Saturday, March 30, 2019

Trump’s Fed pick Stephen Moore was held in contempt of court over $300K alimony and child support debt: report

BREAKING: Trump plans on golfing this afternoon at Mar-a-Lago. And tomorrow. And Sunday. Because he’s on another taxpayer-funded vacation. Absolute corruption. Laziest fake president ever. What a schlub!!

Read my response to AG Barr's latest letter here: Rep. Nadler

Katyal: 'No excuse whatsoever' to block Mueller report's release

House Intel yet to be briefed on counterintel side of Trump probe

Schiff: Barr memo claim on need for obstruction decision 'flimsy'

Barr's new letter all but ensures a fight is coming: Dems' position is that "there is nothing stopping Barr from giving us the grand-jury material" that informed Mueller’s findings, The Atlantic reports. "If he doesn't, then that amounts to a cover-up."

A blockbuster story from @NYTLiz. New depositions show how Alex Jones promoted Newtown conspiracy theories, including one that baselessly claimed Avielle Richman, a first-grader killed at Sandy Hook, was still alive. Her father killed himself this week.

Sally Yates: William Barr should release the full Mueller report as soon as possible

NADLER says Congress' April 2 deadline for the full report "still stands."

"If you wanted a taste of President Trump’s 2020 Make America Great Again Again pitch, you got a steaming farrago of it in Grand Rapids on Thursday: boasting, horseshit, and red meat, spiced with outright lies,"

Barr improvises role on Mueller report despite clear regulations

This refers to INDICTMENTS POTENTIALLY YET TO BE UNSEALED OR HANDED DOWN BY DOJ, i.e. they are still prosecuting.

News from AG Barr - Mueller report coming mid-April if not sooner; report nearly 400 pages; no plans for WH privilege review

Bill Barr says he will redact material from the Mueller report to protect the privacy of “peripheral third parties.” Key question: Is Barr treating Ivanka Trump and Donald Trump Jr. as “peripheral third parties”?

Congress asked for the full report and underlying documents by April 2. Nothing has changed.

Rep. Schiff: "Almost none of what [Bill Barr] is doing is required by law or by the regulations. He certainly didn't need to provide that summary non-summary."

What a joy it is to watch Alex Jones' Sandy Hook deposition in which he crosses himself, lies, obfuscates and destroys himself.

We’ve requested documents concerning Energy Secretary Rick Perry’s support of a plan to share US nuclear technology with Saudi Arabia.

Pete Buttigieg: "'We're gonna make America Great again?' ... It means 'we're going to stop the changes so you don't have to change anything.' And it's not honest. You can't have an honest politics that revolves around the word 'again.'"

Fox News anchor Chris Wallace burst Fox viewers’ bubble Friday, informing them that the Russia investigation did not begin with the infamous Steele dossier

"The taxpayers paid for this report that Mueller wrote. It goes to some of the most sensitive, important things that every member of the American public should know about. And there is no excuse whatsoever for it being hidden from the Congress and the American people."

"We're going to compel the release of this report. This report is all going to come out." -Rep. Adam Schiff

What are the odds that Robert Mueller looked at William Barr's unsolicited 19 page memo to Donald Trump and said Yeah, let's let that guy decide about my two years of work product? -Rep. Adam Schiff