Thursday, April 30, 2020

Why not break #MoscowMitch's quorum in the Senate?

Welcome Wyatt Morgan Cooper! @AndersonCooper's son was born on Monday. New life, new love.

Coronavirus update: German infection rate ticks higher after reopening moves offers lesson to US governors.

I think Jared Kushner’s "success story" video could use a lot more play. It rips apart Kushner and exposes him as a perfect example of a lying, corrupt, murderous wannabe dictatorship

‘Patients Have Panic in Their Eyes’: Voices From a Covid-19 Unit Nurses from N.Y.U. Langone Health describe the toll the coronavirus is taking on their patients, and on themselves.

Thank you ⁦⁦@washingtonpost⁩ for amplifying my question for AG Barr. Perhaps he will tell us why he lied to the American people about the Mueller report. Unclear why he has been able to avoid this question for a year.

Mike Pence is a little bitch. We all knew that, but here's more proof

Coronavirus Protection: New Hampshire Sending 4.5 Million Masks To VA Hospitals

Maryland @GovLarryHogan on whether he was concerned that the federal government would seize the tests the state procured from South Korea. He says the tests are being guarded by the National Guard at an undisclosed location.

This could've been us but you couldn't vote for the email lady

In the frozen fish heir’s defense he doesn’t care, he just wants to obfuscate for the mango god king

Holy shit it just dawned on me why we are getting so many distraction today from trump! The Judge ruled that Barr and the DOJ are to turn over the Mueller GJ materials by tomorrow May 1st! No wonder all this nonsense regarding Flynn. These traitors are about to be outed for sure!

BREAKING: impotent men armed with long, hard weaponry storm the Michigan state capitol building demanding easier access to penal enlargement surgery

Thank you @BradleyWhitford! We have an incredible opportunity to turn Wisconsin blue! Vote Tricia Zunker for Congress on May 12

“Flynn’s lawyer says new documents show that Flynn was 'set up' by the FBI. In fact, they show no such thing. But they may provide a flimsy excuse for a pardon,”

These armed militia guys can do their phony soldier cosplay all day in the woods like the shitkickers they are...but when they storm a capitol building (as in MI) & threaten lawmakers it's time to arrest them. They are terrorists. Take their guns. Take their freedom. Lock them up

By the way I think this is a mistake. Tara Reade is not credible. The answer to her is not “whataboutism”. It’s just saying that she is not credible (no shade on Kaivan who is an awesome follow). Trump assaulted women, but don’t raise that in the context of Reade’s lies.

Droplets, aerosolized, ten times more fatal than the seasonal flu.

Some readers may remember that Wuhan’s lab and local governments were revealed to have been phished, in an attack attributed to a Vietnamese APT, about a week ago. So USIC has their internal communications.

Here are 2 things that happened today: - Another 3.8 million people filed for unemployment, meaning one-fifth of the U.S. labor force is out of work. - U.S. stocks finished their best month in decades

Gov. Whitmer extends Michigan State of Emergency through May 28 after Legislature refused extension State of Disaster also extended

"The federal guidelines that recommend social distancing and brought a virtual end to public life for most expire tonight." CNN's @andersoncooper reports on where we are as a nation in the fight against the coronavirus and the problems we still have to confront.

Republican-led Michigan Legislature refused to extend state’s coronavirus emergency declaration, voted to authorize a lawsuit challenging Dem Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s authority & actions to combat the pandemic.

Trump's legacy will be known as the Body Bag Presidency.

Mike Flynn, in his own words.

I’m not sure what a “very, very strong” death total means, But over 60,000 lives lost is a tragedy almost unmatched in American history. It‘s nothing to be proud of. For grieving families, friends, and communities, this statement from the President is more salt in the wound

The President says he would certainly consider bringing Michael Flynn back into the administration

.@realDonaldTrump None of the distractions you are trying will work. Nothing will change the fact that you did nothing from at least Feb 1 to mid March to protect and prepare this country and its citizens for #coronavirus. You repeatedly lied. And now 60,000+ are dead.

These armed intruders should have been arrested immediately. And in almost any other circumstance (and if they were any other race), they would have been.

Biden Accuser Tara Reade's Allegations Match Scene from Her Dead Father's Novel


Per the Mueller report, Pence found out that what Flynn had been telling about those Russian convos was false. He also sought the underlying evidence that proved the evidence was false (and White House officials did get to view it).

If he has the Corona Virus is this considered assault with a deadly weapon?

Surely the major question for @GenFlynn @realDonaldTrump supporters is.... who hyped you up on what turned out to be nothingburger documents? What sadist could be so cruel to @johncardillo @Cernovich @ArthurSchwartz etc?

Hundreds of protesters, some of them armed with assault rifles, gathered at Michigan’s state Capitol to demand entry onto the state Senate floor to confront lawmakers set to debate an extension of the stay-at-home order

NEW: Joe Biden will appear on MSNBC's Morning Joe tomorrow to publicly respond to Tara Reade's allegations of sexual assault for the first time.

Further proof of the insanity of today's gun laws. The fact that one owns a gun does not give you the right to intimidatation. These morons are demonstrating why we must ban assault rifles. — Fred Guttenberg

We’re already seeing reports of first responders and other key personnel being laid off at the state and local level, threatening the ability of our communities to maintain critical services. This proposal is definitely a step in the right direction. #MA04

Pelosi: All US citizens, even those in families with some undocumented immigrants should get coronavirus stimulus money

States are working hard to help people vote safely in the fall, but their budgets have taken a huge hit. It makes no sense to force them to provide a 20% funding match for federal election grants. @SenatorCollins and I are urging Congress to fix this.

The Secret Service rented a room at Trump's D.C. hotel for 137 consecutive nights in 2017 — paying Trump's company more than $33,000 — so it could guard Treasury Secretary Mnuchin while he lived in one of the hotel's luxury suites.

Armed protesters tried to storm the Michigan state senate today at a reopening protest organized by an aspiring conspiracy theorist.

These people are terrorizing their local government

Question: how’d they react if a Black Lives Matter chapter pulled up to the #mileg capitol masked and armed to the teeth?

Right wing @GOP yelling for little girls to “TAKE IT OFF”. Happy yet, America?

To fight the pandemics of his time, Lenin’s government mobilized emergency units of epidemiologists and infectious disease specialists, much as soldiers were mobilized for wa

Hogan says he made sure the plane with tests landed at BWI instead of Dulles, with a large presence of Maryland National Guard and Maryland State police, bc the tests were valuable and Massachusetts Gov. Baker said his plane load of masks was basically confiscated by the feds

It's always been true that every town has a paranoid crank, but the internet and social media has allowed each of them to reach out to the next crank in the next town, so that they feel like a movement. And that makes them easy prey in large groups for hustlers and con artists.

500 @TSA officers now positive for #SARSCoV2 and the fifth one has died of #COVID19

890 cases. At one plant in Indiana. 890

Speaker Pelosi: "I have complete respect for the whole #MeToo movement...there's also due process...Joe Biden is Joe Biden...There was never any record...the happiest day for me this week was to support Joe Biden for president of the United States."

Portland, Maine: "At 8 a.m. Wednesday, the state recommended universal screening of all plant employees. By 1 p.m., five hours later, Tyson had agreed, and was willing to consider idling production while that testing takes place, they said."

Now this is happening.

Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan says that coronavirus tests that arrived from South Korea are being guarded by members of the Maryland National Guard and state police following reports that the federal government had effectively confiscated shipments of PPE.

"The notion that dead New Yorkers could be left to decay in broad daylight in rental trucks on a crowded street underscored the challenges facing the city as it tries to absorb a disaster that's killed nearly 5 times as many as died in the 9/11 attacks."

Donald Trump either read his daily briefings and ignored the warnings, or didn't read them at all. Either way, it's a complete and unjustifiable dereliction of duty.

Russia’s Prime Minister has tested positive for Coronavirus and is avoiding 5th floor windows.

Half a million South Carolinians are unemployed, and 60k+ Americans have died. @LindseyGrahamSC won't send help over his "dead body"? We need a Senator who fights for us, and doesn't demonize us, in these difficult times.

From @specialreports: Trump gave Saudi leaders an ultimatum in early April as he pressured them to end an oil price war with Russia: Unless OPEC started cutting production, the U.S. might withdraw troops from the kingdom

Seems like so many REPUBLICANS like hanging around with Sex Traffickers and their billionaire "Patrons."

Seems like so many REPUBLICANS like hanging around with Sex Traffickers and their billionaire "Patrons."

In ordering the nation’s meat plants to stay open, Donald Trump is in essence marching many meatpacking workers off to slaughter. With his executive order, the president is in effect overruling safety-minded governors & mayors..

I’m confused. Why did @realDonaldTrump fire Flynn?

The US intelligence community "concurs with the wide scientific consensus that the COVID-19 virus was not manmade or genetically modified"

A detailed look at the coronavirus epidemic in Georgia served to bolster fears that reopening the state may be especially dangerous for the region’s black community. In a study of 305 hospitalized adults with the virus, 83% of patients were black

Once again, Trump said he inherited "broken" Covid-19 tests from Barack Obama. Covid-19 DID NOT EXIST when Obama was President

South Korea, Australia and New Zealand would disagree

GOP senator gives activists grim 2020 assessment amid fears over holding Senate

So Karen lied too?

Thread: My mother just called me. She had ordered some flowers from a small local store, to be delivered and dropped on the porch. When they brought the flowers, they said, "Hang on, we have something for you." The driver went back to the truck and proceeded to bring out...

More than 5,000 Brazilians have DIED from #coronavirus, and the real #COVID19 death toll is likely HIGHER.#Brazil’s president @jairbolsonaro shrugged off the news of 474 deaths in 1 day: “So what.? I’m sorry. What do you want me to do?”

Tribes Were Supposed To Get $8 Billion In COVID-19 Aid. They've Gotten $0

Mike & Karen Pence aka The Lying Christians!!!! These are sick deviant animals!!! Literal filthy deviant Pigs. Stay Disruptive & Stay Disinfected

Well, THERE'S a shocker. Spy Agencies Told White House There’s No Evidence to Prove Virus Began in Wuhan Lab, Says Report

Hitler shot himself 75 years ago, ending an era of war, genocide and destruction

I’m confused. Why did @realDonaldTrump fire Flynn?

.@RepKatiePorter, a member of the Oversight and Financial Services Committees, tells @Lawrence she is demanding the Trump administration to make public the contracts made under the Defense Production Act to acquire and distribute essential medical supplies

A pug living in a North Carolina home with three people who have tested positive for coronavirus became the first U.S. dog diagnosed with COVID-19, the American Humane Society said

Scientists have been repeating the warning for at least two decades: As humans encroach upon forests, their risk of contracting viruses circulating among wild animals increases.

🇩🇪 #Germany’s New Coronavirus Cases Increase the Most in Four Days

How Beijing is reigniting Hong Kong's protests. China's communist leaders sought to tighten control over Hong Kong during the virus lockdown. Angered by moves to subdue them, pro-democracy protesters want to reignite their movement

President Trump is taking away funds meant to deter Putin!? For an unnecessary, expensive wall that he said Mexico would pay for? He must FOCUS on using the full authority of the Defense Production Act to get testing and needed medical supplies to frontline workers NOW!

I had to fire General Flynn because he lied to the Vice President and the FBI. He has pled guilty to those lies. It is a shame because his actions during the transition were lawful. There was nothing to hide!

NEW VIDEO — The Lincoln Project

Dr. William Schaffner tells @Lawrence that “the journey is still long” to finding a cure for Covid-19, but remdesivir is the first drug showing promising results for treating the virus.

Meatpacking workers in several states have protested plants staying open

“Lawmakers have not approved emergency pay for doctors, nurses and other medical personnel on the front lines of the covid-19 pandemic...”

“What I and countless other coroners and health-care providers across the state are worried about is, in 14 or 15 days, are we gonna see a second wave of this stuff?” one Georgia coroner said. “That’s the $64,000 question right now.”

The House Judiciary Committee says it needs grand jury secrets from the Mueller investigation as soon as Friday, so it can keep investigating Trump for potentially impeachable offenses, even during the coronavirus shutdown, according to a new court filing

Detroit journalist loses mother, grandmother and aunt to COVID-19

Estimates for new jobless claims due out this morning would put U.S. at 30 million unemployed

The focus on the Flynn interview (which was fine) is an attempt to distract from *the reason he was being interviewed in the first place*: He was a national security threat. And as I explained here, his actions with Russia had consequences for the U.S

NEW: All the hotels in Palm Beach are supposed to be closed. But Florida Governor's $$ donor gets his own trading floor.(video

NEW: For most Florida hotel guests, it’s past checkout time. But not for DeSantis’ top donor

About a third of patients in U.K. hospitals with Covid-19 died from the disease, according to a new study

In Georgia, which angered even Trump with its aggressive opening, deaths could nearly double by August because of eased restrictions, according to a model shared by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

It’s incredible that ⁦@JoeBiden⁩ has a slight lead over Trump in Texas right now. If Biden wins Texas, it’s game over for Trump!

Two more judicial nominations from the White House today, for district courts in Florida and California. Previously on how the pandemic isn't stopping Trump and Senate Republicans from trying to get more judges confirmed to the federal courts:

Huge for South Korea: It marked its first day without local transmission of coronavirus since February

Jared Kushner is not qualified for this

IF - IF - you are able and have the option - STOP buying anything from Amazon that you can get locally. JUST STOP! It's feeding the beast. (ZERO guilt if you do not have the option or ability)

Having posted about my friend's case a few times, I feel some obligation to provide an update I hoped to never have to make: My friend didn't make it. He died yesterday, at the age of 45.

Gov. Gavin Newsom set to close all California beaches and state parks after last week’s gathering of the hordes

“I am not [expletive] losing to Joe Biden,” President Trump reportedly repeated in conference calls with his top campaign officials when they presented him with polling data that showed his support eroding in some battleground states.

Trump: “I believe the people of this country are smart. And I don’t think that they will put a man in who’s incompetent”


House Intel's ace investigator simply explains how stupid and dishonest all the crocodile tears for Flynn are. Flynn lied about a call with Russia's ambassador WHICH WE INTERCEPTED.

People of America! I want to talk about two photos that tell the story of food in our country in this moment...two different, painful realities that we are experiencing, and the opportunity we must seize to make sure food is not the problem but the solution 1/

Trump presented with grim internal polling showing him losing to Biden

A reporter just asked President Trump why he thinks the coronavirus will go away without a vaccine. Trump's response: "it's gonna go. It's gonna leave. It's gonna be gone."

Just while I wait for them to have an actual rematch.

Get your mind off things for a sec.

Concerns over leaks compelled top U.S. infectious disease official Dr Anthony Fauci to reveal data on Gilead’s experimental drug remdesivir, the first in a scientifically rigorous clincial trial to show benefit in treating COVID-19

Remember MAGA zombie protester, Melissa Atkinson? She just lost her seat in Ohio senate primary by 65-35.

Thread: Newly released documents in Flynn case are not “Brady” material, defined as evidence favorable to the accused that is material to guilt or punishment. Flynn’s crime was lying to the FBI. Agent notes about interview strategy do not negate Flynn’s lie.

Just $14 can pay for protective plastic goggles for a doctor responding to the COVID-19 pandemic. We know times are exceptionally tough, but if you're able, donate to Doctors Without Borders today and help provide protective gear for our teams saving lives around the world.

... but in this case it is to protect their interests rather than to comfort the afflicted. You keep waiting for a moment when someone will stand up and say, “Do you have no sanity, Sir?” but no one wishes to risk that role, and the theater of absurdity continues.

Jimmy Kimmel dunks on Jared Kushner: “Jared Kushner is so dead inside the president calls him ‘Melania’”

I guess you didn't see the 33 search warrants that show the GOP using Twitter DMs and Hotmail to conspire with Russian intelligence

Sen. Duckworth: "Trump's reckless decision to gather 1,000 Cadets at West Point for a speech puts our future military leaders at increased risk—all to stroke his own ego ... I urge Pres. Trump to evaluate the potential consequences of this vanity speech and reconsider."

Saving lives again, Tucker. Good work.

ICYMI: Florida medical examiners were releasing coronavirus death data. The state made them stop.

Only a psychopathic grifter would think that selling commemorative Covid-19 coins for profit was a good idea

Joe Biden picks vetting team as he searches for running mate

Politics of coronavirus economy may push McConnell on state aid

COVID-19 crisis deepens as Iowa meat plant presses return to work

Republicans press re-open strategy as coronavirus digs into Midwest