Sunday, August 4, 2019

I was just assaulted by a man who first told me to go back to my own country, at Banff National park. Please share. @BanffNP I reported it to the proper authorities and I hope something happens. But I think it would be good if it goes viral. These people don't get to win.

Will the President of the United States leave his golf resort, go back to Washington, address the nation, condemn—in no uncertain terms—white nationalism, and call for the Senate to convene tomorrow to enact at least the most basic gun safety reforms that most Americans want?

A moment of silence at the spontaneous @MomsDemand protest against #GunViolence at the White House. Whose house?

Fox News cuts away when reporter asks @BetoORourke after the shooting if “any of this falls at the feet of Trump”

Rep. Veronica Escobar says a 2-year-old that survived the mass shooting in El Paso is “recovering from broken bones.” “His mother – a young mother, 25-year-old mother, who was shot multiple times and killed – used her body to shield him and save his life”

It may never go back up.

After El Paso shooting, Mexico to take legal actions to protect Mexicans in U.S. -official

Among those who declined the request from @CNNSotu to come on to discuss the mass shootings: @WhiteHouse Texas Gov @GregAbbott_TX Texas LG @DanPatrick Sen @JohnCornyn Sen @tedcruz , @GovMikeDeWine , @GOPLeader McCarthy @senatemajldr did not respond to our request.

Um, guys. The US Attorney in the El Paso case is John Bash... Zina Bash's husband. 👇This Zina Bash, who trolled the country by flashing the alt-right "white power"/"OK" symbol during the Kavanaugh hearings, after people thought she did it the day before...

I caution those who care about this issue to jump on the claim that we need a "new" domestic terrorism bill. We don't need new laws to tackle white supremacy as terrorism. There are 57 current statutes that can be used by @TheJusticeDept today. What's missing? The will to do it

Stochastic Terrorism

A barely 21 year old man with no background check getting hold of his family’s unregistered automatic weapon is a “welll regulated militia” only if it’s acceptable to have the Russia funded NRA make the regulations. The Founding Fathers would be disgusted with such stupidity.

Mr. Leader, the nation is begging you to let us vote on the House-passed bills.

7 people wounded in a shooting Sunday morning in Douglas Park on Chicago's West Side.

The manifesto, which circulated online Saturday, is an explicitly anti-immigrant text that expresses a fear that Hispanic people would overtake Texas and turn the state into a "Democrat stronghold."

I get that it's a bad idea to republish the El Paso shooter's manifesto because you are spreading his propaganda. But I think it's also a bad idea to ignore that much of his manifesto is ripped directly from Trump's Twitter feed

The El Paso shooter allegedly told police after being taken into custody that he "wanted to kill as many Mexicans as possible,” ABC News reports.

This is a stochastic terrorist.

Trump is spending the weekend at his golf club in Bedminster, where he has issued a handful of tweets about the shootings. He isn’t expected to leave until 4pm

Dems have been calling Trump "racist" before now, but you definitely see a dam breaking post El Paso. This Warren clip, for example, happened days ago, but it's now being piled on top of her (standard Dem) call for gun control

Law enforcement sources tell @CBSNews the guman in the overnight mass shooting in Dayton, OH is Connor Betts, 24, from Bellbrook, Ohio. Police are searching his house.

Mexican Secretary of the Interior says they now expect an update at 11am from FBI regarding Mexican nationals killed in Saturday's Cielo Vista Walmart shooting. KTSM will continue to update you as we get more information.

The @DHSgov Countering Violent Extremism program was designed to combat & steer people away from white nationalist extremism. When @realDonaldTrump took office, one of the first things his administration did was defund it. I asked him about it in November, his answer was a lie

George is right. Killing random civilians to spread a political message is terrorism. FBI classifies it as domestic terrorism, but "white terrorism" is more precise. Many of the killers are lone-wolf losers indoctrinated to hate through the internet, just like Islamic terrorists.

No, things will not go back to "normal" after Trump

Dear @senatemajldr: The House of Representatives, on a bipartisan basis, passed common sense gun safety legislation to the Senate. You are blocking those bills from coming to a vote. Please let the entire nation know when you will allow a vote on gun safety legislation.

Mitch McConnell tried to make his first public appearance of the Congressional recess today. He was met with people chanting MOSCOW MITCH! MOSCOW MITCH!!#MoscowMitch

WE MUST ACT NOW. Europe brought Russia back to Parliamentary Assembly of Council of Europe. Now the Russian government shows us that it does not care about human rights. We should suspend Russian membership of Parliamentary Assembly of Council of Europe. Retweet if you agree.

The Crowd Welcomes Moscow Mitch

The NRA has got to go. ⁦@MomsDemand⁩ leaders have had enough & we are making sure everyone in DC hears

Past time to retire this pathetic excuse for doing nothing.

Sebastian Gorka and Trump aides called 'treasonous little bitches' by caller during live TV appearance

The Montgomery County coroner has arrived with multiple vans at the Dayton shooting.

LATEST: Police say they have not identified the shooter who massacred nine people in Dayton, Ohio, and have not identified a motive.

JUST IN: Police say nine people are dead and 16 have been injured in a shooting in in Dayton, Ohio -- the second mass killing in the US in a matter of hours

BREAKING: Authorities for one hospital in the Dayton area: Miami Valley Hospital spokesperson Terrea Little confirms they have received 16 victims from the mass shooting. They are unable to confirm the extent of injuries. Unknown ages or genders.

BREAKING: An active shooter incident is being investigated in Dayton, Ohio.