Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Gorsuch told he is likely Trump's Supreme Court pick: CNN

Merrick Garland

Israeli president apologizes to Mexico over Netanyahu border wall tweet

Flight airline crews urge White House for exemption from Trump's travel ban

Ayotte to lead White House team shepherding Supreme Court nominee

Staffers' secret work on immigration order rattles the Capitol

Sally Yates has been nominated for JFK Profile In Courage award

White House ices out CNN

Looks like Trump won't try to negotiate prescription drug prices after all

Is President Trump already selling out the American people and caving to the pharmaceutical industry?

GOP senator: Number of times Trump's EPA pick sued EPA is concerning

"Memo to the unhinged: Tom Brady owes no apology for backing Trump"

Wasserman Schultz: Trump believes 'he was elected as a dictator'

Read the full text of Sally Yates' letter opposing Trump's Muslim ban

As of midday Tuesday, President Trump has been named in 41 federal lawsuits since his inauguration

Upset in WSJ newsroom over editor's directive to avoid 'majority Muslim' in immigration ban coverage

JUST IN: Trump cancels plans to sign cybersecurity executive action

Oh boy— Betsy DeVos's questionnaire has passages that appear to be lifted from other sources without attribution.

Senate Democrats use obscure rule to delay Sessions vote as attorney general


Dems mulling protest of Trump EPA nominee

Southwest Airlines asked the Department of Transportation to follow Trump’s “America First” policy.

Who should we help? Homeless vets or refugees?

Trump’s Muslim ban is harmful and haphazard—but is it also kleptocratic?

White House blasts "outrageous" Dem boycott of confirmation votes

Hey @realDonaldTrump shut the fuck up. Schumer's family was killed by Nazi's. Your dad was arrested at a KKK rally you abhorrent shitweasel.

Bills Across The Country Could Increase Penalties For Protesters

Is President Trump's empty showmanship starting to lose its power?

Politics Trump’s Attempt To Put Neo-Nazi Bannon On National Security Council Just Backfired

Don't fall for Donald Trump's latest ploy. He is no LGBTQ hero.

Excuses Excuses

Homeland Security chief denies he was kept in the dark on Trump refugee order

Maddow and O'Donnell say Trump's haphazard orders and timing destabilizes the government institutions involved:

Come on, Susan Collins, don't you want to be a SUPERHERO?

Canada shooting suspect rented apartment close to Quebec mosque: neighbors

Guess who loves Donald Trump?

Refugee Vetting made easy - Samantha Bee

Wow. Just wow. Unbelievable turnout at London's Stand Up To Trump demo

British Parliament will debate petition to ban Trump from official visit

"The stock market hates Trump’s economic policies," a column by Terence Burnham

Threat to the European Union? Threat to everybody.

A policy intended to cut abortions is likely to do just the opposite

Noam Chomsky Quote of the day

"Bad dudes," SCOTUS and fleeing jobs; More of President Trump's tweets annotated by

So much for a rational national security policy!

Sen. Leahy on firing of acting AG Yates: "The attorney general is people's attorney, not the president's attorney"


#BREAKING: Dems boycott confirmation votes for Trump's Treasury and Health nominees

BREAKING: Senate panel approves President Donald Trump's pick of Montana Rep. Ryan Zinke to serve as Interior secretary.

Trump's problem with math

The Sessions committee meeting is at 9:30am. Tweet your senators & tell them vote NO for Sessions or we will vote NO for YOU!

Fact check: White House claims 109 affected by travel ban - it's more like 90,000

New meaning to "White Lies"

Trump's education secretary pick has spent a lifetime working to end public education as we know it.

...indoctrination our kids to Jebus and Amway

Hasan Minhaj examines the uplifting public response to Trump’s Mulsim

Donald Trump Has Chosen His SCOTUS Nominee, Please Shut Up About Immigrants Now, Please

1/ Betsy DeVos was raised in a church explicitly opposed to public schools and unions:

2/ The DeVoses have initiated a two pronged attack on schools. Step 1, undermine unions

Steve Bannon and Reince Priebus are... The New Odd Couple!

Former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright on President Trump’s travel ban: “I think it's just flat anti-American”

Is there anyone besides Putin these people haven't insulted?

NO to Sessions and NO to DeVos! - Woman's March

Barack Obama Clears His Throat

You're the only Constitutional scholar we know - help!

The text of the WH statement on Yates is extraordinary -- sounds like the rant of a third-world strongman. Maybe because it is

Hey Senators we r putting you on notice! If you vote for Sessions, we will vote you OUT!!

Best ISIS Recruitment Poster Ever!

Trump Today: The firing of acting AG was reminiscent of Nixon's "Saturday Night Massacre" firings in 1973

Yates, Defender of the Constitution!

President Trump pledges to "do a big number" on Dodd-Frank Wall Street reform

Will America be Trumps next casino to fail?

McCain, Graham torment Trump

Where is Marco Rubio?  He knows what's going down...His silence is defining.

Bannon as Trump's Rasputin (Ya can't spell Rasputin without Putin)

Daily Show - Trevor weighs in on Trump Administration

Vote for Tillerson and Against Sessions

The GOP’s deficit hawks have flown into Trump’s “wall”

Amid Turmoil in His Government, Trump Calls Democrats ‘a Mess’

Chuck Schumer rally at Supreme Court calling on Donald Trump to reverse immigrant executive orders

Late-night hosts skewer Trump’s immigration order with airport jokes and riffs on "Finding Dory"

Imagine the chaos that would ensue if the National Weather Service just "quit".

Rogue NOAA is getting rowdier and rowdier. WTG

Today's Cartoon:

David Brooks is not pulling his punches

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Fox News Claimed Canadian Terrorist Was Morrocan - Nope White Supremist

Liberal Redneck Destroys Trump's Muslim Ban

The Latest: Acting head of Immigration and Customs ousted.

White House slap at dissenting diplomats sparks fear of reprisal

Rachael Maddow "Pressure Matters"

Obama, Other World Leaders Oppose Trump Travel Ban

Who is Dana Boente, the new attorney general?

Lewis Black Rates Trump's First Week

Sessions, a Staunch Ally on Trump's Most Controversial Moves, Appears Set for Confirmation

More than 100 former national security heavyweights from both political parties protest Trump's travel ban

Top Republicans left in the dark about Trump’s travel ban

Sean Spicer uses San Bernardino shooting to justify Muslim ban

Oh Mother...There's Nazis In The White House

“He’s telling Trump that he can do everything he said he would do on the campaign trail”

What is the scope of a president’s executive orders?

ALT NOAA - Whose ready for a mind trip? Check out a young Steve Bannon talking about "Global Change" in relation to climate

Meet the ex-DOJ official who defied Trump

NBC Throws Out Beloved Black TV Hosts For Megyn Kelly, Is That Weird?

Our First Alt Right AG? What could go wrong?

Monday, January 30, 2017

When you remember that the terrorists who bombed the 2013 Boston Marathon were Russian…but Russia ain’t on the list of banned countries:

Chuck Schumer Tweetstorm: "The AG should pledge fidelity to the law...not the White House."

What would Sessions have done?

yates, described as weak and very weak by Trump, put away the Atlanta Olympic bomber for life without parole.

Rubio: State Dept officials asked not to talk to Congress about travel ban


Breitbart reporter booted from CAIR press conference

At Dulles, Trump’s Customs and Border Protection officers are accountable to no one:

Trump Bannon Agenda On DIsplay At The Holocaust Museum.

The dark history of the WH aides--boosters of white nationalists and Islamophobes--who crafted Trump's "Muslim ban

Paul Ryan is defending Trump's discrimination. He is an embarrassment:

Given Trump's dangerous and unconstitutional actions, the Democratic Party can no longer do politics "as usual."

Sally Yates' audacity to stand up to Tr*mp hurt his ego.

JUST IN: Trump replaces acting ICE director

#BREAKING: Trump fires acting AG for refusing to defend his ban

Donald Trump Above The Law!
All hell's gonna break loose.

Wall Street falls the most this year as Trump honeymoon sours

Former Park Service director speaks out against Trump administration

Christian leaders are nearly unanimous in the opposition to Trump's Muslim ban

The WH is outraged Dems won't giving Trump's SCOTUS nominee a chance (cc: Merrick Garland)

Schumer: I will vote against all top Trump Cabinet picks

Damn Straight!

Websites promoting anti-Semitism and Holocaust denial are using Google AdSense to generate revenue:

Steve Bannon is using both the "Muslim ban" and bogus voter fraud charges to spread disorder

Acting attorney general bars Justice Department from defending immigration order

NEW VIDEO: An apology for Trump to the world, on behalf of the citizens of the United States of America

Sen. Chuck Schumer on Pres. Donald Trump's "fake tears" remark: "I'm not going to dignify that kind of silliness"

Angry Republicans lash out at Trump for not consulting them on travel ban

EXCLUSIVE: The Trump administration will allow 872 refugees into U.S. this week - document.

Trump doesn't want you to know that tomorrow is the last day to enroll in Obamacare.

Sanders: Bannon must be removed from National Security Council

Dems Protest Rep. Nancy Pelosi speaks out against President Trump's travel ban. Watch on CNN

WATCH LIVE: Congressional Democrats protest at the Supreme Court

ACLU Call To Action DC - Dirksen Senate Office Building 226. 9:30am tomorrow. Show up and say that we need to know more from Jeff Sessions

"What’s happened in the last 72 hours has to worry business because the administration looks so incompetent

NEW: Lobbyists adjust to Trump's new rules

Um...hey, way to go, protecting your cabinet.

Trump Signs Executive Order to Curtail Regulations

Suspect ID'd in Quebec City Mosque Shooting; Motive Not Clear: Sources

Petition to block Trump’s visit to UK is about to hit 1.5MM. That’s 15 times what is needed for Parliament debate

Anti-Trump protesters march on cities across Britain as petition seeks to block POTUS State Visit.

Action for 5pm local time: show up to your senators’ local state offices & tell them to VOTE NO to Sessions & DeVos!

Trump calls Geneva Conventions 'the problem'

Hate Map

Is Donald Trump Actually Terrified Of ‘Stairs’? No, Really, ‘Stairs’? A Wonk-vestigation!

Obama Criticizes Trump's Immigration Ban, Is 'Heartened' By Protests

OBAMA"S BACK! Obama 'fundamentally disagrees' with Trump's immigration order

President Donald Trump's executive order curbing immigration in a statement on Monday, backing protesters who have taken to the nation's airports to express their displeasure with Trump's action on Friday.
"The President fundamentally disagrees with the notion of discriminating against individuals because of their faith or religion," said Kevin Lewis, spokesman for the former president, in a statement.

Who's the Favorite Senator of Followers of White Nationalists on Twitter?

How polite of you but white nationalist means white supremacist. Call a spade a spade.

Our co-chair is named as a plaintiff on a lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of Trump's Muslim Ban

Dissent memo circulating in the State Department over Trump's policy on refugees and immigrants

Don't think we didn't see

Trump is unhinged and ignorant. Steve Bannon is nuts and malicious. It's a dangerous combination, especially when...

Well then, we're agreed. Steve Bannon has got to go. He ain't gonna go easy but hahaha, he thinks America's are ascarded of him.

Loco Kellyanne Conway Is Melting Into A Puddle Of Sleepless Nights And Infected Fingernails

Bigotry, xenophobia, and scapegoating have nothing to do with counterterrorism, but it is true that all three were a part of your campaign.

Hilter Stalin wannabe Steve Bannon

Conway Conjob or How to cover the Trump Propaganda Factory: never show them LIVE in tv. Tape, fact check, refute their lies

Progressives launch last-minute push against Betsy DeVos, and conservatives counter with online ad campaign

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President Donald Trump to announce Supreme Court pick Tuesday at 8 p.m

Funny enough that will preempt Celebrity Apprentice.  Petty vindictive Trump, Don't watch live!

Nazis Quite Pleased With President Steve Bannon’s Holocaust Denial On ‘Holocaust Remembrance Day’

Founding Father Benjamin Franklin

Lawyers to green card holders returning to the US: Fly into Boston

"No place for Hispanics in Trump White House"

Trump Thinking

Dems grab spotlight at Trump confirmation hearings:

Former CIA deputy director says travel ban will make America "less safe"

Published on Jan 30, 2017 CBS News senior national security analyst and former CIA acting director Michael Morell joins "CBS This Morning" to discuss President Trump's travel ban on seven Muslim-majority countries, and how adding President Trump's chief political strategist Steve Bannon to the National Security Council

The Snake: Donald Trump’s favorite story perfectly describes his first 10 days in office

Trump's debt to Putin

Samantha Bee will host the Trump roast angry liberals are craving

“Not the White House Correspondents’ Dinner” is set for the same night as the real White House Correspondents’ Dinner.

A 20 Percent Tax On Mexican Goods Will Affect Your Pocket Too

Published on Jan 30, 2017
If President Trump enacts a 20 percent tariff on Mexican goods to build the southern border wall, U.S. consumers will potentially pay more for cars, computers, food and more.

Trump: "Bad 'dudes'" would rush into US if we gave warning on ban

Students with valid visas who went home for winter break are trapped in limbo abroad.

Seriously, what are the odds that this *doesn't* happen? The first bad jobs or inflation report ...

"Where is the Mormon Church on Trump? History demands their leadership"

Mitt, say something!

In normal times, an Administration this isolated and divorced from public opinion would seem to be fatally weak.

George W. Bush must denounce Trump's betrayal of Iraq

More former presidents please, speak up cuz this one is not normal!