Saturday, December 23, 2017

FBI deputy director McCabe to retire in 2018: Washington Post


The President of the United States is a profoundly bad person

Comey condemns reassignment of FBI's top lawyer: FBI officials being "attacked for partisan gain"

Just days after the #NetNeutrality repeal, three major ISPs have announced price hikes for 2018. But wait, didn't @AjitPaiFCC say that this would be good for consumers?

It seemed Trump would let his handpicked FBI director do his work unimpeded. Nearly 5 months later, Trump has not made Christopher Wray's life easier.

Opinion: "The Republicans are raiding the Treasury in plain sight, throwing crumbs to the masses as the millionaires and billionaires make off with the cake"

Russian foreign ministry: Moscow ready to cooperate with U.S. on Afghanistan - RIA

5 things to know about Puerto Rico 3 months after Hurricane Maria

Trump administration blocks some government scientists from attending key conference: report

How politics screwed Puerto Rico out of billions in disaster aid

Tax Bill Lets Trump and Republicans Feather Their Own Nests

Michelle Fields trolls Lewandowski after pro-Trump singer accuses him of inappropriate touching

The number of homeless people in America increased for the first time in seven years.


School yard bullying of Muslim American kids has exploded under Trump.

Analysis: Killing the Obamacare mandate doesn’t gut the health care law. Most likely, it will muddle along, because the rest of it is broadly popular

Trump has changed the "challenge coin":

Why the increased attacks on @FBI’s McCabe? Looks like someone has figured out he corroborates Comey against Trump. This is targeted. As were @POTUS’s Comey tweets. As is anti-Mueller campaign.


"Bitcoin plummets, reveals Ponzi scheme traits"

Without question, Russia interfered in the 2016 election. We must act immediately to defend the next election from foreign attacks. Yesterday, I introduced the Secure Elections Act

Sen. Mark Warner says he’s seen damning evidence against Trump — but Mueller has much worse

How Kim Jong Un bested Donald Trump in the slugfest that was 2017

Andrew Sullivan: Putin’s First Year in the White House

The 9th Circuit has dealt another blow to @POTUS’ unconstitutional, un-American travel ban.

Top Marine general: "There's a war coming"

U.S. restores trade benefits to Gambia, Swaziland

Right-wing local TV conglomerate has been airing ads as if they were news: FCC Fines Sinclair Broadcast Group $13.4 Million for Sponsor Violation – Variety

Top Intel Dem: Nunes is doing Trump's work in Russia investigation

"The amendment from Rep. Ron DeSantis (R-Fla.) would also prevent special counsel Robert Mueller from probing 'matters occurring before June 2015,' which is the month Trump announced his presidential bid."

Trump shook up the race for Florida governor today by giving what amounts to an endorsement of GOP Rep. DeSantis

Russia probe looms over Trump’s Mar-Lago retreat

Trump praises conservative group one day after racist text messages revealed

Kelli Ward: Sen. John McCain should step down and I should get his job

Accidentally killing migratory birds not a crime, Trump Administration says

Mike Cernovich Hounded on Rape Allegation in Reddit AMA

ICE is about to deport a dissident journalist to certain death at the hands of the cartels he exposed

The cameras go off, and then comes the collapse

Prosecutors Examine Loan Made to Kushner Cos. Before Election


Nearly 9 million enroll in Obamacare, surpassing expectation

This unconstitutional law makes it a felony for a doctor to perform an abortion under certain circumstances. When I’m Illinois Attorney General, I’ll build a wall around reproductive rights and fight any attempt to criminalize abortion.

A figure involved in funneling $1,700,000 to a Republican super PAC is suing the Federal Election Commission in an attempt to keep his or her name from becoming public, Politico reports

Firings/Resignations/Departures under Trump*:

The American oligarchs couldn’t care less about what all of this will cost America. Within their gated estates and private jets, they’re well insulated from the hatefulness and divisiveness.

Motherboard obtained an internal FCC report shows the Republican narrative on net neutrality is all based on an unsubstantiated lie

"The oath we take as Members of Congress is not to Donald Trump—it is to the Constitution of the United States. I believe the Republicans in Congress have either forgotten that vow, or they are forsaking it"

Trump administration hemorrhaging staff

With several new people announcing their resignation from the Donald Trump administration today, Rachel Maddow runs through the list so far that makes up a 30% turnover rate in under a year.

Pruitt drives out EPA staff, hires unqualified former banker pal

Rachel Maddow reports on the disgraced former banker Albert Kelly, Scott Pruitt's friend who he put in charge of an EPA superfund cleanup task force as qualified, experienced EPA staff flee the agency by the hundreds.

Top FBI lawyer James Baker reassigned without explanation

Joyce Vance, former U.S. attorney, talks with Rachel Maddow about the reassignment of the top lawyer at the FBI and whether this is typical with a new director or evidence of politicizing the FBI

GOP attacking witnesses to head off Trump obstruction case

Rachel Maddow looks at how Republican congressional investigators seem less interested in answering the question of whether Donald Trump colluded with Russia than they are in smearing FBI officials who would be witnesses in a Trump obstruction of justice case.

Trump partner with mob ties interviewed out of range of Democrats

Rachel Maddow reports on the colorful background of Donald Trump business partner Felix Sater, from ties to organized crime to FBI informant, and wonders why this particular witness was interviewed by House Intel staff in New York instead of D.C.