Saturday, October 3, 2020

New: Chris Christie tests positive. Former governor checks himself into hospital as a precaution


Putin must have ordered him to infect as many Americans as possible. Or he’s a psychopath. Or both


Hi, former CIA Chief of Russia Ops here. There is no doubt Russian intel services have intel on Trumps condition. There is no doubt they are working to get more. Oh, and the White House is a counterintelligence nightmare.


“Trump thought he could go to the fundraiser and keep it secret that Hicks had it,” Republican donor Dan Eberhart said. In concealing her diagnosis and not self isolating but going to New Jersey, Trump violated CDC protocols and put more people at risk.


It’s another MAGA superspreader event


Documents show that Deutsche bank used mirror trades to help major criminal organizations, terrorist groups, and drug cartels launder and transfer a geyser of dirty money.


This is my opponent in #TX10, Rep. McCaul. Refusing to wear a mask on a commuter flight. Endangering passengers and staff alike. This absolute disregard for human life is not unusual for him — it’s true to form. We remove him on November 3


Attorney General William Barr has decided not to self-quarantine, despite potential prolonged exposure to the coronavirus. He attended a White House event last Saturday, and several others who attended the same function later tested positive.


Drug maker says White House doctor described President Trump's treatment inaccurately.


WHITE HOUSE PHOTOS OF THE WEEK....(official White House images just released, that now have extra documentary importance, not just PR images. No mask in sight for POTUS)


Who is runnin' the country?


Perspective: Trump’s campaign can be put on hold. Election Day can’t.


Every American has the right to have their voice heard this election season. My colleagues and I recorded a special message detailing steps we all can take to defend our democracy and protect our vote in 2020


Joe Biden calls President Trump’s diagnosis a reminder to take Covid-19 seriously


If Trump temporarily hands over power to Pence, he would have all the "powers and duties" of the office as acting president. It would mean Pence wouldn't be serving as VP, and the office would be vacant. He couldn't break a tie in the Senate. Is that why Trump hasn't done so?


Dear Dr. Conley: You took an oath to the Constitution as a military doctor. Your job is not to spin the American people. It is to tell the truth. A @WhiteHouse pool report contradicts the tenor of what you said publicly. Don’t shred your own credibility. Just tell us the truth.


Early polling suggests the news that POTUS held a mostly-unmasked super-spreader in the Rose Garden last Sat, didn't get tested b4 the debate on Tues, held an in-person rally on Wed & tried to hide his own case until an aide's leaked on Thurs is going badly for the White House.


BETHESDA, Md. (AP) — AP source: President Trump was administered supplemental oxygen at the White House on Friday before going to hospital.


The decision to recess the Senate for 2 weeks after at least 3 GOP Senators have tested positive for COVID makes clear that the Senate cannot proceed with business as usual If it’s too dangerous to have the Senate in session, it's too dangerous for committee hearings to continue


So we have the White House chief of staff on camera, anonymously providing contradictory information to reporters right after the president’s doctors briefed the public.


What is going on right now? The WH, which has a deep credibility issue w/ many, needs to clarify when the president got sick, whether he was ever on oxygen at any time, whether he is on a clear path to a full recovery, and whether he was traveling and holding rallies while ill?


Was @potus COVID positive at the #debate?


So we have the White House chief of staff on camera, anonymously providing contradictory information to reporters right after the president’s doctors briefed the public.


It was Mark Meadows.


Wow—after presser, source familiar with the president’s health tells White House pool: “The president’s vitals over the last 24 hours were very concerning and the next 48 hours will be critical in terms of his care. We’re still not on a clear path to a full recovery.”


“When was the positive diagnosis made? You said 72 hours, that would put it at Wednesday”


JUST IN: Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell says he’ll seek to obtain a consent agreement to delay the return of the Senate to Oct. 19. McConnell said the Judiciary Committee’s work, which includes Amy Coney Barrett's SCOTUS nomination, can continue as planned on Oct. 12.


The doctors just *cannot* Baghdad Bob their way through the president's active and ongoing hospitalization. That smiling "He's not on oxygen right now" dance?? It's a *bad thing* for the US if the world knows reports on the president's condition can't be trusted. Shameful.


There is something very strange about this whole (new) timeline. And now the doctor is saying we are 72 hours into diagnosis which would be right after 1st debate— 36 hrs after we learned of it Thurs night. And in interim,Trump did all sorts of public stuff Wednesday and Thursday


So many big questions not directly answered by President Trump’s physician, Dr. Conley, including: How high did the president’s fever get? When was the last time the president tested negative for COVID? Where do they believe the president contracted the virus?


I just received word that I am positive for COVID-19. I want to thank all of my friends and colleagues who have reached out to ask how I was feeling in the last day or two. I will be receiving medical attention today and will keep the necessary folks apprised of my condition.


According to his doctor, he was diagnosed 72 hours ago. That would be the morning after the debate. And they still didn’t warn the Biden team. And he went to that fundraiser knowing he had Covid-19.


Bring your own work gloves, water, insect repellent, tarps, and tools such as rakes, chain saws and other cutting tools, and shovels.


NEVER FORGET: the White House did not voluntarily disclose *any* of this It was the press who found out about Hicks. We forced their hand. RT #COVIDCaughtTrump because he is NOT to be trusted


The data scientist exposing US white supremacists: 'This is how you fight Nazis'


U.S. Senate candidate Cal Cunningham admits to sexual texting with California strategist


Please say a prayer for the White House household staff..the butlers, housekeepers, florists, engineers, chefs, valets, etc. Many of them have worked in the White House for decades. They work so hard and aren't in the position to work from home.


A case study in irresponsibility and mismanagement: Inside Trump’s coronavirus diagnosis and the events that caused it.


*EVERY* attendee of this #SuperSpreader event should be placed under a 14-day quarantine. Full stop!


Minnesota's three Republican congressmen flew home on a Delta flight from Washington, despite airline restrictions on passengers recently exposed to COVID-19 positive people.


Amy Coney Barrett’s Rose Garden introduction appears to have been a superspreader event


A federal judge has rejected an initial request to ease pandemic-related occupancy limits for in-person instruction at private schools in New Mexico, in a setback for a complaint supported by the U.S. Justice Department.


The U.S. Supreme Court opens its new term next week. Here's what to expect.


After Joe Biden's campaign said it would pull negative ads following President Trump's Covid-19 diagnosis, the President's campaign said it will not make a similar move


Per 2 WH officials and a conservative ally outside the WH who was present, there were at least two private gatherings/receptions last Sat. around ACB announcement, one in the Cabinet room and another in Diplomatic Reception Room. Very little distancing, few masks. Lots of VIPs.


Russian state media described the unfolding situation in the U.S. as “the perfect storm,” speculating that Trump had infected the U.S. government in its entirety and cheerfully expressing Russia’s readiness to take control over America’s nuclear button


Whoever this big guy is that you were talking so close to for so long ... I think he might want to get tested more than once ...


50,000 Americans have contracted COVID. In the last 24 hours. They also deserve high quality medical care. Pass. The. Heroes. Act.


Joe Biden knows America's heart.


The best outcome for Trump: He recovers and newly commits to fighting the virus


MIKE PENCE NEEDS TO QUARANTINE. Update: + KellyAnne Conway now. Pence (purple) is surrounded by people who have so far tested #COVID19 positive in the last 24 hours (red). Yet Pence is skipping quarantine for some damn nonsense reason.


British M.P.s: The World Should Stand With Hong Kong


#HongKong protesters detained at Lai Chi Kok reception centre made the gesture for “five demands, not one less” and shouted Happy Mid Autumn Festival to supporters standing outside.


Mike Espy on Mississippi Senate Race: 'Mississippi is tired of being last'


“Amy Covid Barrett”


When the then-energy secretary accidentally helped lead the president into impeachment, he was simultaneously trying to help his friends cash in on a big gas deal.


National security risk: when your Secret Service bodyguards rebel against you. “He’s never cared about us”. Agents who work in field offices complained that they are no longer being tested when they return home from working at a rally for the president.


Here’s maskless Kellyanne Conway at the SCOTUS superspreader Rose Garden event last Saturday standing next to maskless walking comorbidity Bill Barr. Anyway, her daughter Claudia Conway’s on Tik Tok saying her mom has #COVID nbd #WhiteHouseOutbreak


Suddenly it’s the Coronavirus and not the China Virus. Suddenly we’re all in this together. Suddenly the Republican party is calling for people to show empathy. Suddenly it’s clear none of them cared until it affected them. YOU never mattered to him or them.


A Russian journalist died on Friday after setting herself on fire in front of the local branch of the interior ministry in the city of Nizhny Novgorod, a day after her apartment was searched by police, her news outlet said


23 POSITIVE COVID TESTS: 1+2. President & Melania Trump 3. Bill Stepien, Trump campaign mgr 4. Hope Hicks 5. Kellyanne Conway 6. Sen. Mike Lee 7. Sen. Thom Tillis 8. Ronna McDaniel 9. Notre Dame Pres. Jenkins 10-12. Three WH reporters 13-23. Eleven staffers frm Cleveland debate